Dec 27, 2010

New Year beliefs, customs and superstition

As I am writing this, the New Year approaches. It is 28th of December 2010th and I am thinking, about what spiritual work can be done on new Year. So many traditions, and  so many customs, superstitions, some similar, other completely different,  and seemingly having nothing in common at all. Nevertheless each fascinating and intriguing, and unique. Even the well known and worldwide practiced tree decoration has roots in ancient Winter solstice celebrations, but I am sure You knew that :)

Most of them are lots  of fun. Some may include some labor :-) nothing too hard though
You see, the  New Year is that time of Year that has no special place in any magickal nor Religious calendar, yet it holds great power. For Pagans , theWinter Solstice or even Samhain may be considered pagan New Year, but that particular day, that particular time between 31st and 1st of January is a time that holds great power. Humans all over the world are getting ready to “leave the old behind and welcome the new”, to leave worries and all ills and bad behind, and make resolutions   whisper wishes under the New Year’s eve sky.

So what kind of spiritual work is mostly done on New Year’s eve ?
Well I would say : cleansing , prosperity and wishes, sometime love too, though it's better to wait  Valentine’s  day for that last one ; D . Also, divination, like melting small lead petals and pouring them in cold water and interpreting the shapes obtained that way. A nice cup of warm tea just after midnight will both warm You, while the swirled resin on the cup walls, will speak brilliantly about the adventures that await for You in upcoming Year. Of course, there are blessings to be done , so hang a sprig of Holly above Your door lintel to invite blessings and helpful spirits into Your household and sprinkle all the house with blessed water. Burn white candles and Frankincense. Traditionally, blessing is done afterwards the Cleansing.


In many cultures this is the best time to leave something bad behind and perform spiritual cleansing.
The coming of New Year should be awaited in spiritually cleansed home, so that all that is negative may remain in past, never to come back, and so that You make room for the good things to pour in. I am certain that most of You who  read these lines are familiar with some method of spiritual cleansing, or better yet spiritual space cleansing, be it with tools such as incense, or candle or other, or simply ringing a bell and letting it’s harmonizing tones expel all negative. There ya go, some ideas already. Here is also a traditional Balkan witchcraft method, the cunning folk of Balkan peninsula use to clean the home on the 31st of December.

First the witch cleanses the home, physically, preferably expelling all old items, that he/she no longer uses, making sure the dwelling remains clean and neat

Than the witch takes her trusty broom, or simply a new one is made for the occasion. Birch branches binded together with three twines are often used for such/this occasion. The color of the twines are

- red , for protection
- black to absorb negative
- and white for protection and blessings

Should You use a purchased, everyday broom, or bunch of branches You collected Yourself, make sure You tie the twines around the handle, or to use twines ( or yarn ) to secure branches together.

Than the practitioner ( witch, or simply folk, as common folk were known to employ this simple rite ) cleanses the house, going towards the front door , room by room, sweeping and chanting

“ I cleanse not the mere dirt and dust, but I cleanse and chase away all the sickness, ill will, bad luck ( etc. add anything You wish to banish ) away from my home, never to return or bother me again!”

Any dirt, or other items that You may collect, are swept outside the house, and away from Your property.

The broom is then sprinkled with Holy water from the Church , and  placed behind the front door, but the black twine is sometimes burnt. Some witches burn the whole broom,  with all three twines.


In Ireland, people hit the walls, better said knock or bang with Christmas bread in order to chase away bad spirits and vibrations, while in same time attract abundance of food for the next year, so none from the house
Would be left hungry.

It is a worldwide spread superstition that one should hold something made of silver or gold when the clock sounds/hit s midnight. Celtic people would place a silver or gold coin at doors threshold or on windowsills of the house/apartment/other

A brand new bill or few coins can be placed under a green pyramid candle , which is to be lit a hour before midnight and left to burn all the way down, until it would put itself out. If the melted candle wax should form some auspicious shape, this is a sign of great fortune in year to come. Either way, put all in some green fabric, with a pinch of blessed salt if You have, and keep somewhere high above in house , or buried in Your own yard, to attract prosperity all year long.

Now here is something I like to do, just as passes Midnight or early in the morning of thr 1st of January, hold some Basil or Patchouli seed, and infuse them with Your desires to attain money and prosperity and plant them in a new pot with a fresh, new soil to which You have added few Pine needles and perhaps some dried Thyme in a pinch. As the plant grows, so will Your prosperity. I also write 3 letters of Hebrew alphabet considered to attract prosperity : Samech Aleph Lamed , and another good advice  s to read the Psalm 23rd over the pot.

The similar way, You may infuse flax seeds with Your prayers and needs , and sprinkle them in sweeping motion over the body of water ( best river ) , better yet,  if the Moon is crescent, speaking Your affirmations and /or Prayers as You release the seeds, with a sweeping clockwise motion, into the water.


Any whish spell will do. Here is a simple one, I wrote, based on old Roman practice

In red ink, preferably Dagon’s blood , on a larger Bay Laurel leaf write Your wish. Light a single white candle, near the foundation of the candle You may place some D Dandelion root, and on the canlde flame, set the leaf alight ( best to hold it with tweezers, so You do not burn Yourself ) and hold it over some container ( a plate, small bawl etc ) that will collect the resulting ashes. As the leaf burns You may chant :

“ I come asking for what I need tonight
Offering good will and candlelight
Blessed spirits hear my plea
And as I wish so mote it be ! “

When the candle burns all the way down ( chime candle is good to use here ), scatter the ashes in the wind or before Your front door, or in Your yard.

There, hope these ideas serve You and may inspire You to spend the New Year in safety and warmness of Your home, feeling the whole Holliday and not just spending time on some wild party, as You can do that anytime ;)
NOTE: This article was written and compounded by me, and the wish spell was written by me, inspired by an old Roman custom. If You wish to use them elsewhere, feel free but please give credits Shadow of Shadows magio place or , Image of Holly Branch and candle is from , artwork ( banner ) is made by myslef
Many Blessings dear Readers, and Happy holidays !!!

Dec 6, 2010

Aunt Sally and Lucky Dreams

Root doctors are famed , fo r their gambling spells and lucky dream spells ( among other things of course ). Such "lucky" dreams, in Hoodoo, are alleged to guide one to
money , love , treasure or even lucky lottery numbers. There are variety of herbs and products used to help in  having  such dreams . Aunt Sally's dream powder, for example,  a typical New Orleans brand,  is  used to induce precognitive , prophetic and lucky dream numbers. So with this powder ( or alike formulas ) , one may even dream of the lottery numbers combination , or betting combinations , but these still more frequently appear symbolic than like literal numbers, letters etc . That is where "Dream/Number Books" kick in. They contain interpretations of dream symbols that are then "translated" to their numeric equivalents, and easy to follow.

One of the most popular books of the kind is"Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book" which consists of alphabetical charts , listing objects and situations one may encounter in their "lucky dreams", and how are they converted to numbers. Or simply , which lucky numbers correspond to which event or object that appeared in dream. Certain symbols, such as bullfrogs appearing
to the dreamer, are certain sign of gambling and lottery-related luck.

For example, should someone dream of glass of vine or opened grave, they should interpret the omen as number 7. Should You dream  how You washed Your clothes, make sure You add number 50 in Your bets and lottery numbers. Dreaming of Judge may also point out to number 50 or number 28 or 70, while the ladders "translate" to 31. These are just some examples. Many books that offer these types of "dream interpretation" may be found at occult suppliers, but Aunt Sally's is somehow, most familiar to "broad audience".
So an example of a dream, let's say You stole a vine glass in the dream, police chased You and You climbed the ladder, the numbers , following order of appearance  in the dream, would be something along the lines 4 , 7 , 31.
To dream lucky, rootworkers burn incenses that are used to induce lucky dreams, sprinkle bedsheets with "Dream lucky" or Aunt Sally's powder, dress themselves with oil for same purposes, take a "Lucky dreams" bath or simply place a mojo of same fashion ( Lucky Dream , Aunt Sally's ) under pillow. And how to make them ?
While I am not familiar with the original Aunt Sally's dream oil/powder formula, I can suggest some that will produce same effect. So they may not be titled "Aunt Sally's" per se,  but they will do the same thing. The reason behind this, is that Aunt Sally's products are indigenous to New Orleans type Hoodoo, so the actual traditional formula/s is/are little known, but they ought to contain lucky, sweet smelling herbs such as Cinnamon, or Citronella , Vertivert maybe Carnation petals ( common ingredient of "Algires" formulas ) , combined with herbs that inspire precognitive dreams and visions, such as anise sedds , or Yarrow flower heads or Flax etc.
So here are few of my own formulas for Your convenience:

- Star Anise seeds  or essential oil
- Poppy flower petals
- Calendula Flowers
- Bilberry or Huckleberry , also called Blueberry ( in Europe ) leafs , official taxonomic name is Vaccinium myrtilus
Place under pillow and record the dreams .

