Jan 27, 2011

Energy parasites ( Psychic vampires )

[ IMAGE 1: My drawing depicting creation of rapport between energy vampire and unssuspecting sleeper , through heart chakras ]

NOTE : Semantics before all: Energy parasite is a psychic vampire of some sort that accidentally drains energy from another living being, or more living beings. That is the occult definition. However I disagree respectfully, as You need to have conscious desire, at least at lowest level of Your conscious being to start any sort of occult attack. In it's most basic form energy parasitism is an occult attack. In the text that follows I will be using the terms interchangeably ( psychic vampire, energy vampire, and energy vampire and energy parasite )

Ever had that sudden feel of fatigue, tiredness, with no obvious reason ? Did this by any chance occur after You dealt with certain person ? Have You had that happen before ? Think about it, because If the answer on the following question is affirmative, and If You were able to rule out mundane reason for Your state ( physiology or physiopathology ), You might have even more serious problem, occult or paranormal in it’s nature. An energy drain caused by, what we refer as energy vampires.
Energy vampires are human, or rarely, other living creatures that posses innate ability to steal another people’s vital force, energy sometimes referred as “chi” or or “prana” in esoteric circles, and in occult community in general.
There are also, spiritual energy vampires that are simply lowest level astral creatures, or non- living elementals created by other people ( like servitors or egregores ).
Even psychology, by some point, recognizes that there are humans capable to impose negative emotions upon others, consequently starting to feel better themselves. They call them emotional vampires. While in occultism we approve the fact that some people are
able of causing others to feel sad, depressive, melancholic or alike, relying only on every day, or natural means, we strongly think, that emotional vampires, as described in psychology are utterly rare. Meaning, up to some 98-99% of emotional vampires, are psychic vampires as well, or better yet their emotional vampirism is but a consequence of their ability to drain energy from other living being by supernatural means.
The main difference between the two types of vampires, is that emotional vampires have no influence when they are fare from You, and that You can easily resist them, using just will and determination. Psychic vampire – victim relation is masochistic, compelling, and can be severed only using both strong will and supernatural means.

Types of psychic vampires

We divide psychic vampires to following categories and subcategories

1. Human psychic vampires

a) Solar human psychic vampires – Aggressive, compelling, cruel, pathologically jealous and possessive, dominative, short fuse and abusive, yet highly dependant on their victims. They apologize often, and have episodes of “kind” behavior, which is to reassure their victims in their “good” aims and preventing victims from leaving them. Victims are often afraid and unwilling at same time to disassociate from them.
b) Lunar human psychic vampires – Kind, coercive, depressive, sometimes with suicidal tendencies they always fail to fulfill due to lack of courage and fear of pain. They always ask questions, ask for advices, seek help, they always appear to be in trouble and need victims help. The base for this pathological relation ( vampire – victim ) is based on victims sympathy for the vampire, and vampire’s outstandingly keen powers of suggestion and manipulation, subtle yet powerful and will bending.

2. Non-human psychic vampires ( spiritual vampires )

a) Natural spiritual psychic vampires – Lower level evil parasitic spirits occurring naturally, often inhabiting lower level astral plane, ethereal plane and Earthly plane by need. They mostly attack their victims during their sleep, though not rarely they can be attached to their victims almost non stop. People that are gifted and can see energies and energy beings ( clairvoyance ) gave pretty much uniformed description of these beings, spheral or with sharp cauloids ( head region ) and with great number of tentacles they use to attach themselves to human chakras.
b) Artificial spiritual psychic vampires – servitors created by other people, sometimes fugitives other times sent intentionally to feed on other people’s energies.

Regardless of the type ( human, non human ) and attributes ( solar, lunar, natural, artificial ) consequences of their acts are evident and obvious, and always pretty much the same.
Therefore the symptoms that will indicate on energetic vampirism, as well as methods of dealing with them are universal.

Recognizing a psychic vampire

Psychic vampires are always tired, never happy or satisfied individuals, that feel abandoned or rejected and always seek for support and help. They appear obsessed with fulfilling their goals and aims by all costs, they seek opinions and advices that they soak in.
“Some psychic vampires may suffer from physical ailments, unbalanced emotions,
or personality disorders. Many possess violent tempers, which are easily aroused”, according to famous occult author Dion Fortune.

