Feb 27, 2014

The power of Mercury

The Fourth pentacle of  Mercury , from "The Great
key of King Solomon" reputed to :
"acquire the understanding and Knowledge
of all things created, and to seek
out and penetrate into hidden things;
 and to command those Spirits which
 are called Allatori to perform embassies." 

As I am writing this article Mercury is in retrograde.  I don’t mark the times when Mercury is in
 retrograde on my calendar, and this is a mistake. Because I am pretty certain it has nothing to do with autosuggestion, even though the actual “backwards walk” of the planet is illusory.  My mind gets all over the place, and feels like after some accident that leaves one   dazzled and hazy, and they can’t seem to pull themselves together and use properl y  their own mental faculties.  And don’t let me even get started on the “mishaps” of my technical goodies.  It was only a day ago that I started having Mercury continuously on my mind, so I decided it must be because I need to dedicate it a post on my blog. Looking up, I’ve found that for my troubles in communications, I can blame Mercury.  This is an example of how You really do not need to know about  Mercury being in retrograde to feel it’s obnoxious effects on Your life.
But this article is about working with planetary energies of Mercury in magick, rather than it’s “noxious” backwards walk.

The smallest of the eight planets that revolve around Sun ( nine if we count Moon, which is a satellite, not  actually a planet ) and the closest to it  at the same time is the Mercury.   It also revolves rather rapidly around it, hence perhaps the associations of the planet with spirit-messengers of pagan deities, like  the Roman Mercury or his Greek “version” Hermes.   A correspondent Egyptian deity, would be Thoth, Egyptian god of knowledge, writing and magick.

Mercurial operations and works

Mercury’s day is Wednesday, hence it’s most preferable time for any spiritual operations ( spells , rituals etc. ) that have to do with wisdom, communication, words, science, invention, logic, divination and magick. Mercury rules over various aspects, ideas, objects in/of reality, among other: Cleverness, Speech and Orator skills, dexterity,  Speed, Agility, Musical art, Perception, Intellectual energy, memory, speech, mental  health,  Education, Mastering school subjects, or other subjects of intense study, Travel, Transportation, Education, Judgment,  Math,  Astronomy, Divination, Revealing and concealing ( of spirits in particular ) , traveling,  transportation, competition, games  and alike. [1]

It’s always also advisable to perform “Mercurial” operations during hours of Mercury, which are calculated the standard way, as any other planetary hours. Consecration of various tools and items in Higher magick ( like Wand for example, books, some talismans too and so on   ) must  take place on Mercury’s day.  Here is what the Key ( Greater Key of King Solomon, Clavicula Solomonis ) says about what kind of magickal rituals and spells should be done in “Day and hours of Mercury”

“For  eloquence and intelligence; promptitude in business; science and divination; wonders; the visible appearance of spirits ( or mystical illusions* ) and answers regarding the future. Also for thefts; writings; deceit; and merchandise.  Good for undertaking experiments relating to games, raillery, jests, sports, and the like” [2]

Correspondences for the planet Mercury

Like  other planets, Mercury has it’s intelligence forces, sprits, Angel that rules over it,  correspondent numbers, plants, minerals and so on.  Here are some correspondences, which can be used in composing, and performing Mercurial spells and rituals:

·         Number(s): 8, 64, 260, 2080

·         Element : Air

·         Archangel: Raphael

·         Plants: Almond, Anise, Bergamot, Cedar and  Chamomile**, Clover , Dill, Eclampane, Horehound, Lemon Verbena,  Lemongrass***, Lavender, Lilly of the Valley, Five Finger’s grass, Lavender, Mace/Nutmeg,  Slippery Elm****, Mint, Parsley,

·         Crystals:  Angel wing Agate, Blood Agate, Fire Agate ( and most of other Agate variations, except Botswana  and Rose-Eye which is “co-ruled” by Venus ), Aventurine, Jasper ( Mottled ), Mica, Pumice, Sardonyx ( “co-ruled” by Mars ), Sphene  [3] Some sources also add Citrine