Above three ingredients could be added to Base oil with addition of some Jasmine essential oil, or Anise essential oil, to make up an oil of same purpose that could be dressed on blue candles burnt on night table , just next to Your "Night water" , or Incense of similar type. You could additionally place some Anise seeds under Your pillow, just an idea to boost the mojo's charm even further :)

Dream lucky powder #1

- Powdered Althaea leafs or root
- Calendula Flowers Powdered
- Cinnamon powder
- Unscented talk as a base
- Few drops of Jasmine essential oil
- Few drops of Lemongrass essential oil

Dream lucky powder #2

- Five Finger Grass leafs powdered
- Cinnamon
- Licorice
- Powdered poppy flower
- Unscented talk as a base
- Few drops of essential oil of Jasmine
- Few drops of essential oil of Anise

So there You go, dress Your forehead with Lucky Dream's oil, powder Your sheets, add oil to Your bath salts, burn incense before bedtime and dream lucky. For the Conjure doctors have a habit to say,  that a lucky dream
can lead to lifetime of happiness :)
Formulas for Mojo, suggestion of ingredients for oil, as well as powder recipes are my proprietary formulas. That being said You are allowed to post them elsweher online , however you have to give credits : Shadow of Shadows magick place or
Should You wish to use them in other medias ( books, magazine articles, and alike ) You have to ask for my permission first. Artwork is by me, the second picture is illustration of Cslendula, edited by me.Thank You for reading and have a blessed day !

Nov 5, 2010

Cleo May Formula

On reader's request

A reader of this blog asked me about formula for Cleo May Condition oil. They've stated how they "cannot find the formula online", lol no wonder, hard to find this formula at all :D

To tell the truth, I was never really interested in this formula. I mean, I am male , it's only logical :D But I like a good challenge on the other hand.

I consulted my books , spoke to many fellow practitioners. Unfortunately the original formula seems to be a secret

Furthermore, the original formula was a perfume actually and was latter imported in Hoodoo practice , like Hoytt;s cologne or Jockey's club or alike

While I am unable to provide the original formula ( sorry dear reader :/ ) I gave it a thought , about the oil purpose ( original perfume had allegedly been used by prostitute workers to get "well situated" or simply put to attract and marry a rich man, to get married well , If You will ) and composed a formula for that

Here it is

Cleo may oil formula

- Licorice
- Cubeb berries
- Brown sugar
- Lodestone
- Orange essential oil or Orange blossom
- Patchouli essential oil
- Cinnamon
- Rose essential oil
- OPTIONAL : Jezbel root , a dear friend an amazing practitioner suggetsed I add it
Thank You Sharon

Here is a bonus Cleo may type folk spell

Simply obtain some hair of the desired man and bury it under Your kitchen doorstep or near it, preferably with a piece of Dragon's blood and perhaps a lodestone. This comes from old and belief that If You bury some hair near or under the kitchen doorstep, or keep it in kitchen,
of a stray - dog or cat that appear on Your doorstep, they would stay with You. I suggested adding Dragon blood since it is popular among cunning folk ( female ones ) to wrap the paper with names of those to be married around a piece of Dragon's blood as a simple marriage spell. Lodestone I suggested for it's attraction powers.

Hope this helps Ya , Many Blessings

Artwork is by Me
Oil recipe was by me, If You wish to use it elsewhere , please give credits Shadow of Shadow's magick place or , Enjoy :)

Oct 29, 2010

All Hallow's eve, night when the veil is thin

Samhain is Gaelic/Celtic celebration/festival of the dead, representing the end of the “light” part of the year and the beginning of the “dark” part of the year. Also, according to some scholars it was beginning of the Year for the Celts , a Celtic New Year If You will.
This is the time of the year, when according to Occultists, the veil between this and the Other - world ( world of the dead ) is thinnest and both benevolent ancestral spirits and harmful spirits seeking revenge or simply joy in harming others linger all around, walking free. On this very day it is easiest to get in touch, or commune with the spirits , ghosts and all sorts of supernatural creatures.
The very name, translates from old Scotish to “summer end”, and the name Halloween is actually shorten(ed) from All Hallows Even, which was the full name. All Hallows eve is a Christian interpretation of the festival , and the original All Hallows day, was “moved” from may to 31st of October, in order to suppress and diminish pagan celebration.
And what does this holliday represent in Wicca ? It is considered by most Wiccans to be the most important of the four 'greater Sabbats'. It is generally celebrated on October 31st
in the Northern Hemisphere, starting at sundown, even though some traditions celebrate it on the first day of the November. Samhain is considered by some Wiccans to be the time to celebrate the lives of those who have passed on, and it often involves paying respect to ancestors, family members, elders of the faith, friends, pets and other loved ones who have passed on/ died. In some rituals the spirits of the departed are invited to attend the festivities. It is seen as a festival of darkness, which is balanced at the opposite point of the wheel by the spring festival of Beltane, which Wiccans celebrate as a festival of light and fertility.

Customs and believes

It was customary to pay respect to the dead on this day, as well as do some cleansing work. Wiccans will not cast spells on this Sabbat, while all sort of other magick practitioners will make sure to use empowering and amplifying energies of the day, as it is said that magick spells cast on this day will be multiple times stronger. Due to that fact and the fact that spirits roam freely on this day,
makes it a good idea to protect Yourself , and Your home on this, powerful and potentially dangerous day.
People and their livestock would often walk between two bonfires as a cleansing ritual, and the bones of slaughtered livestock were cast into its flames
The Gaelic custom of wearing costumes and masks, was an attempt to copy the spirits or placate them. In Scotland the dead were impersonated by young men with masked, veiled or blackened faces, dressed in white Samhnag turnips which were hollowed-out and carved with faces to make lanterns — were also used to ward off harmful spirits
Dumb supper is a Wiccan ritual , where the spirits of the dead were “fed” by setting extra place at the table, extra plate and the meals are ate in silence, sometimes sitting in circle.

Candles are lit on window sills , near homes and hollowed pumpkins are placed around one’s dwellings to honor the dead and protect from harmful spirits

Jack o’ Lantern , the Irish

In old Irish myth, Certain farmer, Jack was a drunk and gambler . One night, after hi s usual card game, he went home and on his way he met a demon, nearby an old tree. Pretty drunk, he was he was not afraid, instead he dared the spirit, to climb the old tree. As soon as the spirit climbed the tree , Jack carved a cross on the tree, imprisoning the spirit in the tree that way. Angry spirit, in retaliation, hexed and cursed Jack to wander and roam on the Nights such as that night ( it was All Hallow’s eve ) with the only light he had with his side, a carved beet with candle inside.

Spells for Halloween

Dr. Shadow’s suffumigation

- 3 parts of Dittany or Crete
- 2 parts of Lavender
- Good pinch of Saffron
- Gum mastic , some
- Dried Amaranth flowers or few buds of Balm of Gilead

This incense will cause spirits to become visible and materialize and is my personal recipe based on European herbalism.

All Hallows Protection spell

“ When the white dog is out
And torts all abut
Under the clouds
That cover the Moon
And the hag with her broom
Rides high on the winds
And the cat on the fence
Spits even on friends
Then it is right
To conjure a light

Against every spirit
That shadows the night
Thus say
Let the pumpkin’s
Candle glare
Into Darkness
Burn all evil
From the Air

When it is dark
And the black trees roar
Set Jack O’ Lantern
To guard by the door.

By Valerie Worth,
“The Book of words”
Available here :

Spirit fumes potion

Infusion of Dandelion roots, and/or Thistle , and/or Lavender, still hot and fuming, on altar or near bed will invoke spirits

Oct 20, 2010

Hoodoo Herbology Solomon's seal root

Solomon's seal root

When You speak of magick and hear of Solomon seal, what will usually cross someone’s mind are Planetary pentacles of Solomon or that miraculous seal King Solomon had used to captivate demons and spirits in Jar and control them.
If You would speak with a rootworker, they would probably mean the root of Solomon.

Solomon's seal plant is a flowering plant of Ruscace family ( formerly Lilaceae ).The Slender, arching steams, have alternate , green or green with white top, lance like leafs. They like shaded place ( they are sciophytes ) and are often found in Gardens in Shade. However, they are most beautiful in woodland, where they grow greener and bigger than in most garden. Flowers are tubular, white and arranged equally on the steam in one or two rows. Mostly one with the exception of Polygonatum biflorum that has two rows of flowers and this one is called True Solomon seal.True Solomon seal is used interchangeably with
Polygonatum odoratum ( and it’s many varieties, for example P. odoratum var, comutatum ) and Large Solomon seal ( Polygonatum officinale ) in magick.
Part that we use in magick is root , which is used in incenses, oils and washes ( infusions ).

