Oct 25, 2011

All Hallow's eve, when the veil is thin 2

Ideas and spells

When All Hallows eve approaches, the Autumn is already well settled in, the days are shorter and nights darker. For most of the population this time is associated with popularized and commercialized festivities, dressing up and scary movie marathons on TV, seen in dark but warm and cozy atmosphere with a lot of candies at hand.
But do some people know better ? Which people ? Ah yes, witch people  indeed . Occult community is rarely bothered with such profane celebrations, because they understand the true meaning behind this gloomy but powerful holiday.
For witch, occultist or any other magick practitioner, this is time of both action and introspection. Time to embrace the darker aspect of oneself to draw power and learn from it. To “ride the broom” metaphorically and ( why not ) astraly  Well now, on the historical background and symbolism of the Holliday as well as correspondences I have written some time ago here http://shadowsmagickplace.blogspot.com/2010/10/all-hallows-eve-night-when-veil-is-thin.html

And here are few ideas You could do Yourself, with just a bit of effort and time, to celebrate this time of power when the veil between the worlds is so very thin and “anything” is possible. Ideas may seem “different” than commonly suggested necromantic spells , divinations and spirit honoring ( of which I wrote in previously mentioned post, above given link ) as they encompass not so typical goals for this particular time of year . However this is a time when one can tap to great sources of magickal power, so why limit oneself , be creative , Carpe diem 

Green pumpkin spell

This is a rather nifty and according to broad experience very powerful prosperity spell employing pumpkins

Into a a carved, prepared pumpkin, with candle lit, place a square piece of fabric in which You have previously placed pine needles, lavender leafs , Saffron roots, and few crystals of sea salt. Fabric must be green, herbs placed inside like in sachet ( sew or paste if You need ), and is placed inside pumpkins mouths. I suppose that symbolizes “feeding the spirits” . Then through the “eyes and nose” of the pumpkin a single silver coin is passed into pumpkin, through each, meaning three altogether, two eyes opening and one nose. Now the spell source said how the spell is middle- aged, hence I would suppose silver coins where a every-day common thing at the time. I suppose we could use our volute nowadays. Through the pumpkin openings also add one silver and one gold piece of thread or yarn with ten knots previously knotted. Source further notes how the spell brings financial increase in few days or less. [1]

You could do something similar, place a green candle in pumpkin and freely add some sesame seed, rice and perhaps some corn, pine needles and patchouli or basil leafs as You speak some soothing incantation

“I honor the spirits in this Sacred night
Thirst and hunger may be quenched
So they’ll put misfortune to flight
And bring to me/us some needed wealth ! “

The symbolisms should be clear here, seeds used represent prosperity and food , given to spirits to honor and appease them in hope they’ll do same for us

Power pumpkin spell

Carve some symbol, like pentacle on pumpkin instead of commonly seen faces. Place inside a purple candle, some Solomon seal roots or Sandalwood chips, Indigo powder , or some Echinacea root and add some Mullein leaves and Lavender or Rosemary. Light two more white candles next to the pumpkin so that they form a triangle with one inside. Place Opal, or Onyx stone inside the pumpkin, near the candle base.

If You have , dress candles with some appropriate oil, such as "Master key" or "Power oil" or "Black arts even" , though that’s optional. Light that purple candle inside the pumpkin and chant seven times :

When veils between the worlds are thin,
And spirits walk among the living
We embrace dark/shadow outside and within
Seeking the power ever growing
Old ones , Once before me
I Invoke You, Aid me
In my quests, Spirits, bless me
And with power, gift me !
And by the power of the Three
As I wish, so mote it be !

Let the candles burn themselves out. Some of the remaining wax from the pumpkin candle, white candles and herbs and roots from pumpkin place in some nice, new indigo or purple pouch bag, along with that crystal You used. Carry or employ in rituals for extra power. Replace each year, burring or burning the last year’s contents, all but stone which You may use again.