Symptoms that indicate vampirism and diagnose

Most common and distinctive signs of energetic vampirism include

• State of general somatic and psychological fatigue, with no apparent physiological cause
• Poor sleep quality, sometimes followed by sleep apnea, or recurring nightmares
• Pain in the neck, lower spine and recurring headaches. Also it is commonly reported by victims that their ear rings and they are not hypertonic, and also sense of unease in are of solar plexus
• Sensation of ease, when bathing or staying over, or near bodies of water. Specific ease is felt If You make sign of Celtic cross over Forehead, Solar plexus and heart chakra
• Very small ( minute, use magnifying glass ) punctures bellow ears, on neck or down the inner surface of one forearms, lobes of the ears, under breast in women’s and on toe tips, sometimes they become infected and suppurating
Most people that have good basic occult knowledge will generally know when they are being attacked by an energy vampire. Anyhow, affirming that one has at least three above listed symptoms is alarming and healing and apothropaic measures are ought to be undertaken.

Warding off and healing energy vampirism

The simplest and best way to deal with leeches of these sort, is to disassociate. However even then, we may encounter them accidentally, so we either have to be rather vigilant and carry certain protective items and charms,
Or we have to coulter their power, restrict their magnetism and say no to their abuse.
The easiest, and very effective methods of protection against energy vampires, corporeal or not, include shielding, occult disassociation, and aura sealing, some of which are described in the text bellow.
The mentioned methods are also rather temporary and not a definite measure. I will be suggesting some of the means to severe the ties with energy parasites for good, later in this text.

[ Image 2: My own drawing depicting a visualization used to "cut off" the energy vampires, and their tentacles or rapport created. One visualizes 3 ( or more ) cilinders, extremely sharp rotatating with imense speed around their head, heart and navel. In Your visualization, it's advised that the cylinders rotate in different directions ]

Magickal disassociation techniques and shielding

Dion Fortune in her books suggests some of the best methods I’ve heard off ( or have read of ) in her book “Psychic self defense”.
Some are quite simple, actually. Should You find Yourslf in same room, with energy vampire and forced to speak to them, envision glass wall between You and energy parasite, and envision it clearly, until becomes like tangible between the two of You.
In Your mind or in low voice, say to them, how they are away from You and unable to harm or otherwise interact with You, unless how much You allow them to interact.
Another method suggested by Dion Fortune in above mentioned work of her ( an occult classic easily obtained ) she suggests simple method to close our energy leakage, while near them, and she describes the method as follows :

“When dealing with a person who saps your vitality, interlace your fingers, and lay your folded hands upon your solar plexus, keeping your elbows pressed against your sides. Keep your feet touching each other. You have thus contacted all your own terminals and made of your body a closed circuit. No magnetism will go out from you while you maintain this attitude. Your friend will probably complain of your lack of sympathy, however kindly you may speak.” *[1]
This is also a method of sealing Your aura. Another, more specific method author suggest to seal Your aura, for the approximate period of four hours is following ( from the same book ) :
Stand upright and cross yourself, by touching forehead, breast, right shoulder and left shoulder, saying, "By the power of the Christ of God within me, whom I serve with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my strength (extend your hands forward as far as you can reach at the level of the solar plexus, finger tips touching, then sweep them round to the back and touch the finger-tips together again behind you, saying), I encompass myself about with the Divine Circle of His protection, across which no mortal error dares to set its foot."
This is an old monkish formula. It is very effectual, but its potency only lasts aboutfour hours. " *[2]
A simple method of sealing Your aura to prevent energy leakage, and other similar harmful affect that would disrupt Your spiritual homeostasis, calls for red yarn ( best if it’s the one You soaked in Holy water ) to be tied around Your waist, bellow Your shirt so it remains unseen. This is a simple method both witches and cunning folk use on Balkan peninsula. I was taught to use it even as kid.

Severing the rapport

One of the best methods to deal with energy vampires is to severe the pathological connection that is often created between vampire and their victim. This so called “rapport” is an energy cord, a natural consequence of occult pathological connections between two individuals ( parasite – victim, adept/practitioner – victim, servitor – creator of them, astral being – victim, ghost – human ) , created as permanent energy link between two parties. A soothing analogy is astral cord between physical and astral body.
To cut this tie, an occult ritual is preformed that includes visualization and creation of protection circle, creation of astral weapon ( sword ), and severing the rapport with it, then setting the remaining alight with spiritual/astral torch. These steps are undertaken via practitioners careful visualization, followed with reciting certain affirmative words of power and using Divine names as symbol of authority and mastery over these adverse creatures and their abusive attacks. For the complete , detailed instructions for the ritual, I shall once again refer You to “Psychic self defense” by Dion Fortune. I must only add that, this ritual would ideally be done by some fellow practitioner, as victims of vampirism are fable of health and their mental focus might not be the best.
I believe I have found another method of severing this type of connection. Experience had taught me that Cut and Clear Hoodoo formulas, can be used for more than mere cutting away old partners and bad romances. If the Vampire is Human just do a normal Cut and Clear spell, a bath followed by some form of “Cut and clear spell” preferably following some banishment or Hot Footing. To make sure they will not come back finish with “Lost and away type” of work. Also “Cast off evil” formulas are ideal to be combined with “Cut and Clear” here.
If the Vampire is a spiritual leech, simply anoint a top of sharp pointed crystal ( like Kunzite or Clear or Smokey Quartz ) or dagger ( be careful not to cut Yourselves ) with “Cut and Clear oil” and pass over Your chakra points.