Some people place root chips alongside windowsills to protect dwellings from evil. Other make infusions with Solomon seal and Black pepper or Verbena and use as strong Exorcism agent.
It has use in Success formulas , Controlling formulas , Mastery formulas , Wisdom and Pass test products, and Clarity, Protection and sometimes Healing.
Some use it as ingredients of Master key, and it’s main Ingredient in King Solomon Wisdom products.

Here are some ways You could use Solomon seal

Deliverance bath
To end evil that has suddenly beffalen upon one

- Solomon's seal roots
- Mint
- Balm of Gilead
- Five finger's grass
- Salt

Clarity mojo

Combine Bay Laurel leafs with Solomon's seal roots and Sage. Dress with Clarity , Solomon's wisdom, Pass test , Spirit Guide Or Blessing oil .
Carry with You , place under pillow , touch forehead and eyes occasionally.

Clarity incense

- Bay Laurel leafs
- Solomon's seal root
- Frankincense

You may add Sage and / or Althaea root If You feel so inclined

Mojo and incense recipes are by me Shadow of Shadows magick place or :)

Many Blessings

Oct 9, 2010

Nightmares and sleep disorders healing

Ever woke up in sweat ? Screaming ? Clinging to Your bed-sheets, looking around You, convincing Yourself how You are safe and it was just a bad dream ?
Ever had a sensation of disorientation after You wake up, like You are not where You should be and, the feeling would simply not go away for half a minute or so ? Do You wake up even more tired than You were when You lain to sleep ?
To people that had never experienced this, all may seem exaggerated, abstract and maybe even attention drawing.
However us that have had such experiences or perhaps keep having them it is an agony that can result in fable health, low creativity and social disorders.
Sleep deprivation is indeed a very nasty thing that can have devastating consequences on one. Sometimes all we need is a Valerian root tea, or Lemon balm tea and a pillow stuffed with Hops.
But what If nightmares simply will not go away ? The sleep quality is ill, and there is no physiological reason for this. Neurologist will direct You to psychiatrist, Psychiatrist will direct You to therapist ( psychologist ) and this one will just shrug, telling You how You simply think too much, or eat too many sweets before bedtime.

If You have the following symptoms:

- Chronic insomnia
- Poor sleep quality
- ackes and pains all over the body
- hypersomnia
- inability to rest
- weird dreams and constant nigtmares, often twice or more times a night
- bruises and marks that appear mysteriously
- suddenly awakenings followed by strange sightings or smells
- lack of air and chocking sensation
- sensation of someone/something "riding" You or sitting upon Your chest

It is time to get some spiritual help. Your dreams might just be incubated, manipulated.
They can be symptoms of occult attack or simply spiritual shrapnel sent by someone.

Painting; The Nightmare by John Fuseli Henry

Luckily Hoodoo, Folk Magick and even Wicca and Traditional Witchery have many good cures for this condition. And since this is a “practical” blog I am ought to write about some , right ? Well here it goes , for my dear readers :

Hoodoo Night water
Night water is a term used by Christian ( Traditional ) Hoodoo and New Orleans Hoodoo practitioners, for blessed spring water kept in clean glass, near one’s bedpost overnighter, usually on altar or night table/coffee table
The water is blessed by prayers of personal choice, though a very good suggestion is Psalm 125th that is said to protect one while sleeps from Nightly attacks of spirits and dreams.
Water is discarded in the morning ( first thing, though If You need to go , in bathroom that is, don’t wet your pants hehe ) . Each night new is used. It is said to absorb the bad dreams.

Folk and Hoodoo Nightmare cures, spells and beliefs

• In Hoodoo You can place a Mullein leaf under the pillow to prevent nightmares and spirit attack at night
• Hoodooists use Ginger rhizome pieces for same purpose, and also to ward of hag riding, by placing whole pieces or pieces under pillow. If the root has some neat shape even better
• Broom straws protect from Hag riding and are used to sprinkle Holy Water from Church in Your room and on Your sheets while saying :
“In the Name of The Father, Son and Holy Ghost” ( sometimes Rosemary is used instead or even combined ) . If one suffers from Hag riding nine broom straws are
are laid/placed before Your bed ( leg side) to prevent Hags from tormenting sleepers ( Hoodoo )
• Fill a white mojo with frankincense grains and touch Your forehead prior to falling asleep. Place beneath the pillow where You will sleep. You will have a deep and restful sleep. ( Hoodoo )
• Fumigate the room and smudge Yourself with Thyme incense ( Hoodoo , this is often used among children )
• .Place open scissors under the pillow , sharp points in head direction ( be careful with this ) European folk
• Place the open Holy Book beneath Your pillow. ( Hoodoo )
• Place Your shoes at the bottom fo the bed, fingers side facing outwards ( European , Hoodoo )
• Walk backwards to Your bedpost ( Worldwide spread belief )
• Always stand up on right leg and sleep on side facing doors ( Worldwide spread belief )
• Hang a dreamcatcher over Your bed ( Indian, African, New Age )
• Place an Amethyst or Quartz bellow Your bed ( European folk magick )

What are night terrors , “sustos” , Night Mares and Alps

Night terror and similar “susto” ( Spanish for frightened, or fear ) are spiritual conditions defined by strong irrational fear, bad dreams and sometimes delusions, without medical or psychological explanations.
These can reduce life quality significantly , or further more lead to harming others or oneself.

In European magick to cure such conditions, one must throw up in bowl and bury the content under maple tree , reciting a simple incantation that speaks of sending fears away down the “rabbit roads/tracks” to “never land” or deep hole , where they are to “become dust forevermore, never troubling anyone else, especially N.N”

In Eastern Europe and Balkan witches melt lead in a spoon over the flame , then take it as near the face of victim as they can stand , commanding the lead to overtake the fear and destroy it. The lead is then tossed into bowl with water that contains addition of Holy water and sometimes a bit of Basil too. The lead will form into shape ( in contact with water ) that will reflect the fear, and then the patient washes face thrice with the remaining water and will do that for next three days.

Spanish Curadoras, cover patient with sheets waiving with broom over them while they read “Creed” and they often prescribe Marijuana and/or Orange Blossom teas afterwards too.

It is believed that susto can be a result of Evil spirits interference, bewitchment or simply
intense mental traumas
( falling from a horse for example, stepping over snakes etc )

Night Mares are female demons of European ( Anglo Saxon, Nordic and Eastern European ) that are believed to torment sleeper in night, causing nightmares and “riding them” )
Alps are similar ( common in Germanic people folklore ) , and they are said to be able to enter through a smallest whole , that is why it is good to stuff keyhole with paper or other over the night. They can turn into animals such as Cats, rodents and even insects. Both can be fenced off by methods described above.
Alps alos attack their victims leaving them unable to speak , and they are said to be able to “crush” animals to death, mostly domestic ones.
About Lilith and Incubi and Sucubi that can also torment sleeper You can read in my “Practical Kabala” Scribd publication and even learn how to fence them off here

Charms and incantations against Night Mares
Here is a nifty folk incantation recited by people before bedtime to make sure nightmares will not disturb their rest

I lay me here to sleep;
No night-mare shall plague me,
Until they swim all the waters
That flow upon the earth,
And count all the stars
That appear in the firmament!
Thus help me God Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen!

You can see here how Nightmares are “employed” to do impossible task so that the dawn will catch them unprepared.
Another one , said to “bind the Mare”

A Shetland Charm
Shetland Islands

Arthur Knight
He rade a' night,
Wi' open swird
An' candle light.
He sought da mare;
He fan' da mare;
He bund da mare
Wi' her ain hair.
And made da mare
Ta swear:
'At she should never
Bide a' night
Whar ever she heard
O' Arthur Knight.

Source : County Folk-Lore, vol. 3: Examples of Printed Folk-Lore Concerning the Orkney & Shetland Islands , London Folk Lore society 1903.

Baku , the dream eater spirit

In Japan, among superstitious people, evil dreams are believed to be the result of evil spirits, and the supernatural creature called Baku is known as Eater of Dreams.
It has the face of a lion, the body of a horse, the tail of a cow, the forelock of a rhinoceros, and the feet of a tiger.
Several evil dreams are mentioned in an old Japanese book, such as two snakes twined together, a fox with the voice of a man, blood-stained garments, a talking rice-pot, and so on.
When a Japanese peasant awakens from an evil nightmare, he cries: "Devour, O Baku! devour my evil dream." At one time pictures of the Baku were hung up in Japanese houses and its name written upon pillows. It was believed that if the Baku could be induced to eat a horrible dream, the creature had the power to change it into good fortune )

Image : Baku by Katushika Hosukai ( source Wikipedia ) Source : F. Hadland Davis, Myths and Legends of Japan

There ya’ go, hope this was informative and useful
Article written and excerpts and quotes collected and presented ( sources are provided ) by me or Shadow of ShadowsMagickPlace blog
So You know already , feel free to use elsewhere but give credits

Sep 23, 2010

Hoodoo Money Recipes and Formulas

Do You ever lack the money or is this a redundant question for You ? Many have money problems,  and even more in this time of economy crises. So I decided to share few formulas to help anyone with money problems,  to overcome them

Some Hoodoo oils and products You can use include in Your work are:   Money come to me ( recipe given bellow ), Red fast Luck, Algiers , Lucky lodestone oil , Lady Luck oil, Money stay with me, Money jinx uncrossing ( recipe given bellow,  incense form )
so search Your herb cabinets and get started

Money oil

• Bayberry root, good piece
• Thyme essential oil 7 drops
• Cinnamon in a pinch
• Pyrite ( some, crushed, a pinch shall do )
• Bergamot or Basil essential oil 7 drops
• Lodestone , optional, but suggested, will make it  a  money come to me formula
All in 2 oz's of olive or Grapeseed oil. You can add a capsule of vit E .

