Dec 28, 2011

Spells for Successful New Year

It appears like it’s that time of the Year again. Yes New Year, a date when something old ends, and something new begins. Time for us human s, to mentally and spiritually “shed skin” , rejuvenate, evolve. Which is not always that easy. Sometimes we perceive it as hard to let go of old, and embrace the upcoming, an while for some things that is a proper way of dealing, many times this is a bad way to go about things. Stick to Your religion, soccer team, favorite food lol, but don’t cling to bad memories, failures, falls. Get up, shake it off, and continue, seize the opportunity.

Not just New Year eve, but the whole late December's magick is about that, really. Cleansing, wishing and empowering among other. The concept of cleansing among spiritual people at this point of time is even more specific, it’s about getting rid of all things unworthy, unnecessary, old and stale. Which means clean Your wardrobe, rooms etc, for the mere physical cleansing is not just that at this point, it's also an act that removes old conditions and blockages on more subtle planes, as well as on physical one. If You find it hard to chose among, simply try the 6 months rule, If You have not even handled something for six months or more it’s a good candidate for getting rid of . After the physical ,  spiritual cleansing should follow, more so for frequent practitioners of occult, and spiritual workers. Then , when we have finished with getting the old out, it’s time to get the new in, and it’s where wishing , success, blessing and empowering spells come in . And here are some ( practical suggestions ) for Your convenience

Cleansing recipes

Chinese wash, one of the most popular Hoodoo products for house cleansing ( though used for clothes and oneself as well ) and may I add, a very powerful one as well can be compose d using following ingredients:

• Van Van oil ( in lack of thereof add essential oils of Lemongrass, Citronella and Vertivert, all being among ingredients of Van Van condition oil )
• Base of liquid soap or dish detergent, preferably some scented with Pine
• Salt , Blessed sea salt works in a pinch
• Broom tops, or Broom straws from a new broom are traditional addition in style of old Conjure

You could also use Household ammonia solution with few drops of essential oil of Lemon. To a bucketful of water ( liter to two ) add few spoons of either, some lemon juice and Salt, and it shall clean any mess up !

For a personal cleansing, for this part of year I would suggest this simple bath
• Lemon/s sliced up ( 9 or 13 slices would be great choice )
• Hyssop
• Pine needles
Make an infusion and add some sea or Kosher salt to it. Alternatively You could make it into Bath salts, adding essential oils to salt with some powdered or finely processed/grinded dry Hyssop. This bath is ideal to cleanse oneself, from sin, crossed conditions, negative energy, and to cut ties with old as well.

Once having house and oneself cleansed this way, it would be good to use some incense that will not only clean but also bless, and thus seal the positive rites done, and make their effect more durable and strong. Good examples are those simple, yet powerful such as : Frankincense, Camphor, Benzoin or even the mixture of any of those. Rose petals and Myrrh might be added as well, more so If we want to emphasize Blessing.

Seeds of intention spell for drawing good things and growth of positive

This fairly simple folk ritual practice might have it's roots in simple sowing divinations, frequent among European cunning folk. Small onions were sown, asked to grow for or “in name” of dear people we have not seen or hear from for long. Their germination, growth and wellbeing would be inspected and interpreted as omens and answers afterwards.
For this rite You shall need some seeds, a plant pot and some fresh soil. I light some nice white or pale blue candle when doing so. Seeds are traditionally sown for Yuletide, as one of the ways to employ the energy of the day, or on Winter Solstice. What seeds You will chose is not that relevant though here are just few suggestions

• Anise seeds for spiritual growth, obstacles removing, dreams
• Basil seeds for Protection , success, money and Love
• Sage seeds for wisdom and decrement
• Patchouli seeds for Money and Love etc, get creative

The key of the whole practice, is to empower seeds , In some way consecrate and bless and tell them what to do. Infuse them with Your intentions, wishes and goals , so they could grow with the seed, empowered by powerful wishing energy associated with late December. Then simply place them in the soil, saying something along these lines

As this plant grows and greets the Sun, so will success/money/whatever grow for me/in me/around me !

After that, all You need to do is take good care of plant. If I light a candle during this siple rite , I add remaining wax in the plant pot. When the life cycle of plant is over You can bury the plant near You or use the herb for magick like You would otherwise , and You can preserve the seeds as well.
An example of such, tad bit more elaborated spell, is given in my previous post on New Year magick , link provided at the end of this post, so check that out as well.