·         Kabalistic Three of Life sphere: Hod

·         Metal: Mercury ( toxic ) , safe replacement used in modern magick is Aluminium, sometimes also Zinc is mentioned

·         Olympic spirit ( ruler ) : Ophiel

·         “Intelligence” : Tiriel

·         Color(s): Purple and yellow, sometimes also orange

Importance in Alchemy

In Alchemy, Mercury or “Quicksilver” ( metal rather than planet itself ) was important and integral
"Mercury and Sulphur unite to form
Philosopher's stone"
part of every stage of creation of the “Philosopher’s stone” ( Ars Magna ) . It was also considered to be solvent, and  thus also an agent of purification, that could’ve been extracted  from any metal, enabling, or helping the transmutation of given metal into  silver or gold. Liquid, but fixed on the room temperature it represented duality of masculine and feminine, united, and was therefore, in alchemy often symbolized with a Hermaphrodite. It’s also seen as a symbol for “prima materia” along with Sulphur and Salt, making together “tria prima” building blocks of the world . [4]

Spells, rituals and charms

Spell to expose a liar

This is, sort of a very coercive truth spell. A bit nasty,  but sometimes things like that, simply must be done.

You will need an image candle of the right gender, Mercury kamea, a Hebrew  talismanic inscription ( from right to left, of course: Mem, Mem, Vav, Mem, Lamed, Nun ), some “Truth oil” or “Command and Compel” oil, a small razor or needle ( this is optional ) and a bit of powdered Deer’s tongue. 

On the day, and in the hour of Mercury, place the candle atop the kamea ( planetary square of Mercury ), and carve into  the candle Hebrew talismanic inscription as given bellow, If possible, multiple times. Now dress the candle with the oil, which You can do swirling it or twisting it between both of Your palms, and then roll it in ( or sprinkle with )  some Deer’s tongue powder. Finally light the candle and read the Psalm 36th, and You may also want to  read the Psalms 41st and 43rd If Your own personal reputation has been destroyed due to lies or schemes of person in question. 

Then, You stick the razor piece ( You can also use aluminium tiles pieces,  or sharp piece of tin ) or a needle where the image-candle’s mouths should be as You say:

“May Your true nature be revealed, may Your lies be exposed, may You be ashamed, and Your true nature revealed. And may You be unable to resist this charm, until You’ve spill all the venom and lies out, and until all or Your masks have fallen. In the Name of El Emet, in the Name of El Tsaddik, in The Name of El De’ot, in the Name of Him who knows, and sees everything, may You have no peace, neither when awake nor while asleep, until You reveal all  Your lies and deceptions in regards of N.N/Me. So mote it be. Amen !”

( this  last step , including symbolically “cutting open” the mouths of the person through  the sympathetic act of cutting the candle’s mouth region ,is optional, and If You chose to skip it, You do not need  to speak  suggested words of power either )

Let the candle burn all the way down, and If You can place the remaining either in the  yard where the person lives and will walk over it ( You can bury the remaining of the wax, paper etc. ) , or in a room where they will be, it will greatly haste  and strengthen the effect of the ritual.

Spell against Mercury the Retrograde

When the noxious Mercury retrograde is pestering us, what we can do, Is focus and draw it’s positive aspects and energies, to harmonize, balance, heal and protect from, his chaotic influence, and consequences of it.

A dear friend once suggested this to me, seeing how great tool would Mercury take on my mental wellbeing during it’s “backward-walks” few stones I could use and from this I’ve developed this spell for Your convenience

And it’s rather simple, really.

1)      Place a purple candle on our altar, dress it with Mercury oil ( You can also use King Solomon, "Conquering mind oil",  or any type of wisdom oil )

2)      Surround it with following crystals ( one of each is all that it takes ) ; Hematite,  Carnelian, Moonstone, Amethyst, and Green aventurine

3)      Light the candle and say:  “Mentis meum arx est, vice versa Mercurius, nec fraudes, nec noxas dabit. Lux and Lapides, mihi salvabunt.” ( translation: My mind is a fortress, backwards Mercury, shall cause no deceit, nor damage. The light and stones shall save me )

4)      When the candle has burned all the way down, and extinguished itself, take the stones, place them in a mojo bag, and carry with You as long as Mercury stays in retrograde.

