Sep 22, 2013

Cutting the ties that bind ( Binding removal magick )

A  serious issue in protection and reversal , or apotropaic magick is binding. And also, one so heavily neglected. And If You’ve read this blog before You know I have a thing for researching those, neglected, watered down, vogue concepts, methods and techniques of magick.  I’ve been looking into it for a while now, but what prompted me to share some of the insight about it, that I gained now, is the fact that  a person asked me for help to ease their condition, or remove it, as much as I am able and willing of course. And one of the important aspects of their condition, is the   very fact that  they are bound, to the point where it caused actual physical consequences like blood clots, various cardiovascular problems, and general decrease in health, energy and ability to take care of themselves. As commonly noticed in such cases,  the person feels as if actual, sharp strands binding and restricting them.

If You look it up online, and even in popular occult books, little can be found about unbinding. In fact, You can find plethora of information on binding, love binding, restricting and others, but next to nothing about removing such condition. And this is of essence, as the binding  is, in a way, a form of very severe blocked condition  , which simply causes person to be unable to manipulate their basic ki, and even magickal energies, if they are practitioner , properly. This  further causes all sort of problems to arise , from depression, and inertness, to actual physical  manifestations, a various other problems,  and some we have already discussed here.

With that being said, although I could not encounter many examples of unbinding methods and techniques, the more in depth research of binding itself, showed something of  a base, a  start point ,   that with some intuitive and creative processes, can be used to construct or come up with, potentially life-saving  techniques for removal and cutting the energy ties.  

So  few things that seem to be associated with magickal binding are:

·         The purpose is, in the end line, to control, by meanings of restraining, subduing or tying to oneself or other, person or object

·         Ties are made of astral, ethereal , mental/psychic or elemental energy . This is important as each type of those energies can be  disrupted, interfered, dissolved ( or rather fazed into state that can no longer serve the function of binding  )

·         Ties are a double edged sword !!!  Binding connects two people or people and objects, drawing them closer to each other, hence they are both prone to negative sides of binding depending on strength of binder and the bound

·         Binding creates an energy  link, or rapport ( as referred to by Dion  Fortune in her book “Psychic Self-Defense” )  which can be used cunningly to send "things" to the attacker.

·         Binding and energy binds can be cut, dispelled, removed, dissolved,  severed, and they seem to get stronger If the person afflicted fears them, and succumbs to them. The more they fear the binds are stronger. Their strength also depends on the strength of binder. Technically, If binder would get  severely ill, energy deprived, or die, the ties would disappear simultaneously.

So understanding the basic "anatomy of the binding",  allows one   to  get ideas how to remove them.  Bindings come in various forms, but  few are most common.

1.       Love  ( spell/ritual )  binding – is a typical drawing binding, which serves to energetically tie someone to You, and to affect their “four polar magnet” ( Franz Bardon ) so they’ll perceive similar sensations You do . To me this is a  rather pathetic act, or a  silly cry for an attention, and it can be easily removed by any method of removingand undoing love spells  In fact, thanks to the fact that love spells and love bindings somehow “merged”  into same cetagory, we today still have  enough knowledge about material magicka , which can be used to severe energetic ties.  Such as, for example Lemon verbena and Lemon balm’s power to severe ties with lovers, past loves, even bad friends. The Love uncrossing oil formula of mine ( I posted on here in one of my earlier articles ) can be used to severe  such ties, and pretty much any  binding.  Hoodoo brand “Cut and Clear” as well as “Bon Voyage” and even “Cast off evil oil”, all due to their ingredients are amazing for any kind of unbinding spells not just love ones either.

2.       Restraining/blocking binding – is another common type of binding, which is not much unlike the love binding in methods and way it works, it’s merely done for other reasons. It’s done to “seal” someone’s power, make them less powerful  and thus less threatening,  “tie their chakras”, or more frequently their meridians , blood vessels, or even  the conductin g parts of the urinary tract. One of examples of the last one would be Hoodoo urine stoppage   ritual.  These  are very dangerous and they render person unable to properly defend themselves  or lessen severely their abilities to do so. I will be dealing with removal of such for the most part in this article.