Crown of Success ritual

You shall need a gold or yellow candle. I sometimes use those larger, offertory, spirally ribbed ones. Though any shall do, just try not to save on candle price and size, give to get, it's a simple and powerful ritual ;)

Make a petitioner paper, with Your name surrounded by circle made of written word “success” . Fold the paper thrice towards oneself. Place it under small saucer , like coffee plate like. On that plate, place Your candle and encircle it, at bottom with some ( whole ) dry Bay Laurel leafs. Dress the candle with some “Crown of Success oil” ( one of the formulations for this condition oil I have added on this blog before, under formulas and recipes ) and do it from bottom to the top, preferably in spiral motion. Some people carve the word success spirally on the candle, You can do that If You like.
For the next seven days, each day burn a partition of candle, while reading the Psalm23rd followed by personal prayer for success in specific area, leaving candle to burn all the way down on the seventh day. You’ll be left with sort of waxy-bay leaf crown, that I suggest burring near home or in flower pot, maybe even placing in pouch and keeping somewhere high in house.

Double action candle for banishing negative and drawing positive

Simple and very effective, simply place double action, black - white, butted candle horizontally on a plate, and dress the black half with some Banishing or Uncrossing oil.
You may say something along these lines :

Lord, to You I cry, set me free of all evil, malice and snare s of the wicked people and spirits. As the candle burns, wax melts in presence of flame, and as smoke disappears, may all ills that trouble me be-gone ! Amen !

Then dress the white part, from top to middle with some Blessing oil or Holy Anointing oil, or Special oil No20, saying something along the lines:

I / We pray to You Lord, Merciful and Human Loving G’d, Be kind unto/to us sinners, Forgive us our trespassing, and be kind to us weak. Give power to our spirit and guide us on righteous paths . Remove obstacles and stones from our way, and send us Your Blessings, so we can live happily, praising You always Lord. Heal us, protect us and, how much we need, help us provide Lord. For the Power and Glory are eternally Yours. Amen!

This spell simply does what suggested in above article, cleanses bad and draws good instead. It is very beneficial to be done anytime, perhaps on full Moon, but certainly y well suited for dark winter days, ending of one Year and beginning of another. Alternatively You can burn candle vertically, same way, just in that case, make sure that the black part is first to be burnt.

I highly advise You to read this article regarding double action candles use in such manner it’s a brilliant, inventive piece of work of a person I know, and find to be very wise, trustworthy and admirable.
If You’d like to read on some more spells for this time of Year and few other methods of cleansing ( including spell originating from Balkan peninsula traditional witchraft ) pay a visit to my post on it here

NOTE: This article was written, and composed by myself, therfore should You wish to use any part of it eslwhere feel free but give credits: Shadow of Shadows magick place, or a direct link to this post
IMAGES: Image with greeting , holliday greeting is from : used for illutrative purposes with no ill will. O ther pics were taken by me

Dec 27, 2011

Condition and Spiritual oils

I have written before on here about making condition oils and wanted to update that post, with this ( more informative and more organized ) one, though the two original formulas posted are kept here as well , Enjoy :

The fine art of potion making is almost as old as magick itself. The art of oils  ( as potions  ) may be seen as branch of fire magick, and in modern days we have Hoodoo to thank for it’s “revival” and improvement. Furthermore, Hoodoo has a unique way of making formulas, following tradition, doctrine of signatures and great knowledge of Materia magicka. As a result we have condition oils, named so because they represent some of the main parts of Conjure/Hoodoo/Root doctor repertoire. Condition oils are used to treat just that – certain problems, conditions we may encounter , either in mundane life or in our spiritual endeavors.

Unlike their European counterparts, Condition oils are not blunt, they are very specific and targeted, so You might find an oil called “Sell it” or “Pay me back” etc, which clearly illustrates another important thing regarding Condition oils. Most often, their names clearly illustrate/indicate their purpose, goals and even methods of use.

Condition oils are used to dress candles, oneself ( as a perfume ), knobs, shoe soles, or anyplace where  someone might come in contact with them.

They can contain boatnicals ( herbal material, essential oils included as well ), animal curios ( animal parts, processed specifically so they can be used in oils ) and sometimes minerals  ( such a Pyrite or Lodestone, or even metals, scuh as broken chain in Uncrossing oils ) as well.