The image shows Bayberry plant branch ( source wikipedia )

Money floorwash to attract money in hurry

• Fumitory , half a handful
• Cinnamon in a tablespoon
• Teaspoon of sugar

All in 1l of spring water, preferably one that was exposed to the light of the Waxing Moon. Bring it to boil, stir, cover and leave for couple of hours. Strain, and wash and scrub Your premises inward to attract money .

Sometimes we need to attract customers to our business. In Hoodoo we use Yellow dock root infusion with some cinnamon as a "knob wash " ( to dress knobs )

Money jinx Uncrossing incense

Mix the

• Flakes of alkanet
• Essential oil of Patchouli or leaves of the same
• Salt

The image shows Alkana Tinctoria, whose root is used interchangeably with root of Anchusa tinctoria and Anchusa officinalis as , flakes of alkanet , and is an ingredient on Fast Luck oil

Burn with a base of saltpeter, or other commercial self igniting incense base, or pulverize and add burn on incense coal disks.
Used to remove Jinxes targeting one’s money. Smudge Yourself , and/or burn next to double action black-green candle dressed with Uncrossing oil while reading the psalm

All recipes by me Shadow of Shadows magick place or
If You wish to use them elsewhere, fine , but give credits.

Sep 21, 2010

Snakes in Balkan Penissula magick and beliefs

This is an article that I have wrote, because I find the snakes to be fascinating creatures, and since we are all prety much well informed about snakes in Western cultures and religions I though to shed sum light on Eastern European concepts and belifs regarding them.
This is why I decided I should share the folklore about snakes originating from Balkan as it is indeed fascinating, and in my humble opinion among the richest , well in this particular theme that is.Also I wish to dedicate the article to my dear friend Ldy Gry, an amazing Root doctor and spiritual worker (
there is a link to her live journal site in one of my older posts, about Hoodoo sources ) who was interested in finding out more about Balkan witchery. Blessings dear Miss Lady Gry

Snake, One of the most respected, and in same time most feared animals among Balkan and Slavic people is snake.
Our elder people, never even name it, or at least they never use the word “snake”. Instead, they use pseudonyms, such as “unnamed one” * , “bitter one” , or also “boogey” ( not boogeyman , just boogey, though meaning is quite similar ) etc.
People also believe here that the snake actually has both legs and wings and that, snakes are dragon’s sisters, members of same draconic family alongside with “ala” ** .
This is why it’s a common saying among all Slavonic people, “He/She/It hides it like snake her legs”. Snakes hide their legs and wings by means of fascination, according to myth anyway, and folk belif. It had been believed that If mentioned too often ( snake ) will become the doom of the one that had spoke of her*** .

How did they came to be?

There are many legends among Slavonic people, varying depending on specific area, and whether or not was that particular part of Balkan Christianized, but also depending on other cultural influences ( for example Celtic or Romanic origins of the people and their cultural legacy ).
According to one of the legends the cattle keeper ( shepherd ) of St, Demetrius, slain a Dragon, and from it’s flesh came to be snakes, lizards and rodents.
Another legend however, speaks of ancient times, and how, jealous of G’d and his creation ( the world, humans, animals and plants ), the Fiend decided to make his own creation, which was snake. Here we can see the obvious influence of Christianization, and it’s tendency ( especially that of Orthodox church ) to depict the snake as malevolent creature or omen.
Slavonic folk, especially Serbian, Montenegrin and Macedonian folk, believe that snake came to be from a horse hair that touched some water surface, especially if the hair has fallen naturally**** .

Good or bad?

Well, despite all the negative propaganda, snake is still believed to be good, moody and strong-tempered, sure, but not evil. Especially among population of Vlasi***** , which have the richest folk culture among all the Slavic people, who kept both the Old Religion and their pagan pantheon even nowadyas, unedited since earlier than middle age , with all the rustic and often cruel and scary rituals, spells and practice, though in places, admitably , Christianized. They believe that snakes get out from the ground on Annunciations and go under the ground on St. John’s day.
In meanwhile they are said to drink the milk of the cattle such as goats and cows, without harming them. According to Vlasi people , the snake will bite only, and only when endangered and threatened. They have abundance of customs and folk rituals that pay respect to the snakes, so that snakes will be kind towards them. Those procedures are often done on Orthodox holidays such as St. Jeremiah’s day, or St. Lazarus Saturday,Holliday re;ated to Entering / arival of Lord Jesus into Jerusalem know as Palm Sunday These days are known as Snake Feast days. If a Young man would see a snake on
such a day, and near their respective dwellings or in their yards , he would look for a
large stone and would throw it as fare as he could behind
his back. According to the folk lore, snakes will not cross the boundary set by this stone, and wont approach the home of the one that threw the stone.
Large bonfires are lit on these days and people hit with spoons or forks on metal dishes, walking around them, to both honor the slithering creatures, and scare them away.
To protect from snake bite, people would pick a plantain or boneset on such a day and carry it.
If someone was silly enough to shave or cut hair ( in some regions even bathe !!! ) on these days would risk themselves being followed and threatened by snakes whole year long.

Snake spells and curios

Balkan peninsulla folk, have also many use of snakes in witchraft and magick.
For example the one that would kill a first snake they see on spring, using their bare heel ( by stepping on their head )to do it, was said to gain incredible strength and make his heel a healing charm for many pains and diseases.

If You wish to be protected from snakebite, lightning and poison, as well as remain Young and beautiful, all You need to do,according to Slavic folk beliefs is to find a snake shedding Your self and carry it always with You.

Snakebite cure incantations are cultural treasure of Serbian and Montenegrin, as well as Roman and Bulgarian people. People of Vlasi are said to be most skilled in such procedures. These incantations are in some ancient language, which to me seems like some archaic mixture of Celtic and Latin. People called Vlasi, that I have mentioned before, have also incantations to cure snake bites in their own language, which they hardly ever use ( mainly in magick, for incantations ).
If one would like to speak snake language and understand animals, they should catch a white ( albino snake ) and make a soup out of it. They must eat it all, and they will become able to speak the snake language and understand and communicate with animals.
The “snake tongue” ability is gained If You save life of Snake King, who will in such case reward You by spitting in Your mouths O.o thus giving You the gift of “snake tongue”.

To become able to see apparitions and demons, as well as fairies and other normally “unseen” creatures, one should decapitate snake with a sliver dime ( snake can be dead already or one must hunt it and kill it ). The Cunning folk of Balkan would then place whole garlic in snake’s mouths ( not to say jaws ) and wait until germinates, after what the garlic is collected and carried to provide clairvoyance, or ability to see supernatural entities and beings. This can be done with snake skull too.

Snakes are offered with eggs ( often those of bird, but that might be due to nomadic way of life of the Slavic people and their ancestors, that would rather eat edible/ chicken eggs ) and fresh milk, and appeased and honored in such manners they will do You a favor or allow You to dig up a treasure they guard.

Slavic Snake deity

Veles is Slavic snake deity, ruling from the bottom of the World tree or Tree of life, from it’s roots and underground. Bellow, wet and dark are his attributes and he has slithering form.

Snake kings, Snake Queens, Snake Doctors, Treasure Guards and Basilisk

Snake king is a ruler of Snakes quite similar, if not same as Basilisk. He has a large crown that he never takes off, unlike snake Queens that can remove their crown on St. Peter’s day when Cunning folk
Would place large white fabric near sprigs hoping snake queen would leave hers crown there. Such Crown is a insurance of abundance, riches and money for the one that posses it. Snake queens change each 1000 years and in appearance are considerably smaller than Snake kings, but generally less benevolent and very dangerous.
Snake doctors are snakes with ability to heal or even revive dead snakes ( that had not been dead for longer than seven days, and whose corpse was not tempered or moved in any way ). Helping snake doctor is a great way to get favors and patronage of snakes.
Treasure guards are Snakes that guard treasure, often being Aesculpian snake ( Elamphe longissima syn. Zamennis longissimus ). They can be offered with eggs and milk in order to let one dig up the treasure, otherwise, they are said to suffocate mean and greedy people or even fascinate them ( hypnotize )
Forcing them to take their own life.
Basilisk is a dangerous creature siad to be a hybrid of a rooster, snake and dragon. His very look can kill, much like that of King of Snakes, but it is said to be fable on sight of a rooster ( ironically ) especially the black one, which is very valluable in Balkan folk craft witchery.

