Mar 29, 2010

Truth spells and magick

Morality behind the Truth spells

Is it justified to make someone speak the truth ?
Are the reasons behind someones silencing righteous ?
Do we bend someones Free will when we cast Truth spell upon them ?

All of the above can be answered with both yes and no. It is generally considered in occult that compelling someone to tell the truth is black, or at very least gray magick as it effects free will.

But let me ask You this, If a person is testifying falsely to make an innocent go to jail, is the Truth spell justified to use on this occasion ? If someone pretends to be Your friend, just so they can be close to You and harm You , and You suspect this and would like it checked ? If someone is badmouthing You and speaking lies about You , perhaps before You stab pins to beef tongue ( silencing spell ) , You can consider making them tell the truth , that they lied due to their envy and wish to harm You ?

***** Picture show AWEN , Druidic symbol of Inspiration , Truth and poetry *****

Magick can not always be classified in black and white category , and often it is the Practitioner's intent that gives it a "color"

So If someone tells You how Truth magick is evil, don't You listen to their silly speeches born in blind conviction and narrowness of mind, but question Your intents and needs rather. Make sure they are valid.

Nevertheless, despite the ever continuing discussion on morality and ethics of such spells, they are very useful l and good to know. They are also a lacking category , which is largely underestimated in occult :/ and it should not be. Truth spells always lack, so I have collected and written some and I will post them here for You to learn about and use

So let's starts shall we

Tell the Truth oil

All over the Internet is a formula for Truth oil , apparently from Herman Slater and I must say , it is a good perfume but that is really it. Other than Clary sage, other ingredients don't really have use in truth magick, or in magick at all ( marigold leafs oil :S ) and calamus that is indeed a compelling herb. Lavender has no place in this formula , and pine is spiritual cleanser.

Now here is a recipe I would use and I shall explain the choice of ingredients
The formula combines Europeans and Hoodoo herbology, but can still be used as condition oil in my humble opinion

Here we go :

- few bluebell flowers ( whole herb ,it can lack roots though ) ,
- Teaspoon of Clary sage or 12 drops of essential oil
- licorice chips in a pinch
- sweetflag in a pinch
- Sandalwood oil 7 drops ( optional )

Bluebell flowers are said to compel one who beares themm to tell the truth in all matters in European folk herbology . Clary sage is a typical magick herb associated with truth, regardless on form or method used. Licorice and Sweetflag are compelling agents here , to compel person to tell the truth . Sandalwood oil makes agreat addition in any oil that has some spiritual work oriented purpose.

So there You go , a decent formula so You can not say , where can we get Truth oil :)

However this Truth oil formula is written by me , therefore If You wish to use it elsewhere feel free, but add the credits : By Shadow,of Shadow's magick place blogger

*****Picture shows common Bluebell , Campanulla sp.*****

Days and symbols

Days and hours or Mercury are favorable for such a work , or Saturn days if the spells are bit more oriented on forcing someone to be honest and speak the Truth.

Symbols and sigils can be individual or one can use runes, such as Daggaz which is according to many some authors rune of truth, among rest of it's uses.

Than we have the shinjitsu symbolism , or even Druidic AWEN symbol ( shown on picture ) that represents inspiration , truth and poetry.

Now here are some spells :

Compelling to tell the truth

Get a purple or orange candle , If figural even better. Carve the name of the party/subject on it and dress it with the Truth oil or Essence of Bend Over.

Now chant:

For Conjurers :

Place the candle on the Bible and read Psalm43 and afterwards say :

As Mosses compelled the Sea,
As Lord Christ conquered the Fiend
As King Solomon ordered the Spirits
I compel , conquer and order You tell the truth !

For Witches :

Place the Candle on some sort of Truth sigil ( like rune ) and saY:

Truth must be heard from thy mouth
Either by whisper or by shout
Open thy lips of venom v wide
Power of this charm must ye abide
Honest, true words so eagerly concealed
Tongue unbind and be revealed

Loose lips charm

The truth spell/charm
Prepare the following under a light of Purple and white candles , preferably on the night of the Full Moon or in Middy on a clear sky day.
Day and hour of Mercury are also very favorable for such a spell.

