Dec 28, 2011

Spells for Successful New Year

It appears like it’s that time of the Year again. Yes New Year, a date when something old ends, and something new begins. Time for us human s, to mentally and spiritually “shed skin” , rejuvenate, evolve. Which is not always that easy. Sometimes we perceive it as hard to let go of old, and embrace the upcoming, an while for some things that is a proper way of dealing, many times this is a bad way to go about things. Stick to Your religion, soccer team, favorite food lol, but don’t cling to bad memories, failures, falls. Get up, shake it off, and continue, seize the opportunity.

Not just New Year eve, but the whole late December's magick is about that, really. Cleansing, wishing and empowering among other. The concept of cleansing among spiritual people at this point of time is even more specific, it’s about getting rid of all things unworthy, unnecessary, old and stale. Which means clean Your wardrobe, rooms etc, for the mere physical cleansing is not just that at this point, it's also an act that removes old conditions and blockages on more subtle planes, as well as on physical one. If You find it hard to chose among, simply try the 6 months rule, If You have not even handled something for six months or more it’s a good candidate for getting rid of . After the physical ,  spiritual cleansing should follow, more so for frequent practitioners of occult, and spiritual workers. Then , when we have finished with getting the old out, it’s time to get the new in, and it’s where wishing , success, blessing and empowering spells come in . And here are some ( practical suggestions ) for Your convenience

Cleansing recipes

Chinese wash, one of the most popular Hoodoo products for house cleansing ( though used for clothes and oneself as well ) and may I add, a very powerful one as well can be compose d using following ingredients:

• Van Van oil ( in lack of thereof add essential oils of Lemongrass, Citronella and Vertivert, all being among ingredients of Van Van condition oil )
• Base of liquid soap or dish detergent, preferably some scented with Pine
• Salt , Blessed sea salt works in a pinch
• Broom tops, or Broom straws from a new broom are traditional addition in style of old Conjure

You could also use Household ammonia solution with few drops of essential oil of Lemon. To a bucketful of water ( liter to two ) add few spoons of either, some lemon juice and Salt, and it shall clean any mess up !

For a personal cleansing, for this part of year I would suggest this simple bath
• Lemon/s sliced up ( 9 or 13 slices would be great choice )
• Hyssop
• Pine needles
Make an infusion and add some sea or Kosher salt to it. Alternatively You could make it into Bath salts, adding essential oils to salt with some powdered or finely processed/grinded dry Hyssop. This bath is ideal to cleanse oneself, from sin, crossed conditions, negative energy, and to cut ties with old as well.

Once having house and oneself cleansed this way, it would be good to use some incense that will not only clean but also bless, and thus seal the positive rites done, and make their effect more durable and strong. Good examples are those simple, yet powerful such as : Frankincense, Camphor, Benzoin or even the mixture of any of those. Rose petals and Myrrh might be added as well, more so If we want to emphasize Blessing.

Seeds of intention spell for drawing good things and growth of positive

This fairly simple folk ritual practice might have it's roots in simple sowing divinations, frequent among European cunning folk. Small onions were sown, asked to grow for or “in name” of dear people we have not seen or hear from for long. Their germination, growth and wellbeing would be inspected and interpreted as omens and answers afterwards.
For this rite You shall need some seeds, a plant pot and some fresh soil. I light some nice white or pale blue candle when doing so. Seeds are traditionally sown for Yuletide, as one of the ways to employ the energy of the day, or on Winter Solstice. What seeds You will chose is not that relevant though here are just few suggestions

• Anise seeds for spiritual growth, obstacles removing, dreams
• Basil seeds for Protection , success, money and Love
• Sage seeds for wisdom and decrement
• Patchouli seeds for Money and Love etc, get creative

The key of the whole practice, is to empower seeds , In some way consecrate and bless and tell them what to do. Infuse them with Your intentions, wishes and goals , so they could grow with the seed, empowered by powerful wishing energy associated with late December. Then simply place them in the soil, saying something along these lines

As this plant grows and greets the Sun, so will success/money/whatever grow for me/in me/around me !