3.       Rapport – is a simple link created between a  practitioner and it’s victim during casting a curse or some stronger, repeated magickal work, or continuous magickal work. It also occurs between people and attached entities ( as referred to in crystal therapy for example ) , or between human and energy parasite    and it can be severed through a ritual which is a combination  of visualization and ceremonial magick, or by using some other methods.

4.       Physical binding – this is the most fair binding at all. It’s most close to mundane binding as You use strings to tie something, and not in a fashion of sympathetic magick. When You tie a doll up, that represents someone , You will still be using  a lot of Your own energy to bind  them, for example. Physical binding I have in  mind here, is the magick of knotting,  tying down problems, much like done with knotweed, wind knots, or  simply when tying up a hex bag or creating witches ladder. Since it ties energy in general, and uses a physical medium, empowered by ritual/spell to do it, it’s a safe and harmless way of attractive/drawing magick, of focusing, grounding and in a way housing energy.

Now, having understood these, we can proceed to methods of unbinding.

Removing, cutting and dispersing binds and ties

Spells, rituals, materia magicka , as well as simple energy/visualization work can be used  to do this
( cut the ties ) .  And we shall  go through few examples bellow, most of which I had to come up and formulate (by/on) myself.

Meditation and visualization  method

Through techniques of own energy manipulation, any attached energy forms from other people or entities can be severed, or destroyed. This however requires both an enormous amount of energy
and very precise control over it, which is a luxury that bound person can hardly ever afford.  But If Your visualization and energy controlling skills are strong enough, and You can think of additional source of energy,  You can attempt this.

1.       Relax Yourself,  and enter meditative state

2.       Center, focus and ground Your energy, middle pillar ritual or alike style, draw energy both from above and below, in a form of  pillar empowering every single  one of Yours 7 main chakras, and connecting them.

3.       Now make sure You have an additional energy source to draw from. Other human beings or spirit guides may help You in this, with their own energy.  A good crystal grid for energy, endurance and empowerment will work too. In any case, draw from the source until You can clearly visualize and feel great amount of energy entering the energy pillar You made in previous step, one connecting and empowering Your chakras.  See it expand and radiate gold or pure white light/energy. Feel this energy being ferocious and threatening as If able to melt anything on it’s way, or better yet , being like laser, able to cut through anything.

4.       Now, in planes parallel with   Your 7 main chakras, expand the pillar in form of circular, planar, energy field ( disc- like ) and see it stretching the binds tied to You, which You can imagine as strands of dark, glowing matter, for example.  See them being lifted a bit from Your body ,  and stretching by the point where they are threatened to break or snap, at any point. Then visualize the energy fields ( discs ) becoming even stronger, more radiant, and starting to spin with an enormous speed. You can also visualize them being serrated on the edges. Once again feel their enormous power, and see them cutting the ties, in places where the chakras are.

5.       Expand them for about a feet more  and have them  visualized rotating for a little more. See the strands falling off and withering or disappearing away, turning into dust and being blown away by wind.   You should feel a great relief.

6.       Protect oneself. And You’re done.

As You see, this is a rough outline of method/way such techniques  can be done, and as You can imagine it requires focus and mental skills of a nearly-sage at least, and energy which would, roughly ,  have to be more intense  than what the binder at given time possess. I  simply included this technique for those people who simply  "won’t have anything to do with any kind of ritual or spell-work", or using magickal tools and materials, and who have trained themselves in energy manipulation instead.  Bound people, as mentioned before ,  are mostly physically, mentally and energetically too exhausted to pull something like this off.

Crystal therapy

Blockages and energy attachments are something pretty much any crystal therapist can relatively easil y deal with. You can try few methods suggested here Yourself, and for them You do not need any  ( special )  additional energy source , as crystals radiate their own, and can by need, be charged even further more.  Here are few tips:

·         Certain crystals, like Laser Quartz, Kunzite, Larimar, Diamond can cut the energy ties as simply as You would do with a sharp scalpel. Running over the body of the afflicted from head to toes, many times, as If trying to “scan” the person complete.   Usually an healing or energizing grid is formed around the person, and followed with chakra balanicing when done. Mind that Diamond, while the strongest of all listed here, is also the most dangerous, more so because most are faceted and thus emanate sharp energy that does not discriminate. On occasions, it has been said ,  to had literarily cut internal organs of clients. Which is why only the people who know how to use it safely,  should use it. This is something that someone should do for You, and they should know that when they are using Laser Quartz, or Quartz Wand they should draw energy from their surrounding ( nature ) through the Crown chakra and then focus it into hand and finally through the quartz, according to Judy Hall [1]

