Dec 27, 2011

Condition and Spiritual oils

I have written before on here about making condition oils and wanted to update that post, with this ( more informative and more organized ) one, though the two original formulas posted are kept here as well , Enjoy :

The fine art of potion making is almost as old as magick itself. The art of oils  ( as potions  ) may be seen as branch of fire magick, and in modern days we have Hoodoo to thank for it’s “revival” and improvement. Furthermore, Hoodoo has a unique way of making formulas, following tradition, doctrine of signatures and great knowledge of Materia magicka. As a result we have condition oils, named so because they represent some of the main parts of Conjure/Hoodoo/Root doctor repertoire. Condition oils are used to treat just that – certain problems, conditions we may encounter , either in mundane life or in our spiritual endeavors.

Unlike their European counterparts, Condition oils are not blunt, they are very specific and targeted, so You might find an oil called “Sell it” or “Pay me back” etc, which clearly illustrates another important thing regarding Condition oils. Most often, their names clearly illustrate/indicate their purpose, goals and even methods of use.

Condition oils are used to dress candles, oneself ( as a perfume ), knobs, shoe soles, or anyplace where  someone might come in contact with them.

They can contain boatnicals ( herbal material, essential oils included as well ), animal curios ( animal parts, processed specifically so they can be used in oils ) and sometimes minerals  ( such a Pyrite or Lodestone, or even metals, scuh as broken chain in Uncrossing oils ) as well.

Traditional formulas may be passed to successors only by wise Crossroad mama’s or Root doctors, or may be composed based on good knowledge of Hoodoo herbal correspondences. If we know that Bay Laurel leafs, are traditional ingredient in Crown of Success oil, and that Vertiver is sort of all purpose New Orleans lucky-success bringing oil, and also we know that Bergamot essential oil brings personal
success, let’s try and compose some Crown of Success formula :

• Sandalwood chips ( said to bring Success )
• Bay Laurel leafs or essential oil ( traditional ingredient, symbol of Success )
• Frankincense tears ( Solar influence, Empowering Oils )
• Five finger grass ( Brings success in all things five fingers can do )
• Bergamot essential oil ( Brings success and boosts personal power )
• OPTIONAL : Vertvert essential oil ( Brings luck, success and empowers oils )
• OPTIONAL : Basil essential oil or herb ( repells evil and brings success, making sure formula is safe from bad that might try to intervene it’s work )

All in base of Sunflower, or Sunflower-Jojoba mixture oil.
And how are these spiritual/condition oils manufactured ?
Here is an excerpt on that, from my text “Ars Olei” :
Once You learn about ingredients and how to combine them, the technology of making oil comes relatively easy. These are basically standard pharmacological methods of extraction of the active principles ( from herbs and essential oils ) and compounds in oil base.
There are two main methods, which I like to refer as warm and cold extraction / infusion

1. Warm extraction, is a procedure of infusion of the herbal ( and possibly other ) ingredients in base oils. For this You will need a double boiler dishes, which means a dish to hold boiling water, and dish that will be placed on top of it or inside, and that will contain oil and the herbal material. You will also need the heat source, as well as some strainer like cheesecloth, and normally a container ( vial, bottle ) to hold the completed products.
The herbal material is added to smaller dish ( I use fireproof lab glass containers ) best if with a tight fitting caps. When You have added the herbal material You pour base oil over it, and place the smaller dish into that larger fireproof dish filled with water. You place the larger dish ( with smaller dish inside ) onto the fire source, and leave them “cooking” for 2-4 hours.
Then remove from heat and strain, when colleen. When completely cooled You may add essential oils, more herbs or herbal/animal or other material You wish bottles to contain.

2. Cold extraction, is a simple procedure of infusing of the herbal material in base oil here the herbal material is poured in bottle or container, covered or better yet topped with oil and left for week, or best month to sit. The herbal and other materials are added right away, when making the oil and are most often left inside the bottles, or If You like You can strain the oil. Wiccans repeat the procedure sometimes, adding new herbs each time and leaving the oil to sit for 28 days ( whole lunar cycle, from new to new ). Essential oils, to this type of oil can be added at any point, any time desired. Traditional Hoodoo practitioners are somewhat most fond on this type of oil making.

To keep oils made like that fresh one often adds some Benzoin or Vit E capsule to the bottles of oils. Once they are finished It’s preferable that the oils are placed in nice , clean bottles, best if dark glass ones, and kept on room or cold temperature, away from light.