All Hallows eve second sight potion

Wiccans and witches commonly ritually consume ( drink ) Absinthe , also called “Green Fairy”, on this day. However Absinthe is very strong , and has large percent of both alchohol and psychoactive alkaloids, hence it’s not suitable for minors or those that cannot really handle alcohol. Also If You simply desire to attain divinatory prolific effect of it, but not the intoxicating effect ( lol ) try this potion instead:
• Teaspoon of chopped, dry dandelion roots
• Teaspoon of Mugwort, herb, dry
• Teaspoon of Yarrow flowers
• Very nice pinch of Cinnamon
• Few rose petals or Wild rose buds OPTIONAL
Pour a cup of boiling spring water over the herbs and cover for 13 minutes. Afterwards, stir thirteen times, strain, sweeten with honey If You wish, and drink.
One could add some chopped apple ( “fruit of knowledge” ) or peeled and grinded Ginger rhizome ( power enhancing ) to make the taste more “seasonal” and appealing.

If You can, light some candles for all that died in all sort of catastrophes and calamities last year, and for those burnt at stakes long time ago, as well as for dear and familiar spirits. Also do not forget to light protective candles, and deploy shielding charms all around and in Your dwelling, and carry with oneself, for on All Hallows eve even malevolent spirits get tht desire to “socialize” and are more pestiferous that the rest of the year. It’s also a good time to vanquish something negative , and to send it away, and as suggested above get some money coming ( which I always seem to lack :D ) and finally
Many Blessings and stay safe :)
Shadow !

NOTES: This post ( article ) was written and composed by myself, hence If You want to use it elsewhere, feel free, but add credits Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or direct link to this post. All spells, except the first green pupkin spell, were written by myself
CREDITS : [1] Spell was translated, adapted and edited by myself, from the original found in loacal ( where I live ) Occult magazine "Bakini recepti za srecu" ( lit. "Granny's recipes for luck ) NO 1. October 2011th, used for informative purposes without any ill will
IMAGE CREDITS : First image
Second image
http://www.wiccanwallpapers.com/wallpapers/all-hallows-eve-1024-x-768.jpg Used for ILLUSTRATIVE purposes only, without any ill will

Oct 18, 2011

FInding lost articles

In this post we will just be ( briefly ) discussing few methods of finding lost items, for there seems to be an ever-pending interest for such magick. And it’s no wonder, really, for most of people do loses something almost every day, be it just a dropped coin. As to that, apparently to find money that You might have lost all one needs to do is to “kiss a Negro” [1] rofl ;)

Hoodoo people will commonly seek aid of either Lord Himself, or St Anthony, to find lost items, usually in form of prayer. Now since it’s a method of folk magick, rather than religious praying, prayers can be made up by oneself, honestly offered anywhere, anytime and they can even appear in form of simple rhyme! Most of folk prayers to Saint Anthony for finding lost articles rhyme, and contain but few rhymes made easy to memorize and chant. It’s customary to give some sort of thanks to Lord or Saint that aided us in finding lost article.

Witches use various forms of spells, sometimes ( thought that’s rarely done ) addressing to some deities to aid them in their quest, but most frequently simply using the power of symbolism and sympathetic magick. They will often invoke aid of certain deities in restoring stolen good, and compelling theft to return them or reveal themselves ( rather cunning examples of such magick appear in Heka ) but this is another type of magick, really. Stolen articles and lost articles, though each absent from us are not the same, and therefore are not dealt with in the same manner in occultism. In Middle ages, it was said that witches and sorcerers would lay a hand on their familiars ( most often cats and birds were used for this ) and would spoke some incantation that would ask the aid of animal to help them find what they have lost. The animal would then either guide them, or would occasionally even bring back the lost article.

Another frequent method used to help finding lost items is seek of guidance through
dream incubation. Invoking aid of St. Anthony is a simple example of guidance seeking. Dream incubation might include anything from inspiring prophetic dreams or visions of lost items in dreams, to asking from guidance from Higher sources in dreams.
The best time for such magick, is really anytime, for time correspondences in such cases is often a luxury one simply cannot afford, and the urgency of finding what’s lost takes precedence. If You can however, perform magick for finding lost articles in Mercury correspondent day, hours or in time of full Moon, or in Midday. Also any days and hours good for general divination will work here as well .
Now let’s go through a few simple example, for this is, as I often stress out a “practical” blog :)

Spell to find a lost item

Take a new piece of paper, and draw as best as You are able, in all possible riches of detail, the item/s ( or even a person ) that You have lost. It’s favorable to have a light blue candle lit as You do this. Now simply wrap the paper around a lodestone ( charged ) and carry it on Your behalf and sleep on it. Alternatively, You could sprinkle some lodestone dust or brown sugar on a paper and then fold it thrice towards oneself, place in small sachet ( preferably blue or yellow ) and also carry on Your behalf and sleep on it.