Spells to “destroy” energy vampires

The following are instructions for a typical witchcraft spell, to permanently disable vampire from harming one
1) Make a poppet to represent the vampire, personalize it as much as You can, and add any personal concerns of vampire You can get Your hands on in the doll
2) Consecrate or/and baptize the poppet/doll the way You normally do
3) Charge the poppet/doll holding it in Your hands, chanting the parasite’s name or simply thinking of them. Your hands should soon start having sensation of tingling
4) Lay the poppet on the altar, placing it between two lit black candles
5) If You have it, previous to lighting, dress the candles with “Cat off evil” oil and dust them with cayenne flakes, Black pepper and Sulphur. Do the same ( anointing and dusting ) with the poppet
6) Chant the following ( or read Psalm 10th , 13th and 91st )

Psychic vampire set me free.
No powers have you over me.
By number three times number three,
All harm you’ve done returns to thee!

7) Drive a wooden stake through a doll’s/puppet’s heart, so to symbolize Your triumph over the enemy saying : “So mote it be!”
8) in white cloth along with some salt and dispose away from Your property *[3]

Occult ritual to vanquish spiritual and other kind of energy vampires

This ritual is known since old times among Traditional occultists , and requires someone dear to help You ( partner, cousin, friend or simply a person willing to help ). This person shall prepare a fish, the best way they are able, cook it, spice it and serve it, praising how delicious and outstanding meal they have made for Your delight. They must constantly praise it aloud and You must appear like You are hungry and looking forward to the meal. Once they place the dish with a meal infront of You in a table, You make a declining mark with a hand, and a face that shows clear disgust, person offers You once more, again praising the fish but You steadily decline. The person that takes the meal and tosses it away as fare as possible. Than, affected person takes protective measures to make leeches unable to return.

Protection charms and methods

There are quite a few botanicals, animal curios as well as minerals that provide great protection against psychic vampires.
Now, keeping in mind that the rapport ( link ) between energy parasite and their victim is not as strong as one created by most of other aggressors, good protection in most cases is on itself, enough to cut the rapport, by making it inefficient, and consequently gradually “dissolving” it.
Still, it is highly advisable to, perform some cleansing work, or any of the methods described earlier.
This is strongly advised particularly in cases If the link between vampire and victim is long standing, and If the victim has exposed tendencies to “return” to the parasite.

Here is a list of some useful charms ( I have also given the explanations, alongside each item, as to why I think it might be helpful )

• High John TC root – to conquer Your enemies and overcome their power
• Sampson snake root – To give strength and endurance and to make You successful
• Mint – for it will give power of mind, and sharpness in need times and
ituations, also has wide range of uncrossing and unjinxing properties
• Lemon – Due to it’s cut and clear effect
• Poppy seeds – To confuse them and decrease their
• Master root – to dominate and master Your enemies
• Master of the woods – To protect ( against ) and overcome adverse conditions, and enemies
• Green Aventurine stone – Among the best “cures” for energy vampirism, also provides shield for the heart chakra and soothes
• Rusty bent nail – Interferes and decreases significantly abilities of vampire attack, as well as any psychic and most of occult attacks
• Camphor – Tincture or chunks, because of their powers to disrupt enemies activities

Atypical energy vampires

In earlier given classification of energy vampires I have given, I could have added third category of “atypical energy vampires”
The reason I did not do this, due to the fact that they are actually not the same species, kind if You will. Atypical energy vampire are beings varying in terms of origin and species, having the same modus opernadi, the same or similar energy draining abilities, like energy vampires. Some examples are Lamias, Baobhan Sidhe and so on.
Being different kind of beings, their behavior, and methods of dealing with are completely different.

This article is written by myself, but following sources were quoted ( as labelled ) in text [1] Dion Fortune "Psychic self-defense"
[2] Dion Fortune "Psychic self-defense"
[3] Gerina Dunwich "A witches guide to ghosts and suppernatural" , spell was used from this work, but significantly edited by me
Other spells and procedures are result of occult experience and are standard measures undertaken when fighting this occult condition, or are suggested by me.
Since the article was written and composed by myself, should You wish to use any of the information ( or whole text ) elswehere, You are welcome as long as You provide the credits Shadow of Shadows magick place or
Images used on this post were drawn by me , so should You wish to use them elswhere, the same rule applies.