Charm to do well with particular school subject

On a day and in hour Make a square sachet , which will have Mercury camea at it’s front side. On the back side inscribe the following Bible  verse:

Ezekiel 3:3 ( NIV ) : "Then he said to me, “Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you and fill your stomach with it.” So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth."  [5]

And the following Hebrew inscription ( again, Hebrew always from right to left ): Zayin, Bet, Lamed, Ayin, Alef , Yod [6]

Fill up the sachet with  any   of these, or some or all combined, finely crushed or powdered dry herbs: Peach tree leaf, Verbena, Mint, Sage.   Add a piece of Your hair, or nail clipping, or any kind of personal concern.

Dress the four corners and the center with “Wisdom oil”, “Solomon’s seal root oil”, “King Solomon’s wisdom oil”, “Pass test/exam oil  or “Mercury oil”

Read Psalms 23rd and 111th over it. Carry and hold when  learning the subject or taking exams.
NOTES:  This article was  written and composed by  myself,  so If You wish to use any part of it elsewhere online, feel free, but add credits Shadow of Shadow's magick place,   Shadow-333@hotmail.com  or a direct link to this post
*Original word used in “The Greater Key of Solomon” was “apparitions”, in quotation above ( for source see under [2] ) Aaron Leitch, used  the given
**Cedar and Chamomile are often seen as being ruled by two planets, Sun and Mercury
*** Most people list Lemongrass under  “Mercury plants” ( for example Gerina Dunwich ), however, a great deal of serious practitioners lists it as being under the influence of both Moon and Mercury
****Most often, Slippery elm is said to be ruled by both Mercury and Saturn
[1] According to H.C. Agrippa’s  “Three Books of Occult philosophy”, Book first, Chapter 29, here paraphrased and expanded a bit
[2] Quoted from: “Secrets of the magickal grimoires: the classical texts of magick deciphered” , By Aaron Leitch, Llewellyn publications, 2011th,   page 165th, the given quotation is author’s own “re-formation” of the text given it the “Clavicula Solomonis”
[3] According to “Dunwich’s guide to gemstone sorcery” by Gerina Dunwich, The Career Press, 2003rd , “Cunninghams’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic” also enlists:  Agate, Aventurine, Jasper Molted, Mica and Pumice under Mercury as their planetary ruler
[4] According to Rosemary Ellen Guiley, as stated in her book: “The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy” , page 193rd
[6] The given Hebrew talismanic inscription  provides an “aid in study” and is made transliterating the first letters in each word of the Psalm 119 verse 49, and is suggested as such in :  MakingTalismans: Living Entities of Power   By Nick Farell,   Llewellyn publications, 2001st  , 58th  page. The Hebrew talismanic inscription used in the Ritual to expose a liar, in this post, also came from the given book

IMAGE CREDITS: First image is retrieved from "Clavicula Solomonis" edited digitally for posting here by myself.
Second image is from http://karenswhimsy.com/alchemy-symbols.shtm  it's used here for illustrative and explanatory purposes without ill will. The image is in public domain.
The Hebrew inscription illustration was made by myself

Mimosa use in herbal magick

Mimosa is any of the plants of genus Mimosa ( around 400 species ) , varying in ecological form from herbaceous, over shrubs  to trees, the last form though being most frequent one.
Acacia delbata, blossoming branch

It had often ( likely due to it’s leaves and leaflets from ) been confused with other genus such as Acacia, and Albizia.  

