Jun 28, 2013

Undoing and removing love spells

Love spells are more often than not, all but nice and gentle. The cruel coercive power they exhibit can wreak havoc in people lives, just as much as conventional weapons do. 

In one of the Harry Potter movies  professor  Horace Slughorn, teaching potions, presents truth
serum, liquid luck, living death ( deadly poison ) and amortentia, a “most powerful love potion” saying how  it’s most likely “the most dangerous potion” in the room. Even though it does not create true love it does create obsession and infatuation, according to him, and hence the danger from it.

This fictional example, despite being just that, a figment of someone imagination , perfectly illustrated   a very great deal of love spells  , and those than induce lust etc. I know it may seem like sometimes You deserve love of another, or  even that someone should be punished with being intoxicated and  subdued with the bear idea of You, and while I can understand this, this does not make love magick any less coercive. It is of course, only up to  You , whom to, when and If You are going to do it in the firstplace. I am not here today to discuss ethics, nor love magick and conjurations LINK, I have done that already on here J

In fact, I’d rather discuss effects of love magick and how to properly  deal with it. People who fall prey to the love spells, most of the time will not even be aware, nor really bothered with it,  for it will fell like love enough for most to “swallow” the pill as such. However  people with higher emotional intelligence, spiritually aware, asexual people, people in celibacy vows, people happily engaged ( in some kind of romantic relationship ) , and some others will feel something is off. And not only  that, some people will feel all the torment of  compelling love spell. Here, in Eastern Europe , and particularly Balkan peninsula, coercive love and erotic magick, is something terrifyingly  common, and a very elaborated “branch” of magick, often referred by sociologists as “erotic black magick”.  The most illustrative idea  is something like “Love me or die” Hoodoo spell.  These kind of spells often require macabre ingredients such as dead men’s ring, water in which the newly born kittens or puppies have been bathed, cookies with menstrual blood, dove’s blood, bat’s blood and wings  and others.  In fact, as curiosity, Angelina Jolie, allegedly,  used one such spell on Brad Pete, instructed by Bosnian cunning women. She did admit, that she gave Bred Pete an vial with bat wings when they started dating, but did not find it necessary  to explain why.   And  what amazes me, is that in a community of ( at least publically  ) people who finger point and call out anyone who just mentions the word  occult,  the very same people are not down put with these requirements almost at all. Workers who perform such work, readily admit they earn by far most money from exactly this type of workings, love domination, love bindings, love coercive work, You get the idea. They get requests to break up someone marriage, and drive someone mad for    their   client   nearly every single day, to the point when they have to start rejecting clients, due to simple lack of  time. And clients   profiles vary from barely literate peasants to  university professors and scientists.

There is something bad, rotten in us humans , that makes us  ready to leave all our ethics behind ,  when we feel that someone has  to love us, no matter what. Poor and misfortunate are the victims of such… more so those that start realizing what is happening to them. They start hating the person who did it to them, but can not resist him/her , despite all. They are trapped, in dark labyrinth of their sensations, driven, and bind. They start feeling helpless, violated, and  the more they resist they become physically weaker, withering away on plain sight of anyone  carrying  enough  to observe. 

According to one of the legends about him, even St. Cyprian, prior to becoming Christian, sent demons to torment a young girl so she would give herself to  a men who sought St. Cyprians ( magickal ) services. The girl was however pious and devoted, and would repel even the most powerful demons of lust with prayers and making cross mark, and according to same legend it was what finally made St. Cyprian decide to convert to  Christian  faith [1] It’s wise to note however, that this St. Cyprian , might or might not be the same as St. Cyprian of Cartagena, in fact this Cyprian is often referred to as Saint Cyprian of Antioch

Here are some of the symptoms of love spell influence:

·         Person under spell keeps thinking of person that casted spell on them, even if they never really liked him/her, or  barely know them

·         When person under a love spells try to distanciate from person who cast spell on them, they start suffering all sort of ( in the beginning  minor ) physical ills and sometimes even jinxes, as well as anxiety, and OCD like sensations

·         Person under a love spell is unable to think clearly of, or judge the person who cast spell on them

·         Person under a love spell is “scattered” , “all over the place” and unable to think clearly, often ends up fighting their beloved ones for no good reason

·         Person under a love spell exhibits a bivalent outburst towards the person who cast spell on them, ranging from adoration to utter abhorrent sensations

These are just some, most common symptoms of coercive, love spell, between two people that would otherwise never end up together. For there is such thing as “good” love spells,  let’s be clear, and those are that spell that help timid or otherwise prevented people, to be freely together, or those love spells used to draw a person who is a matching mate.