Have a great upcoming Imbolc and check out my post on it
Also check out this wonderful post by Miss Kallista of Kallista's magick notes
Also check these delicious ideas by recognized author Celeste Heldstab

Blessed be and stay safe !


Rosalyn said...


I found your post on vampires & I am aware I'm being vampirized but unsure what to do about it. I tried banishing ceremonies but they aren't working & he keeps coming back.

I don't know if you have time to message me but any information you have would be very helpful. I've tried many things & right now I'm going on 10 months of being vampirized from a distance.. I tried cutting physical contact but it wasn't enough & too late. If you can please email me at simmiah@yahoo.com Thank you for the information here. I'm trying out some of the spells you listed & hopefully they will help.

Anonymous said...

I was sucked past 6 weeks.
Lady at Dallas show said she & dog had Strokes from formaldehyde in Chinese sheetrock.
Doing toxin fund raiser.
She put me to sleep in booth!
She threw energy darts at my customers. She took the better part of day, Could'nt sell,cost me money.
not finished told her meet me in evening.
sucked me each day & night 1 1/2 wks mind controlled me, she dropped something, I dropped my pen, crossed her legs, I crossed mine,I could'nt resist.
Used crying how her dog died kept trying to get me to cry over death of dog, saying, OH! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!THEY TOLD ME TO GO TO HOSPICE,THAT I SHOULD NOT BE OUT WALKING AROUND! COUGH! COUGH!

LOOKING BACK. She coughed to manipulate, lightly.
She would even complain people WOULD NOT CRY WHEN SHE TOLD ABOUT DOG DYING,like a crime.
Vampires get you emotionaly weak so can eat.
said living out of car, lost all when had to get out of the black mold, it was in things so had to throw out, I understood, happened to me years ago mold spores grow again, wherever land.
She would design her lanyard then re-figure over again EATING MY ENERGY.

PITED HER PLIGHT,Sold below cost told her several times COULDN'T GET AGAIN, Just sell they'r 8yrs .
On road called complained people in San Marcus were very close knit, they would'nt talk about each other.

TOOK ORDERS..on things I said COULD'NT REPRODUCE, yelled at me to just fill the order. LIKE I COULD PULL IT OUT OF MY EAR.
quit taking calls on my cell phone, she filled message area.
She drove back to Dallas accused me of stealing her designs,
These are designs I GAVE HER..NOT THAT WAY AROUND..so she could make quick money said she had no money for gas.I realize she wanted me to give her GAS MONEY.... OR WHATEVER MONEY...JUST MANIPULATE ME..TO GET WHATEVER SHE COULD OUT OF ME.
We had already been selling the pieces & the parts for some time..

Tries to get us to let her sit in office to string designs.

I told her not to come to the office until the late afternoon, I had shows in Vegas & had work to do. Came early wants to sit there & bead, disrupting again my son, employees,for 5 1/2 hours not getting anything done or us.

First met, she would HUUGGG ME, oh thank you for being so nice!
She gave me body mites..the no seeums that itch & bury into the skin.
Hundreds of $$ of products to get rid of them & out of my son's car I had driven that day, out of my office, & home.
She denied it, but"They said I had gotten rid of them at the hospital, & they have me on anti-hystimines so they don't bother me anymore" SHE KNEW WHAT SHE HAD, WILLINGLY PASSED THEM ON TO ME.
She came back from San Antonio, she kept saying she was rid of them & ok for her to sit in my office & bead.

She wanted beads I pkd at market years ago. The tag 12.75 I had paid, told her would give at my cost.
When I wasn't there, She asked my husband for a better price, now I am in hole. Manipulator, liar, energy vampire.

Got red candle inscribed Archangel Michael requesting help & protection.
We will see what he does.

get prayer on internet.
Use 91st Psalm then Archangel Michael's prayer.

I am putting the purple flame around myself & white light around myself & my son...

Sympathy is how she works, she gets you griefy then sympathy then eats

Anonymous said...

She keeps leaving messages on my cell phone, over and over
like I am going to pick up and read them...
still trying to eat

Anonymous said...

"Experience had taught me that Cut and Clear Hoodoo formulas, can be used for more than mere cutting away old partners and bad romances."

Of course! because lemon, as main ingredient is a cleaning member. In fact you can use any of the elements for regular cleaning. Basil, rosemary, rue, salt, etc. Cut and clear not just lemon, served cleaning anything, including common soap.