Prayer/s to Saint Anthony

There is a whole host or, short rhyming folk prayers to Saint Anthony to help us find what we have lost, be it an item or a person. Sometimes they were “composed” by a single person and handled down to successors as a part of family tradition. Here are few examples:
St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Please come down
Something is lost
And can't be found
Next one comes from Chicago ;

Dear St. Anthony, I pray
Bring it back, without delay.

Though You can always make up Your own, that should ( in the spirit of the tradition ) rhyme, and hence could represent, sort of Your personal way of petitioning the Saint.
For example ( my own phrasing )

St. Anthony please, help me out
Where have I lost that , to find out
Guide me and lend me clarity
Or bring the item into ( my ) proximity

Or something like that , You get the idea 

Finally, it’s wise to note here , seems that people of all traditions and roots ( origins, nationalities ) have used this ( magickal ) mean of tracking down lost stuff, be them Christians or not. It is important however that when a Saint grants Your request, You express Your gratitude ( I feel bit silly for having to point this out, but I ought to, just in case ) , and a common way of giving thanks to Saint Anthony are ex votos.
You can ask G’d, directly as described in one entry { 13161; 3rd Edition, 2002 } in anthropological Work of Henry Middletone Haytt, “Folklore in Adam County Illinois”


Either take a piece of paper with possible locations of the item ( start with broader categories, them go on more specific one, elimination method ) or go straight forward and take a map. Light a purple candle and ask Your higher source to aid You in finding the lost item. Around the chain or cord of Your pendulum wrap the piece of paper with the description of the item, or hold ( alongside the pendulum ) any form of link to this object in Your hand. I dress the top of the crystal ( or whatever You might use as pendulum ) with “Spirit guide oil” or “Psychic vision oil”. You could use any oil associated with some specific Deity who’s help You’d like to invoke. Now simply scry ( dowse ) with the crystal as You normally would.

Guiding spell

On a piece of paper describe what You have lost on one side, and on the other, draw an All seeing eye, or AGLA symbol. Place it under glass of bowl of Blessed spring water, symbol side pointed upward.
Light Angelic Influence candle ( or any candle of nice, soothing pale blue color ) and place next to it a small glass with Blessed spring water . Place some Althaea root nearside as well, and preferably also place a piece of Quartz, or Amethyst alongside. Then chant

“Guding spirits/angels, I need Your assistance,
For I have misplaced something dear
Bless me with knowledge and clairvoyance,
And bring me to what I’ve lost, be it far or near” 3X-7X

Use just few drops of that water to dress Your third eye, and let the candle burn itself out. Wrap the paper around the crystal and sleep on this charm . In the morning pour the water outside. Carry the charm with You until You find the item. Then burn the paper, scattering ashes to the wind and giving thanks to spirits.

Dream incubation

While spell used to gain answers through dreams , not being a typical/specific “ find lost article” spell, it should be obvious how it can be constructivel y employed in such case
There are many examples throughout classical grimoires, among others perhaps that from Clavicula Solomonis, “To get answers in/through dreams"

If You have had the badfortune to misplace something, I do hope this article and ideas presented here might help : )

NOTE: This article was written and composed by myself, therefore should You desire to use any part of it elsewhere, give credits : Shadow of Shadows magick place or Shadow-333@hotmail.com or direct link to this post
CREDITS: [1] According to entry 13163 in “Folklore in Adam County Illinois” third edition, 2002th, by Harry Middletone Hyatt
[2] Source of prayers :
www.luckymojo.com more precise http://www.luckymojo.com/saintanthony.html , site proprietor’s informants contributions
IMAGES source : Wikipedia, page on St Anthony

Many Blessings

Oct 4, 2011

Magick of "live things in You"

