Sep 25, 2012

Lavender , the purple sorceress

Lavender  is used to refer to any of approximately  40 species of genus  Lavandula, of the family Lamiaceae.   Their most common life form is shrub , sometimes also smaller shrubs and sunshrubs or “pillow” shrubs.

The species used in pharmacy and magick are from the specific subgenera ( mind that most taxonomist though still do not acknowledge necessity for this subcategory, when referring to Lavender )  also named “Lavandula” ( like the “basic” genus - ??? )  , whereas  those from subgeneras Fabricia and Sabaudia, are not normally used in magick, and even If used , it’s unjustified and due to mistake, for the first magickal records about using Lavender could have referred to few species only , namely Egyptian , French and common Lavender.

With that being said, the Lavander we will be dealing in this article is any of the following species : Common Lavender ( Lavandula officinalis syn. angustifolia ) , French Lavender ( Lavandula denata ) ,  and Egyptian Lavender ( Lavandula  multfifida ), for those  are really those few we could “attest “ were called  Lavender  in magickal texts.

And these species  are ( now, due to cultivation ) cosmopolite , widely used, and  have all typical taxonomic markers of the genus, which include , whole ovate leafs, rarely  unevenly pinnate,  often pale green , olive or grey in color, covered with glandular trichoma ( hairs  ) . The flowers are arranged on whorls, held on spikes, that grow over the foliage, though sometimes bracts may appear near the inflorescence, in few species vividly  colored.  Flowers are like in all Lamiaceae tubular, and in Lavandula genus always  both calyx and corolla are differentiated, both mostly tubular, while corolla resembling split lips ( hence the family name ) , mostly zigomorphyc , containing 4 stamens, and ovary.   With the few exceptions of species with yellowish color, the color ranges from pale blue or pink, to purple and indigo. As with any other, albino species may appear of course.  The three species we will be dealing with have dark blue or purple , followers ( sometimes the color is actually referred as Lavender, modeling after the very flower I guess :S ) can be somewhat pale , but due to environmental  factors . They have nice, to most, familiar and pleasant spicy fresh scent,  originating from aethorlum Lavandulae ( Lavender essential oil ) , and they are shrubs or bushes with small , whorled flowers on top of spikes. Meaning , If You have seen them once, You’d probably know them anywhere :D
Botanical illustration of Lavender
( Kohler )

They are used ( according to pharmacy ) to treat burns ( extremely efficient in such  ) and as a mild  neuro-tonic and sedative, also for some digestive disorders , such as meteorism  [1] ( taken  in a form of tea , or infusion, made from  followers ), vomiting and nausea.  It has also shown ( by clinical trials and studies  )  to  helps treating alopecia, and that it has mild analgesic , particularly in cases of nervous pains and headaches, and for migraine  prophylaxis, also in treating sore muscles, and is often used for rubbing in case of migraines and muscle pain. The essential oil can be used undiluted in smaller amounts, externally meaning , not ingested.  Due to  being rich in camphoric and citroline  compounds,  the oil ( and the dry  botanical that contains it )  makes a great  moth ( and other insect )  repellent.

In magick the use of Lavender is very wide and diverse.   It ranges from love, protection, purification,  chastity, longevity, peace of mind, peace in home and conjugal happiness, divination, and seeing spirits [2] It corresponds  to element of Air and Mercury , so it’s clear where  it’s mind and mood affecting powers come from J 

Ancient Romans have believed it to also be a strong demonifuge , hence the use of Lavdender for such in Mediterranean magickal infusions ( potions  ) and incenses. 

For purification, it’s often used in form of floorwahses or baths, the latter particularly when   aiming to reduce lustful  thoughts and aspirations, and is often combined with Camphor for such. According to late occult author, Cunningham Scott , carrying Lavender and inhaling it’s scent helps becoming able  to see spirits. And it is indeed found all over older European grimoires , as ingredient in suffumigation recipes, which were supposed to attract and make spirits  visible.