_________________Terms explanation as marked with stars
* unnamed – meaning one that should not be named rather than nameless one
** Ala ( plural Ale ) is a Slavic serpent like demon causing hail and bad weather, in Russian folk tales it is known for insatiable appetite and cruelty. It is said to be of Dragon family alongside snakes and Dragons themselves
*** Her, because snake’s grammatical gender is female in most Slavic languages
**** Note the similarity between snake origin’s beliefs in Slavic people and living things in one, a horse hair split and
Then placed in whiskey is said to induce snakes to live inside a belly of the one that drinks the whiskey
***** Vlasi ( plural , singular is Vlah ) are group of people inhabiting the South of Serbia, with Bulgarian origins, but their ancestors were Celtic tribe called Volca by Romans and Nyahlos by Germans. They are fierce guardians of folk magick as intact as taught by “elders of their elders”
Also very skilled Cunning folk

The article is written by myself, so please refrain from copy pasting it elswhere without giving credits or Shadow of Shadows magick place

I hope You liked the post and find it informative . Many Blessings :)

Sep 10, 2010

Hoodoo herbology Peony Root

September is best time to get Peony roots as Peonies ( Paeonia officinalis ) are propagated via means of root division in September.

Peonies are herbaceous perennial shrubs, or small trees from Paeoniaceae family, growing up to 3m high. They are native to Asia, Southern Europe and some parts of USA, but are often grown as ornamental and decorative.

As for magick , European and general occult herbalism prescribes them as exorcism and protection agents, using roots and seeds, often hung on threads or carried in bags. They are said to protect from mischievous spirits, illness and malicious craft and sorcery . Peony is normally simply described described as protection or exprcism agent and seeds are said to glow with an earie glow on the nights of the Full Moon.

In Hoodoo it is agent of Exorcism, Spiritual protection, stops misfortune , Uncrosses and healing, and a success herb.

I use the roots as ingredients in oil i prepare and call "Luminous protection" and here is the simpler version of it

- Paeony roots , few pieces
- White mustard seeds, half a teaspoon
- Frankincense tears , some

All in 2Oz's of base oil

This oil can be used for protection, and Healing Root is often dipped in oil and sold as "Peony root oil" by occult suppliers , and used for uncrossing, protection and malicious spirits repellent.

In Hoodoo it can be used in Healing Mojo . especially those intended to ward off unnatural and persitant disseases, so You can combine them with small Crucifix , personal concerns of person in subject, and Boneset, Wood bettony or Sampson snake root

Paeony root is thought ti be the source of "Aglaophotis" the legendary exorcism agent and demonifuge that has amazing power and when ingested can expel spirits from the possessed person even. For this purpose the root was allegedly powdered, mixed with petals and sometimes seeds too, pulverized and then mixed with Holly water.

Here is one of Scot Cunningham's suggestions on using Peony roots ( it is a charm bag, or a sachet, a hex bag If You will , not to be confused with mojo bags, even though they do have similarities )

Anti-Sorcery Sachet

1 part Dillseed
1 part Flax seed
1 part Peony root

Tie up in white cloth, wear or carry, suspend over doors and windows.

NOTE : Oil recipe was by Me Shadow of Shadows Magick place or Feel free to use elsewhere but do give credits. First image is from, while other is a scribble of mine :)

Hope You find this a usefully read and interesting and many Blessing to all that read these lines

Aug 14, 2010

Open the Roads for me ( Road Opening, Abre Camino Spells and Products )

Open the roadsfor me ( Abre camino products )

So many brilliant practitioners find themselves unable to practice effectively , blocked, restrained and so on, despite their vast experience and being prominent in spellcraft work, and that means they are blocked.
For people that are not into occult symptoms are intense and evident though of slightly different nature, their job, money, love life and success in general, on any field, seems inhibited and their life appears stagnant and unproductive. No matter how hard they try , they seem not to be getting optimal or even good results.
So why is that ?
Simple, hey are blocked or they have what Spiritual workers tend to call “Blocked condition”
What causes this kind of condition ?
Many things I’ll try to chose the most common ones and one of great importance :
- Practitioner has exhausted their magickal “tank” , even though mana ( magickal energy ) even that of practitioner is inexhaustible, when it gets to low, body refrains from channeling it as it might result in catastrophe, until of course the mana is recharged and replenished. That is what causes “writer’s block” ( lol ) at practitioners anyway
- One can be blocked in some magickal/spiritual manner by another, by means of curse, binding or energy theft
- One can be tormented by Energy vampires, those nasty leeches constantly drink nergy newer really getting tired, they don’t even need a pause, their hunger is appalling, and doing so they steal one’s precious productive energy making them ineffective
- Your own bad deeds may be the reason behind Your condition, in such case one needs a personal cleansing ( done In Hoodoo with Hyssop baths and reciting Psalm 51st most frequently ) alongside with Road opening
- One may be having strike of bad luck, be victim of Evil eye or Glance of Malice ( Malochio in Spanish ), or can be Spiritually oppressed ( similar to possession with difference of spirit/s acting from outside rather than from inside ) etc .

And how can one deal with such a hard and dangerous ( often very persistent too ) condition ?

If one has a strong will and is mentally strong, being more stubborn than the obstacles ( blockages ) would normally do then trick , but then again will power is what in 99% of such cases breaks first, and there is the constant lack of overall energy, which make the saidth look like mission impossible no ?
Meaning If You feel unable to break those blockages and clear away obstacles there are two main ways to deal with it magickaly

• Using products such as Abre Camino and/or Road openers ( Mind that Abre Camino originates form Santeria, and Espiritsismo of Spanish and Latino people where as Road opener is a Hoodoo product and though names mean the same , and products do the same, they have considerably different formulas ) and botanicals, spell etc of same genre
• Making a petition to “Road Opener” spirits such as PaPa Legba ( Voodoo Loa, New Orleans Voodoo Loa , Santerian Ellegua, Eshu Elegbara , refer to my Spirit publication from previous post, there is a link and there is Yemaya unblocking spell great for such condition in mentioned document )

So let’s go through products here and how to make them shall we 

Abre camino oil

The main and key ingredient ( and the only one needed ) is Abre camino herb ( Trichilia Havanensis ) used in Spain and Latin America mostly, or Palo Abre Camino ( Eupatorium villosum ) used by Santeria and Palo practitioners. Mind that the second is endangered specie in States, and can be found in somewhat greater amount in California, still considered endangered though.
Any other herb added is purely practitioners good will/choice/inclination . Check Hoodoo Road opening herbs for that.

Pa’ Legba oil

Oil dedicated to this Road opener Loa will honor the Loa and open roads for You blasting away the obstacles and leaving clear way for luck and success to come to You. Combine Legba herbs that have Purification, Clearing/Cleansing and Road opening properties. Here is a list of some of Legba associated herbs that You might use for this oil.

Hoodoo Road Opener Condition oil

Five fingers grass

And add up tow more ingredients , like Sage or Frankincense, or Vetivert oil , Patchouli oil, Sandalwood oil, anything that can supercharge, empower or break obstacles, and another very common ingredient in Hoodoo Road openers are mastery herbs such as High John or Mater of the Woods. Good addition are broom straws too , form a new broom.
MY OWN FORMULA, IF USING ELSWHERE GIVE CREDITS: Shadow of Shadows magick place or/and

Thank You !

Powder and incense

Try this incense :

Palo Abre camino

Has a very fresh and nice smell , easy to make and a true Abre camino type of incense, Burn on charcoal since not self combustible unless of course You add it to base of saltpeter.

Powders should contain either Abre Camino , or Abre Camino palo with salt while others are added much like in oils or incense. Best if three or nine ingredients.

Road openers spirit list

Some of them are

• Papa Legba
• Maximon
• Pomba Gira
• Hekate
• Ogun

If You do not know or are unsure how to properly ask and offer these spirits read my Scribd publication on Seven African powers mentioned before. That should give You some idea.

Road Opening Spells

In Traditional Hoodoo we burn Orange or Purple candles dressed with Road Opener and/or Van Van oil, praying that obastacles are removed, best if done for nine consecutive nights.

We pray to Lord for deliverance, Guidance and to cleanse our way , remove obstacles and lead us to right path. Pray in Your own words , along with praying Psalm 23rd or these suggested below

Here are some Psalms associated with road opening:
Psalms 16:11: Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.
Psalms 23:3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Psalms 25:4: Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths. 25:10: All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.
Psalms 119:35: Make me to go in the path of thy commandments; for therein do I delight. 119:105: Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
Source of Psalm suggestions is Luckymojo site , as well as it’s source for the following prayer :


God before me
God behind me
I on Thy path, O God
Thou, O God, in my steps.
In the twistings of the road.
In the currents of the river.
Be with me by day.
Be with me by night.
Be with me by day and by night.