In any case, If You happen to know someone who needs the  magickal help to remove a love spell that torments them, let  me suggest few formulas and a ritual :

Love uncrossing oil

Combine :

·         Fennel, dry
      ·         Rose petals
      ·         Patchouli essential oil
      ·         Lemon essential oil
      ·         Blessed salt
      ·         OPTIONAL: Piece of broken chain, preferably silver one

All in some base oil, dosed with Vitamin E. You can dress this oil on the  black side of double action red/black, or white/black candle, and burn while praying that the unwanted spell departs. You can Read Psalm 91st ( or 90th according to some numerations, “He who dwells in Shelter of the Most High…” ), and also Psalm 37th ( “Fret not Yourself with the wrongdoers…” )  and psalm 10th.

A prayer to Saint Cyprian and Justina would  also be greatly advised.

You could of course use standard Uncrossing oil, but the  thing is that this one  is targeting the  very problem more precisely, hence will give swifter,  and stronger results.

Bath or Head-wash against Love spells


·         Lemon Balm herb
      ·         Patchouli
      ·         Basil
      ·         Vervain
      ·         Rose petals
      ·         Hyssop
      ·         Rosemary
      ·         Agrimony
      ·         Lemon juice
      ·         Salt

First make a strong infusion of the herbs, adding them to the boiling water, covering, and letting it sit for a hour or so. A 3 spoons of herb mixture , in   1-1/2 cup of boiling water will do for this. Then strain, add some Lemon juice and enough salt to make it thicker, almost like a paste. Pray over it, and then scrub it onto the head of afflicted, and let it stay on their head for 10-20 minutes. Of course, this stuff is irritable, try to evade eye contact, obviously !   Finally when they wash their head, rub some coconut milk into their head, wrap their head with new, white  towel, also they should sleep in new sheets, and possibly new white clothes.  Reserve some of the water leftover from head washing in some bottle. Instruct the afflicted person to carry this water  to a river flowing to east in the morning, and to pour it into the river, speaking positive affirmations about their unnatural, inflicted feelings and all evil spells bein g gone forever.

Of course, the above given ingredients can be made into bath, in which case it advisable to immerse completely for 13 times in it.

Traditional Balkan witchcraft spell  to remove love spells

Go to an accessible,   quiet  river shore or  where some stream   runs . Take six small stones from the shore and take them home with You. In a small jar pour water from   Your house tap, add the stones, some salt, sugar, Cayenne pepper ( flakes or powder )  and stir it all well with a spring of fresh or dry Basil. As You stir, think of the necessity to get rid of that “love” and chant something along the lines of : “ Passion coming my way from ( name ) let now  return to them”*  … You can add “ go away  and return never, depart from me now and forever”  for example.  With this jar, go to the same place where from You got the stones, take a step over the stream. If it’s the river and You can not  straddle it , step over it’s full width, then place a  large stone in the river so You can rest one of Your legs on it, and other on shore, and the water will still run bellow You. The water must be  flowing away from You, meaning from before You , towards behind You. Then You  say the same chant from before, as You are opening the jar, then sprinkle some of the content six times , using Your right hand, over the left shoulder.  And then throw the whole jar infront of You, strongly so that the jar breaks in pieces.[2]

This ritual should be done for three consecutive days,  and it was suggested that these days are  Thursday, Friday, and  Saturday.

Wither away evil love spell

Make a small heart from  bread like dough, and  scratch the name of person who casted the love spell on it. On a night prior to the New Moon, take it with You, along with a Lemon, and a knife,  go outside , and dig up a small hole somewhere away from Your home. Place the heart in it, and then squeezing the lemon over it, so that the juice drips on it say:

“This love will wither, and depart,
From my ( afflicted’s name )  body, mind, and heart
Let me be (or  name ), I am free,
Free from You, forever” 

Say it nine times , altogether, and then pierce the heart with a knife, violently and vigorously, with strong intention to end this condition.

Cover the heart with soil, and return home via circuitous road,  without looking back. Do not visit the spot for at least three days.

As You get home, You can take the bath described earlier in the text , If You feel it should benefit You, or You could also light a Cut and Clear vigil candle, although that’s entirely optional.
NOTES: This article was written  and composed by myself, therefore , should You wish to use any part of it  elsewhere online add credits, Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com  or a direct link to this post

*The  version of the spell, as published in a certain local occult magazine, included only the first sentence given above as “words of power” to be used,   the part “go away  and return never, depart from me now and forever” is suggested/added/written by myself, see also  credits and explanation under [2]  bellow  In Credits and Notes
[1] Description of legend can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyprian_and_Justina
[2] I was taught almost exactly the same version of this spell by certain cunning women from Serbia,  only she used the different words of power , though stated that  they can be adapted individually. This particular version, posted is translated and adopted for Your  convenience here from : “Lek I amajlija, za srecu I ljubav”  ( lit. “Medicine and amulet, for luck and love” ) a local occult magazine, according to writings of local folklorist Jasna Jojic Pavlovski,  more information of the magazine and Mrs.’  Jasna’s work  can be found here:  http://www.lekiamajlija.com/
IMAGE CREDITS: Artwork  by myself

