Jan 21, 2011

Hoodoo Herbology Samspon snake , Echinacea or Black Sampson

Influenza season is actual at the moment, and we should take care to prepare our immune system. Vaccination is of course the obvoius choice, yet herbal medicine can help prevent getting fly or help curing it, and alevating the symptomes. Among first choices would probbalu be Ecinacea. But here I will disuss the use of herb in magick.

In books on magickal herbalism various plants species, from 5 or so genera, are often named Sampson snake. In Hoodoo we can consider only those of belonging to g. Echinacea ( fam. Asteraceae ) and g.Gentian ( fam Gentianaceae ) to have earned the name Sampson snake.
However those plants of genera Gentian, are used mostly in love magick, lust and domination of male, while those that belong to genus Echinacea are used in more than lust, love and domination magick.
In this article I will be discussing Echinacea magickal uses.

Echinacea are perennial, xerophytic plants, belonging to family Astreraceae ( daisies ), growing up o 140cm height. The taxonomic characters easily used to determine the species include central flower disk, that has spiny elongations ( hence the name, echinos means “spine” in Greek ), bracts just bellow the flower head ( 15-50 depending on species ) and the corolla, most often being purple or pink, or pale purple ( Echinacea palida ) , though there are species with white or yellow inflorescence ( Echinacea paradoxa for example ). Leafs are very variable, therefore can help in determination but are not among evident taxonomic characters. The nerve count on them, however, can be used to easily inidicate gender, as they count 3-5 nerves. They are native to America, endemic in certain regions, but grown all over the world, mostly industrially.
In magick, like in official herbal medicine, we use three species Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea pallida and Echinacea angustiofolia ( which can be easily identified by narrow lanceted, sometimes pointed leaves and pale purple to pink corolla ).

In Hoodoo, we use root ( Radix Echinaceae ), for different purposes, that include

• increasing male virility and regaining lost ( in from of baths, often combined with Wahoo bark , and/or dill leafs for this )
• inducing lust and seducing and controlling female
• obtaining power and strenght ( often carried in mojo bags )
• healing unnatural diseases
• obtaining admiration and success ( particularly on workplace, though for this is often mixed with other herbs, see the oil recipe later in text )

Europeans use it to amplify magick spells and heal, which is most likely imported from Indian herbal practice, as they use it for such purposes. I have read that *Iroquis wash their guns in Echinacea infusion, so they could aim better.
**Powdered root placed in shoes, can bring success, admiration of colleges, and increase physical strength, endurance and delay tiredness. It is commonly combined with Master of the woods , or Masterwort for such. Here are some examples of use

Potion to cure unnatural diseases or conditions

Tea made of equal parts of Echinacea root and Tormentil, will cure unnatural diseases and remove “magickal poisons” from ones body, neutralizing them in the process. A strong tea made of Echinacea root alone will do the trick also.
NOTE : Echinacea tea has medical effects as immune stimulant, thanks to root polysaccharides, alkyamides ,chikoric acid and phenols.Some studies show that it might have some ( yet non identified ) anti-viral compound.

High Job oil ( or Executive oil )

This is my formulation for condition oil used to attain business success, get collogues admiration, impress boss, get a raise, and improve leadership qualities.

• Gravel root, smaller piece or chips
• Master root
• Sampson Snake root
• Five Finger’s grass
• Essential oil of Bergamot
• E. oil of Benzoin
• E. oil of Cedar ( just a few drops )

All in base oil of course.

Power oil

This is one of my formulas for Power oil, that includes Sampson snake root

• Master of the Woods herb
• Sampson snake root
• Solomon seal root
• Lodestone
• Sandalwood essential oil
• Lemon essential oil or lemon rinds
• Frankincense Essential oil or resin

Used to attract power, and strength both physical and that necessary to overcome enemies as well as adverse conditions.

Formulas and text are written and composed by myself, and the picture is from
http://www.wearechangeedinburgh.org/uploads/Echinacea_purpurea.jpg , therefore If You wish to use any of the text elswhere, do so, but make sure You add Credits , Shadow of Shadows magick place, or Shadow-333@hotmail.com. Some of the text was inspired by Catherine Yarnwode's entries on Echinacea in her book "Hooodoo herb and root magick" , some labelled with * or **

Hope You found this useful, many Blessings

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