An example of such could include:

·         Gum Mastic

·         Acacia

·         Myrrh resin

·         Saffron

·         Lavender  flowers

·         Dragon’s blood

That would make a nice Ceremonial, and Spirit working incense formula J   I have  composed and posted many  formulas for incense with similar aim ,  also containing Lavender  before, some on this very blog in the post on Clairvoyance and Samhain 

It is often placed under pillow,  not only to ease the sleep, and allay nightmares and bad dreams, but also for a divinations regarding wish magick.  That is, having dreams regarding Your wish ( You’ve made )  was interpreted   as an  positive omen , announcing  satisfactory results. I was  suggested once ( by a friend Wiccan ) to use it in wish magick, and while I myself did not really saw  it as a “wish magick” herb,  the results have surprised me . Here is a simple  spell/ritual I used :

Lavender wishing spell

Lavender fields ( Provence )
During a waxing moon period, or on the Night of the Full  Moon ,  write Your wish in red ink ( preferably dragons blood but a nice pen shall work just fine ) on a parchment or brown paper ( grocery bag style )  . Fold it three times  towards oneself ( If You are trying to draw something or attain, If You are “wishing something away , fold away from oneself  ) and place it inside mojo bag with Lavender flowers, and a small quartz or turquoise crystal.

Go to a lavender bush and carry Your bag , then whisper :

Not out of greed or any ill will
But I need my wish to fulfill
Angels and benevolent spirits hear my plea
Make my wish come true so mote it be
Whit harm to none
Let this charm be done !

Hide the beg inside the lavender bush . After Your wish comes true , take back the bag , burn the paper and scatter the ashes with the lavender flowers from the bag, or bury them under same Lavender  bush,  giving thanks.

 The  results may surprise You, although not If You are being silly,  of course.  “I want a new 100.000$ worth cars with a pretty blonde coming  as bonus, by tomorrow”, is an example of wish that  that would be a challenge for a jinnee , let alone a  herb, regardless how magickal may it be haha

As I have mentioned , it can be used to reduce lust and inspire chastity.  Few will find a need for such nowadays ( >.< ), but nevertheless, those that may be needing spiritual help in such , may also find this  a very worthy formula indeed

Chastity charm

In a pure white mojo bag, place some Lavender flowers, Camphor resin, Hawthorn leaves, Onyx  crystal , with a Chastity Cross pendant or charm , or St Dymphna’s Holy Card. Dress with Cast off Evil oil, or Clarity oil, Essence of Van Van or Florida Water.  Women may add Rosemary instead of Hawthorn leaves, also. Alternatively, the Chastity Cross could be embedded on  the outer side   f  the  mojo bag, or even embroider it, in which case include St/ Dymphna’s image inside, not to disturb the odd number of   ingredients.

Lavender is prominently used as love and harmony, even peace herb, which  mostly  reflects through Hoodoo herbalism ( herbal magick )

Along the lines of Hoodoo Perfumery I though how it could be nicely combined with some Catnip and Vanilla to form a sweet, long lasting cologne, and  here is what I came up with, girls enjoy :D

Men magnet Cologne

·         70% alcohol  60 ml (  about 2 oz’s )

·         Lavender  essential oil 20 drops

·         Catnip essential oil 10-15 drops

·         5-10 drops of either Vanilla essential oil or Palmarosa essential oil

·         OPTIONAL: smallest pinch of brown sugar or few drops of honey

Shake well , refrigerate for at least a month before use, to get good quality scent, and then use. You can use small amount of Castor oil as a kind of fixative for essential oils in which case, first dilute essential oils synergic  blend in Castor oil, then add it all to the  alcohol.

Finished perfume could be  poured into a fine stylized glass bottle with a cork lid , and a small charged lodestone could be placed inside.

Lavender in Hoodoo herb magick

Lavender is a popular love herb in Hoodoo,  said to be very good to draw men , and sometimes  used  by homosexual men ( along with sassafras I think  ) and  also used   in  formulas such as Lavender love drops,  or other alike. Mixed with Red Clover  flowers and Rose petals it makes a great love charm and or formula.  It’s “Sweet balsamic”[3]   scent is used to  give odor to various occult oils , formulas and perfumes , in Hoodoo mostly for love and health [4] , though I personally may add some to “Spirit guide” formula, and even to Peaceful home on occasions.

It’s also said to promote Conjugal happiness and ends dispute between  couples, particularly when used in form of floorwash , often mixed with Rosemary and  White Rose petals for that [5]   Burn  some Lavender and Angelica  with Frankincense , and fume a family photo with  it , then place bellow a glass of water to which You have added some “Peaceful home”  oil  , in few drops, over the water as You prayed for tranquility in the family , to ease the tensions in a family. Later pour that “Peace water” ( from the glass, that stood over photo ) in some bottle and give  it to the family, alongside with a Rosemary twig to  sprinkl e it in their house.

