Sep 28, 2013

Black Onyx magick

“Within every onyx is imprisoned an evil nocturnal demon
that causes terror and nightmares to plague any unfortunate
individual who wears this stone to bed or sleeps within its
range of influence, according to ancient gemstone legend.”
Dunwhich Gerina, in “Dunwich’s guide to gemstone   sorcery” 163rd page


Onyx is a mineral that occurs in various colors, though we will be discussing the  black variety here. 
Natural black Onyx with stripes

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, and is cryptocrystalline, “consisting of fine   intergrowths of the silica minerals quartz and morganite” [1]  We can distinguish  it from Agate, it’s close “relative” ( another variety of chalcedony , which can also occur in similar colors ) by stripes, which appear  in ( natural ) Onyx ,  and are parallel, as opposed  to concentric,  or even chaotic ones that occur in Agate.  Another common form/variey is Sardonyx, which is yellow-brown-orange-ish in color with white stripes, which sometimes You can find  labeled as Yellow Onyx, or Brown Onyx, also Marble Onyx.

On the Moss’ scale, Onyx is said to have 6.5 units firmness ( durability), and the streak is white.

As a semi-precious stone it is very popular among jewelers and  people who buy  and wear jewelry.

When You’re looking to get an Onyx stone, caution is needed though. More so when searching for black Onyx.  Some  of what people offer as Black Onyx is actually a low quality Agate, painted black to look  like it.

Even the common Black Onyxes most of us own, and use in crystal therapy or magick,  are cooked either in honey, oil or sugar syrup, so that the organic matters  infiltrate spaces between microcrystal structures  and give it black tone. After that it’s boiled  in Sulphuric acid  to make the color permanent.  [2]

Now let’s proceed with therapeutic and magickal qualities of Onyx  

Black Onyx in  crystal therapy

On a physical level, Onyx is extremely useful in healing  conditions related to teeth, bones, feet , bone marrow and blood. [3]

It corresponds to root chakra.

Psychologically,  Onyx is a wonderful mental tonic, that helps overcome longstanding conditions of grief, mourning and sorrow.  It helps integrate different aspects ( particularly those negative )  of personality, into personality as whole, and accept them.

It’s an advising  and guiding stone, that helps in difficult time by supporting, and providing  that priceless gift of wisdom,  discernment, and  also helps make the right choices.

Worn around neck it inspires chastity and reduces libido.

 It was once taught that Onyx can be used to prevent premature childbirth, as well  to ease the process itself, when placed on the body [4]

It’s also said to sharpens the senses ,  fortifies  self confidence and strengthens healthy egoism [5]

A German Saint and mystic Hildegard fon Bingen, in her work “De Physica” suggest placing Onyx for a while in mouths , when heavily depressed or tormented mentally, and the stone is said to remove these feelings rather swiftly, but it must then  be cleansed thoroughly.  She  had also suggested   using it in wine to treat swollen glands, as You can see from the  example bellow.

Black Onyx in magick and sorcery

Onyx, as well as jewelry made from it can be worn as amulet to ward off misfortune, protect from evil magick, instill bravery and grant spiritual wisdom.

Here are the correspondences associated with this enticing stone:

·                 Planetary ruler –   Saturn and/or Mars

·                  Elemental ruler – Fire

·                 Numerical correspondence – 6

·                  Energy – projective

·                 Birthstone of  -  Capricorn, Leo

·                  Time of Year* –  Samhain, July ( according to Hebrew  teachings ) and January ( Agripa )

·                Angelic  ruler – Gabriel ( according to Agripa )

Onyx can be used in persuasion and controlling magick, as well as affecting someone’s sleep, which  had to do with it’s Saturnian/al  nature.

Also it can be used to deflect black magick, and send it back to it’s source, which I will illustrate with a spell from a renowned author latter in text.

According to an old magickal treatise , called Book of Wings, from 13th century, Onyx engraved with Camel’s head or a pair of goats among the Myrtles, confers practitioner the power, to conjure and subdue and control demons.  In fact the stone itself, was believed to draw attention of demons, and could possibly cause oppression by them, least worn along with Sard [6]

Onyx spell to induce nightmares

Mix some powdered black Onyx, with powdered  bread crumbs, and sprinkle very discreetly on the bed of the person You wish to induce nightmares to. If this is impossible try this:

Get a picture of person in question and write their name nine times on the back of the picture. Holding an black Onyx stone in Your projective stone, tell it what You want it to do, to cause nightmares and disrupt the peaceful sleep of N.N. Now place it on the picture. Light the incense made from Star Anise, Tobacco and Mullein leafs, and waft the smoke, or better yet blow it, so that it descends  on the Onyx and image of the person, which is bellow it. Do it for 8 more times , so total 9. Each time You do it You may speak some words of power.  Remove the stone in the morning and tear the pic up, saying how You release the person from the spell, least You wish it to be ongoing.  If You ever want to use the Onyx for something else, make sure to clean profoundly prior to use. You can for example bury it in ground for few days, or leave it in salt for 9-21 days.