Anonymous said...

U guys are just lucky...All of my aunts on my moms side of the family sucked me dry for years even my own mother, my brother and my sisters...Now jus found out my aunt on my dads side, whom I thought was also my best friend is a suck head too...I was passed around like cattle from one to the other every since I was a little girl..I was in a accident with a cement truck, the accident was called in as a DOA..I never saw the accidenr because a voice called my name and told me to look this way...So I did because I was the only person in the car! I know that eas my guardiN Angel who saved me...Every since that accident i know things that i nevet knew before..That's how I figured out what my family and aunt had been doimg to me since I was little...Not to mention they practice black magic and my aunt has chained
her life to mine! I toyally remember when she had that spell done...I was maybe 17. I know because I was walking in the living room and my ankle started to hurt. I looked down and saw the ball and chain...I just want to say PRAY and keep GOD 1st...

Anonymous said...

Maybe it isn't your family members directly doing the energy drainage, maybe it is forces that can work through them? Just a thought.

Kerensa Harwick said...

Hey can whoever wrote this article email me I have a question?

Ashley Morgan said...

This is an awesome article ~ so much detailed info! Am going to try a few of these ideas for sure. I have to work with one of these parasitic creatures - she sits in the desk right in front of me. Speaking of vampires…if anyone watches the show True Blood, this woman is the equivalent of Sarah Newlan x 10. I can’t tell if she’s got 3 different personalities, or if she is just so fake that her persona changes depending on whoever she’s speaking to. Her dramatic ways, overly zealous bursts of useless energy, constant parroting, and use of nonsense words literlayy suck the life force from me every day. She’s been on vacation and for the last few days I’ve felt light as a feather. I swear that my hair even has more volume & life to it! Am dreading when she comes back tomorrow. Her arrival at this company has been a huge negative, and will push me from this job I’ve loved for the past 7 years. However, I’m trying to see it as a positive. Because of my desperation to leave her presence, I’ve started taking classes to become a massage therapist. So, her entrance may have been the push I needed to make progress in my life. In the mean time, I’m stuck here with her, for the next year at least…and REALLY need some help to preserve my own sanity and energy levels. Will definitely try arranging some Aventurine around the base of my computer (which faces her) and also some of the spells.

Dragnet53 said...

I always thought I had some spirit draining me because I am always tired. I mean no apparent reason. I always had lousy sleep. Even my own chakras felt drained. At first I thought it was a succubus because that is what they do, but didn't realize that it could be a psychic vampire. I have a strong energy field and when I chakra meditate I could of attracted something. I need to find a way to activate my clairvoyance.

Anonymous said...

Hello, i came along to this page randomly through searching about my kind. There are a few issues i have found with your statements and methods of protection. by all means use them, some vampires are evil. however, myself and many others only feed to survive. we were created through a very very old spell. A permanent curse if you will. killing one of us is usually a temporary solution seeing as we reincarnate indeffinetly. Along with the fact of using a spell like that would cause massive amounts of negative karma for counteracting our very nature. Also on a side note not all vampires are how you described, there are three main human types not including astral vampires. The first type is me. Bad temper, increased physical abilities, less of a need to feed. One that feeds more and has a neutral tempe, and one that is shy and feeds daily with major physical problems. Witches hunt us for next to no reason and so do many others, however i was blessed with a natural witch as a mate and we get along splendidly. if you wish for any further information please contact me by phone. 423-567-0302

Shadow said...

@Dragnet53 Maybe something I've written about here http://shadowsmagickplace.blogspot.com/2011/05/clairvoyance-and-seeint-spirits.html can help You out with Your Clairvoyance?
Or here http://shadowsmagickplace.blogspot.com/2013/09/increasing-your-occult-dexterity.html , also http://shadowsmagickplace.blogspot.com/2013/03/hoodoo-style-psychic-vision-and-dream.html
Good luck ! :)

@Anonymous Well the article is intended for the people who have problem with vile and nasty energy parasites. I am aware there are people who are energy vampires, but not necessarily mean, evil nor wishing to cause ill. I actually knew a person like that, and we were good friends.
Have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...

There is nothing friendly about any vampires. They are stealing your energy. But of course they will say, they are deserving and don't harm people etc. Of course they do. And the energy vamp (anonymous) above who mentioned of karma and all that has no idea. Just throwing about New age concept. They must all be destroyed. Imagine someone who has STD and says, I'm really a nice person, let's make love. *rolleyes*

Annon said...

I'd really like to know if there are any normal human beings out there meaning (non Vampiric) i need help!

Avadicious Draconion said...