After that, all You need to do is take good care of plant. If I light a candle during this siple rite , I add remaining wax in the plant pot. When the life cycle of plant is over You can bury the plant near You or use the herb for magick like You would otherwise , and You can preserve the seeds as well.
An example of such, tad bit more elaborated spell, is given in my previous post on New Year magick , link provided at the end of this post, so check that out as well.

Crown of Success ritual

You shall need a gold or yellow candle. I sometimes use those larger, offertory, spirally ribbed ones. Though any shall do, just try not to save on candle price and size, give to get, it's a simple and powerful ritual ;)

Make a petitioner paper, with Your name surrounded by circle made of written word “success” . Fold the paper thrice towards oneself. Place it under small saucer , like coffee plate like. On that plate, place Your candle and encircle it, at bottom with some ( whole ) dry Bay Laurel leafs. Dress the candle with some “Crown of Success oil” ( one of the formulations for this condition oil I have added on this blog before, under formulas and recipes ) and do it from bottom to the top, preferably in spiral motion. Some people carve the word success spirally on the candle, You can do that If You like.
For the next seven days, each day burn a partition of candle, while reading the Psalm23rd followed by personal prayer for success in specific area, leaving candle to burn all the way down on the seventh day. You’ll be left with sort of waxy-bay leaf crown, that I suggest burring near home or in flower pot, maybe even placing in pouch and keeping somewhere high in house.

Double action candle for banishing negative and drawing positive

Simple and very effective, simply place double action, black - white, butted candle horizontally on a plate, and dress the black half with some Banishing or Uncrossing oil.
You may say something along these lines :

Lord, to You I cry, set me free of all evil, malice and snare s of the wicked people and spirits. As the candle burns, wax melts in presence of flame, and as smoke disappears, may all ills that trouble me be-gone ! Amen !

Then dress the white part, from top to middle with some Blessing oil or Holy Anointing oil, or Special oil No20, saying something along the lines:

I / We pray to You Lord, Merciful and Human Loving G’d, Be kind unto/to us sinners, Forgive us our trespassing, and be kind to us weak. Give power to our spirit and guide us on righteous paths . Remove obstacles and stones from our way, and send us Your Blessings, so we can live happily, praising You always Lord. Heal us, protect us and, how much we need, help us provide Lord. For the Power and Glory are eternally Yours. Amen!

This spell simply does what suggested in above article, cleanses bad and draws good instead. It is very beneficial to be done anytime, perhaps on full Moon, but certainly y well suited for dark winter days, ending of one Year and beginning of another. Alternatively You can burn candle vertically, same way, just in that case, make sure that the black part is first to be burnt.

I highly advise You to read this article regarding double action candles use in such manner it’s a brilliant, inventive piece of work of a person I know, and find to be very wise, trustworthy and admirable.
If You’d like to read on some more spells for this time of Year and few other methods of cleansing ( including spell originating from Balkan peninsula traditional witchraft ) pay a visit to my post on it here

NOTE: This article was written, and composed by myself, therfore should You wish to use any part of it eslwhere feel free but give credits: Shadow of Shadows magick place, or a direct link to this post
IMAGES: Image with greeting , holliday greeting is from : used for illutrative purposes with no ill will. O ther pics were taken by me


Kallista said...

Loved this!

Beginning of 2012 started with a thorough cleanse for me and man... it feels great!

Wishing you all the best for the new year and health, happiness and of course abundance!

Much love!

Shadow said...

Thanks Miss Kallista You are si very kind. And likewise , I wish You all good things You metioned in New 2012th as well

Yeah I was doing some cleansing as well, and I am not all done yet :)

Shadow said...

*so *mentioned

Anonymous said...

great post Mr Shadow!I would be nice to talk to you on hoodoo and conjure someday :) btw, what oil that is seen in the photo ( just curious)?

Shadow said...

Thanks for those very kind words :)
It's "Clarity oil" that particular one

Blessings !

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