Jun 20, 2013

St Cyprian and Justina in religion and spiritual work

Icon of Saint Cyprian and Saint Justina of Padua © Helen Kishkurno
Beautiful Icon of St. Cyprian and Justine
by artist Elen Kishkurno
     Rather than speaking about St Cyprian alone, we shall here be discussing the hagiography as well as practical aspects of spiritual work with this Saint alongside with St. Justina.   This is due to the fact, that I am a Christian, and while a n  avid  Hoodoo practitioner as well,  when working with Saints, I try to give them credits, and  treat them according to Christian tradition. And  frankly many acknowledged and renewed Rootworkers ( Hoodooists ) shall do the same, more so If they are  into southern-old-conjure style . That does not mean I hold folk veneration of Saints as improper,  more like,  I am more on “canonic” side myself, particularly when it comes to certain Saints .

NOTE: St Cyprian of Antioch, although venerated in many Catholic and Christian churches, along with St. Justina, is not a historical character that we can prove it existed. His hagiography, as well as that of St. Justina is largely a myth or a legend, and some speculate that he could have been confused with St. Cyprian of  Carthage. The experience of the pious, and spiritual practitioners  that have worked with these saints, however, only solidifies the beliefs regarding them.  

Legend , lore and  hagiography according to Symeon Metaphrastes

     Saint Cyprian and Justina were contemporaries, living  during III and IV century, in Antioch in Prsidia, at that point, town that had been situated on the border of Pysidia and Phrygia, today a city in Turkish lakes region,  called Antakya  [1]   Saint Cyprian was either   a heathen [2]  by religion, or into Greek polytheistic religion, worshiping Apollo. Regardless, both Catholic and Orthodox sources insist that  he was trained and raised as sorcerer and that he “had dealing with demons” [3] . His parents were pagans as well, and according to Christian lore, inspired  him and supported him in his   studding and pursue of sorcery skills. 

     On the other hand, Justina  his contemporary,  and a fellow citizen of Antioch, was raised in pagan family by  father Aedesius and mother Cledonia  , but  was pretty much atheistic herself, at this point. The Divine providence wanted so that she had heard preaching words of some deacon as she stood by her window and he was passing by speaking of sacrifice of  the Lord  Jesus Christ, His resurrection and how he sits to the right of His Father,  The Creator of everything.  Justina felt some kind of  hard-to-define, fulfilling sensation n, and decided to sneak out to Church, to listen the preaching, whenever she could. And that had reassured her completely, that the Christian faith was for her,  what more , she eventually managed to  convert her parents as well, so they’ve all received baptism and became pious Christians.  Her faith was ardent , strong and fiery, she was virgin who dedicated her  life to the Christ.

     At this time, a young man, called  Aglaias,  had on some occasion seen Jutina on her way to the Church, and become infatuated and astonished by her beauty.  Troubled by impure thoughts ( we’d today say obsessed lol ) regarding Justina , he courted to her, and due to her refusal, and response that her “bridegroom is in Christ” , and that for His sake she preserves her purity, he tried to   forcefully  be intimate with the maiden. He’s attempt was luckily foiled  by the people  who had heard the screams of Justina, but Aglaias, fueled  with lust,  would not consider abandoning his plans. Hence he sought the aid of Cyprian, a well known   ritual magician, sorcerer, necromancer, and  pagan priest to  help him make Justina  abandon herself, and come to him.

Depiction of St Junstina  being   tempted
     St. Cyprian, at that point simply, Cyprian, comforted the young man saying he will make Justina come and seek him, by herself.  As skillful and powerful sorcerer he conjured a demon, who eventually gave him some kind of  a magickal powder, which Aglasius eventually sprinkled in Justina’s house to enable the demon ease of access. 

     Demon came, and induced some lustful sensations, and thoughts about Aglasias in Justina, who  thanks to her devotion and good sense, realized what was happening,  and with repentance and humility,  sincerely prayed to lord Christ to deliver her from these sensations and enemies  who imprint them on her, finishing the prayer by signing the Cross , which rendered demon’s power over her null and void, and forced him to fled in fear and shame.  Cyprian sent two more demons, one of which was “prince” ( in Goetian sense ) each more powerful than the previous, but Justina, defeated them with fasting, prayers and making sign of Cross. After few more failed attempts, startled by the power of Christian fate, Cyprian realized the trickery  of the demonic spirits that served him , and renounced them and the Devil ,   and chased them away by making signs of Cross, modeling after Justine.

     He repented for all the evil he had caused with magick, and his sins, which were numerous.  Seeing his true and sincere remorse, tears, and act of burning his books, persistence to stay in Christian Church even when the deacon tried  t o expel him, made the Bishop  to feel pity for him, compliment his repent and babtize him.