Traditional formulas may be passed to successors only by wise Crossroad mama’s or Root doctors, or may be composed based on good knowledge of Hoodoo herbal correspondences. If we know that Bay Laurel leafs, are traditional ingredient in Crown of Success oil, and that Vertiver is sort of all purpose New Orleans lucky-success bringing oil, and also we know that Bergamot essential oil brings personal
success, let’s try and compose some Crown of Success formula :

• Sandalwood chips ( said to bring Success )
• Bay Laurel leafs or essential oil ( traditional ingredient, symbol of Success )
• Frankincense tears ( Solar influence, Empowering Oils )
• Five finger grass ( Brings success in all things five fingers can do )
• Bergamot essential oil ( Brings success and boosts personal power )
• OPTIONAL : Vertvert essential oil ( Brings luck, success and empowers oils )
• OPTIONAL : Basil essential oil or herb ( repells evil and brings success, making sure formula is safe from bad that might try to intervene it’s work )

All in base of Sunflower, or Sunflower-Jojoba mixture oil.
And how are these spiritual/condition oils manufactured ?
Here is an excerpt on that, from my text “Ars Olei” :
Once You learn about ingredients and how to combine them, the technology of making oil comes relatively easy. These are basically standard pharmacological methods of extraction of the active principles ( from herbs and essential oils ) and compounds in oil base.
There are two main methods, which I like to refer as warm and cold extraction / infusion

1. Warm extraction, is a procedure of infusion of the herbal ( and possibly other ) ingredients in base oils. For this You will need a double boiler dishes, which means a dish to hold boiling water, and dish that will be placed on top of it or inside, and that will contain oil and the herbal material. You will also need the heat source, as well as some strainer like cheesecloth, and normally a container ( vial, bottle ) to hold the completed products.
The herbal material is added to smaller dish ( I use fireproof lab glass containers ) best if with a tight fitting caps. When You have added the herbal material You pour base oil over it, and place the smaller dish into that larger fireproof dish filled with water. You place the larger dish ( with smaller dish inside ) onto the fire source, and leave them “cooking” for 2-4 hours.
Then remove from heat and strain, when colleen. When completely cooled You may add essential oils, more herbs or herbal/animal or other material You wish bottles to contain.

2. Cold extraction, is a simple procedure of infusing of the herbal material in base oil here the herbal material is poured in bottle or container, covered or better yet topped with oil and left for week, or best month to sit. The herbal and other materials are added right away, when making the oil and are most often left inside the bottles, or If You like You can strain the oil. Wiccans repeat the procedure sometimes, adding new herbs each time and leaving the oil to sit for 28 days ( whole lunar cycle, from new to new ). Essential oils, to this type of oil can be added at any point, any time desired. Traditional Hoodoo practitioners are somewhat most fond on this type of oil making.

To keep oils made like that fresh one often adds some Benzoin or Vit E capsule to the bottles of oils. Once they are finished It’s preferable that the oils are placed in nice , clean bottles, best if dark glass ones, and kept on room or cold temperature, away from light.

And here are two more formulas , for Your convenience:

Essence of Bend over

• Licorice root
• Calamus root
• Frankincense tear
• OPTIONAL : Master root
• Bergamot essential oil [1]
For control and domination, compelling people to Your will and making them agree with You. Great for dressing Voodoo dolls and poppets. Also good to command evil spirits to go back to caster and leave one alone [2]

Angelic ( Celestial ) oil

For work with Guradian Angel, or Angels in general.

• Angelica root
• OPTIONAL: Bay Laurel leaf
• Altahea root
• Essential oil of Lavender
• Essential oil of Sandalwood
• OPTIONAL: Essential oil of Orange
• Frankincense tears
• Essential oil of Lemon [3]
Many more formulas You may find in ( the above mentioned, and quoted ) document of mine here:

NOTES: This article was composed and written by myself, so If You wish to use it elsewhere, whole or any part of it, add credits, such as Shadow of Shadows magick place , or a direct link to this post.CREDITS AND REFERENCES:[1] Formula inspired by Cathrine Yronwode’s suggestions for ingredients for Essence of Bend over formula found here
[2] Use of Bend over as uncrossing and spirit removing agent, while not that often at West Coast of States, is very prominent practice in New Orleans, according to Denise Alvarado
[3] Addition of Essential oil of Lemon and or Orange ( sometimes Lime ) is mimicking the scent of commercial “Angelic oil” formulae, for most of them contain Lemon, and Orange, sometimes Lime as well. Lime is said by some Herbalists ( as scent ) to attract Angelic beings. According to Anna Riva, the oil is favorite of many spiritual beings, and entices protective spirits in home.
IMAGES: Photo taken by myself, Drawings are made by myself

Dec 21, 2011

Conjuring the Light , Hoodoo candle magick

I have written on Hoodoo candle-work before on here, but looking back on that particular article, being one of  the very first I added, I didn't feel overly satisfied with it. Which is only normal I’d say, we are all humans, we learn throughout the life, something new every day, if we really want to.
So I wanted to add more organized, and slightly more comprehensive article here

Candle magick is a very simple form of magick ,  a common exemplary type of fire magick. It’s old almost as candle itself, though it became quite more popular and employed as industrialization enabled us  the comfort of obtaining candles easily. In local stores , rather than made in our homes by ourselves, like old European folk did. In different parts of the world we have different influences to thank, for that.  In Eastern Europe, folk in remote mountain areas, rarely had candles, and when they had them, they were precious items used for illumination rather than for magick. Not to mention the colors of the candle lol They were either dark grey , made from animal fat, and they stank like …well smth bad , or the cunning folk would buy orange-brown-ish or yellow  pure  beeswax candles readily available in Church. Cunning folk would buy the candles, normally used to light for the dead, or for “health” of the living,  in Orthodox or  Catholic Christian churches, and use them for craft.

In Hoodoo, across the States , people commonly use candles in there rites, for prayers and laying tricks as well. [1] They became readily available during the 19th century, and their use in Conjure community was suggested ,  popularized even , by Henric Gamache’s and his  work “Master book of Candle-Burning” a thin, paper bound, but highly informative pamphlet ( published in 1940.originally ) though candle burning as Roman Catholic practice and it’s consequent inclusion in Voodoo-Hoodoo syncretism rituals and ceremonies, certainly played  important role. It’s suggested that such candle burning ceremonies had first started in New Orleans, at St. Anne’s Street, and thatr they were run by mysterious ( and at the time notorious ) Mamzell’e Leveaux

What is the role of  a candle in a magick ritual ? Multiple purposes candles serve; they act as spirit and power beacons, as well as focus tool and adjunct to power, for they posses qualities of fire, such as fierce force etc. Today, in modern occultism, inspired by old grimoires we attribute more power to candles depending on their color and shape ( image candles ) as well as burning time.

Types of candles

We differentiate many, depending on size and burning time for start, like chime candles, offertory candles, pillar candles, votive candles , tea lights/candles etc.
Image candles are candles shaped/molded/poure d to symbolize specific aspect or image and as such find use in specific spells, or spiritual works. Let’s mention some

Cross candle – Shaped like cross, coming in different colors are used for doing spiritual work, blessing , uncrossing and healing ( blue and white most often ) or doing harm ( black cross candles )

Some variations in forms appear, such as “Master key Crucifix candle” and “Lucky clover Crucifix candle” white used for blessing, black for mastery , conjure work and crossing, orange for positive changes and Road opening, brown for Court cases, red for love and green for money.

Skull candle – candle molded in form of a human skull , for clarity work , mind uncrossing and blessing ( white, pale blue ) domination and mastery , mind swaying ( purple , red or black ) and crossing and causing intranquility or to have luck in gambling ( black )

Male or Female figural candles – used to represent certain person in spellwork, like effigies in a way . Depening on color, these are  most often used in blessing, uncrossing and healing ( white ) causing lust ( pink, sometimes red ) contacting someone who’s fare away ( yellow if available ) domination ( purple, orange if available ) and crossing ( black ) . They come usually in two forms,

- naked male and female , so called “Adam” and “Eve” candles used mostly in love, marriage and lust work, and
- cloaked male and female, often referred as “Gentleman” and “Lady” used for any office, career or job related workings, as well as to influence or dominate someone

Male and female candles, other than in separate forms, as mentioned above, come in shapes where both are present, together. A simple example is “Bride and Groom” candle, used in marriage work, “Lovers” representing nude couple embracing each other,  is a type of candle, used in lust work or to attract a new lover ( red, pink , white ), and “Divorce candle” showing  man and women back to back,  with one wick set between their backs,   is used in separation and divorce spells, often coming in   black or red.