Mimosas have  leaves divided in pinnate or bipinnate leaflets, much like in the case of fern. The flowers range in color, though  they are most often , pink or pale violet or combined. Flowers are arranged into globular clusters, which are often mistaken for the whole , single flower, much like people do when it comes to common Daisy, or Dandelions, from Asteraceae family, or with Clovers from Fabaceae family etc. Mimosas have 10 or less  stamens, which is important, because it can be used  as taxonomic marker to differentiate  them from similar Acacias and Albizia plants.  Some Mimosas are widely known as plants which are capable of making fast, nastic movements, such as the popular example of Mimosa pudica, which reacts to mechanical or heat stimulus , by folding it’s leafs, as If retreating or shaming. Hence why in Hoodoo, Mimosa pudica is often referred to as “Shame brier” and is used in ritual to make someone feel the shame.  Mimosa nuttalii , is sometimes referred to as “Shame boy”, and is a herbaceous or vine plant, with small purple flowers, with 5 very small petals, and 8-10 stamens, with a prickly pod fruit. It’s been used interchangeably in Hoodoo with Mimosa pudica, due to same  ability of  rapid nastic movements.

Mimosas are part of Fabaceae family now, and are often placed in Mimosideae subfamily. Most contain  some amount of hepatonic acid , which is not toxic, more so in minute amounts that Mimosa plants contain ( it’s a chemical that can be obtained from it’s precursor, ricinoleic acid, from castor bean oil, and is used in esterification of various substances used as  fragrances or additives ), but some like Mimosa tenuiflora, contain psychedelic dimethyltriptamine ( the “notorious” DMT, also known as “spirit molecule” ) and is hence used in some shamanic brews, like Ayahuasca. [1]

Use in magick

In magick Mimosa is a plant correspondent to the planet Saturn and Element of water. It’s considered a “feminine” plant [2]

People use both the actual Mimosas, which are more often herbaceous plants than trees, and what they refer to as “Yellow Mimosa” sometimes, which is actually Acacia delbata. In cases where the ability of rapid movements in magick is not required, these species seem to be used interchangeably.

It’s used in purification spells and rituals, mostly when sprinkled around the area, powdered or chopped even. The infusion can be used in similar manner, like a floorwash, but is most often used in form of bath, to annul hexes and curses, while also  providing protection from them.

It is said to confer prophetic dreams when placed bellow pillow, also protecting from nightmares and helping pleasant dreams come true, If one desires it.

Mimosa is added to all sort of love mixtures, as a touch of subtitle dominance, particularly by women. It’s has some influence and domination properties, and is thus  sometimes used in influence and control  and commanding formulas. [3] In fact  due to it’s Saturn-ian nature and power to confront, fight and deny power to evil, it can be used in formulas to protect from demons, help controlling them and decrease the powers they may use against one.

Connecting with the Mimosa tree energies, according to Cass Eason’s can help in: “Removes a sense of isolation, especially for older people; calms anxiety; relieves depression, gastric problems, cuts, and wounds, also nightmares” [4] Find out more, what are the ways of connecting and healing with tree energies more in her article “Healing trees. Cass Eason gives binomial name “Acacia delbata”, hence she’s referring  to the tree, with fragrant yellow flowers.  Givenchy, has a perfume “Amarige – Mimosa harvest 2009” which uses the flowers as one of the dominant scents.

In Hoodoo Mimosa, or rather the  Shame brier species ( interchangeably few other Mimosas with
Mimosa nutalii, so called "Shame boy"
the ability of rapid nastic movement, such as   Mimosa nutalii and few others  )  is used to "(a)shame someone"  and  prevent them from harming You in future , get hired and have  success at job interviews, or get a lawsuit against You  dropped or to win it. Regardless of the aim, Mimosa has to be collected ritually, and “activated” by passing hand over it’s leaves ( often specific amount of times ) so that it will roll back it’s leaflets, and saying: “Be ashamed” .  Then it’s ready to be used ritually.