Can you tell me anything about Elvan psychic vampire's, the ones that feed off the elements like storms. Fire. Star light. There's energy In greater places than with humans, we love them, there are laws. But I want to know because, we keep running into more of our kinds, like a magnet, there's no normal, and I like normal, does anyone know of any psychic vampire's war or prophecy that might have been recorded

Avadicious Draconion said...

We practice Wiccan magic and draw to relms in that world and it's old Origen, we have been running into many Like us strangely, and many like those mentioned above, we are people, not monsters.

Avadicious Draconion said...

To all Wiccans, we are seeking the power given and approved of the gods and goddesses you follow, we took the over worded rant about It being an occult, we are not as evil as it's recorded, if we had been none of the hundreds I've found know anything about are people, we just know what we arem

Avadicious Draconion said...

I'm open to conversation and questions 247

Avadicious Draconion said...

With what, I'm different but still vampire

Avadicious Draconion said...

I agree. Vampire's who Feed off of humans are creatures. I Feed off of storm's. Moon energy , spirits, old tree's, all those Wiccan places have energy to use. They welcome us freely, make us part of families as people. And we curse the vampires who harm humans. Found new places of freedom for ourselves In The energy's of Fae forests and old places of old magics, some of us are good and do good with our powers, and the ones we change, like Devan. He has Cancer, 14 more years of life from the when ever day his last would be, the powers and old God assigned

Avadicious Draconion said...

I would love to talk

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
I am an empath and recently met a person who came across as a very spiritual person. I even saw him in a very vivid dream twice the first week we met. In dream he was glowing white but i still felt very uneasy. He showed interest in me right away to the point of proposing to me and sexual texting to me within the first month. I felt happy and energetic. Then all of sudden no contact for 3 days and when he came over to "dump" me basically, I was crying and very emotional and he kissed me and left. Since then I have felt so drained and my body weighs a ton. I am not depressed over him anymore but felt he did something with the kiss and drained me completely. Its been 5 days and I can barely do anything and I look pale even. Is there anything I can do to gain my energy back? Do you think he could still be sucking my energy? Any suggestions and comments would be helpful.. oh and there has been no contact with him since then. Thank you so much!!! anxiously awaiting for any suggestion!! namaste ! Thanks..... Tired and anxious

Anonymous said...

Very good article but there you should mention about fixing problems too and that has to be done first:
Stop sexual fantasy, quit masturbation, pornography, negative emotions etc... There is no emotion, there is peace (jedi code). Then when you deal with them remember not stimulate or fight against them because you will finance them with you vital energy. If you stimulate them eroticaly trough imagination then you will finance 'em with you energy and the same happens when you fight against 'em. Of corce the secret is to stay, to say so at the zero point, at the middle between plus and minus so that they'll consume their energy not you, very similar like in Aikido. Let 'em consume their energy. All you have to do is to focus your attention and will on possitive thins, creative.
Remember !The power is within you. You hold the key to any problem but it takes time and more important practice.


Marcus King said...

Hey if you can see these energy vampires or worms, what color would they be? And energy vampires and demons are the same right?

Anonymous said...

About drainage of "prana"/ spiritual energy/vital energy:a stone , crystal, or rock is not able to help it. What happens is, for the energy vampire to gain access to your vital energy and successfully steal it, literaly feeding off the energy that comes from the solar plexus area in the spiritual, the victim must be in the same emotional state of the vampire. Meaning if the victim manage to change her/his emotional state completely when going to sleep the vampire then will not be able to steal it, because his emotional state will not be compatible with the victim's anymore. What also is effective is praying The Lord's prayer sincerely then asking Him to protect you , in the name of King Jesus Christ from all oppressors and energy vampirism, and BELIEVE it really having faith You will be protected and then praying "I in the name of Jesus Christ am protected from all energy vampirism, thank You Lord." In the beggning of the sleep this time you will still feel your energy starting to get drained but as you sleep "something" happens that stops your energy from being drained and you won't wake up feeling like something is missing inside your chest. On the contrary, you will wake up feeling "filled", yet light, without having stolen energy, because during sleeep the spirit is supposed gets replenished naturally. This is why we sleep so much when sick. By the way, while praying sincerely I even feel my chest being filled with lightness, being filled with something good. I bet it is the Holy spirit filling me, I wish I knew for sure.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Will u plz let me know if it work I’m experiencing a similar situation. And would like to know what it took to actually work for you

Anonymous said...