     Afterward, he was received in the Christian Church,  made pre-eminet, then deacon, priest  and eventually a bishop, while St. Justina became head of a convent.   Both St. Cyprian and St.Justina work from that point was commendable and enlightening, they had converted many people and had brought many faitless people to the faith, which made Emperor Diocletian  furious, hence he had ordered for them to be captivated, and tortured until they renounce their faith. After resisting extortions and various tortures, Diocletian even more angry then before ordered that they boil both of them in a large cauldron. Yet the water would harm neither St.Cyprian, nor St.Justina, and they prayed serenely in hot boiling water. Seeing that, certain Theocistus, embraced St.  Cyprian  as they removed him and Justia from the  cauldron, which caused him to share their fate, and be beheaded alongside the two.  [4]

     Their bodies were taken to be buried in Rome, first  on a private estate of certain lady called Rufina, and later entombed in Constantine’s basilica. 

     Now, it is important to know to not mix Saint Cyprian of Antioch, with Saint Cyprian of Carthage, which is a commonly occurring mistake, and You might find  such incorrect information posted at many places online. So have this in mind.

Patronage, worship and spiritual work

     St.Cyprian and  St.  Justina are venerated together in Catholic and Orthodox Christian Church , the feast day  falling on 26th  September according to Julian, and 15th of October according to Gregorian calendar.

     Saint Cyprian in Catholic Christianity is considered patron of the Turkish town Antakya, while in Orthodox Christianity, he is alongside St. Justina considered to be patron Saint of people oppressed by evil spirits and evil magick. Hence in Orthodox Christianity there are prayers against demons and evil  magick  addressed to St.Cyprian and Justina.

     He is depicted as an middle-aged, bearded men carrying an crozier ( curved kind of staff,  that bishops carry ) dressed as bishop, or in purple robes or cloak, in Orthodox Christianity often standing next to St. Justina and holding a book.

     In folk magick and Hoodoo Cyprian is patron Saint of witches, necromancers, hoodoists and conjurers ( aka rootworkers ) , occultists, demonologists,  and is invoked in rituals and spells for uncrossing, curse removal,  returning spiritual attack, divination, guidance,  and in all matters concerning spiritual and occult practice. He can even be invoked in  harmful magick spells, or  prior to working with Santissima Muerte, to protect   from the “moody” behavior of   ths spirit [5]

     His colors are purple, or indigo, he’s number is 9, and his day is Saturday, according to the various traditions.

     Personally I petition St Cyprian and Justina together,  least If I should work on some spiritual power increasing ritual, in which case I’d petition St Cyprian alone, or for Chastity in which case I might petition St  Justina alone. And even in such cases I think  I’d keep the same Icon on  my altar, showing both of them.

     Offerings to Saint Christian vary in traditions, and depending on practitioner, for there seems not to be a suggestion in Hoodoo nor folk magick. Glass of water, a standard Hoodoo offering for Saints will do, so will incense wafted at their image ( or statue  ) or a small monetary contribution to Christian community.

     A friend of mine from Spain, who is espiritisto and curandero, likes to place books on ritual magick on altar dedicated to St. Cyprian.  This seems like a good idea. St Justina was known for giving out alms to the poor, there’s  a way to honor her, would You not say ? Also having in consideration her virginity a bouquet of white flowers, particularly lilies, that in Christianity symbolize virginity, as well as Mother Mary, would all make fine additions. Finally ,  feeding the Saints [6]  as done in New Orleans, with seeds of Grains of Paradise  plant is another  fine option. 

     In Spain, Latin America and Brazil there's a whole “folk cult” of Saint Cyprian, where he’s called San Cipriano ( Spanish ) or Sao Cipriano ( Portuguese ), and  there is more than one book of spells associated with him, mostly being combinations of spells, recipes and formulae ( although one is a classical, ritual magick  Grimoire  ) often rather gruesome, macabre and requiring profaning graves and mutilating animals. All of them however, are much Younger than the III/IV century,  hence we can almost claim for certain, that neither of them  were indeed written by   the Cyprian of Antioch. These books, and  particularly   one newer edition, which is a compilation of few of these works bearing names such as “True book of Saint Cyprian” or “Grimoire of St. Cyprian : Clavus inferni” are , believed to be unlucky even to posses.  Superstitious people further claim that by simple flipping the pages, from back to front, will conjure the Wicked one.

     St. Cyprian is also a prominent figure in Iberian peninsula folklore, if not one of the leading characters,  and allegedly, in States, there is even a secret society based on his ideas, that require some sort of initiation ritual, teaches more “in-depth mysteries” ,  the things Eliphas Levi would have called “inner mysteries” , “keys of knowledge”  and similar.

Herbs and materials associated with St Cyprian

     The herb traditionally associated with St. Cyprian,  and also one being a main ingredient in the original oil
Beth root ( Trillium erectum L )
formula, dedicated to St Cyprian is Low John The Conqueror of Beth root [7]. This is  not the same (!) as  the Southern John, small John ‘da chew or Galangal root, despite the  fact that You will see many online  suppliers trying to  sell You one as such. They are either ignorant regarding the root, or are scamming people. Beth root is in the Lilliaceae family ( whereas Galangal or small John 'da chew , is from the Zingiberaceae family ) and in States it’s a highly ( !!! ) endangered species, and probably illegal to harvest in wildness. It’s rather resistant and easy to grow, so If You wish to use it, I suggest getting some seeds, as it is used as an ornamental/decorative e  plant as well. The root has an nasty smell kind of  like the rotting meat.  