Black cat candle – is a candle shaped as cat, usually dark green or black, used in gambling luck, or money issues, also sometimes in Court work.

Seven day knob candles – also called Seven day wishing candle s are c andles that appear as if  knobbed,  divided in seven sections,  each designed to be burnt for one day, all together seven days, while praying for result. Those  can come in one color or each knob/section/part can have different color, for different wishes.

Coiled snake – Control, bind, increase spiritual awareness

De*il – for crossing and causing harm, contacting demons and sending them on/ after one

Pyramid candle – Pyramid shaped candles, sometimes with an eye inscribed ( in which case called “pyramid and Eye” ) candles , used for drawing some sort of energy, most often green- money , pale blue –healing, and purple –spiritual power, divination.

Baphomet – shaped in form of Sabbatic Goat, red for causing lust, black for worship or evil forces

Angelic influence – Candle depicting and Angel , often in pale celestial-blue, or white, for work with angelic forces, blessings, healing and guidance. Sometimes pale celestial-blue pillar candles are sold under the same name, and can be used interchangeably.

As we have seen, color symbolism is considered even in case of  the image candles, and when we speak of common ( not image ) candles color symbolism is even more important. So let’s go through basic correspondences of candles and colors , like Hoodoo teaches us:

· White – Purity, Uncrossing, Spiritual work and cleansing, Power, Prayer, Healing, Blessings, also sometimes in Tranquility work, as well as good general offering candle or to honor deities such as St Barbara, Obatala etc.
· Blue – Healing, Peace, Harmony , Good intentions, Spiritual work, work with Celestial forces
· Red – Love spells, Drawing spell, Bodily or other power ,Lust, Protection
· Green – Money, Gambling, Good job, Good crops
· Yellow – Devotion , Success, Youth and longevity work, Clearing the air
· Orange – Creating opportunities, Road opening, Prophetic dreams, Repelling or influencing Law
· Brown – Court work and Justice spells, Neutral spells
· Gold – Solar works, Success, Riches , Fortune, Luck
· Black – Doing evil or repelling evil, Gambling luck, Uncrossing, Reversal work, Dark arts type of Spiritual work, Contacting spirits, demons and necromantic work
· Pink – Lust, Bodily desire, Romance, Love
· Silver - Lunar works , Intuition, Divination, Petitioner’s candle
· Purple - Control and domination, mastery, Occult power and Guidance, Precognitive dreams, Power spells , work with Deities such as St. Cypriano ect

Other than single-color candles in spells, many times we use two/double , or sometimes even three color candles, frequently halves or thirds dyed in different colors. Sometimes candle may appear single color from outside but comes with a colored wax “core” inside, like Reversible candles. Let’s mention few most commonly sold ( and used ) 

· Double action white and black – Returning evil to sender, Uncrossing and Blessing at same time
· Double action red and black – Removing love crossings ( and drawing love )
· Double action green and black – Removing money crossings ( and drawing money   )
· Triple action – often coming in all sort of various colors though Black, white and orange is common and universal for uncrossing, Road opening and Blessing. In my humble opinion they are unpractical and unnecessary
· Reversible – Black wax outside, red wax inside, used to reverse evil back to sender, especially handy when the enemy is unknown,  these  are very powerful and give  fast results

Candles are also burnt, If instructed so, for specific periods of time ( for example 3 days period, 7 day s period or other ) so we have to chose our candles taking this criteria in consideration as well. Chime candles and tea light are suitable If needed only while ritual lasts, meaning one time  use only. They are also quite  nifty to burn while taking spiritual baths. Offertory ( common household, table candles ) and pillar candles are more suitable for longer , repeated rituals that may require extinguishing and relighting the candles, though when the ritual calls for seven days  , we are suggested to use Seven day , or Seven knob candles.
In Hoodoo, Conjure and Creole Voodoo ( as well as in similar systems such as Palo, Santeria or even Kimbalad a ) glass encased candles are very popular. These are either “fixed” ( dressed and powdered ) candles made for specific magickal aim in glass vials, or devotional candles to certain deities such as Saints or Loa ( or Lwa ) in which case , they usually come along with Saint prints and novenas and prayers on back, also glass encased of course .In the latter case they are also called Novena candles and can also be found sold in Christian Churches or Church store/s .