Now a simple ritual as I would suggest someone who would ask me

1. Take a bath in the morning with Road opener bath or bath crystals. Let It air dry, dress new clean clothes ( best If You buy new white clothes for this occasions, they need not to be expensive and elegant, but they should be new and white if possible ) . The remaining water is poured over a Crossroads, towards East
2. Inscribe a Orange or Purple candle with Your name and dress with Road opener and If You have it Van Van oil too
3. Say Prayers and Psalms as suggested above
4. Repeat steps 2nd and 3rd for nine consecutive days, burning a partition of candle each day , best if using pillar of nine day fixed novena candle in which case You need not to dress the candle , unless You wish to
5. After nine days dispose of any wax remaining by securing them together with thread and buring in Your backyard

Creole Legba opening spell

Carry three bags each having candies and pennies in them, and three new pennies and some candies with You, and go to Crossroad.
Rub the bag all over Your body and leave it at one side of the Crossroad.As You rub ask for Your blockages to be removed and roads to good thing s opened. Do so on the next two sides of the crossroad, alternatively You could do it silently asking only without speaking but by thoughts . On the last side ( preferably East ) lay three pennies and some candies asking Papa Legba to open Your roads, and remove obstacles.
Go home without looking back, some say via circuitous route.

Coloring potions and oils with herbs

Today I will be giving few practiacl advices on how to color Your oils or brews ( potions ) Downright practical list of herbal dyes I composed,

so If You are going to used it elswhere, feel free but add the credits

Shadow of Shadows Magick place and/or

You can always purchase comercial dyes or, food dyes which are easy to obtain, inexpeniseve and non-tocxic, However If You are traditionalist or You just preffer natural dyes try these:

Red Color

*Onion peel will give good red or orange collor ( depending on quantity ) and is a good addition to banishment , hot foot or allike oils
Image shows halved red onion
*Flakes of Alkanet give red tint to Fast luck and are great for any money oil. I use them in Fast luck and Money Uncrossing oil
*Cayenne peppers dried and pulverized will give tint to such oils as Run D run or Fiery wall of Protection ( I saw people using Red Sandalwood as a dying agent in Red Sandalwood, yet that just seems not in place to me as Red Sandalwood is a love herb )
*St John's wart gives brilliant red dye

Blue Color

*Indigo powder or Woad will give beautiful blue tint
*Red Cabbage leafs


*Fresh and squeezed alder flowers will dye Your oils ( and Your hands lol ) green


*Shafroon will dye Your oils yellow to gold, a small pinch is enough for two oz's pf oil , chamommile or Yarrow will gave pale yellow tint

Shaffron Crocus dalmaticus, native where I live


*Combine powdered Indigo and Woad with some Onnion peel powdered and Cayenne chips all three equaly dosed

The best base oils that can be colored this way are Olive, Almond and Jojoba, but with more herb material and time even Castor oil could be colored :D

Hope You find this articele usefull and have a great day

Jul 23, 2010

Seven African Powers and their Corresponding ( syncretised ) Saints

In Creole Voodoo, practiced in swampy Louisiana and particularly New Orleans, even though not being officially worshiped/ respected/ petitioned deities, Saints serve as images and representation for the Loa , spirits in Voodoo ( also called Lwa ).
So why is that ? Loa's and Saints are elevated to those respective positions, according to way of life they led on earth, but they are two very different kind of spirits indeed. Well this is due to historical reasons, and also similarities Black people saw between their Lwa and Saints of Christianity they found when arrived to States.
But here is an excerpt from my recent Scribed publication that will illustrate this practice for You :

The first image shows St. Anthony often used to represent PaPa Legba in New Orleans Voodoo ( image source : ) , second picture shows Catholic image of Our Lady of Grace, an common representation of Androgynous king of white clooth Obatala ( Loa ) in New Orleans Voodoo ( found it in public domain and edited )

With the coming of enslaved black people to America, other than new “home” they were supposed to get also a New Religion, Christianity being that one. Their native believes and teachings were described as harmful and work of the De**l. So black people, in order to keep practicing, replaced the Images of their deities with Saints that were similar to them, so they could freely pray before a Saint’s image and same time petition some Loa. This Practice still remains and in New Orleans Voodoo it is very common to petition Loa, using Saints depictions as focus image/representation of them ( Loa ). It is commonly said by sociologist how Loa have been syncretized with Saints this way, yet from a Theological viewpoint. That statement is highly debatable, mostly due to different origin of the spirits.
Even under such, cruel and unfair treatment the Black folk managed to keep their believes and practices. Some Loa have almost same qualities as Saint Representing them, which according to Black people stands to show how Loas and Saint are not that different after all. In the end both were people that were powerful and virtuous by life, though virtue criteria may differ in places, between Christianity and Voodoo religions of course.
Not all Loa have Saint to represent, not to say camouflage their image lol , but ones of Seven African powers system certainly do, and here is the basic Saint-Loa correspondence list:

• PaPa Legba – St. Anthony , St. Michael the Archangel , St. Miguel Caballero
• Yemaya – Lady of Regla, Mary Star of the Sea
• Oya – Our Lady of Candelaria ( mostly Santeria ) and St. Teresa
• Ogun – St. George and sometimes Saint Anthony ( New Orleans Voodoo ) St. Peter ( Santeria and Palo )
• Chango – represented by image of St. Barbara, most often Greek Orthodox depiction , sometimes an image of St Jerome is also used as representation
• Obatala – Most often represented by Catholic depiction of Our Lady of Grace
• Oshun – Our Lady of Charity is a common depiction both in Santeria and New Orleans Voodoo

Another interesting Loa of Christian origin is Papa Lebat. I am adding this here simply to show how hard black people fought to maintain their believes, and how inventive they were while doing so. Also in a way it is one of many links of Christianity to Voodoo.
So the story goes that there was a Catholic Priest, in early 1900ies , named Father Jean Baptiste Lebat that tried to eradicate Voodoism in New Orleans. Even after many years of constant oppressions Voodooists managed to elevate this man to Loa status after his death. Voodoo people gave him the opposite function in the spiritual realm than his role in the physical realm. Instead of oppressor and squelcher of Spirit, he became the road opener and protector serving pretty much the same function as Papa Legba and is invoked before each ceremony, and is asked to clear the way, provide protection, and remove obstacles so that Voodooists may serve freely.
How cunning, wouldn’t ya’ say ? 

Hope You liked my post , to read my whole publication on Creole Voodoo go here :

"Creole magick of Seven African Powers" by Shadow

Enjoy the weekend, Thank You for reading, and Blessings !

Jul 14, 2010

Saint Dymphna Patron Saint of of the sexually abused , chastity, and those affected with mental conditions

Yay an post about Saint's finally :) I'll try to have more of those

Well the title clearly gives an idea of when and why to pray for this Saint intercession .

Saint Dymphna is a Christian Saint and martyr , that lived in 7th century AC.
Saint Dymphna was a Christian , daughter of Damon an Irish pagan tribal elder, with women that was devoted Christian and who’s name is l no l onger known( mother ). As her Mother died, when Dymphna was in her teen ages, she was left alone with her dad. He saw Dymphna’s beauty and purity and felt dirty urges towards her, presumably because she reminded him of her mother. When she declined him he got very angry and abusive. She fought him off and fled across the sea to Belgium, accompanied only by an elderly priest and family friend named Gerebernus.
Her father searched for them and when led to Belgium and when innkeeper refused to take his currency as it was hard to exchange he suspected that Dymphna is there. He finds Dymphna and decapitates her friend which trys to protect her. As she refuses to be with him once again he kills her too.

***The image is a common depiction of St.Dymphna and is from Wikipedia,
with no ill will used , merely used as ilustration to this post and a image that could be printed, framed and used for devotion and work with St. Dymphna

The burial place of St. Dymphna has long been associated with accounts of miraculous cures of mental ilness/conditions . An infirmary was built there in the 13th century and to this day Gheel hosts a world-class sanatorium.. These tombs can be found in Belgium

Her feast day is on 15th of may and being a Catholic Saint there is no difference between Gregorian and Julian calendar.
Her colors are Green and Light Blue, and candles of such color can be burned when petitioning this Saint, or You can burn a Novena candle dedicated to this Saint :)

As for plants associated with St. Dymphna , honestly there was very little I could find both online and in books, I have heard though that Lavender is one of them. If You know more on herbs, and St.Dymphna oil please leave a comment bellow, I am sure that all tha read this and myeself will be veryv grateful to You :)

Becuse of an institution for the insane that was erected near Dymphna's grave, and as it became known for its miraculous healings of the mentally ill, epileptic, and possessed, Dymphna was deemed the Patron Saint not only of the victims of child sexual abuse, incest, and rape, but also of those suffering from nervous afflictions such as anorexia nervosa, depression, and anxiety. She is also famed to be great to invoke for ridding oneself of addiction and purity/chastity/celibacy, even temperance and fortitude according to Catholics. Here are some prayers You can use in work with St. Dymphna

Prayer for Mental Afflictions and conditions to St. Dymphna

O God, we humbly beseech You through Your servant, St. Dymphna, who sealed with her blood the love she bore You, to grant relief to those who suffer from mental afflictions and nervous disorders, especially (Name). St. Dymphna, helper of the mentally afflicted, pray for us.Glory be....