Mix it with Camphor and Mint and burn in rituals to ease mental pain or fewer, or with Camphor and Frankincense to reduce lust.
NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself , therfore,   should You desire to use any part of it elswhere online,  add credits: Shadow of Shadows magick place,  , or a direct link to this post/article .
[2] Lavender is supposedly very efficient in eneabling seeing spirits, according to Cunningham , Scott , as noted in his “ Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of  Magcial Herbs”
[3] perfumery describes the  scent of Lavender as “balsamic sweet” and says it’s used   in versatile fashion in perfumery, according to  as described in “Dumonts kleines Lexicon Parfum”  by   Tobias Phele and Sylvia Jonas
[4] according to Lavender essential oil is used for “love and health work” , as stated on their page.
5] As stated in “Hoodoo herbs and root magick, a   materia magica of African American  Conjure” by Catherinh Yronwode, proprietor of above mentioned luckymojo shop and website
IMAGE CREDITS: The botanical illustration is from , page on Lavender , while   the other one. depicting Lavender fields is from , bith used here for illustrtrative , also explanatory purposes without  any sort of ill will

Sep 23, 2012

Conjurin' the Red Hoodoo

I have written of use of blue color, or rather blue colored curios in Hoodoo before, in my article "Hoodoo blues" , and have decided to do the same,  regarding the color red, which is so prominently used  in Hoodoo too.

Red  Ochre powder
Whether  it’s Red ochre ,  red brick, Cayenne,  or any other red curio or formula, Hoodoo  associates power, fierce and quick drawing qualities with such. It is no mistake that color red is corresponding to Protective, Blockbuster and thunderous deities In Hoodoo, such as St. Michael  the Archangel, St Barbara or Chago Loa, and we can even see red
Being’ one of the colors that correspond to Legba.   Speed and drawing/conjuring things is also commonly seen as “red” in Hoodoo,  and therefore candles  dedicated to St.Expedite  are often red wax dyed candles.

It’s also correspondent to love, passion , attraction and even luck drawing, for the Red Fast Luck formula is red indeed, and the color often comes from flakes of Alkanet root in it.

Much like Fire and South , to which color corresponds,  the red in Hoodoo ( and in magick ) is a powerful adjunct to any kind of spiritual work, in terms of speed and power. Blood which is red, is sacred , and ties to ancestral, constantly flows, hence is an enlivening,  and radiant , beckoning spiritual energies. To color seems to share the properties.

Fiery wall of protection products are often associated with  fire and color red and share it’s protective and “fiery” ( hence the name  ) qualities. Most of the    botanicals used  in the  formulae correspond to fire, Mars or Sun.


Reddening is a New-Orleans Voodoo Hoodoo style folk ritual/spell  of laying lines made of powdered red bricks in front of doors, windows or even around yard and house. It is believed that this practice originates from using red ochre ( a natural dye Fe2O3, anhydride of yellow Ochre (  or just Ochre, Fe2O3 x 5H20 ), traditionally used in Africa as a skin dye and apotropaic agent.  Ochre naturally occurs as clay and is sometimes used as material or part of material for making a poppet, to work sympathetic ( image ) magick on someone, more so in African derived traditions.

Red bricks and chunks and pieces of them, are used to make the traditional 3 cross marks on Mamzelle Leveaux’s grave , as a part of wishing or rather petitioning ritual,  performed at her resting place. 
Powdered red birck dust, makes for a Hoodoo powder “pre excellence” , use to nullify conjure work, preferably that focused on objects , or even foot track magick. It’s commonly used to sprinkle over powders and objects or liquids , lain down in crossing work , such as foot track magick or sprinkling Hot foot powder where someone will walk over it. Sprinkling such with Red brick dust powder , renders such crossing harmless.  