     Other plants that are sometimes associated with him are Cedar and Myrrh, although whether that is a part of  some tradition, or   lore, or it came from  oil formulas scented with it, and  often containing myrrh resin and / or Cedarwood, I honestly have no idea.  I do know that both Cedar and Myrrh are commonly used plants in Necromancy, and are used in making suffumigations, which If we think a bit makes a lot of sense being that  he  was considered  to have conjured spirits both for  divination and to  do his bidding.


     Prayers and Novenas to Saint Cyprian are not many, particularly in Catholicism, and some of them are folk written, hence in  Christian sense, non-canonic. Novenas are not shared because people would not make money selling You candles with Novenas printed on them.  If I was to share some novenas I have on my Saint Cyprian candles here, I would attract many angry suppliers, growling at me, and threatening me with all kind of stuff. And right now, I cannot deal with such shallow, twat-y people >.< 

     Instead I will provide here, a prayer translated into English ( by me ) , from Serbian Orthodox Church, which petitions St. Cyprian and Justina, asking humbly for  uncrossing and putting end to demonic oppression. I have used it myself and  find it extremely potent ( and swiftly acting ):

Philosopher and magus You have been until Your illumination, St. Cyprian. To a virgin, who’s beauty has fascinated a young men, three times You’ve sent fiends ( demons ), to ignite in her love towards the young men, but having failed and realizing the vanity and the void of your incantations, You’ve burnt all of Your books,  and by turning to Christ and receiving the Holy Baptism You have become  the bishop of  Antioch. Now, though, You rule and reside  with Christ in Paradise, priest-martyr*, together with Justina, the virgin that,  by receiving the Christ with all her heart,  tore up all the fascinations of evil spirits like cobwebs. Hear, (Oh) Saint Cyprian, priest-martyr, with holy virgin Justina, us who pray to  You ; deliver us from evil spells, being created  by the impure ones, to destroy** us. Free us from obfuscation with passions, from  the nets of lust  deliver us,  fence ( shield )*** us  from corruption of the evil people and chase away ( banish ) from us those who hate good, who please the Devil, so that we could in peace,  serenity, and humility, live the  rest of our lives, daily praising the Lord. Amen 

     As mentioned earlier, this prayer is  great in Uncrossing work , curse removal, removing love and lust spells with which can  be used in conjunction,  banishment of the demons, and putting end to  oppression caused by them and all sort   of evil spirits.   For a simple Uncrossing ritual, You can light two white candles on each side of icon that depicts St. Cyprian and Justina on Your altar,  dress them with Uncrossing or similar oil,  read the given prayer,  possibly combined with Psalms or prayers against evil.

Uncrossing wash with St.Cyprian and Justina

     Place a transparent dish with spring water, over the image of St.Cyprian and Justina, add about a teaspoon of Holy water  and some  blessed salt to it ( Uncrossing salts will do brilliantly in a pinch too ), and read the above it Psalm 37th and prayer to Saint Cyprian and Justina, and leave it covered over night. If You wish You may also add a spring or Hyssop, Basil or Rosemary to the water. Use  it as a magickal bath or floorwash to remove and reverse evil spells. If You feel so inclined other  Sacred words You could speak in  blessing of this wash include Psalm 3rd ( especially if the Crossing had caused mental problems and headaches ) and Psalm 53rd , which is very good from protection of those who do evil.

Spirituality mojo with St.Cyprian medal

     In folk tradition and Hoodoo, St Cyprian is well known and  often petitioned guide, and a Saint who can help attain and  hone magickal skills and abilities. Following mojo hand, will help in such works, as well as increase general spiritual awareness. In a purple mojo bag combine the following:

·         Saint Cyprian medallion, or praying card
      ·         Paper with Your name written in continuous spiral, and Your own personal concern wrapped in it
      ·         Solomon’s seal root (  which is a rhizome by the way )
      ·         Master root ( If you happen to lack it, substitute with Galangal root )
      ·         Cinnamon powder
      ·         Ginger rhizome
      ·         Five fingers grass  leaf

     Bless the mojo the standard way, and dress/feed with St. Cyprian oil, Power oil,  Spirit guide oil, Special oil #20,  or even Florida water.

     Carry first 9 days constantly with You and sleep with mojo ( some people do this with every mojo ) then carry  when needed.