Acacia delbata flowers, are used in Hoodoo formulas such as “Master key” and “African Ju Ju”.  It’s commonly the fragrant yellow flowers  that are being used

Festival of Mimosa

In a country from which I am coming from , there is a festival dedicated to Mimosa ( Acacia delbata ), lasting a whole month, or rather the  whole February. The “Mimosa Festival” has been appropriated every year,  ever since 1969th , and is a  type of carnival-like celebrations, including old traditional songs and music,  traditional Mediterranean cuisine, costume balls, parades , musical and other kind of artistic performances and so on. All of which, heavily referencing the Mimosa flowers theme,  and most often Mimosa flowers are actually, physically present during these activities, as a part of d├ęcor, of to be given away to visitors and participants. About the symbolism, and origins of this festivity, which is quite reminiscent of those, now mostly extinguished, local cults of plant worship, once very common throughout the Europe, locals can’t say much. In fact, Mimosa seems to spawn all sorts of subjective, personal  associations, which may differ from person to person. But one thing people here commonly agree  on, when it comes to symbolism of Mimosa, is  that it  symbolizes strength and power, to endure and succeed in something  , even when the terms of environment are unfriendly , opposing or harsh. In such manner that Mimosa blooms when most of the Europe is still covered in snow. In fact,    the seaside towns  that celebrate this festival, have pretty much pleasant microclimate during February, but just a few ( 2-4h ) hours of driving to the northern parts of the country, and You’ll meet the typical winter sceneries, with white, snow covered areas, smoking chimneys, people dressed up like they live on Alaska J,  ski-centers, winter spa centers, pine forests etc.  While all that is nice, in its own way, it’s at the same time monochromatic and quite absent of  vegetation, if we exclude  the aforementioned, enduring, frost and snow tolerant pines. Yet on the south, there is an explosion of yellow, fragrant flowers everywhere You go. Another thing people will often associate with Mimosa flowers here is happiness. I’ll tell You, ever since I was a little kid, I would wait the end of January with extreme anticipation, because then, I’d get the chance to enjoy these  amazing flowers, which were always there in February, much like the Festival. Regardless of who was the president, was the country doing well economically and politically, was the country threatened in some way, the Mimosa festival , and Mimosa flowers called the  people to unite, find the hope and celebrate the end of Winter.  You can read a bit about it  on here

 Spells and ritual suggestions

Triple Saturn charm and incense

In a small, purple or indigo charm bag, combine:

·         Solomon seal root
      ·         Mimosa flowers and
      ·         Mullein leaves

Use to protect from evil magick, and negate it’s power, as well as to ensure that You will not be fascinated or influenced by demons. It’s very good to fight and resist demonic oppression, and chase away the demons. It will also help You influence and dominate people.

Incense is used likewise, it can be also used to control demons and force them to do Your biddings, or command them to behave accordingly with Your desires. It makes a good “Higher magick” incense.

Shielded prophetic dreams mojo

In  a  blue or indigo mojo  bag, place some Mimosa flowers, Calendula flowers, and one seed of Star Anise.  Dress with “Power oil” if You wish ( optional ) and place under pillow, for prophetic dreams, and protection during sleep.  If You wish to make a mojo bag which You can use repeatedly, whenever needing prophetic dreams, and to carry on Your person for this purpose, hence a more of an actual, traditional mojo bag, You may add Bay Laurel leaf, and the Fifth pentacle of Jupiter drawn on parchment paper, from the Greater key of Solomon.  Likewise,  dress ( and thus “feed” ) occasionally with “Power oil”, or “Psychic vision oil”.  When I made this one for myself I used to dress it with “Spirit guide oil” for it can be used to protect and guide, while also having most of ingredients that go to the “Psychic vision oil” as well. 

Simple  bath to undo and stop the evil ( “black” ) magick

As Scott Cunningham suggested in his “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of magical herbs”, plain, one ingredient infusion of Mimosa flowers, used as a bath, which can be poured over , or even sponged onto the body will serve to remove hexes and curses and protect from  them in future.

Simply add a handful of flowers ( or a bundle of branches with flowers ) to the  ½ liter ( about 16.5 fl oz ) of  boiling water, let it cook for 3 minutes while  stirring gently,  remove, cover and let it sit for about ½ - 1 h, pray Psalms 10th and 89th over the infusion, strain and use.