Fixin’ da’ candle

“Fixing the candle” is a practice, indigenous to Hoodoo and Conjure, that calls for dressing candles with oil and rolling them in powdered or crumbled herbs, or simply dusting anointed candles with powders.
Instead of such method of “fixing”, oil and herbs/powders can be added to wax while pouring the candle, or small holes can be made into candles,  and filled with oils and herbs/powders. This is usually done with sharp heated metal tool , such as needles, and is mostly  suggested  method when “fixing”  glass encased candles, vigils, novenas, and sometimes large pillar candles.
When dressing/anointing the candles, it’s customary to use condition oils that suit the aim of candle, and sometimes even color, though in my humble opinion, oil – candle color correspondence is silly. Normally , we dress candle from top to bottom when we wish to draw something to us, or from bottom to top if we wish to banish, repel or reverse something. Individual methods that follow this general guidelines can be adopted, such as dressing candle from ends to middle to draw something, or from middle to ends for opposite effect. Some people twist them as they do. Some dress in falling or ascending spiral as well.
Candle can be rolled in dry herbs or powdered liberally afterwards with sachet powders and there is no specific rule  about how this should be done. I would simply spread some dry herbs on some wax paper or plastic wrap, and roll , previously anointed candle in it. In case of powder I might use same method or I might blow powder at candle, sometimes in odd number of “blows” , that could correspond to  the aim  of the ritual or spell.

Double action candle “butting” and dressing

Double action candles serve, as the name  indicate s  two goals, they usually end, or banish something bad, such a scrossed condition, while at the same time drawing something good, like Blessings for example. When used in such manner, they are often “Butted” which would mean, their bottom part wick carved out, so it can be lit, thus becoming the new "top" part. Which of course means the candle is inverted in the proces.   They are also  commonly laid on plate horizontally, though previously dressed, both wicks being lit afterwards. They are not commonly dusted, though this can be done as well. If burned vertically, white tip is cut, black butted and candle burnt upiside down, so the black part would burn first.

Candle spell examples

Prophetic dream candle spell

Get a purple candle and dress with some oil such as “Vision”, or “Aunt Sally’s dream” and roll in Anise seed , or /and Flax seed, or powder made of such. You can use sachet powder of same brand ( name ) as oils listed above too. Carve the divine name “Jah” into candle and light it.
Recite Psalm 23rd seven times, and any Prayer to Holy Ghost for inspiration or guidance. Alternatively You can say some personal prayer ( after each Psalm reading ) seeking answers such as :
“O Great , All-knowing, One True G’d, be merciful upon this servant of Yours , hear my cry and deliver me from, not knowing, Send me Your Holy Ghost to inspire me with True Knowledge and Your Angels to give me answers in my dreams. End the confusion and provide answers and guidance for those that seek You and invoke Your Name! For Your Glory is eternal ! Amen !”

Love candle

Get a red candle and dress it with “Attraction oil” , or “Look me over” or “Follow me boy/girl” oil, carve the name of those You wish to notice You, and roll it in brown sugar. Place the candle on overturned saucer, bellow which You’ve placed  charged lodestone.
Burn for nine nights saying nine times:
Like moths to flame, bee to flower, look me over, be my lover !

Money in rush candle spell

Get a pyramid shaped green candle, If You can, If not,  offertory green candle will do fine. Mix Bergamot and Basil essential oils in base oil. You may add some Patchouli essential oil If You wish. Role the candle in some Cinnamon powder. Place on overturned saucer , bellow which You’ve placed brown paper with written amount of money You need and purpose ( be modest , only what You need ) , sprinkled with brown sugar, and folded thrice towards oneself. You can carve symbols associated with money onto candle, such as Aquarius symbol, or Jupiter symbol/s
Then light the candle and pray the Psalm 23rd. You can either read the psalm 7 times, and let the candle burn itself out, or You can read Psalm seven days, once a day, leaving candle to burn all the way down on the seventh day and burring the remaining wax and paper in Your yard.