     For increasing of spiritual power, and even getting spiritual lessons , You can perform honoring/invoking  rituals to St Cyprian [8]  and although that scrupulous-type pursue of magickal power, for the sake of power,  asking spirits to grant one an ability, is not my cup of tea, there are good rituals to rather help one develop occult skills gradually and in favorable, non-abrupt  way.
I do hope this information  and the ideas for  working with Saint  Cyprian I presented here, composed for my personal practices, can serve You and maybe even inspire You to work with St.Cyprian and Justine. Thank You for reading, and many Blessings  Shadow :)

NOTES: This article had been  written and  composed by myself, therefore if You wish to use any part of it elsewhere online , feel free but do add credits; Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com    or a direct link to this  post.

Explanations in regards of words marked with asterisk  in the text

* priest-martyr was my best attempt to translate Serbian word “sveshtenomuchenik” which seems to be some sort of theology term, coved by  simply merging words priest and martyr

** The original word used was “execute” , yet I decided  that somehow more appropriate for English translation would be “destroy”

***words given in brackets   are alternative translations, use whichever You feel is more suiting and “correct” , whichever You feel  resonates more with Your   perspective
[1] according to  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antioch,_Pisidia
[2] according to http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/04583a.htm  , while Orthodox sources commonly say he’s parents and  previously, the Saint himself, worshiped Apollo  and  other deities of Greek pantheon
[3] as under [2]
[4] Parents names of St Justina, and the young men, as well as certain details ( St. Justina hearing the deacons preaching and others ) , as found on : http://orthodoxinfo.com/death/cyprian_justina.aspx  , cross-referenced with  information provided on Catholic Encyclopedia,  http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/04583a.htm  as under [2]
[5] As stated here: http://www.luckymojo.com/saintcyprian.html
[6] As suggested by Sir Ray.  T Malbrough in his book “Hoodoo Mysteries: Folk magic, mysticism and rituals” 7th page,  Llewellyn worldwide publishing
[7] According to  writings of Judika Illes , mentioned in few   of her works
[8] Example of a  very nice ritual of such, for working  with St Cyprian and build a relation with him is   given here: http://ravenconjure.blogspot.com/2010/08/saint-cyprian-calling-upon-patron-of.html

IMAGE CREDITS: First image is embedded from: http://kishkurno.com/html/iconpainting_en.html , and is used for illustrative and explanatory purposes, without any ill will. Second image depicting "Temptations of St. Justina" is from: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-RSb88-CbrN0/ToFpqjiGRBI/AAAAAAAACE0/2uThbHvAJso/s1600/Peirasmoi-ag-Ioustinis-strog-2010.png , for illustrative and explanatory purposes, without any ill intentions, edited  for posting here by myself, Image of Beth root is from http://www.alchemy-works.com/Resources/small_trillium.JPG used here for illustrative and educational purposes only, without any ill will

Jun 15, 2013

Time of power, Pentacost Sunday and The Holy day of Voodoo

Ahead of  us are two magnificent holidays, particularly for Christian practitioners. The power of Sun and Solar magick is at it’s peek in this particular period, and on the Northern hemisphere , currently, the Moon is crescent as well ( read; waxing ) making this an ideal period to power up, heal, ensure success in Your endeavors,  increase Your   fortune and any other  sun-correspondent  operation. These are the  times of such overwhelming Solar power, than Cancers may start experiencing fatigue, and start feeling warn out due to all that fiery energy.  And also, these are   chances to be seized and grabbed, for spiritual people and  practitioners of magick, for that extra “oomph” in their  workings, and a nearly-guarantee of success.

Sunday of Trinity, or Pentecost Sunday ( in Orthodox Christianity )

Sunday of Trinity, Pentecost Sunday, Feast of The Holy Trinity, Trinity day, Descent of The Holy
Artistic depiction of Holy Trinity,
"Holy Trinity" by Hendrick Van Balen
Spirit, all  refer to Christian holiday,  celebrating the Holy Trinity and commemorating the  gifts received by disciples from Holy Spirits.

On the fiftieth day after  Resurrection of the Lord Christ ( according to Orthodox Christian  doctrine ) , disciples were praying, along with many other faitful people, as instructed by Lord Christ Himself, when a miracle occurred.  Holy Spirit, in a form of miraculous flame came down from heaven, with a rushing wind sound, and split in form of “cloven tongues” each of which had touched one of the disciples.  As a result of this wondrous event, disciples had instantaneously  gained abilities to speak in languages they have never previously spoken, as well as to heal , and perform miracles.  The Hebrew visitors of Jerusalem,  present at the time,  hurried to see what was what took place there, and to investigate the noises. And ,  they were bewildered and astonished  indeed, for they heard   the disciples speaking in their own languages, preaching about Lord’s sacrifice and his  righteous place at G’d’s right side. Most were amazed, yet few mocked, stating how the disciples had a bit too much of the vine, but Peter addressed to them, and carefully explained them  how Lord  Christ was ascended into Heaven, as  prophet David had foresaw, long time ago. Inspired and touched, the Hebrews asked what are they to do and  St. Peter instructed them :

 “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39 The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call.” [1]

And they indeed got baptized.