I have been the object of attack over the last @6-7 years.
It took me a very long time to figure out mostly because no one would talk about it...even if they knew what was happening.
I am low income so I am forced to live in shared accomodations. once one leech left the residence another, usually stronger, would move in. mostly alcoholics and addicts of some kind. but not always.
I am able to take in large quantities of energy from air and focus it to heal, stay healthy help others, but now keep myself as depleted as possible so the negative repercussions of them taking all the positive and leaving me with the negative is not life changing... things like new electronics break, people can get physically hurt if around me at wrong times... it can be bad
I am drained 24/7 but was able to shrug it off till lately. I became aware of the areas of entry and physical signs for these attacks which were pinching in arms and legs cutting off circulation, probing pin pricks in brain throughout, eyeball pressures, felling of strong compression in skull in all ways. draining usually comes from back of neck from middle of head to base of neck, feels like a large circle sucking like vacuum and third eye region... sometimes separate but mostly together. lots of feelings of depression and anxiety at all times.
noticed different "techniques" and "signatures" being used at different times like they are doing shift work on me.
they come into my dreams and create intense dramas like me being kidnapped or me having to fight someone or other much more twisted scenarios, but since I like intense dreams I don't mind that so much even when it makes me question my morality when I get up. I know who I am so I don't care what I dream.
noticed thought inception and direction, all negative of course, because I know myself and this is all not me.
have noticed at work and on bus people syncing with me, placing unwanted thoughts and watching for reactions then adjusting and going again...
I refuse to open my mind to others when all ive ever gotten was memory searching, again only negative, and pot stirring... so they try harder continuously.
left all 20 year long friends but one because of the constant feelings of negativity and the constant searching of my memories even after commenting it makes me uncomfortable and causes pain.... they didn't care... none of them do.
been home three weeks now, quit my job, don't want to go out and only do to work for survival...
used to go to gym and was doing especially well, was running 7.5 k and doing hour workout every time but then a huge push came which made me stop somehow... theres always an excuse in my head that I don't agree with but somehow I always give in, like "who needs to live life right?".
sit, relax, no need to think about anything...just stay here so we can make connection stronger... 1 week around them = takes 1 week away from them to get out... nasty cycle
I am strong minded like bull but these guys and - girls (the worst) use brute force and constant attachment and by the time I get used to it and start fighting it off they switch tactics... very adept and smart people... bad like cancer but woah!!! smart!
I don't know what to do anymore

SwiftSparrow75 said...

Hello, im same guy as above 1/24/18
ive been using the scientific method to gradually identify persons and techniques. I thought id add some extra info towards the techniques used on me.

Some choose an alternate sleep/wake cycle as their food, others don't.
I had mentioned pressure on the eyes. it is a not quite irrisistable urge to lose visual focus but is hard to constantly counteract. it seems that my left eye is the one used to "see with mine eyes". if I try to focus from that eye only it starts to hurt and so does my brain, not so with the right eye... when I am not being attacked I do same tests and get different results.
I found they are very good at attaching themselves without notice and most times just tiny pressure building toward someones foot standing on your head or chest.. the end result is like after being punched in the back of the head. I can feel when I take off their suckers. my hands get heavier and feel like theyre attached to something.
I have identified attackers over the course of time and have hit them back with hard mental words about their choices non stop for hours and they will stop for a while, while they think and regain their composure, or maybe they just get sick of listening to me but they would be back and hit much harder so....
Creating pain in myself on the attack sites would shock them as well. A heavy slap on the back of my neck or a knuckle punch to my solar plexus will stop a new guy but they get used to it
I was using thick blue rubber bands to slap my wrists as hard as I could to see if they were in me and to shock myself out. I would be numb to a few slaps but would keep going until I felt pain and they were gone. One day I had raised welts on both my wrists but I heal well so whatever. I did that on the bus and heard people yelping and gasping every time I did it. THE RUBBER BANDS IDENTIFY THE ATTACKERS when u can hear reponses...

SwiftSparrow75 said...