·         Various crystal girds can be used to dissolve energy imprints and attachments to aura, as well as  energy links and bindings. For example combine Chlorite, Amethyst and Smokey Quartz, and set them to form  a pentacle pattern around Your body as You lay down. One Smokey Quartz should go above the head, the two  amethysts should be next to Your extended arms, and the  Chlorites may rest at Your feet, each.  So it’s a typical “men in pentagram” grid pattern. Make sure the crystals are finely charged, and then lay down for as long as You see fit ( not less than 20 minutes though ) and at some point You will feel relief and more freedom, the sensation of loosening those invisible binds that were on You, or complete disappearance of them.

·         Selenite Wands and Smokey quartz Wands and points,  are amazing tool for removing mental imprints other people have placed on Your  aura and subtl e bodie, bindings included. They need to be passed all over the person, or arranged in gird around them. Even tumbled crystals will do, even though Selenite is hardly ever found tumbled. 


Rituals, spells and ritual baths

Now these may seem most complicated, but are probably the swiftest and safest cure. Unbinding and bind breaking rituals employ bind breaking agents , such as botanicals , minerals, candles, Divine names, tools  such as Athame etc. 

Herbs most commonly used are Lemon, Camphor, White Clover,  Lemon verbena, Lemon Balm , Rue etc. The minerals and metals used in this type of operation include , Salt, particularly blessed sea salt, broken silver chains, any of the crystals mentioned previously and so on.

Best time to perform this type of operations are Saturday, Sunday or Monday, just before the dawn, or in corresponding planetary hours of the planets mentioned. Of course, it implies they can be done whenever the need arises, pretty much as  any other kind of spells or ritual work. Also a very good time to perform such spiritual work, and certainly an adjunct to the power, would be the last week or last night of the waning  part of the Moon’s  cycle.  

Candle spell to burn the ties

Get a white figural candle, of correspondent “gender” of the afflicted person. Set it  a saucer, which is placed  on a paper with Divine Name : “Mem Tzadic Resh” inscribed.   Dress it with very lightly (!)  with  “Cut and Clear oil”, “Cast off evil oil” , “Stop Evil oil” , “Bon Voyage oil” or “Uncrossing oil”. 

Now entwine in very carefully from  with a black cord, going very carefully from top down in a descending spiral, making sure that the begging of the cord is quite near the wick, but does not touch it.

As You entwine the candle, say :

I am not tying N.N. , he/she/it was tied by the wicked person. This cord is the bind used, it’s the bindings that  torment N.N. It’s the essence of them, and one with them.  And whatever shall occur with this cord, shall occur with the bindings which restrain N.N. In the name of Father , Son and the Hol y Spirit. Amen

Once again, extremely lightly ( I’d use painting brush for this )  dress the candle with the oil, paying special attention to the areas with the cord. In fact You could dress the cord only.

Now light the candle and say :

Therefore, say to the Israelites: ‘I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians. I will free you from being slaves to them, and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm and with mighty acts of judgment. I will take you as my own people, and I will be your God. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God, who brought you out from under the yoke of the Egyptians.” [2]

The read:

Psalm 18th, Psalm 91st 

Let the candle burn all the way down. As it burns it will burn the cord wrapped around it as well, and this shall abolish the  bindings  done on the afflicte d person  .

Dipped doll baby unbinding/bind breaking spell

This one is simplicity itself. You’ll need

·         Waxen doll or  poppet representin g the bound person. A wax figural/image candle will do brilliantly. Cave the name of the person in question on the candle, and If You have     ,  attach also photography of their face on the doll’s head.

·         Jar wide enough to fit the doll in it, and tall enough so that the doll’s head sticks out of the jar, Glass can be used as well

·         Lemon juice, about half a jar’s volume worth

·         Vinegar, about half of the jar’s volume worth

·         Blessed salt, in a three pinches

·         Black cord

A good addition to vinegar here can be red Cayenne pepper whole, or flakes as in Hoodoo they are known to "chase people away" and "break people up"

Consecrate or baptize the waxen image. Attach photo of the face of the person on the image’s head, If You have it, and inscribe their name on the candle before You do.