This  holiday reminds us of the  of one of the core  beliefs and teachings of Christianity,  that of tree personas of one Single Essence, God Father, God Son, and God Holy Spirit, that are One, and worshiped as Christian G’d , who is not some impersonate force.  

In Orthodox Christian Church, the image of Three Angles that appeared to Abraham is set at the Centre of the Church, Church is adorned with flowers and grass, and often green vestment and coverings are often used.  All this to symbolize the breath of G’d enlivening the nature, and bringing prosperity and abundance.

Another beautiful part of tradition, I myself love to take participation in, each year, are the Kneeling Vespers , when in addition to Vespers the “three sets of long poetical prayers” by St. Basil the  Great [2] are read, as the faitful kneel in prostration , touching the floor with their foreheads.  Additionally, where I am it is customary to bring some fresh plants to the Kneeling Vespers and wreath a garland, a ring with it, sometimes with a Cross in the middle. These “amulets” are after the service taken home, and hung in houses , usually near the icons to ensure protection, prosperity and health  throughout the years. Those made last year are burnt, or buried in the garden.

This holiday is in Orthodox Church celebrated also on the two consecutive days, Monday , being called “Monday of the Holy Spirit”, and the Tuesday being called “Third day of the Trinity”.   Monday is believed to be idal time to begin with some task, business , practice , for it will  ensure it’s proficiency, productiveness and success. On the Third day of the Trinity ( Tuesday ) it’s good to do things we love doing, and also for philanthropic acts and alms giving and alike.

Ritual for Sunday Trinity

Technically speaking, as a Christian, I’d abstain from casting spells on “large” Christian holidays , but a ritual, like I am suggesting, seeking guidance and strengthening spiritual awareness, should not be seen as blasphemous

Set one purple and two white candles so they form a Triangle. Dress the candles with “Holy spirit oil” ( I love the New Orleans style formula  ) or If You can not get that one substitute with “Master key oil” or “King Solomon’s wisdom oil” . In the centre of the triangle place a vessel with Spring water. Light the candles, first the white ones than  the purple one and read the following texts and prayers:

"To one is given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom and to another the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophesy, to another the ability to distinguish between spirits, to another various kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. All these are inspired by one and the same Spirit, who apportions to each one individually as he wills" (vs. 8-11).  [3]

Then the following prayer by St. Alphonsus Liguori:

Holy Spirit, divine Consoler, I adore You as my true God, with God the Father and God the Son. I adore You and unite myself to the adoration You receive from the angels and saints.

I give You my heart and I offer my ardent thanksgiving for all the grace which You never cease to bestow on me.

O Giver of all supernatural gifts, who filled the soul of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, with such immense favors, I beg You to visit me with Your grace and Your love and to grant me the gift of holy fear, so that it may act on me as a check to prevent me from falling back into my past sins, for which I beg pardon.

Grant me the gift of piety, so that I may serve You for the future with increased fervor, follow with more promptness Your holy inspirations, and observe your divine precepts with greater fidelity.

Grant me the gift of knowledge, so that I may know the things of God and, enlightened by Your holy teaching, may walk, without deviation, in the path of eternal salvation.

Grant me the gift of fortitude, so that I may overcome courageously all the assaults of the devil, and all the dangers of this world which threaten the salvation of my soul.

Grant me the gift of counsel, so that I may choose what is more conducive to my spiritual advancement and may discover the wiles and snares of the tempter.

Grant me the gift of understanding, so that I may apprehend the divine mysteries and by contemplation of heavenly things detach my thoughts and affections from the vain things of this miserable world.

Grant me the gift of wisdom, so that I may rightly direct all my actions, referring them to God as my last end; so that, having loved Him and served Him in this life, I may have the happiness of possessing Him eternally in the next. Amen. [4]

Then finish up by reading Psalm 23rd

Have a sip of the Water, Sprinkle some on Your bed, sheets and pillow, and pour the rest over Your head. Using “Holy Spirit oil” ( or Master key oil, or King Solomon wisdom oil, If You lack Holy spirit oil ) draw a cross on Your forehead.  It is done.

Midsummer, St John the Baptist and Holy day of Voodoo

The Nativity of St John, which coincides  with the third day of Midsummer , or Sumer Solstice  celebrations , 24th of June,  is a holiday that commemorates birth of St John the Baptist, or also St John the Forerunner, as called in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. He was born from his elderly mother Elizabeth and his father Zechariah,  both who had been beyond the age of child-bearing at give point.  During one of the services in Holy Place ( putting up the incense on Gold Altar ) Archangel Gabriel appeared  to the Zechariah, and announced to him the upcoming birth of his son, as well as told him that he is to name the child John.  Zechariah initial disbelief and doubts about the Angelic revelation, rendered him speechless, up until the 8th day after his son was born, when he was asked about the child’s name, and he wrote “John” , which resulted in return of his speaking faculties.   King Herod sent his men to kill the son of Zechariah, but Elizabeth seeing them, fled and hid him, which enraged the Herod greatly, so he ordered for the Zechariah to be slaughtered in front of his temple. It is said that the blood Zechariah shed, had  instantaneously firmed like it was a stone, and could nevermore be washed, reminding people of his murder.