Scent of respect , for women

Make a strong infusion of the Mimosa flowers with the spring water, or distilled water, and strain well, using philter paper.  Strain twice.

In a half of the teaspoon of Castor oil, add 15 drops of Vanilla absolute essential oil, and 10 drops of Rosemary essential oil. Add this to 20ml of apothecary alcohol or vodka and shake well. Add about 7 – 10 ml of the infusion of Mimosa, You’ve previously made, shake well once again, and place in a glass, clean  bottle to which You have added a small piece of Angelica root. Place this in refrigerator for couple of months If possible prior to use, so the aroma would become very fixed and stable. Use as perfume, when You need others to respect You, when You wish to influence  them, and make them agree with You.

NOTES: This article was composed and written by myself, so If You wish to use any parts of it elsewhere online, feel free, but add credits  Shadow of Shadow's magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post
[2] Cunningham Scott, “ Cunningham’s Encylopedia of magical herbs”  2009th,  page 173rd , Llewellyn publications
[3] According to: http://www.pookapages.com/Gruenwold/Magical%20Herbs.htm  , makes perfect sense, considering the planetary ruler of the plan
Images used in this post are from ( in order of appearance ):  http://www.fragrantica.com/news/Acacia-Yellow-Mimosa--2044.html ,   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SensitivePlantFlowers.jpg  and http://kontaktradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/mimoza-hn.jpg used here for  illustrative and explanatory purposes without any ill will

Feb 1, 2014

Spells and rituals for good luck

Magickal good luck

In terms of magick and occult, good luck, that so ferociously longed quality, in not  some kind of elite privilege   that chooses to align itself with some random people. In fact, like many things in life, it’s a matter of knowing how to, and working to provide, sustain and amplify this quality.

What more, in magick luck can be created, or generated, drawn, or even repelled, wasted or banished. Hoodoo, is by far, the most abundant magickal system concerning  methods  of dealing with luck, magickally. In essence though, there are three methods universal in all magick  to improve one’s luck:

·         Drawing, attracting good luck
      ·         Banishing bad luck
      ·         Transforming bad luck into good luck

Many people online keep complaining how their “good luck spells” fail, or are too difficult to make work. Let me tell You, that 99% of these people ( if not more ) are simply wannabe casters, or people who have not proper understanding and concept of magickal knowledge. These people often fail to understand the ominous nature of luck, as a process or occurrence,  and fail to understand the way it works. When they ask me, or mail  me with questions about such, I direct them to that wonderful Tarot card “The wheel of Fortune”,  and it’s cyclic, though quite unpredictable nature, akin to that of a rulet or lottery wheels.  Good luck spells give You power to affect this wheel in Your favor, to be on the right place in the right time, get the right cards or numbers. So what is essential to understand prior to attempting any good luck magick is:

·         Good luck spells increase Your chances in attaining Your  goals, vastly, but they do not conjure something out of the thin air. Casting good luck spell to help You obtain a new car and that sitting on one spot waiting for cars to somehow appear, is excuse my bluntness, plain act of idiotism.
·         So after casting a good luck spell, be vigilant of opportunities and omens, as they appear, and they  shall, If You have done things properly, and will be best suited for You and Your abilities and nature.  That does not however mean that You should somehow “test” Your luck spells and keep thinking of it, and counting days, minutes and seconds until it takes effect, or thinking about how exactly it will take effect. Tradition has said, and the experience has confirmed that this kind of behavior  effectually “kills” most of the spells, but good luck and success spells and rituals in particular.
·         Sometimes luck drawing must be preceded by banishment of bad luck, uncrossing or removing blocked condition ( road opening ) which would in such case, be the reason for the lack of good luck in Your life. In such case luck drawing rituals give very temporary and rather minute effects, If any at all

·         And perhaps most important, realize that luck is not something distant, which You do not deserve or is next to impossible to attain. It’s all around and You have right to it as much as any other person or even object in this universe. It’s rightfully Yours, it’s not unethical to claim, and it’s not an elite quality of the privileged few. I hate to agree with that utterly reductive book “Secret” but, perceiving  luck in opposite fashion, will fence it off from Your life.