Seems though, that like many curios of  New Orleans style conjure, red brick is  a two-headed conjure, for it can be used to cross , or swell a men as Zora Neale Hurston recorded in her folkloric work : “Mules and men”   , which says:
So Pierre took me with him to steal a new brick. We took the brick home and dressed nine black candies by writing e offensive doctor's name on each. His name was written nine times on a piece of paper and placed face down on the brick. It was tied there securely with twine. We put the black candles to burn, one each day for nine days, and then Pierre dug a well to the water table and slipped the brick slowly to the bottom. "Just like the brick soaks up the water, so that man will swell." [1]

 I have also read of Crossing Hoodoo jar spell  , recently,  that utilizes   brick, rusty nails, beans, and other things, all in  nine amounts [2]  
Red Hoodoo dyes

     Certain botanical contain natural  red dyes  and are often used to give color to oils in Hoodoo  ( or other type of formulae if/when needed )  , such as Alkanet root ( Alakana tinctoria )    , Puccon root or Bloodroot ( Sanginaria candiensis ) Cayenne pepper flakes ( Capiscum annum )  , Red Sandalwood powder   ( Pterocarpus Santalinum ) even Dragon’s blood resin  (  Dracaena Drako ), or common Onion peel ( Allium ) , and are all source of dye but have magickal use as well 
     You’ll probably use flakes of Alkanet to tint “Red fast luck”, for they  are protective of those that would wish to Jinx our money, while You’d probably go for Cayenne pepper flakes or   Onion peels in oil that’s supposed to banish or move ( away  ) someone or something. Fiery wall of protections contains Sandlwood ( often red one, to give color, even though Red Sandalwood is really a love related botanical  ) and Dargon’s blood resin ,  as those are protective and fiery.

Hmm, That inspired  me ;
Red Hoodoo powder:

Red Cayenne flakes,
an apotropaic botanical
·         Red brick dust, powdered
·         Dragon’s blood resin
·         Cayenne flakes 

Pulverize , If You wish add to a base of talc powder dyed red. If You use minerals such as Saltpeter or Epsom salts , it would make a nice “Run Dev*l Run” type of sprinkle.
Use as uncrossing or evil banishment agent, also could be used in offensive magick  too ( Red brick dust, and Cayenne are also used in Crossings , and Dragon blood is ingredient often found in “Dark arts” formulae or “pact working ) ,  and can of course, due to containing Red brick dust,  be sprinkled on “fixed” items , to render them harmless.   

Red Fast Luck

It’s a Hoodoo condition oil formula, as recorded by folklorist Zora Neale Hurston, red in color,  containing either

·         Cinnamon
·         Wintergreen
·         Vanilla
·         Flakes of Alkanet ( for color )

Modern versions may include lodestones, even pyrite chips , orange peels and what not. These are however not parts of the formula as originally recorded by Hurston  , or
·         Citronella essential oil diluted
·         PRESUMED: red dye

Again as recorded by Hurston,  this one could be referring to a lucky floorwash they use in New  Orleans, being simply diluted Citronella in water.
Now I said Red Fast luck , and not simply Fast luck as usually referred , to evade confusing it with yet another formula, containing  Bergamot ,as well as one ingredient of red Fast luck version 1 , as given above,   plus the third ingredient, an Asian grass  [3] which was traditional in New  Orleans and was   pale yellow colored .  

Also , it should be wisely to add here, that even though I myself  ( for my own workings ) as well as many suppliers will dye  Fast luck ( or rather Red fast luck ) red, it’s commonly sold in form of oil that has two layers, red and green,  alluding to the versatile use an nature of the oil , which can be use in love and money matters.
Therfore, Fast luck, as the name cunningly suggests  brings fast, though  most often very short lasting luck, and is as such preffered in things that may require luck in a hurry , quick money , love, lottery games and slot machine games .

It smells so very  fairly , that it can be used as magickal perfume as well.
Wickedly red

Another thing is closely related to color red , and often associated with same in Hoodoo, and it’s the De*il.   In all honesty  , attributing red to the Wicked one, may not be  an example   of  Christian, or/nor  other kind   of spiritual influence  on Conjure  ( Hoodoo and Creole Voodoo  ) as  an system, but rather an example of commercialism and it’s effect on anything really. Or an example of a trend, influencing magick  like anythin’ else that has to do with human beings.  See the trend of depicting the wicked one as horned, red figure was common even in midleage artwork, and later in modern days ,  prominently seen on commercial labels. A certain ( and quite famous  )  laundry detergent ( name beginning with “P”, ending with an “l” ) have once had a label clearly depicting red devil, and some   lye suppliers in States still use  red devil on their  stickers and labels of all sorts.
Hence, an example is “Red Devil Lye” which is use in Hoodoo in some places, by means of burring four  unopened containers with labels facing outwards in four corners of the yard, to ward off enemies, and is reportedly  very effective [4] Yronwode, Catherine “Hoodoo Herb and Root magic “
Red Devil image , is also often seen on various Hoodoo formula packages and labels such as Run Devil Run or Chinese wash, to name just   a couple of them J

NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself, therfore If You wish to use any part of it elswhere online add credits: Shadow of Shadows magick place, ,  or a direct link to this post
[1] quoted from : 
[2] as stated on
[4] Yronwode, Catherine “Hoodoo Herb and Root magic “, entry of "red lye"
Image depicting Ochre powder ( first image ) is from  , and slightly edited here by myself, used  here for  explanatory and illustrativ e purposes, without any ill will. Second image, showing   Cayenne pepper flakes is from  edited  by me for use here, and  used , as the previous one withou t any ill will

Sep 20, 2012

September Christian spiritualism and Equinox magick

We are  amidst that part of the year,  the autumnal equinox, on which the  day and  night durations are equated.  It announces the dark part of the year, the period of darkness, apathy,   reflection and introspection.  The time of the year when nature sleeps , and pagan deities associated with  nature and growths  , leave the dominion over nature to their dark counterparts for  few next months.  It’s not all that dark though, for If You ask me , autumn and winter make great chance for self-improvement, learning,  and banishing ill and unwanted.  And the September is simply the best month to get ready for this period. Hence why Pagans see it as Harvest festival, referring to it as Mabon often, name modeled after a character in  Arthurian legends.  The equinox falls ( occurs ) anywhere from 21st to 24th of September, and this year ( 2012th ) it’s on 22nd of September, around 14 o’ clock, or 2PM. 

 Regarding practical spiritual work it’s a period of thanksgiving, Blessing, Harvesting and  finishing up  things that are long overdue, procrastinated.  It’s also a time for amendment,  ending disputes, quarrels, arguments of all kinds, and preparing for winter, by gathering energy, material magicka and performing appeasing and protective   rites and ceremonies of all kinds.

Old women and cunning women would place an  handkerchief over a shoulder , and would   smudge and/or cense  people with incense made from Fern leafs, Myrtle and Pine needles  ,  to end confrontations and fights.    It’s good time to ensure abundance during the  long winter , sometimes also cruel nights, which is traditionally done by folk ceremonies and communal rites, where the fruit s of all kind and vegetables were collected and then smudged with herbs such as Thyme, Yarrow, and other available. Smudging  these fruits of nature Is an example of symbolic or even sympathetic magick ( in a way ) for this  gifts of nature, smudged were “blessed and protected” to endure and remain despite the winter, and so  would the abundance as a concept   they embody . This is often done publicaly, on fields, on a cloth made from  9 different color yarns,  but of course , it can be adopted  to solitary practice and performed in the coziness  of Your home, by using a fine , new stylish cloth ( or even handkerchief ) to spread the fruits, vegetable and /or herbs ,  or they can simply be placed in some sort of bowl.

Now the ritual I wish to perform this Year is what I simply call “The Consecration of the Cross” , and it shares some similarities with smudging the fruits and vegetables, at least in the goal and aim department lol. Once consecrated during either equinox or Feast of the Cross  ( 14th of September , also called Exaltatio Sanctae Crucis , or among the Orthodox Christian Exaltation/Elevation  of the Precious and/or Life-bearing cross , mind though that some Orthodox Churches still use  Julian Calendar for their services, meaning that according to mundane, Gregorian calendar, among the some Orthodox Christian places this holiday on 28th of September )  the Cross becomes a  powerful relic, that when used with faith    bestows healing, protection and  victory over evil.

Feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross commemorates tow events:  Finding of the Cross by the Empress  Helena , mother of St Constantine the great , and the retrival of the Cross from in 627th year AD, when the Emperor Heraclius ,  decisively defeated Persians at  Nineveh and thus recovered the Holy Cross. 

 Empress Helena, searching for the Cross had encountered it under some temple of Venus, as instructed by certain Jewish old man called Judas. According to myth, she had also found the Basil plant, growing on Golgotha, on that spot. She had also found two more crosses, so she was wondering how will she be able to determine which one of them is the actual, True Cross, The Life-giving Cross as also said. Incidentally ( or maybe not ) there was a funeral procession passing nearby, so the empress decided to make somewhat a test. The body of the dead man, carried by procession was placed on each side of every Cross. With the first two, nothing came to be, but upon placing body on the third Cross the man had miraculously returned to life. Also, certain ailing women had kissed the same Cross and had miraculously healed. At this point It was clear, that very Cross was the Ture, Life-giving Cross.