Archangel  Gabriel also informed Elizabeth that shill will give birth to a son,  and Mother Mary ( Elizabeth was her cousin  ) went to see her.

St John foretold the coming of Christ, as well as prophesized  how he will be Messiah, and baptized the Lord on river Jordan.   I have written of StJohn’s  holiday and role in folk magick before , but on this occasion I’d love to pay some attention to  his feast day, which is in Louisiana, and throughout southern part of the States, celebrated as Holy day of Voodoo, by those into this spiritual path.

The actual Saint has little to do with rituals themselves though, they are in New Orleans traditionally done ( on his Feast day ) on the Bayou St. John, which is believed to have been practiced that way ever since Mamzelle  Levaux ( Marie Levaux , Voodoo Queen   ) had started initiating people there on this night.  
Bayou St. John in New  Orleans, where "the magick happens"
 So technically on the 23rd  June eve, in New Orleans, the head-washing ( lave tet )  initiatory ceremonies are held, as well as ceremonies of honoring Loa Marie Leveaux ; all appropriated with drum music, dances, lighting candles on Mamzelle’s  altar , and leaving offerings in form of head ribbons, gris gris of all kind, Catholic Saint medallions or Catholic food.  People that wish to get initiated, must come dressed in new white clothes, and bring good will and offering to Marie Leveaux. [5]

This day is however in the world on Voodoo considered to be extremely powerful, and that all 
People  singing ritual songs on the Holy Day of Voodoo, at
St. John's Bayou,  from 2011th
the conjure and work done on that day are even more empowered by energies of the day, and spirits who are  generality in a good mood and willing  to help on this holiday.   Many  light to honor and work with Loa Ogun on this day, probably because he is syncretized with St. John the Baptist in New Orleans Voodoo.

It is also a very good day for communing with Loa spirits, and asking for their guidance and help. In fact Loa will often reach out to practitioners themselves on this eve.   The first time I ever got to know about “The holy day of Voodoo” was few years ago, and by accident. Somewhere around the sunset I felt an  sudden and extremely strong  sensation of fatigue, and could not help myself but lay down for a nap, which  I hardly ever do, once in a blue moon, or less.  As I fell asleep, I had vivid dreams about swamps, canals, snakes, alligators, and a black lady whit a white headscarf, who made me company as we drove in a chariot that went insanely fast. She spoke to me about things, and showed me thing. No need for details here, it’s not of essence. Anyhow, as soon as I woke up, I went online to talk to some friends who were into Conjure and NO Voodoo , and they told me how this is perfectly normal thing to happen on “Holy day of Voodoo”  , and that is when I first heard of it.

If You can not get to New Orleans  , to attend the rituals at Bayou St.John You can take a bath or do dedication ritual to Mamzelle Leveaux, in the comfort of Your home, and there is a wonderful ritual suggested on examiner page on Voodoo, by D.A.

Another practice is collecting the river water in bottle that  is used to keep away the bill collectors, and pestiferous people out, according to testimonies of person from Algiers ,  given in “Hoodoo-Conjuration-Witchraft-Rootwork” which is famous Hoodoo collection of contributions and testemones about folk magick by Henry  Middleton Hyatt .

Here is the description of the rather simple gathering process, and it’s applications, for Your convenience :

St.John the Baptist water

St John the Baptist water is the water which is ritually collected from the  body of river on 24th of June, followed with speaking prayers, as You collect the water. It is then taken home, securely closed and kept in home at all times, pointing to the entrance doors to repel law enforcers, landlords, and all sort of pestiferous peoples and enemies. 

Miss Alvarado, at her examiner page, suggest following use of St. John the Baptist bottled water :

“Lay the bottle on its side with the head of the bottle pointing out of the door. When the law, your landlord or any undesirable person comes, call out to St. John and Marie Laveau and ask them to help you keep the undesirables away. While doing that, take that bottle full of St. John the Baptist water and roll it with your foot to the front door. If they come to your door, when they leave roll the bottle with your foot back to its position with the mouth of the bottle pointing out the front door. This bottle of water is to be kept from year to year and never emptied out.” [6]

Incense for Holy day of Voodoo

Use the following incense to fumigate Your altar, house, Yourself and bed, to draw positive spirits on this day. Combine:

·         Star Anise seeds
      ·         Sandalwood
      ·         Frankincense
      ·         Myrrh
      ·         Lavender

Burn the mixture in Your censer, on charcoals.

There, hopefully this article gave You few ideas on how to take   advantage of the powerful energies of these holy days .
Many Blessings, Shadow J
NOTES:  This article was written and composed by myself, so If You wish to use any part of it  elsewhere online feel free but add credits: Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com , or , a direct link to this post
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