·         Luck  that You draw is neither intangible nor eternal. Which means You cannot cast one single good luck spell, or perform one single ritual and expect to be secured with infinite amount of it for a lifetime. Allegory of garden illustrates this concept decently; it needs work and maintenance, more or less regularly. If this appears to You as common knowledge obsolete of mention, You would be surprised how many ( !!! ) people fail to understand this.

Now, having understood those simple principles, the knowledge and work are  the only things You need to employ to  become lucky. And here are some tips and advices for You:


Luck spells are most proficiently done in days and hours of Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Moon ( pretty much in that order ) or on auspicious holidays, such as New Year, during Spring  and Spring holidays such as Imbolc , Ostara and Beltaine  . Full Moon nights are traditionally associated with wishing and good luck, as well as enhanced magickal rituals, and are thus also good choice  for good luck ( spiritual ) work.

Materia magicka

Lucky curious and materials vary from universal lucky symbols, such as horseshoe, or four leaf clover to anything someone considers lucky, even though the latter is rather a fetish, than a charm.  Botanicals are many, for example, Cinnamon, which brings luck in a hurry, Vanilla, Dragon blood chunks which are lucky to carry on oneself, Vertivert roots which  not only bring good luck, but remove bad luck and are an uncrossing agent, Citronella, and so on.

Minerals include auspicious lodestones, pyrite chunks, even Bluestone   which though toxic, and most often used as demonifuge, is also lucky in gambling, which entries in Hyatt’s “Hoodoo – Conjuration – Witchraft – Rootwork “ speak of, and others.

Animal curious are various too, yet I am not extremely fond of using them, for to have their full effect they often demand  quite gruesome and cruel, often inhumane, methods of retrieval.  For example, certain methods require catching a rabbit in the graveyard, taking it’s “left hind leg” while the animal is still alive, or warm, depending on the source,  and buring it for nine nights in graveyard ( this is often suggested If the right leg, instead of left is used ), after which it’s to be disinterred , and worn on chain for luck. [1]  Not to mention the black cat’s bone which must be retrieved by cooking the poor animal, alive,  to obtain the special bone, which other than invisibility, confers great luck in gambling and other. Aligator’s tooth is an example of more acceptable animal charm, for they lose them constantly, and If You live where there are many crocks ( like California for example )  You can find and use them. Black cat’s hair is a similar example, those cute little things sometimes shed like crazy. Also a few hairs carefully “harvested” using scissors, Your kitty might never even notice missing, and they pack as much punch as the notorious bone, in terms of  luck magick, when properly used.

Spell s and tips

Here are few spells and tips, for Your convenience, and for a productive and lucky year to come

·         Four B’s lucky incense is reputed to  draw luck, prosperity, happiness, while simultaneously repelling evil , and to make it one should combine ; Bayberries, Bay Laurel leaves, Basil  dried, and a Buckeye   nut [2] Waft Yourself, or burn in good luck rituals. Smudge Your lucky mojo bags with this incense

·         A seal of Sachiel, the Archangel of Jupiter, along with some Cinnamon, Anise and Carnation petals can be carried for luck, in a sachet, or mojo  bag, preferably of a square shape. Also all the herbs can be added in quantities of 4 , pinches  for example

·         For those who work with Orisha’s a curious talisman made of simple bred piece nailed to the inside of the doors, with purple ribbon around the nail and dedicated to Babaly aye, will ensure flow of good luck in home

·         Pair of old keys ( it can be a single key too, particularly  that one of the “Skeleton key” kind ) dressed with Van Van oil, and prayed over ( Psalm 23rd ) make a great charm for general good luck , opportunities and success drawing

·         Four leaf clover in a red mojo bag, dressed with “Lady luck oil” ( You can substitute with some other lucky oil If You lack this particular one, see a recipe later in this post )  will ensure strong and steady flow of luck and good fortune while carried on oneself, and in the same time it will repel bad luck and negativity

Turning the tables on bad luck ritual

You will need a double action candle. If Your luck issues are more specific, and concern targeted aspect of Your life like love, You can use red black double action candle. Should You desire to turn Your money luck around, You can use green black double action candle. Black and white, double action candle will work universally.