One of the folkloric signatures/trademarks of Hoodoo is a practice of, what we could freely call a subgenera of Conjure, causing and treating “live things in You” . Rootworkers and Conjurers alike, seem to profoundly believe that it’s possible to cause animals such as snakes , insects, lizards to live inside someone’s body by means of “magickal poisoning” . Simply put, victim is fed with animal curios or powders, most often without their knowledge, and doing so being inflicted with a specific type of crossing condition called “live things in You” or simpler “live things”. Folk of Southern States will swear they’ve witnessed animals crawling under one’s skin, of those crossed, hoodooed, or cursed unfortunate individuals. In such case, they say, orthodox medicine cannot help, so the help of the root doctor ( as opposed to medical doctor ) is sought. And the rootdoctors or conjurers shall in such case prescribe versatile methods of removing this simple condition, be them simple as spreading some lard mixed with the milk of a black cow on anus, or be them as serious as making incisions and drawing blood.

Among people of Balkan peninsula, there is a similar belief still kept alive at remote mountain villages, that certain animal curios can cause, if ingested due to neglect or simple mind-slip, infection by living smaller animals or serpents. Typical example would be drinking from sprig in which horse’s hair has recently fallen in ( naturally ) , which causes snakes to live inside drinkers body. The methods of removing such “parasites” include making noises with metal dishes and dressing someone’s body with milk of a black animal, placing egg inside their mouths to draw snakes out, all often accompanied by shouting incantations. The apparent difference between Hoodoo and Eastern European people, regardin’ these beliefs, seems to be that Eastern Europeans mostly believe that infection with live things can not be caused intentionally.

Hoodoo people seem to have “inherited” this belief from Native American Indians, for this belief is prominently present in most of the Indian tribes and different traditions. Indians have always used things as frog spawns, eggs, snake eggs, animal hair to magickaly “poison” their enemies, often causing things to live inside them. However, admitably by some of very Indian witchdoctors themselves , they would often use tricks to make it seem as this phenomenon/condition took place. For example, they would dress someone’s but cheeks with mixture of honey and some chewed- up herbs, and as they finish the chants, would cunningly release the insects , previously hidden in their hands or down their sleeves. For people it was easy to believe that those animals came from inside of the affected person’s body.

In my humble opinion, it could have been that these beliefs of small animals living in someone’s body, developed simultaneously in various parts of the world. Let’s not forget that all up to late middle ages it was ( medically ) believed that various human infections are caused by small lizards or spiders living inside patient’s blood, and that the blood drawing from neck artery was standard medical procedure as well as skull perforation.

Some folklorist believe that most of such superstitions ( related to “live things inside You” ) are merely an urban legend based on some metaphorical elements of Indian or old European superstations, fueled and perpetuated by people that see it as a good chance to earn some money out of it, or scare their children from taking alcoholic beverages from strangers and suspicious people.
On the other side, many experienced and respected conjurers attest the existence of phenomenon, just not it’s frequency, to phrase myself that way. Simply put, it happens, it’s quite nasty ( from what I’ve heard, and read ), but I’s not common at all, rather actual cases are quite rar e.

Hence, it is very important for professional spiritual worker ( one that does work for others/clients ) to know how to fight or undo such condition, and bring forth healing and peace at once, for ( should I even state the obvious ) it’s excruciating and very agonizing experience.

Dealing with the condition and removing it

Throughout the years, being keenly inquisitive about the condition, I’ve encountered many methods of removing live things from someone. While very versatile, those methods , they all seem to have one common goal, expelling the live things out. So perhaps instead of uncrossing, such methods could be seen as exorcism methods ( in occult sense of the word, not religious ! ) even though they are still apotropaic methods nevertheless.

Rootworkers most commonly use roots fort this ( what a surprise  lol ) often in combination with some method of making person throw up, or drawing their blood. Sometimes, potions are given for victims to ingest, which have emetic properties, be it in magickal or medicinal sense of the word.