Prayer for Saint Dymphna’s intercession against addiction

God of mercy, we bless You in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, Who ministered to all who came to Him. Give Your strength to (name of person addicted), one of Your children, enfold him/her in Your love and restore him/her to the freedom of God's children.
Lord, look with compassion on all those who have lost their health and freedom. Restore to them the assurance of Your unfailing mercy, strengthen them in the work of recovery, and help them to resist all temptation.
To those who care for them, grant patience and understanding and a love that perseveres. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Dymphna for Chastity

Most pure virgin, St. Dymphna, we live at a time when many are intent on satisfying every carnal appetite. Your single-minded dedication to Christ alone is providential and inspiring. Please help us by your power with God to see life in proportion as you did. With your aid we propose to perform all our actions for a pure motive, and promptly to resist all our evil inclinations. Amen

Jul 9, 2010

Hoodoo powders

Powdered sulphur ( Image from wikipedia )

I wrote about many magickal products on here , but hardly ever mentioned powders .
Have no idea why really lol , but we will fix this right away :)

Powders had been used in magick so long that it is rather hard to determine year or epoch when the practice of using powders first started.

The practice of using powders in magick had been renewed and popularized in Middleage ( there is one recipe later in my post ) and in Modern days mostly thanks to Hoodoo.

How to make powders

It is not that difficult at all to make them. All You need is a good mortar and pestle ( I suggest ceramic ones, but wooden ones can do ) and a material to be pulverized , mostly herbs , resins and minerals, rarely animal parts.

While powdering them it is suggested to visualize Your goal You wish to achieve with powder.
However Of You would find visualization while grinding, or powdering disruptive, the mere intent and Your effort, even physical, shall energize the mixture
If You grind in coffee grinder or blender ( which I would only do If the root or bark is too hard to powder or when the material can only be powdered with help of technology ) visualize the goal after done, holding the powder and mixing it with bare hands , as in this case it may lack the extra energy that powders get by grinding.

How to deploy powders ?

- You can walk backwards sprinkling them as You do so ( on someone’s doorstep or in someone’s yard for example )
- You can add them to food, drink, shoe bottom, clothes or maybe even bath
- You can dust candles with them ( If You dress a candle with Condition oil in Hoodoo and then dust it with powder , You fixed the candle )
- You can add them to mojo hands or dust the same with them - You can blow them to Your target, dust doll babies, or burn as incense, possibilities are so many , be creative J

Now few recipes as examples and to show You that I like sharing If You have not noticed that by now already J

Red brick dust

Powder red brick to fine powder. It will kill ( neutralize ) any powders lain to harm You and is used in Reddening practice of New Orleans of which I wrote earlier here ( o0n this blog , Hoodoo trademark protection spells, I think was the post title )

Crossing powder

Used to cause harm, create crossed Condition and jinx. Mix and powder the following

* A spoon of Asafoetida root powder
* A spoon of Sulphur powder
* Half a spoon of Crushed Red Peppercorns or Red pepper flakes
* Half a spoon of Powdered Vandal root
* A good pinch of Black salt or Graveyard dirt

Good traditionalists may add powdered Dirt dauber’s nest , particularly if love jinx or Intranquil spirit type jinx is intended .
These can be dissolved in Boric acid or Four thieves vinegar , but that is to for another story :P

Image shows Cayenne pepper powdered Recipe by me Shadow of Shadows magick place or

Down home Uncrossing powder

This traditional formula calls for burning Black hen’s feathers and collecting then ash. This is called “Down home Uncrossing powder” and as the name suggests ( Hoodoo names rock huh ) is used a very strong uncrossing agent. You can powder people, inanimate objects or dwellings ( corners mostly ) or add to bath.

Lizard Hoodoo powder cure

Quoted from “Folklore form Adams County Illinois” by Henry Middletone Haytt
9578. "To overcome a Hoodoo kill a lizard. Do it by smoking. Beat it to a powder. Mix the powder with whiskey. Drink it. This will cure you." Negro.
All I can say , Ew :P

As single ingredient powders most of us are familiar with Salt, Saltpetter and Espom Salt, Alum and here we have few of them combined in powder recipes9626.

Red pepper and Salt

"If you think someone has a spell on you, put red pepper and salt in all four corners of the room. It will take the spell off." Negro.
From same source as one above

Simple “Fear not to walk over evil powder”

Wearing this powder in Your shoes ( on the bottom of the shoes ) shall prevent “feet poisoning” or being Jinxed by walking over crossing type powder , Hot foot or where bottles are buried.

* Salt
* Saltpeter
* Red Pepper
* Black Pepper

Three of the above listed ingredients are enough to combine and are usually already in powder form so basically just mix well with bare hands. Recipe by Miss Catherine Yronwode ( respectfully )

Powders can also be used as floor sweeps, meaning powdering herbs and or minerals and mixing them, sprinkling on floors or most often carpets and sweping them out with broom ( often used in cleanisng ceremonies ) and one great example would be Basil, Eucalyptuss leafs, and Salt to base of Na2HCO3 ( Sodium bicarbonate ) which is along with Baking powder base for floor sweeps and is added ussualy in twice or thrice amount bigger than herbal mixture
Powders can be burnedon charcoal as incenses too.

Three ingredients confusion powder

All ya’ need is to mix and powder poppy seeds, Black mustard seeds with some Cayenne

Recipe by me Shadow of Shadows magick place or , If You wish to use any recipe signed by me elsewhere feel free but add credits , That goes for the next one too

Three ingredient Peace Powder

Use as Peaceful home powder and to calm down the anger, also where War Water has been used ( You can combine with peace water )
Basil , Rosemary and Cumin seeds , powder well and use.

Well hope You liked my post, and have a great weekend, Many Blessings J

Jul 1, 2010

Ghost month O.o

Ok so this will be a quick but hopefully informative post , July is here and that means it is time for Chinese folk to appease the Hungry ghosts that walk freely for a whole lunar month ( 28 days aprox )

*painting "Ghosts rising" found here

You may or may not be familiar , or even agreable
with Chinese magick or Chinese customs and craft of the folk , but trust me there are quite a few good reasons to do so
What are they You may ask ?
- The core of this practice is appeasement of ancestral and other spirits , which is always a good idea, any good practitioner needs spirits
that will be on their side , as spirits can do so much more than mere humans :)
- This kind of practice builds up discipline in magickal practice that majority seems to lack nowadays
- Good for general spiritual development and boosting mediumship abilities
- Learning about other traditions ( if of course You are not from China :D )
- It os uter fun , you get to burn things lol ;)

Chinese gosth month , or Ghost festival ( pinyin , guiye )

The fifthteenth day of the seventh Lunar month is in Chinese tradition considered a Ghost day ( festival ) while the whole 7th month ( both Lunar , and the common calendar 7th month aka July commonly ) is considered a Ghost month in all the sense of the word.
Just like on Haloween , or Dia de los Muertos , or St. John's day ( Holly day of Voodoo ) in Louisiana , this is time of year when the veil is rather thin indeed , and the dead walk among the living.
In the Chinese tradition on this day and on whole month the gates of lower plains are opened and both the ghost of deceased visit their families and cousins and spirits walk among humans too. Some Chinese folk say that many of them spirits are in rather nasty mood and try to find someone to take their place in lower plains ( kind of like He*l ) in order that they could be set free and roam the Earth.
This is why cunning Chinese folk protect themselves and appease the ghosts and spirits
If You wish to share their practice that not only ensures safety from Nasty spirits but also brings blessings , there are but a few simple and fun things You can do :


- Hang Bagwa Mirrors near home or on Your front doors , room doors etc. for they are brilliant protection of spirits and they deflect negative energies
- Hang decorations and or protection symbols made of peach fruit in same manner s bagwa mirrors

- Traditional Chinese amulets for protection against ghosts ( such as Jade animals on thread ) are hung at thresholda and entrances of Your property

Offerings and appeasement

- Colorful fruit or sweets are offered to spirits
- Sweet smelling incense sticks ( such as vanilla ) are burnt daily to appease spirits
- fake money or colorful paper is burnt to give spirits "money" to get what they need on "other side" and show them respect. This also brings good fortune for ones burning them
You may pettition spirits to be kind and bring You blessings while You do this

What You should evade dong by all cost

According to Chinese folk lore it is an offense to spirits ( thus makes them rather angry and puts in vengative mood , and trust me, that is hardly a good thing ) to
- whistle in house
- spill ashes or empty ashes near home or inside

So there You go eclectic view on this very interesting and scary celebration

Article by me , Shadow

Jun 26, 2010

Know Your enemy

Reveal Your enemy’s identity

Many times we have people working against us wishing to harm us. Sometimes in order to defend ourselves , we need to know their identities which is often an utter hard task , because we cannot really fight unknown enemy, rather we can fight his actions and reverse them .That shall, indirectly cause them to pay for what they have done, but will not necessarily make them stop what they are doing. One can bind them If one knows them . For example Hoodoo Mirror box spell will ensure that someone is no longer a threat, but for it to be done properly, we must be familiar with our enemy’s identity.

