Sep 15, 2013

Increasing Your occult dexterity

Can someone’s aptitude towards learning and gaining  occult skills and faculties  be increased ? Indeed it can.  Formulas, spells and rituals for such compose a great deal of Higher magick and Hoodoo.

Of course that  broadening spiritual awareness and  empowering oneself spiritually come as a result of various meditation and spiritual work techniques, chakra work and other. We shall not be discussing those here today.  Rather we will deal with  what the magick in strict sense has to offer  in terms of methods of increasing Your own occult powers and potential.

Before proceeding  with advices, material magicka and instructions, it would be very wise to note here, that involvement with any kind of spiritual work, particularly If done on regular basis, will naturally increase one’s  “supernatural” talents, and dexterities . People who pray a lot, fast , light candles, incense etc,  will be extremely proficient in any kind of spiritual work. It’s quite logical, If You think a bit about it, it’s like living healthier, makes You healthier.  Exercising makes You better looking.

So the natural process is ideal, but alas,  we live in a world where time, and peace needed to work with oneself, and to engage in more profound spiritual work, on a personal level, have became luxuries. Needles to say, we should never allow this, as our souls are equally, If not more important than any material goods we posses, even the physical body. But should it happen that we need a kick-start, a boost , a helping hand or a lift, there is magickal help. I look on it as taking  ( natural  ) supplements, If needed and taken properly and timely,  not only that they are harmless, but they are very beneficial.

Materia magicka and time

Candle rituals, charms and talismans, potions, all this can be used as form of occult empowerment. Symbolism and ingredients are like always the key.  And timing. Even more in this kind of work, which we can loosely fit under category of “spiritual work” (  magickal work dealing with healing, protection, reversal, broadening spiritual awareness,  necromancy, invocation and evocation  of the spirits , so basically, anything outside the practical cathegories such as money, love, job, glamouring  etc. ) ,  because great works  require time. In more ways than one. Indeed,  why not pick carefully the magickal timing to ensure that You get the best of Your ritual , and so that You are in sync with energy which is  most favorable for the work You are doing. There’s no bad time for money and love spells really,  they are cast as the need arises , the need, necessity and desire make up for improper magickal  timing.  Since elevated spirituality in a higher, more elevated need, it requires more discipline in asking, hence paying attention to all the details.

That being said, the best for working on strengthening Your occult skills are Saturn’s day, hence Saturday, and Saturn’s  planetary hours, which of course, vary depending on the day. A good  day to ensure a success of a spell, or add that “extra oomph” to a spell is Sunday, more so If it’s about healing or  ruling over some situation. Monday is great for working on perceptive occult powers, also extra sensory perception, ESP, clairvoyance, opening the third eye, but also illusionism, and influencing people’s minds.  Mercury’s day aka Wednesday, was reserved , according to old Grimoires like the Key of Solomon , for consecrations, blessing, acquiring tools and materials for magick and operations  which would lead to gaining secret knowledge. So in essence, If You’d like to be taught by a spirit about  minerals and herbs , let’s say an Angel Sophiel [1] , You’ll should pick Mercury. But If You want to increase Your occult powers in general, strengthen Your magickal skills,   the  best day is , as mentioned Saturday. 

Dawn ,  in the moments when the Sun is rising  , or  the clear sky Full Moon nights are the best times  of day, for such work. Holidays  especially beneficial for this type of work include, but are not  limited to:  Samhain  , Imboloc, Beltaine, St. Cyprian's feast day and so on.

Herbs include all those related to Saturn, but also some that are not, and particularly roots such as Mandrake, Galangal, Master root, Sampson’s snake root, Solomon’s seal root, Ginger rhizome, or herbs like Master of the Woods,  Aaron’s rod ( or Mullein ), Mugwort, Verbena, Chamomile, or resins like Myrrh, Frankincense, Benzoin,  Dragon’s blood and Sandalwood, and Jasmine, Gardenia and Rose flower petals will also come handy.

Stones that can be used to increase occult and spiritual powers and abilities include, but  are not limited  to : Staurolite ( keep on altar ),  Heliotrope, Spectrolite ( can be made into grids or carried ),  Lodestone, Hematite, Garnet, Merlinite ( best if worn as pendant, very often ) , Cymophane,  Morganite, Golden Beryl, Alexandrite ,  Chiastolite ( Andalusite ), Lepidolite. [2]

As for symbols,  there are many, equal sided Triangle, Gnostic Star, First pentacle of Sun, Key
"Chalice of Holiness" from "7th Book of Moses"
symbol, Master key pattern,  several pentacles of Mercury,  “Chalice of Holiness”  ( 6th and 7th book of Moses , fig. 2608 ) , Crowned Serpent seal ( also from 6th and 7th book of Moses ,  fig. 2602 ) , Grand Symbol of Solomon ( likewise, fig. 428 ), Pentagram , Hexagram, Spiral, Triskele and so on.
You can also  make and use  mojo bags or conjure hands , many suitable examples I've even posted on  this blog, like the Spirituality mojo with St. Cyprian's image
You can also chose some of the examples suggested above,

for example,  those that I've written in bold letters and combine them, which is just one of many suggestions.

