Mar 5, 2010

Hoodoo herbology Dev*l's shoestrings and Dev*l's bit

Devil’s shoestrings

These are the plants of genera Viburnum , Honeysuckle family. The ones used in magick are most commonly Viburnum alnifolium, V.prunifolium and V.opulus .As medicinal plants they are anti spasmodic , that had shown great success in treating menstrual cramps and pains.

Nevertheless as a magickal plant , we use roots of Viburnum in Conjure traditions for purposes that can be guessed from name . We use it to make Dev*l trip over , to protect ourselves from Him and his servants.

For this purpose You can hang 9 or 13 of D Shoestrings on a thread with a piece of Dev*l’s bit in the middle of the thread. Sprinkle all very lightly with Holy water or Florida water/cologne and hung above the door. It will prevent any malevolent Spirit from gaining entrance to Your room/dwelling/premises .

They can be added to Reversing Mojo Hands , Reversing oil , to Job gaining hands, such as

Steady work hand

- gravel root piece
- some Blessed salt
- One to three D. shoestrings

You can use them to make

Devils shoestring oil :

- some D Shoestrings ( I use 7 of them few inches long but You can use a single large piece )
- pinch of Cayenne pepper flakes ( this is entirely optional )
- 2 oz’s of base oil

NOTE : Conjure doctors use only whole root pieces , not small chips You can get in pharmacy. If using for cramps use with caution and follow the instructions
The pic abiove shows Viburnum opolus in fruit

Devil’s bit

This is a plant from Asteraceae family ( Scabiosa succisa ), very pretty plant with a blue colored flowers.
It is used medicinally against coughs, fever and a very good addition to skin condition treatments and ointments.

In terms of magick however it is even more prized plant. Originating from Hoodoo herb magick , it is well known as plant that banishes, vanquishes and overcomes evil, protect from the same and is used in some of the most powerful herbal charms against evil

According to legend this plant was so helpful to humans, that the Dev*l got angry and bit off the part of the root. In some versions G’d in others Kind Mother of Lord Mary, allowed plant to thrive and become even stronger than before. And the plant’s root indeed looks like someone took a bite out of it, and just that curious root is used in magick.

You can add it to Oils like Run Dev*l Run, or Flying Dev*l oil, it can be powdered and used alone or with other plants ( such as Agrimony, Laurel, Fern , Peony root, Angelica ) as a strong protective agent. It is often combined with Dev*l’s shoestrings or bad Nut, to protect from evil, or reverse bad magick.

Here is such an example ( quotation ) from Miss Cat’s “Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, Materia Magica of African American Conjure” book, edition 2001st year

A "Devil Hand" for Protection: Combine a whole DEVIL'S BIT root, nine pieces of Devil's Shoe Strings roots, and a Devil Pod in a black leather bag. On a small piece of paper, write the Name of the person from whom you want to protect yourself, cross and cover the Name with your Name written three times, and fold the Name-Paper around a pinch of Devil's Dung, folding away from you each time until it is a small packet. Dress the packet with Run Devil Run Oil and place it in the bag. This is among the strongest reversing hands that can be made, but you may have to find and dig your own DEVIL'S BIT, or grow it in your garden, for the whole root is not always available in commerce.

It is also commonly added to products such as Fiery wall of protection, or Uncrossing, and Miss Cathrine Yronwode in the same book mentions How it is common to burn plant root chips on high none , and their fumes shall destroy enemies power to harm You, or torment You.

NOTE: For medicinal purposes herb ( above root plant ) is used. Some authors classify it under O. Dipsales and family Dipsaceae, yet to me it’s older taxonomy seemed more correct. That is why I stated that it is a part of Asteraceae family.

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