The greatest part of hexes and Curses are directed towards us as a result a jealousy , envy, lack of creativity or courage to confront us , revenge or even misguided anger. Such people are fable individua s, backstabbers and shall try by all costs to remain unknown as perpetrators of these “crimes”.
Skilled rootworker and/or spiritual worker shall perform a reading before Uncrossing work and get idea who harmed their clients and in what manner, But what could one do themselves to get this information ? Make a list of suspicious people, and then deductively shorten the list until one or few names remain , use spells and divinations and so on

Well here are few spells , just keep in mind that sometimes people shield from these kind of divinations and spells ( all they need to do so is strong desire to remain hidden from You ) therefore, just be persistent

Hoodoo spells to reveal enemy

One simple spell that is used to reveal the identity of our enemy , false friends, secret admirer anyone really, calls for

*some Power oil , or Psychic oil
*white-purple candle ( white or purple can do to , I like to use double color to give spell a "boost" sort of speaking ) ,
*petitioner paper ( that You will place underneath candle ) with question written on it, and
*a glass of spring water that has been blessed with prayers for protection ( Night water )

Place a candle on a night table making sure it will that does not pose any danger of causing fire. Dress the candle and Your forehead with some of the oils mentioned. Place the glass of water next to candle to protect You from any nightmares or influences on Your mind. Light tha candle and ask Your higher power or Spirits to help You find n out the identity of this person. Go to sleep and document Your dream/s :Maybe it's a good idea adding some Anise seeds underneath Your pillow, and /or some
flax seeds too
Written by my minority :)

Red Flannel conjuration

Boil a piece of red flannel in a pot with water, on the back of the stove on Midnight or after and as folk tradition says the wrongdoer shall come and apologize.
( from "FOLKLORE FROM ADAMS COUNTY ILLINOIS" by Henry Middletone Haytt )

Balkan/Slavic spell to reveal a witch

Balkan folk have been known to have kept many ancient magickal secrets over the years , even ages.
Some of which are raw , many date back to middle age and are often very cruel. One requires catching a moth , a night butterfly , because according to Balkan folk one that is tormented by witch shall encounter a big scary moth quite often at night. This has most likely to do with the belief that witches , when astraly leaving the body can take form pof moth to conceal their appearance and spy more easily.

So one needs to , get courage to catch such moths, or to find a Death's-head hawkmoth (Acherontia spp.), and catch that one , burn it on a flame , preferably one of the candle saying :

Come to me, tomorrow, asking for salt !

Then according to Balkan folk next day witch shall come to Your doors asking to borrow some salt ( or something else If not salt , the stress in on person coming to Your doorstep, asking to borrow something , food mostly counts )

* picture shows night moth , interpreted on Balkan as a very bad omen , as described in text,and the picture taken by myself
Then according to Balkan folk next day witch shall come to Your doors asking to borrow some salt ( or something else If not salt , the stress in on person coming to Your doorstep, asking to borrow something , food mostly counts )

Another method Balkan witches use , and one brilliantly effective in finding the source of Evil eye or glance of malice , is called Extinguishing the coals . Witch prepares water with a pinch of salt and makes cross signs over it with sprigs of Basil and Kustura ( Balkan equivalent to athame ) while chanting and incantation that calls for power of Sun , Moon and Stars to come down and reveal one that “has evil-eyed ( or hexed ) the dear N.N” . If the cunning folk performing this spell starts yawning while chanting that is the sign that the affected will heal completely. After done with chanting ( as many times as one sees fit ) the Cunning man or women, or a witch takes one by one piece of burning coal, using spoon or metal thongs and tosses them down in the water calling suspects names at loud. When the correct name is spoken the coal shall hit the bottom of the vessel with water and remain there , meaning it will sink instead of floating on the surface.
The patient is then given the small amount of water to sip , and rest to sprinkle home and use in bath.

* picture shows night moth , interpreted on Balkan as a very bad omen , as described in text,and the picture taken by myself

European witches methods

Include simply blessing some water lighting a single or two blue, white or purple candles as only lights in room , pouring water in dark colored container , preferably glass one, and speaking words of power, a chant to bring enemy into sight. Then a spoon of oil ( in Mediterranean Olive oil and Sea water, or even plain water are often used ) or ink and is added and witch gazes into water surface in order to note omens or faces even.

Modern day practitioners make a list of suspects, write them in Circle and then use Crystal pendulum to divine the perpetrator . This has been known to be a very , very effective method.

In one of his books, Scot Cunningham suggests burning a yellow candle, wrapped in Ground Ivy around the base , on Tuesday to make Your enemy identity known.

There are powders to reveal a theft or criminal containing Galangal root , Hydragenea
Bark along with one or two more ingredients , that are sprinkled on crime scene. If You’ve found a mess that Your enemy lain, sprinkle it with such a powder , it can work brilliantly.

Wiccan people are known to use Athame for this , they chant some chant above the athame , that call forth the powers of “air and knowing” to indicate where from is the evil coming. The Athame is then swirled , or rotated and left until stops on it’s own, the sharp blade point will be pointing to direction where from evil is coming.

The Blue tourmaline wands are used the similar way. As they are well known as keen on giving answers , and indicating the right way or source of negativity.

Hope You find this article of mine helpful , Blessings ! :)

Jun 1, 2010

Hoodoo Herbology Five Finger Grass

Five Fingers Grass ( Cinquefoil )

One of the trademarks of Hoodoo herbalism and Conjure, and unlike what we used to , when it comes to Hoodoo that is , it is not a root J
It is actually a green herb , small wine with perky yellow flowers from family Rosaceae and subfamily Rosidae , and of genera Potentilla , just like common strawberry . However should not be confused with other species of same genera , even though Potentilla erecta ( Tormentil ) is know to be used under the same name ,which is fine.

What is important is that the Potentilla we need is with leaves clearly divided onto five lobes, or more accurate leaflets, arranged palmately , resembling to fingers of hand. So count the leaflets If You are unsure of species You use , as for flower it is most commonly yellow with 5C + 5K, for the species we need .
Cinquefoil or Five finger grass is used in Conjure to bring success “in all things five fingers can do”
That usually refers to gamble or getting favors from other people ( this use is accented in Pow Wow’s of long Lost friend ) but can be used for any kind of success really. An ingredient of “Crown of Success” oil and many washes , among others Lucky gamblers hand-wash.
It is often used in Uncrossing spells, mixtures , sometimes even reversal work and is one of crucial ingredients of “Abre camino” and “Road openers” along with the Herb Abre camino ( Eupatorium villosum )

So here are some neat ways to use Five fingers Grass :

Five finger Grass oil

- Add whole leaves of Five finger grass ( I use 3 large ones )
- Few Frankincense grains ( optional , but I love to add it )
- 1 – 2 oz’s of base oil preferably Jojoba

Leave to sit at least for a week and best for a month before use. You can add some Vertivert or Bergamot oil making this a simple form of Success and Good luck oil.

Uncrossing Floor wash

When some premises are cursed , hexed , fixed , dressed , jinxed or alike one of the very best cures ( uncrossing conjures ) is a simple floor wash made of ( as suggested in book: “Hoodoo herb and root magick , A materia magica of African American Conjure by Miss Catherine Yronwode” , slightly edited by myself ) :

- Infusion of Five fingers grass
- Uncrossing bath crystals dissolved in it
- You can add some lemon , lemngrass or camphor oil , or lemon juice to Supercharge the mixture even further

Wash “affected” premises thoughtfully, even the walls how much You cab reach, inside to out.

After this You could additionally burn some incense , such as “Blessing incense” , “Helping hand” , Cayenne and Sulphur incense ( mind not to be inside while burns , open all the windows ) , “Uncrossing incense” , “Peaceful home incense” , Dragons blood or Frankincense.

Rest assure any Crosses , jinxes and Messes will be lifted and removed after this.

*This Article and recipes were written and/or collected by Shadow of Shadows Magick place or , If You like to use it elsewhere , feel free but include the credits.

The picture is form : and is used here for illustrative purposess , and was in public domain . even though no copywrite laws breaking intented

Thank You and many Blessings