The second event commemorated on this very day is recovering of the Cross, by emperor Heraclius in 627th year AD, when the Persians were defeated at the battle of Nineveh. The Emperor had then, along with Patriarch Zacharias , transferred the True Cross to the Temple of Resurrection in Jerusalem.

Before we proceed with the ritual instructions, it’s wise to note two other Holy days  in the same period  , according to Orthodox Christian calendar.   One is commemoration of St. Michael the Archangel’s miracle at  Collosae ( Chonae ). 

The Story speaks of Holy and miraculous sprig , appearing in place  Chonae in Phygia, after a prophecy that such will happen by by St. John the Theologian and St. Philip the Apostle.  They have also fortold the appearance of St. Michael the Archangel, which also fulfilled later. The sprig had healead many at that point, even  mute daughter of well known pagan from Ladoicea, who had, in an act of gratitude build a Church to St. Michael over the sprig, for it was the very Archangel Michael that appeared in his drea m with instructions to take his daughter to the sprig.  Jealous of  all attention and prosperity this Christian sanctity had been receiving local pagans comploted to destroy the Church by  means of constructing a dike,  that was  to   deviate the course of the  river , so it would wash away the miraculous sprig and the Church.  A young man, Archhipus, who settled by the Church ( where he had liven, eaten etc.  ever since the  very first time the Church was   constructed ) prayed  for salvation of the church and the spring. As a result of his devoted and sincere prayers, Archangel Michael appeared and opened a fissure in a nearby, large rock, and the water  plunged through    it, so both the Church  and the healing sprig were  saved.   Hence the name Chonae ( means plunging ) , and ST Archipus lived there peacefully until the age of  70, when he righteously ascended to G’d.

So it occurs to me why not petition St. Michael on this day, If we need salvation from some serious threat, particularly If we need swift help,   the kind that surpasses mundane human abilities and efforts .  Or to prevent some  sort of possible accident or catastrophe.

Simply light a candle  for him on an altar, with his image, next to a glass of water dedicated to him,  and place Your petition, written on a torn up brown p aper ( grocery bag  style )  beneath of behind Arhangel Michaels image. Offer a heartfelt prayer to him,  and let the candle burn all the way down. Alternatively, You  could as well, devide candle into seven partitions  and make this a Seven day candle type ritual, though offer new glass of water, as a “tribute” to the Saint each day.  When the petition is granted You could “feed the Saint” by affixing some  Grains of Paradise seeds behind his image [1]

I wrote about working with St.Michael the Archangel before, maybe You’ll find it inspirational J

Another day celebrated,  before Equinox,  both by  Catholic and Orthodox  Christians is Nativity of Virgin Mary ( or Mother Mary, Thotokos  in Greek Orthodox )  falling on September the 8th  ( mind though  that services in some Christian Orthodox churches are still done following Julian celnder, while Gregorian is used as secular, which means, the Nativity of Mother Mary , for example , would be celebrated on 21st of September, according to “mundane”  Gregorian calendar )  and commemorating and celebrating the miraculous birth of Mother Mary  by her elderly and previously barren parents St. Joachim and St. Anna. It is interesting to note here, how Catholic and Orthodox Christians do not agree that  Mother Mary’s  immaculate conception ,  meaning Orthodox believe ( unlike Catholic ) she has not been purged of the ancestral sin we all inherit by birth, least at Annunciations, or prevented by G’d from transmission of same ( ancestral sin ) upon her birth.  Both however agree that she was free of desires and urges akin to mankind, and therefore often referred  as Most pure Virgin.

Following quote illustrates  the Orthodox doctrine quite well :

"The Orthodox church does not accept the Catholic dogma of 1854 -- the dogma of the immaculate conception of the Virgin, in the sense that she was exempt at birth from original sin. This would separate her from the human race, and she would then have been unable to transmit to her Son humanity. But Orthodoxy does not admit in the all-pure Virgin any individual sin, for that would be unworthy of the dignity of the Mother of God." Sergius Bulgakov, The Orthodox Church. Crestwood: St Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1997. [2]

Regardless of   dispute in terms of doctrines by theologians, regarding the matter, it is acknowledged by all of them, that her conception was miraculous, being that her parents very of age, and barren at the    point. This makes it  Nativity of  Virgin Mary, a great opportunity ,  for barren people to petition and pray to the Mother Mary and  The Lord Himself , for the aid in resolving their issue.