And here are two more formulas , for Your convenience:

Essence of Bend over

• Licorice root
• Calamus root
• Frankincense tear
• OPTIONAL : Master root
• Bergamot essential oil [1]
For control and domination, compelling people to Your will and making them agree with You. Great for dressing Voodoo dolls and poppets. Also good to command evil spirits to go back to caster and leave one alone [2]

Angelic ( Celestial ) oil

For work with Guradian Angel, or Angels in general.

• Angelica root
• OPTIONAL: Bay Laurel leaf
• Altahea root
• Essential oil of Lavender
• Essential oil of Sandalwood
• OPTIONAL: Essential oil of Orange
• Frankincense tears
• Essential oil of Lemon [3]
Many more formulas You may find in ( the above mentioned, and quoted ) document of mine here:

NOTES: This article was composed and written by myself, so If You wish to use it elsewhere, whole or any part of it, add credits, such as Shadow of Shadows magick place , or a direct link to this post.CREDITS AND REFERENCES:[1] Formula inspired by Cathrine Yronwode’s suggestions for ingredients for Essence of Bend over formula found here
[2] Use of Bend over as uncrossing and spirit removing agent, while not that often at West Coast of States, is very prominent practice in New Orleans, according to Denise Alvarado
[3] Addition of Essential oil of Lemon and or Orange ( sometimes Lime ) is mimicking the scent of commercial “Angelic oil” formulae, for most of them contain Lemon, and Orange, sometimes Lime as well. Lime is said by some Herbalists ( as scent ) to attract Angelic beings. According to Anna Riva, the oil is favorite of many spiritual beings, and entices protective spirits in home.
IMAGES: Photo taken by myself, Drawings are made by myself


graphite packing said...

I also just heard about this spiritual oil,
so curious too ya.

Anonymous said...

Great article i must say, i really enjoyed reading your articles especially this one! May i add a few infos if you dont mind?
Some Crown of Success formulas i have seen (including Lucky Mojo) include some pyrite chips or gold glitter, for the success in money or gold being the color of the "crown".Allspice berries or essential oil may be added as well,solomon's seal for wisdom (you need a little wisdom to be successful) among other things.Formula varies from worker to worker, as i understand it..but your formula is great, and i like it! As for Essence of Bend Over, you will need a weakening agent in the formula, so you could dominate the person in question easily, thus sometimes people will add poppy seeds and a but of mastery herb such as Master of the Woods. This is common for such formulas, to add a weakening agent, hence you will find Compelling formula to contain black mustard seeds in each bottle sold in some commercial products.Traditional conjure supplies are also prayed over for a number of days before it is ready to be sold to clients, 7 or 9 being the traditional number of days. Psalms may be recited over the blended oil, before actually closing the bottle, herbs may be prayed for their properties for every blends, and sometimes a "blessing" lamp may be lit with the ready blended oils surrounding the lamp.I have seen also some workers charging their oils by placing the oils in a middle of a triangle formed with three 7 days candle, praying psalm 23rd for that 7 days.Some might fumigate their oil bottle with incense such as frankincense and benzoin, while praying over the oils for its effectiveness. Hope this will give you some extra infos on traditional oil conjure making.Bless, Amy

Shadow said...

Thanks for the additional information, it's highly appreciated indeed.

I add Pyrite chips ( If I am not out of them, at that point ) to my Crown of Success formula, I have that formula a posted on this blog as well, I think. I add Solomon seal in some other Success - iskue formulas, those intended for passing tests, but I see Your point. The formula here was a mere example , though that does not mean I think it's any less worthy than commercial formulas to be completely honest. Allspice seems like another great addition, I've heard people in New Orleans are quite kea n on it as ingredient in such oil

Interesting way of Benedictation of oil :) I often use Psalm 103rd or Solomonic benedictation , for such , when I do, for I consider that condition oils, when made ourselves, and for ourselves do not really need any further consecration beyond the very art of making them.


Jordan Calher said...

Shadow, great info great post. Happily, I randomly pulled it up after googling "loa, syncretized saints". That's awesome info about the unbaptized days. I'm doing some research for a book I finished involving voodoo, baptism, and the witch trials in colonial america (particularly Baron LaCroix). I include some spells/rituals from verious traditions, even bordering chaos magic.

I was wondering if you know anything about St Botolph, if he has a corresponding loa in the voodoo tradition. Also, any info you have on the origins/history of baptism would be HUUUGELY appreciated.


Jordan Calher said...

woops that post was supposed to be on the Jan 13th post....