Now  heat the waxen image tad bit, You don’t want it to melt, just to become bit soft on the surface, then wrap some black cord around it in descending spiral, as You speak :

I am not tying N.N. , he/she/it was tied by the wicked person. This cord is the bind used, it’s the bindings that  torment N.N. It’s the essence of them , and one with them.  And whatever shall occur with this cord, shall occur with the bindings which restrain N.N. In the name of Father , Son and the Hol y Spirit. Amen

Now fill the jar half with Lemon  juice and half with Vinegar. Add Salt and mix quite well. Now dip the doll in, so that the head protrudes whole, freely outside the jar and say 3 times:

“Lemon and Vinegar melt  away the evil bindings done on N.N. Remove them, abolish and render null and void. And so shall be, in the Name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Place the doll in some cold place, where the liquid will not evaporate too soon.  Wax is a parafine, and will not react with the acids, but they will eventually burn or eat out the ties. When they do, the spell is done and the person is free. You can repeat any words of power over the jar daily until it happens.


Cleansing Hoodoo spell to remove negativity, crossing and energy ties and hooks

Gently scratching the affected person’s body   downwards with a chicken’s foot , say this prayer , which can be found in J.G. Hohman’s “Pow wows” :

“  You horsemen and footmen, whom I here conjured at this time, you may pass on in the
name of Jesus Christ, through the word of God and the will of Christ; ride ye on now and
pass . ” [4]

This should be done three times per day, seven days. If You can not get the chicken’s foot,  which You really should try, use Black hen’s feather fan / feather duster / feather whisk  instead, combined with spraying ( using a spray bottle ) mixture of Holy water , Blessed salt and some Lemon juice.

 Hope You've enjoyed reading this little work of mine, and I do sincerely hope it helped You in some way. I must note here that I've originally included more information, but decided it would be too lengthy and perhaps overly detailed for blog platform. This means I will be at certain point, combining it with some other stuff I wrote about and post on Scribd in full form. At that point I will add the link here.
Many Blessings, Shadow :) 
NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself, so If You'd wish to use any part of it elsewhere online , feel free but  add credits: Shadow of Shadow's  magick place, , or a direct link to this post
[1] Judy Hall, Encyclopedia of Crystals
[4] “Pow wow’s or the long lost friend” by John George, Hohman  , page 60th
IMAGE CREDITS: Images used are drawn, and taken by myself


Michael Kimball said...

my ability has been bound. since i was a child it's been bound. most of my childhood i was being watched by malicious and neutral and sympathetic entities. i could tell which was which but i never saw them only felt them off in the distance. watching, waiting i am not sure what for however i am sure of this; i am missing my abilities, all of them. the only one that is ever able to slip through the bindings are my precognitive dreams. and even those have been fading over time. i need help. i was not meant to sit on the sidelines of this life. i was meant to be some one great. i am not a conceited man. but i truly believe i was destined for greatness. or atleast i was before i was bound. i always felt it. always knew deep down there was something comming and i am supposed to have my abilities at my command to tip the odds in our favor. i might sound crazy, and so be it. but it is the truth, and i need help to be unbound. i am currently incapable of focusing my mind properly enough to accomplish an unbinding by myself. i need help/guidance.

Love of life said...

Thank you!! Very helpful, specific and easily understood. All new to me. You made a potentially complicated and possibly overwhelming subject matter easily understood!! I thsnk you for that!
I am concerned about a young child being bound
Never in my life would have ever thought this.

Love of life said...
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Love of life said...
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Love of life said...

I removed the above, was a double send! ;)

Love of life said...

I removed the above, was a double send! ;)

Unknown said...

If you are unable to do it yourself you could consult with local spiritual healers. There are many gifted people who specialize in this. Search out your local metaphysical shops and start asking questions.

White Dragon said...

If you are unable to do it yourself you could consult with local spiritual healers. There are many gifted people who specialize in this. Search out your local metaphysical shops and start asking questions.

Anonymous said...

If you can't be free of bad by Hoodoo, and if the evil is too powerful in your life, Try to study gnostics and Cathares way of thinking. It is a way to resist ultimately to demonic world.

Leslie Victor said...

What if you want to trace the binding not destroy it?