NOTE: I do advocate casting harmful spells on anyone,  I composed this spell, and included it here for educational and illustrative purposes. Should You decide to use it,  I WILL NOT be held responsible for any possible outcomes. With that being said, use Your brain, think before You act, and this is a good advice in general.

Mental tonic

Make a Mint tea ( You can optionally add few leaves of Sage ) , let it cool down, and pour into a clean transparent glass, or bottle. Place an Onyx inside and then place , the glass/bottle with it atop a healing symbol, such as that one on the picture.  You can also use Cho ku Rei Reiki symbol, and I myself love to use “Flower of life” blueprint, to place bellow all sort of herbal remedies, tonics, and potions.  Solar kamea will do brilliantly as well.

Place Your hands over it and say some soothing words of power. Psalm 3rd or something along these lines will do:

Remove the confusion, banish the pain
Relieve the sorrow, make it vane
Restore the peace and grant the wisdom
Heal the mind , bless it power and freedom

This is  best done sometimes before midday, ideal day for work being Sunday. Then let it sit on exposed to sunlight ( if possible ) from midday to one hour pm. Then remove the Onyx, sweeten with  honey and lemon If You wish, and drink to heal troubled, confused mind, and to end “all-over-the-place” or “air-headed “ state.

Scott Cunningham’s reversal spell with Onyx

I’ve mentioned before how Onyx can, and is used in defensive magick, and I promised an illustrative spell. Here it is:

“A defensive spell: Place a square mirror on your altar. Set a purple
candle before it so that the flame is reflected in the mirror.
Empower nine onyx stones with reflective, or defensive, energy.
Place one piece ofonyx three inches from the candle's right side. Then
place eight more stones in a semicircle around the candle, working
from right to left, until the candle is half-ringed with onyx toward you,
but is clear of it in front of the mirror.
Light the candle. Visualize the onyx as collecting the negativity
and sending it into the candle's flame. Then see the flame acting as a
lens, focusing the negativity and sending it into the mirror.
The mirror is a doorway onto the spiritual plane. The negative
energy is sent through it back to the original sender.” [7]

A wonderful and pragmatic spell, which  employs Saturnian correspondences and natural, protective qualities of Onyx, which I warmly recommend.

Protective and wealth Feng Shui cure  with Onyx

Not a spell per say,  but a rather good Feng shui advice,   quite nifty

Place a  couple of  Pi Yao amulet made from Onyx in Your workplace in Your money area or lucky direction ,  to both protect Your money, Yourself from evil, and inspire steady flow of  wealth  energies. [8]

Crystal charm bag  for difficult times

In a mojo type bag, combine and carry:

·         Black Onyx Stone

·         Unakite

·         Sun Stone

This crystal  charm bag will help You through difficult times, will lift You up when You are to fall,  and when You’re about to give up. It will also provide wisdom and energy needed  so badly, when we are  dealing with challenging tasks,  and in midst of tribulations.   Pouch bag can be purple, white or orange, although the color here, is obviously not an  imperative.
NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself, hence If You wish to use any part of it elsewhere online, feel free, but add credits, Shadow of Shadows magick place, or , or a  direct link to this post.
*While  it’s only natural that certain gemstones take  special place in certain   magickal times, certain periods of the year, be it even a single day , it should be obvious that  this does not imply that these stones can be used only  in/on these  given  times.   Crystals themselves  are pretty much equally powerful all year long, If properly maintained ( cleaned and charged ), of course

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IMAGE CREDITS: The first image is from used here for illustrative and explanatory purposes, without any ill will, the second picture, with instructions on making an Onyx vine, was made and edited by myself, the third picture depicting  healing symbol  is from , again used here for illustrative and explanatory purposes without any ill will


onyx stone meaning said...

usually, when people think about gemstones such as onyx, then that crossed his mind is the black onyx stone. but if they think about the house, then crossed their minds of white onyx, green or red. generally this three types of onyx is used for home decor like floor, walls and bathroom.
The popular onyx stone is black. This stone does have a mystical energy. This stone is very attractive to the paranormal, especially southeast and northern asia regions. They say that black onyx is highly favored by supernatural beings and in use as their residence

Shadow said...

Interesting, thanks for the input, I appreciate it :)

Shadow :)

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I just stumbled across your site, and how very refreshing to hear an honest, non PC interpretation of magical tradition. I use many means to interpret which stones and crystals to use, and how, in my jewelry designs, but can only share the information that won't freak out the average shopper. Just saying, and Thanks! ( can't exactly point out that if you are a selfish prig, I won't send you tigers eye and goldstone, and if you are prone to rage, you can't have the malachite, ect ect, LOL.)