So begin by butting the candle  ,  and thus making the black-wax-side top now.

Dress the whole candle with “Lucky 13” oil , black part from  in a banishing motion ( bottom to top ) , and white part in opposite, drawing direction.

Roll the whole candle in powdered or  finely crumbled dried Verbena plant.  Light amount of powdered Verbena makes it a far less messy ritual J

Now light the candle, and pray that Your luck turns around ( from bad to good ) and that all blocks, and obstacles that hinder it disappear.

Then finish by saying the 57th Psalm.

Have mercy on me, my God, have mercy on me,
    for in you I take refuge.
I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings
    until the disaster has passed.
I cry out to God Most High,
    to God, who vindicates me.
He sends from heaven and saves me,
    rebuking those who hotly pursue me—[
    God sends forth his love and his faithfulness.

I am in the midst of lions;
    I am forced to dwell among ravenous beasts—
men whose teeth are spears and arrows,
    whose tongues are sharp swords.

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;
    let your glory be over all the earth.

They spread a net for my feet—
    I was bowed down in distress.
They dug a pit in my path—
    but they have fallen into it themselves.

My heart, O God, is steadfast,
    my heart is steadfast;
    I will sing and make music.
Awake, my soul!
    Awake, harp and lyre!
    I will awaken the dawn.

I will praise you, Lord, among the nations;
    I will sing of you among the peoples.
10 For great is your love, reaching to the heavens;
    your faithfulness reaches to the skies.

11 Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;
    let your glory be over all the earth.  [3]

Let the candle burn  all the way down.
If the condition is old ( long lasting ) and very strong, keep praying  until the candle burns all the way down.  A nice cleansing bath  would be of great utility, If taken prior to this ritual.

This ritual plainly, and effectively turns bad luck to good one, it converts the energy of bad luck around/ upon  You into  energy of good luck, making it thus, a form of transformation ritual.

Lucky oil

This one is from my Scribd publication “Ars Olei”. It’s a general good luck drawing oil, that also has some cleansing and empowering properties, and can be used in  all kind of luck works,  to cleanse and remove negative energy and draw good luck

In a base oil, combine the following

·         Dragon’s blood chunk
      ·         Vertivert essential oil
      ·         Citronella essential oil
      ·         Lemongrass essential oil
      ·         Lodestone

Anoint oneself and use as lucky perfume oil, dress lucky charms, or candles in luck rituals, add to bath salt and so on

To banish bad luck

Dress a white candle with some olive oil and roll it in Cayenne pepper flakes. Place it on the floor and  light it, and then jump over it to banish bad luck.

If You do not know how to evade fire hazard of this spell, which is fairly easy,  don’t do it. I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE  for anyone’s lack of common sense.
I hope You find this post informative and helpful. Many Blessings and Happy Candlemass 
Luv , Shadow :)
NOTES: This article  was written and composed by myself, therefore should You desire to use any part of it elsewhere online, feel free, but add credits  Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or     a direct link to this post
[2] According to Judika Illes, as stated in “Element encyclopedia of 5000 spells” , 737th page
[3] New international version , retrieved from : http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm+57&version=NIV  , for educational and explanatory purposes
IMAGE CREDITS: First image, with Angel and the four leaf clovers is from    http://leslielynchauthor.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/angel-with-four-leaf-clovers.jpg used here for illustrative and explanatory purposes without any ill will.
Second image, with Sachiel’s seal and signatures, is my personal edition of symbols found on here http://www.archangels-and-angels.com/aa_pages/correspondences/angel_planet/archangel_sachiel.html  used here for illustrative and explanatory purposes, without any ill will