My thoughts can be heard (((0))) and I have said if u ask for my energy I will give as much as needed willingly. It is so easy for me to get more from the air. No one has ever asked
I HAVE had offers of collaboration to get rich but no thanks
I see what they do is quite akin to slavery and I regard them now as mental rapists and molesters, who HAVE choice to learn another way but too lazy. They use people for as long as they can to get ahead and survive without actually doing anything for themselves.
One guy said he was storing energy so he could win the lottery. He is 38, on welfare, says he is tired of working and shouldnt have to anymore... fakes mental illness to get by and stay out of jail...
one lady is in real estate. She rents out her basement to wefare people who pay the mortgage on the house. She stuffed 5 rooms into it at 500+ per month. she then lays on her couch above them all, all day and night when home and sometimes sneaks onto the stairs leading to the basement to get even closer(she does not sleep in her bedroom on third level) sapping up their energy and uses it for her business and her ability to cloud customers minds... I heard it said we were her "tickets".
Id like to say I KNOW we ALL have the ability to take energy from this world. If you are taking it from people you CAN LEARN to take it from the elements instead. it is just a matter of focus. I learned to take only from the air and ground. It was a long and confusing thing to do by myself but I did it. IF YOU DO NOT sacrifice your comfort and LEARN ANOTHER WAY U ARE LAZY OR U ARE BY DEFINITION A USER AND ABUSER. We all have the choice. All the things that wear ure body down is your choice!
A lot of the kids being born now are mental lie detectors. If u choose to hurt others for your own gain, when they look into you and see u as an abuser are you going to be okay with being known as that? imagine you couldn't leave your house without the whole city shunning u because of your choices.
Us now, will not be hidden for long, so lets all make a better choice by not hurting each other intentionally, and it is ALWAYS intentional unless u are unaware of yourself.
If u are going to try justifying slavery please just go to the nearest jewish or black person and say to their face they are yours to command. See what kind of reaction u get.
That is what is coming

btw, I used a prayer from a comment up above last night and it worked wonders. went back to see it again and now is gone... very suspicious

SwiftSparrow75 said...

One more thing, because I don't like to hide and people NEED to take this stuff seriously...
I am in Ontario, Canada. This all came about for me @30 in Alberta when I didn't want to live anymore and asked god for something to live for or I wanted to die... I was an addict and was sick of a crappy life
things started to get worse, but then better and better.
I would get hints from people about something special happening but no one had an understandable message.
imagine being watched by everyone around you everywhere u go, city to city, house to house.... it was nerve wracking
later I started to notice a little dot of brown discoloration on my forehead just between and above my eyes.
this tiny dot grew to the size of a mandarin orange and im a pasty white guy so lets just say it was more than noticeable... it was very uncomfortable for many years as it grew larger and was noticed more and more so I took to wearing a hat.
well at one point of being halfway up my forehead it stopped growing but then the darkness started to appear over my eyebrows like wings.
at @ 1 inch high these colored wings stopped growing and the main ball grew some more until it reached an inch from my hairline.
and as if that wasn't enough within the last year a new lighter circle started from a tiny marble size and now is the mandarin orange that the dark used to be.
I made the mistake of moving back to my home town to b around my good friends because it seemed wherever I went I was always surrounded by users. but the same is true here too and since then ive had to get rid of two of my 20 year friends as I sense they are bad too.
I am attacked almost 24/7 every day of every year because I cannot make enough money to live by myself and I am forced to be around those who bring me down and the cycle keeps going.
The problem seems to be a lot of the people have gone bad... it is very easy to b bad. from my conversations with them they don't think they can b any other way so before they try they give up and start being worse with the thoughts ,if im going to hell I might as well get the most out of being as bad as I can

SwiftSparrow75 said...

This all being said, life has become very difficult just to survive and maintain a basement apartment.
it seems the better u try to be inside, the harder the ones around you try to corrupt u and make life difficult. im sure their intention is to try and drive me mad or to suicide but I always get up and keep going.
even my brother thinks im crazy with no apparent reason. he knows the trouble ive been through but doesn't let on if he knows what is actually happening. I had the feeling one day of going over to his house to help with his gardening and noticed the massive tree in his back yard had split in two and was just about to fall on his house... good timing I was there... he didn't know and it was days away from falling... arborist even had to strap around trunk to keep it up till the next day.
he thinks it was just coincidence as far as I know...lol....I think not

depending on the beliefs of who I talk to nowadays I am unbelievably lucky with my life or am cursed, but the point is it is not just something imagined in my head... it is on my head! the changes are visible on my body and tangible and so far ever changing. I cannot ignore what is happening as I see it in the mirror every day... I am shaking now for some reason as I write this.
I would love some feedback, good or bad... it all helps

thanks for reading and life is going to get very interesting for us all

Intro said...

Hi, I'm going through a similar situation like you here in the u.s. These Individuals stalking me and feeding off my energy and doing something to my stomach. I would really like to get in contact with you, what you describe is almost just like mines.

SwiftSparrow75 said...
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SwiftSparrow75 said...

the lady I lived under would ask me to do renovations work for her...
her and her sister would make fun of me within earshot but would start in English and move to Punjabi when they really got nasty....
she eventually asked to make dinner for me since I was working late for her. I accepted and the paid for it the next couple weeks. i had stomach pains and wasn't going to the bathroom so I went to the doctor and was told my stomach bacteria had all died but they would come back.
after that I stopped working for her and moved as quickly as possible without notice.
poisoning me was a great place to draw the line

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