This should be prepared under purple and white candle. On a piece of parchment draw runes Laguz , Ansuz and Dagaz , preferably as bindrune . Take a whole ( root can lack )
Bluebell flower and place it on the paper with bindrune. Fold the paper so that the flower remains inside the folded paper ( it is good to use dried and pressed flower for this ). Alternatively You could place bindrune and herbs in small sachet.
Along with bindrune or instead of it You could use Druidic symbol AWEN symbol of truth and inspiration.

Now place this between two candles and chant:

I need thee truth speaking
Only true words of sincerity
As soon upon this charm taking
Compelled will be to the honesty !

Dress it with few vine drops , and let it dry, blow the candles out. Now implant this somewhere where subject will take it, and carry it , unwillingly is fine. You could slip it into their pocket , or into their documents. Once they take it ,or when You are sure they took it, and You are near enough to see them, whisper : Veritas dica !
The approach them and ask them what You want to know. They will be compelled to tell the truth.

The two above spells were written by me so I will ask You once again that give credits when using them elswhere , this can go for credits too

Now I will provide links for two more Truth spells that I consider well written, because as I have said before this spells are lacking category

and a good one

A white candle
A picture of the person or just a small piece of paper to put the persons name.

Get the white candle and light it up (at night before you go to sleep) and say:

"To see the truth, to know the way, I cast a spell in every day, buy the power of three,I conjure thee to give thy truth, unto me."

Then blow out the candle while saying the persons name you want to put the truth spell on.In the morning, light the candle again, say the spell again and say the person aloud, then blow out the candle while saying the persons name...and say it through the smoke of the candle so it can work.

that I have found here

Hope You liked my post :) Many blessings


瑋玲雯俊 said...


Belisama said...

Great post. I have no moral problem with compelling someone to tell the truth when necessary. If it comes back to me in my karma, I'll deal with it. That's the beauty of not being in a religion where the gods are vengeful.

Shadow said...

I agree Belisama, Thank You kindly for commenting :)

Anonymous said...

Wen using a truth spell...specifically..the one before bed.must the room/house b cleansed prior to saying the spell?

Shadow said...

@ Anonymous : No not really, least You think there is some sort of Crossing or hex, obscuring the truth, or some that would prevent You from properly casting the spell :)

Lots of luck in Your work :)

Moon Spells said...

Truth spells always work better when cast during a full moon phase.

Lady Misa said...

I have my own truth spell (natural born, so just words will work) that I have found works wonders when needed, however it must be used with food... But I need to intensify it some. Any suggestions on herbs I could use to cook with?

Shadow said...

@MoonSpells that's my experience too :)
Thanks for the comment

@LadyMisa Well, Deerstongue leaf, pulverized will do. But make sure it's a minute amount, not more than a pinch , because the herb contains Coumarin which in higher dosages can damage the liver.
Safer, albeit also, the less potent substitution, would be bananas. Many books on herbalism state, how bananas, among other things "bring out the truth in situation", "reveal the truth in situation".

Anonymous said...

LadyMisa also mimosa leaves may help. You can grow them yourself.

Sher Bear said...

I have no problem with making this person speak the truth. She isn't fully disabled and is lying to get people to send her money. She is also lying to her pastor friends and families and friends as well. She uses people in the lowest ways. And she will lie about me to get me in trouble to get her way

Sher Bear said...

I have no problem with making this person speak the truth. She isn't fully disabled and is lying to get people to send her money. She is also lying to her pastor friends and families and friends as well. She uses people in the lowest ways. And she will lie about me to get me in trouble to get her way

Anonymous said...

All hail Bune.

Anonymous said...

Can i use something else other than sweetflag if i cannot find it or would you know where to look?