Now let’s go through few examples I’ve composed for posting here:

Spiral and candle spell

Write Your name in continuous spiral, preferably in Dragon’s blood or Indigo, on parchment. Paper will do, as well as common pen. Place a purple candle, dressed with “Master key oil”  over it. Light it and read Psalm 23rd.

The Book and branch ritual

Three days prior to the ritual, fast, pray and take a cleansing spiritual bath each day.
On the day of the ritual, which should be Saturday, light a Frankincense, or Frankincense and Myrrh mixture in  the censer.

In Your right hand hold a Holy Book. I use the Bible and I keep it open on 23rd Psalm. In Your left hand hold the blossoming branch of Almond.  Say the following ( or compose soothing words of power on Your own )

“God Almighty,  Creator of life and everything bellow and above the firmament, I beseech You to illuminate and strengthen me, to guide me, and raise my spirit.  Show me the path of wonders and miracles, and give me authority over elements, and spirits, when it’s in accordance to Your Will. Give unto me skill, and power like You have given to Aaron, Moses and Your Holy people. I ask to grow spiritually,  from You Lord, for I put my trust in You, and to You I send my prayers. Keep me away from pride and evil, and lead me on a path of good and compassion, as I aim not to abuse any gift You may send me. Hear me Lord, and If the time is right and I’m deserving, grant this unto me Lord, I ask You this in the name of Lord Christ Your only Son. Eternal Glory to Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen”

Then finish with the Psalm 23rd .

Incense and candle ritual

Combine Myrrh resin, Frankincense, and White Rose petals to form incense. Place it bellow a chair. In front of the Chair place a white candle dressed with “Power oil” or  “Blessing oil” or “Magnet oil” . Also, “7-11 type of Holy oil” or “Special oil no 20” will work equally fine.  Inscribe the candle with Your name, preferably in continuous ascending spiral.  Light the candle.

Light the incense, sit on the chair, and wrap Yourself and the chair in sheets, so that the sheets finish at Your neck, and Your head protrudes from them. This way the incense smoke forming bellow chair will waft ( on ) Your whole body.   Chant:

“Raise my power, lift my spirit,
Increase my skill, and art with it!”
Or You can come up with some other soothing chant, or read Psalm 23rd.

Spectrolite ( Labradorite ) ritual

Arrange three purple candles so that they form a triangle.  In the very centre place a Spectrolite crystal, and touching it’s tip lightly say the following :

“In this time and in this hour
I beseech the ancient power,
Stone of magick and spirits of aid
Increase  the power with these words said,
Lend me the power, for this  I pray,
Increase my skill without delay.
As above so bellow!”

Light the first candle. Repeat. Light the second candle. Repeat.  Light the third candle.

When the candles have  burnt  all the way down, take the Spectrolite stone and carry it with You. For convenience, it could be a on pendant or even in a  ring.

African JuJu simple trick for power

Many times blockages and lacking  of / in power  are caused by  practitioners   tendency to neglect their spiritual hygiene. This causes bad energy to build up, and consequently that creates a blocked condition. Occasionally, other practitioners will deliberately cross their fellows, or other people to cause blocked condition/s, and thus also decrease their spiritual strength and power. In such case, what You need is a good bath with African JuJu bath salts, which will not only remove the negative condition, but will also empower You spiritually. It's a powerful and versatile formula, which will "kill two flies with one hit" . After a bath You should  follow up by rubbing Your body with "African JuJu oil"  or instead dusting it with powder.

While bathing You can also keep white and purple candles lit, orange ones will do fine too. Even tea lights are fine, as this is really only optional.

While rubbing, or dusting You can say the following prayer, which I've found on Old Style Conjure site, owned by wonderful Mamma Star:
"O God, whose blessed Son hast us to call thee Father, and hast told us that, as a father
gives good things to his children, so that wilt give the Holy Spirit to those that ask Thee,
we ask Thee now for this great gift. We need to be mightily strengthened by Thy Holy
Spirit in the inner man, that we may do the things that Thou commandest, and receive
that which Thou dost promise. We beseech Thee to grant us strength, the strength of Thy
Holy Spirit, the power of Thy Christ, wherein we can do all in his name. Let us this day
feel Thy presence and know Thy power, and being stirred and moved above ourselves, thus
be lifted into knowledge of God, and the hearing of His holy way. Raise our minds to the
contemplation of thy beloved Son, that by feeling His divine power, we may be drawn near
unto Him, and be changed into His image, and empowered to bring every thought into
obedience to Christ, into harmony with His Holy Spirit, for His sake we ask it. Amen."

Hope You'll  find this article helpful. Don't forget the upcoming times of power and the Equinox and September magick
Many Blessings :)
NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself , so should You wish to use any parts of it online, feel free, but add credits: Shadow of Shadow's magick place, or a direct link to this post.
[1] An angel associated with Mercury, that teaches about magick of herbs and stone , according to one of the Mercury Pentacles writings in “Clavicula Solomonis”
[2] List based on comparative study of Judy Hall’s “Crystal Bible”,  Gerina Dunwich’s “Dunwich’s guide to gemstone sorcery” and information on various stones, a listed above, on this wonderful site: .

[3] Retrieved from :  posted here for educational and informative purposes, without any ill will
IMAGE CREDITS: First image was taken and then edited by myself. Second one is from "7th Book of Moses" and is used here for illustrative, explanatory and educational purposes only , without any  ill will.

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