For example, there a method combining roots and blood drawing described in entry in Haytt’s “Folklore in Adam County, Illinois” where a man was inflicted with a living lizard and beetle in his arm. Conjure doctor tied a piece of cord, very firmly, around his arm, chewed up “some root” and spit it out in bottle. Then the root doctor drawn the blood from man’s arm, by making incision on it, then collected it in the same bottle, where he had previously spat up the roots. The members of the afflicted man’s family were strongly suggested not to inspect the content of the bottle until the root doctor would return the next day. When the root doctor came back he showed them the contents of the bottle, just to see a lizard and beetle inside. The afflicted man had gotten well since then, according to the entry , in the mentioned work. [1]
Now the roots that rootworker used in the story could have been anything really, but most commonly used are
• Poke root
• Black cohosh and
• Galangal , known also as Small John da’ chew root, or Courtcase root, ingredient of courts case and sometimes Justo Juez and African Ju Ju oil

I would not chew the Poke root too long though  emetic , very strong as to that
Now, of course rootworker from the story could have been using something else at the time, but the metioned roots are best choices to use in removal of live things. They can be brewed into some sort of potions, alone or with other ingredient such as alum and black cohosh for example. I’ve even read of using saltpeter and olive oil in combination with certain root, and giving this to sick person to ingest. [2]
Now, as I have mentioned somewhere at the beginning of the article black cow’s milk is another ingredient commonly used , often in salves or ointments used on rectum area, and in such case live animals can be drawn out through the very mentioned area.

A Santeria friend shared with me a method, that according to them anyone can try, as it’s safe and gives very good result, especially if undertaken sooner after supposed magical “infection” with live things. What You need is
• Smaller container of consecrated water
• Black hen’s egg, and
• Broom, preferably new, or the one You use in ritual cleansing

The “patient” is prayed over, for healing, while often cross marks are made over them with broom, as the Santeria practitioner prays. He or she then rolls the black hen’s egg over the whole body of the afflicted, thoughtfully as much as the occasion allows. Some of the consecrated water is then used to sprinkle clean white sheets in which the person is wrapped in. The eggs Is then broken and the contents released into the container with the remaining water. Blood or smaller animals may appear from the egg, nevertheless the whole content is disposed of, safely, burring, burning or flushing down the toilet.

My friend that shared the method with me, noted that he learned as it as a “folk cure” , not some method we could notably call Santerian. [3]

There is a method, noted as Hoodoo, but with questionable origins and even
source [4] ( though seems Hoodoo-sih to be honest ) used for expelling any foreign substance or things from body. Supposedly even live things. The “patient” is to ingest a mixture of its own urine and salt, while themselves or some conjurer is praying over them for expelling of foreign substance or thing or whatever. Something along these lines could be used as suitable words of power , composed by myself :

“Lord Christ, You had miraculously healed many, removing their plague, or demons from them. You have saved humans from damnation , sacrificing Yourself for us. Help me Lord, I cry to You, hear my prayer and release N.N. from afflictions. Remove anything impure, wicked from N.N.’s body, and heal lord. Expel any foreign matter and influence from N.N. in whatever form they might have, and let them never return. Like You removed the Legion, like You healed the lepers , and restored the sight to blind, heal and restore to pure and healthy state N.N. once again. Have mercy upon us, weak humans, for we trust in You Lord, deliver us and save us, as You have always done! And we will praise You every day, for Your infinite love and grace towards us, eternal glory to Father ( + ), Son ( + ) and Holy spirit ( + ) Amen !!!”

Now please note that removing live things from someone , if You are to ever find oneself before such task, is very complex and with very uncertain outcome, for its serious affliction that can sometime result in fatal outcome. Spiritual workers are either trained well for such work or they might have what they call “cure hand” , meaning a gift to heal such and alike conditions, as described in one particular case here
Courtesy of Southern Spirits website proprietor .

Please have all that in mind before trying to help someone, If You do not see Yourself competent, or If You have the slightest doubts, contact a professional rootworker

Hopefully thought, this was tad ghastly , but informative article

NOTES: This article was composed and written by myself, so If You wish to use any part of it elswhere, feel free as long as You provide credits ; Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post
CREDITS: [1] " Folklore from Adam County Illinois " Harry Middletone Haytt, enetry no [2] Some recipes with Black Cohosh , Alum and other mentioned, regarding classical rootwoork can be found, detailed in "Hoodoo herb and root magic" by Catherine Yronwode, [3] Informant's contribution, thanks Serp ;) [4] source of the infromation is unclear, as the method description can be found on various places online, in public domain
IMAGES , the second image showing Black Cohosh plant is from 123rf.com, used here for illustrative purposes only , with no ill will, the first image is my own humble scrible :)

Many Blessings, Shadow !!