Oct 30, 2014

All Hallows eve when the veil is thin V

Not very cold and dark this year, at least here ( was 20’C yesterday and today, and sunny without a cloud in a sky ) but one can still smell that special  All hallows eve special   “scent” in the air. I guess it’s just that special energy, amassing just before one of the most magikcal, If not the  most magickal periods of the year.
All Hallows eve, or Halloween, or Samhain, starts around sunset on 31st  October and goes on until 2nd of November,  though in some places it can be celebrated even more, or later. In some parts of the Britain, the classical All Hollow’s eve Is “replaced” by Bonfire night, or Guy Fawke’s night, which even though commemorates a mundane, historical event, it incorporates many traditional elements of the Samhain celebrations like bonfires,   and  costumes.

All Hallows eve,  has even in Christianity came to be a  holiday, commemorating afterlife, and paying respect to  spirits of the dearly bellowed, or All the Saints together.   It Seems that the power of the day, when the veil between the worlds is literarily the thinnest through all of the year,  is known to all religions, or rather has been known for as long as men can recall. Some form of celebration of this day  was known even in prehistoric times.

I have written before, more excessively on significance and symbolism of this holiday, so for more information You can check out my other posts, which also contain spells, rituals and tips:

Let’s just briefly “revise” about magickal properties of Samhain.

It’s a time of great power, and all the magickal work  is more powerful when done on this day. That being said, it’s  the power of chances and opportunities, but also of great danger. Not only that the hostile magick practitioners ( humans, that is ) are more keen and apt in harming people on this day, but being that the  veil between the worlds is thin, all sort of supernatural creatures, many of which malevolent , roam the physical realm freely  on this night. It’s also the time when love divinations are traditionally done, necromancy magick performed, and longevity and power ( spiritual, magickal ) rituals are done.

Candles lit on All Hallows eve are those colored: black, pale blue ( for mind healing, removing mental conditions, strengthening the mind, releasing fears  etc . ) , dark purple, and orange ( for longevity, and immortality ) .
Herbs traditionally associated with Samhain are: Cypress, Ditanny, Nutmeg, Fern and Sage [1]
Some more correspondences You can find in my earlier post on All Hallows even 3 
Following are the ideas for two rituals appropriate for the All Hallow eve’s magickal workings

Ritual to conjure spiritual power

Cleanse Yourself and ritual space  prior to the ritual. You may burn some Frankincense, Sage and/or Sandalwood incense mixture for this. Have  a purple charm bag ready and any, or more of the items that represent spiritual/magickal power, let’s say a lodestone, a Labradorite or Spectrolite, a piece of Solomon’s seal root, Galangal root and so on.

Draw a symbol of Gnostic star, large enough  so that You can comfortably sit in the center, and on each of its 8 points, set a purple candle, each dressed with small amount of Master key oil.
Anoint Your body with the Master key, If possible the whole body, very lightly, or the pulse spots, heart area, back of the neck, and palms.

Light the  purple candles, one by one, clockwise. Hold the purple charm bag ( mojo bag ) open in Your hands, either  in fort  of You, or above You, and place the power item/s in it. As You hold it chant the following seven times ( You can also compose Your own suiting words  of power ) :

As above so bellow,
From North, East, South and West,
In this hour, I conjure the power,
For works of magick to be best,
From Earth, from Skies, and over the mountains,
And over the Sea, power come, and stay with me,
As I wish so mote it be!

Let the candles burn all the way down. Carry the charm with You for 7 days as much as possible ( preferably non-stop, hidden ) , and after that keep it somewhere safe, and hold or carry when You need some extra power.

Pumpkin and doll protection ritual

This ritual can really be done anytime, but All Hallow’s eve, is a great day/night to tap into powerful forces and deal away with some dangerous enemy’s magick wreaking havoc in Your life. And pumpkins are even more magickal on All Hallows eve. This is a traditional spell from Balkan peninsula magick system ( see credits for more ) :

Make a doll, out of old cloth, corn leaves, or wax, to represent Your enemy and dedicate it any way You find appropriate ( naming, adding personal concerns, consecration ritual etc. ).
Cut off the pumpkin’s top, and clean as much contents from it as possible, remove seeds in any case, and the “meat” from the middle. 
Then, pour some water in the pumpkin and toss the doll in. Also toss in some: salt, cayenne or chili peppers, Black peppers, Basil, Valerian root ( or whole herb ), and any other apotropaic agent If You wish so.
Then using Your athame*, or at least  a new, consecrated knife, “cut” the water in the pumpkin in various directions ( making sure not to cut, or perforate the pumpkin in the process ) as You chant:

All that You have sent;  I have covered with salt,  all that You have cast; I have burnt with peppers, From all that You have intended to do to me, I have defended myself. You could not do anything to me, You can not do anything to me, and You will never be able to do anything to me!

Cover the pumpkin with the top ( “lid” ) You’ve previously cut off, and store it somewhere safe, where it will last longer, for the spell lasts as long as the pumpkin does. [2]

Be safe, and have  a happy Halloween !  ;)

Love, Shadow

NOTES:  This article was written and composed by myself, hence If You wish  to use any part of it elsewhere online, feel free , but add credits: Shadow of the Shadow’s magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post.
[1] Candle colors and  Herb correspondences according to Cassandra Eason’s   “Encyclopedia of magick and ancient wisdom”
[2] The original ritual is described in “Tradicionalno Balkansko vjesticarstvo”  by : Radomir Podunavski, page 177th, ID Esoterhia, 2007th, Belgrade; and is translated, edited and adopted for use here by myself, for  educational purposes. The whole book is available in English as of few years ago, it’s called “Balkan traditional witchcraft” and I warmly recommend it to anyone interested in either folk magick and witchcraft, European witchcraft , or both, and You can get Yours here  http://www.amazon.com/Balkan-Traditional-Witchcraft-Radomir-Ristic/dp/0979616859
IMAGE CREDITS:  witch on a pumpkin is from http://thegraphicsfairy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/halloween+witch+vintage+image+graphicsfairy002b.jpg used  here for  illustrative purposes without any ill will, Pumpkin with vines is from : http://thegraphicsfairy.com/wp-content/uploads/blogger/-ItthnRZX3jE/TpYggZM-bYI/AAAAAAAAOX0/2KLbE6H5C_w/s1600/pumpkin%2Bbotanical%2Bvintage%2Bgraphicsfairysm2.jpg used for illustrative purposes without any ill will