One of many artistic depictions of
St.Joseph of Cupertino
Another “red letter” holiday in Catholic calendar  in September, that should be mentioned here is  feast day of St Joseph  of Cupertino,  considered patron Saint of Air Travels/ing and studies and taking test. His feast day is 18th of September. He lived a very commendable, humble life and would often give away his own clothes to the  poor. He was very devoted, ecstatic even, for he would sometimes levitate during meditations , and prayers of his, hence the coo name “Flying Monk”. Use the opportunity to petition this Saint for success in upcoming  year in Your studies and safety on Your travels, particularly if Your  means of transportation include airplanes and/or helicopters.

According to Catholic Christian Calendar, another  Feast day worth  being drawn attention at here , is St. Cosma and Damian’s feast day on Septemebr 26th , more on how to work with them, I have written in one of my previous entries.  Petition them for healing, particularly for serious ailments,  and also  for expelling of  the “live things” in patients.
Cross Benediction  Ritual                                    

I’ve composed the ritual to use it myself, modeling after  the practice done in orthodox Churches on this  day, when the Holy Cross ( that is replicas  and models  of the same of course ) are placed in Churches  for faithful people that attend the service, to kiss, and pray before,  all in m emory of discovery of the True Holy Cross, by empress Helena ( see  description of the events that took place on this day during “Biblical times” , earlier in the text ) and  in grace and glory of his miraculous power.

·         Find a suitable standing Cross ( like those for altars ) or even a Cross pendant, or any kind of Cross dear to You that You would like to consecrate and bless, and plan on using in times of need

·         You can cleanse it before use, If You think that is needed (eg. If belonged to someone else, or You’ve found it somewhere, or was placed on sick person to heal them etc. )  You can  drive it through incense of Sage for this , or Sprinkle with some Florida water

·         Light  three new White candles on Your altar and set them so as to form a triangle

·         In the Centre Place a Cross,  Incense burner ( censer ) and If You have , small vial ( or other kind of pure container ) with some Holy Water*

·         Now  burning some Frankincense in the Censer ( If You wish You may add some St.John’s wart or Hyssop as well )  driving  the Cross through the smoke,   read Psalm 62nd

·         Then Sprinkle the Cross with the Holy water* and say : “In the Name Father, Son and the Holy Spirit , Amen”Finally,  near the center of the triangle formed by candles,  spread some fresh Basil twigs, or dry basil , to sort of make a “bed” for the Cross. Place a Cross on it, and sprinkle some more Basil on it.  Express Your petition for consecration of the Cross, to be a powerful relic and weapon against evil spirits in the hand of the righteous, and ask Lord for his Divin e aid in such.  Holding hands over the Cross ( or breathing and speaking near it as You pray, so that Your breath “infuses ” it as You pray )  read prayer to the Venerable Cross ( or Prayer to the Holy Cross as known among Orthodox Christian )  which is as follows:

Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered; and let those who hate Him flee from His presence. As smoke vanishes, let them vanish; and as wax melts from the presence of fire, so let demons perish from the presence of those who love God and who sign themselves with the sign of the Cross and say in gladness: Hail, most precious and life-giving Cross of the Lord, for Thou drivest away the demons by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ crucified on thee, Who went down to hades and trampled on the power of the devil, and gave us thee, his venerable Cross, for driving away all enemies. O most precious and life-giving Cross of the Lord, help me, with our Holy Lady, the Virgin Mother of God, and with all the Saints throughout the ages. Amen. [3]


·         Place the Cross in some nice box, on Your altar, or in some nice pouch  bag, where it shall be safe from nosey  people that have no business with such. Use in times of need to heal, bless or exorcize and banish evil, or place on altar during important rituals.

There , I sincerely hope You find this  article interesting and informative ( and therefore useful ), Have a Blessed and productive September, and good luck in all Your endeavors

Shadow J

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 [1] The way of feeding the Saint’s as suggested by Sir Ray T Malbrough, “Hoodoo    mysteries “ 
[2] As found on

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