Blessing candle

Place petitioner paper with the name of person in subject bellow White, offertory candle. Dress it with Blessing oil and sprinkle with some Angelica, Basil or Flax seed. Light the candle and pray for person, using personal words of power and /or 62nd Psalm[2]. It would be very beneficial indeed , If You’d burn some Frankincense resin/s along this candle.

NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself so If You'd like to use any of it ( parts, sections, quotes or all ) give credit s ; Shadow of Shadows magick place, , or links to this post.
REFRENCES: [1] - According to Lucky mojo website page on Candle magick
[2] - 62nd Psalm suggested for blessing according to Godrfrey Seilig's "Secrets of Psalms"
IMAGES: Taken or drawn by myself

Many Blessings, from Shadow , and Happy Equinox :)

Dec 16, 2011

St Barbara of Heliopolis, Thunder and Lightning patroness

One of the Fourteen  Holy Helpers, this Miraculous Saint, is  venerated as  the patron Saint of the artillery, those that work with guns, explosive’s and those in dangerous, life threatening professions, and according to Eastern Orthodox Church, she is petitioned  for delivery against sudden death and soldiers [1]

It is said that Barbara had  lived in Syria, in the town of Heliopolis, as a daughter of wealthy pagan Disocores, who had, after the death of his wife devoted his life to his daughter, Barbara. Barbara had to live isolated, in a tower that her father had built for her, in luxury but also isolation and solitude. Experiencing the beauty of the nature from her tower windows, she started wondering about Creator, who she could not recognize  in vane Pagan idols. Barbara grew to be an extraordinary beautiful Young women, who had been refusing  all the suitors her father had chosen and brought to her. Deducting it might have been a result of her isolation, Dioscores had given her freedom of movement and socializing , with people she herself would chose. Upon arriving to the town, Barbara  had met Christian maidens who had taught her about Christianity , Creator Mundi, The Most Holy Trinity and Logos. Be it accidental or not ( G’d providence ) a priest arrived in town, introduced her to Christian mysteries even more , and baptized her.

Meanwhile Dioscores had been building a bathhouse, very luxurious and beautiful, with two windows on the south side. Using one of her father’s absences Barbara instructed workers to make 3  windows instead, symbolizing Holy Trinity, which had aggravated her father,  ferociously ,  as soon as he had seen it, and heard from Barbara that she has chosen the True G’d over profane idols. Barbara, however stood up for her beliefs, which had only further angered her father.
In moments of rage, he had beaten up his daughter and wanted to kill her with sword, but Barbara fled and escaped by means of miraculous  appearance of opening in the rock, leading her to a safety in  the mountain , where she was protected by two shepherds.
According to some stories, it was one of the two very shepherds that had betrayed her, and as punishment, he was turned to stone. Be it how it was, St Barbara was eventually caught and beaten badly by her father, then incarcerated , and tortured daily, starved,  and put to serious physical injuries. Over the night, she would pray , and the Lord Savior would heal her wounds. Certain women, named Juliana, in sympathy with the righteous virgin, and trying to defend her has lived up to similar fate, and was imprisoned, and tortured along St. Barbara. They were both wounded, and led naked throught the city peoples derision, but because of St. Barbara’s prayers they were eventually covered by splendid robe, which was  an act of Angelic intervention.

Dioscores finally decapitated St. Barbara and Martian soldiers decapitated Juliana. Soon , however, the wrath of the One True Righteous G’s  had befallen  on them, and they were both ( Disocores, and Martian, the city perfect ) struck down by the lightning. According to one version, the lightning had hit them on their way to town , while other version says how lightning had hit them in their residences/house.

St Barbara is often depicted in red and white clothes, holding chalice or miniature model of fortress she was imprissioned in. Sometimes the fortress is seen in background as well. The Sky above the Saint is often gloomy with indications of possible thunders. In Orthodox Christian iconography, her image is sometimes surrounded by smaller pictures depicting scenes from certain periods of her life.

The Cult of Saint Barbara in/among Balkan peninsula folk

St Barbara enjoys great reverence among Balkan peninsula folk, that almost borders with a "cult| ( much like some other Saints in this part of the world, such as Saint John, or Saint Cosmas and Damian ) , which exhibits great collection of beliefs and folk rites.
In Christianized areas ( most ) of Balkan peninsula, folk will not work heavy-duty jobs ( mostly reffering to physical country chores, like cattle work, mowing, wood cutting etc ) on this day, furthermore, women usually do not sew on this day. Instead women will cook up a specific meal , commonly called ( in Southern Slavic Language group ) “Varica”* . The meal is fairly simple, it’s made from  cooked  cereals of all sort, with an optional addition of Pumpkin or Sunflower seeds, and often addition of chopped fruit , Anise seed and/or honey to savor it, and make more pleasant. While cooking this meal, women must not utter a single word, it is done in pure silence. No additional water, or other ingredient was added after the meal was placed to be cooked on fire. Salt, for some ( to me unfamiliar ) reason was strictly prohibited as ingredient    of/in  this meal. When finished, the meal was served to all the household members,   each taking  at least a spoon, for it symbolized abundance and health, as well as honor to the Saint. Remaining would often be given to cattle.
According to old , Julian calendar, this Saint’s feast day in Orthodox Christian churches of Balkan peninsula is 17th of December, according to Church calendar 4th . Incidentally or not , 17th/18th December was the beginning day, for a seven day spiritual initiation/ journey  session in Balkan peninsula folk magick. Those folk ,  who wished  to become skilled in spiritual work, would “starting of ( St. ) Barbara’s day”  study the “art” for six days devotedly and on the sevenths day, would , sort of , become initiated, receiving to each person unique omen that they’ve succeed. The Seventh day (Initiation day ) of spiritual journey, would often fall on Equinox, again incidentally or not  [2]
This Saint is often petitioned by folk of Eastern Europe , when they believe they might be threatened by sudden or violent death. They would light a beeswax candle, obtained from church, though in modern day white or red candle are common choice as well, and would say following prayer, which is a troparion essentially [3] :

“Let us praise holy Barbara who has broken the snares of the enemy. By the help of the weapon of the Cross, she has escaped as a bird and flown Godwards.!”

Troparion, tone 4th

Hoodoo and Conjure

In Hoodoo St Barbra is patron Saint of  soldiers, mine workers, firefighters , prisoners, stone masons, or any other life threatening profession. In New Orleans Voodoo-Hoodoo, and Creole Voodoo, it’s syncretized with loa Chango, one of the Seven African powers and St. Barbara image is used to depict it sometimes.
In Syria, Lebanon and Palestine , much like in Balkanic countries, she is offered with White Barley, pomegranate seeds , sweetened with raisins, sugar and anise. [4]

- Plants associated with Saint Barbara include; Anise, Feverfew, Life everlasting and other than some of those, sugar can be added to her devotional oil.

- Colors associated with her are red and white , so should candles be , though they come in all sort of colors from certain suppliers :/
Prayers and novenas to St. Barbara are many, but here are just few

Prayer in Honor of St. Barbara

O God, Who didst adorn Thy holy virgin and martyr Barbara with extraordinary fortitude in the confession of the Faith, and didst console her in the most atrocious torments; grant us through her intercession perseverance in the fulfilment of Thy law and the grace of being fortified before our end with the holy sacraments, and of a happy death. Through Christ our Lord. Amen

Invocation of St. Barbara

Intrepid virgin and martyr, St. Barbara, through thy intercession come to my aid in all needs of my soul. Obtain for me the grace to be preserved from a sudden and unprovided death; assist me in my agony, when my senses are benumbed and I am in the throes of death. Then, O powerful patroness of the dying, come to my aid! Repel from me all the assaults and temptations of the evil one, and obtain for me the grace to receive before death the holy sacraments, that I breathe forth my soul confirmed in faith, hope, and charity, and be worthy to enter eternal glory. Amen [5]

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Jasna Jojic Pavlovski[3] such belif might be based on Savior’s promise. Many pious Orthodox Christians are in the habit of chanting the troparion of St. Barbara each day, recalling the Savior's promise to her that those who remembered her and her sufferings would be preserved from a sudden, unexpected death, and would not depart this life without benefit of the Holy Mysteries of Christ  according to Orthowx wiki webpage on St Barbara, the troparion to St Barbara tone 4th mentioned above is from the same source, used here for educational purposes , without any ill will
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explanation : as marked with * in text --> * varica - a noun in Serbian language from verb "variti" meaning "to brew" , hence the noun could somewhat tranlaste to "brewage" even though it does not reffer to a drink
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