Dec 17, 2009

Hoodoo magick

Anyone that reads this posts of mine might have noticed ( should have, I agressivly favoritise the system lol ) that I am rather kean on Hoodoo or Conjure also called Rootwoork as a magickal system/tradicion

Here are suggestion for some good sites, info sources and Books

So If You would like to know more about this tradition follow these links and find

Online book by today’s leading expert on Hoodoo Catherine Yronwood can be found here

Variety of Voodoo Hoodoo Lore can be found here

Protection, and hexing in Hoodoo and Voodoo ( Anatomy of Voodoo curses and hexes, and banishing ) can be found here

Scribd document on Conjure ways of Hexing, Unhexing and protection can be found here

Free spells, many of them of Conjure tradition can be found here

A great blog on Hooodoo, by a person I like to consider my online friend, with some more links to good Hoodoo information can be found here:

Good books with informationp on Hoodoo/Conjure/Rootwork ( all synonyms ) tradition include

“Hoodoo herb and root magick” By Miss Catherine Yronwood
“Voodoo Hoodoo spellbook” By Miss Denise Alvarado
“Book of Charms, spells and formulas” by Sir Ray T. Malbrough
“The magickal power of Saints” By same author as one above
“The Hoodoo mysteries” By same author as one above

Some other Books that include information on Hoodoo as chapters or include Conjure spells and botanicals are:

“Herbal magick” by Gerina Dunwich
“Sorcerer’s secrets” By Jason Miller
“Protection and reversal magick” By same author as above

Find it here

or here

Dec 12, 2009

Are You cursed, hexed, crossed ??? Find out now

Magickal wars

I will explain the types of occult attacks here and how to recognize them . Since I do not like typing that much this shall be brief, but concise and informative I hope.

What is occult or magickal attack ?

Occult attack, is a supernatural act of aggression towards another human being, animal, plant or even lifeless item ( in which case is mostly another method on attacking earlier three, though indirectly ).
( mind that this is my opinion, and even though being basically a concise description, it is not an official definition, If there is such, anyway )

Why do people attack another spiritually ?

Well, to be honest I can not say with certainty, nor I believe could anyone else either. It is a matter of psychology really, since the reasons can vary in so many forms.
Someone is just jealous of Your hair ?
You have pushed someone accidentally in the crowd ?
You have been mean to someone and now it is retribution time ?
Someone wants You out of the way ?
Someone wants You dead ?
Someone has mental health issues, and this is the particular anger went for him/her ?
Someone enjoys doing evil ?
Someone is paid to do harm ?

I could go on and on !

During my years of study, I heard downright fair reasons to attack someone but also the most stupid ones as well.
I will repeat what I say quite often : No one is above the Divine justice !

So what are the forms/means of supernatural attack ?

Well it is hard to categorize them but I shall try

Magickal – attack on someone using magickal means , most commonly employing spells and with use of magickal tolls
Telepathic – using abilities or altered states of consciousness to affect another’s life ( most commonly affecting only mental health and affecting free will and actions of the target ) . This one can be done by humans but is highly unlikely and extremely rare , since humans are rarely capable of such a high level telepathic or emphatic manipulation.
Natural – attack form spirits . Caused by their rage, usually because we humans seem to be naturally skilled in “accidentally” disrespecting sacred places, nature, and of course their guardians or non-material inhabitants. A subcategory here might be general negative natural influence such as places of great power, that can either heal or harm ( ex. Holy and Cursed objects, areas, ley-line centers and alike)
Occult – some or all of the above combined. Sometimes a demon or spirit is employed to torment us, via help of magick. That covers two categories. Or one can be lured onto “cursed” area via telepathic control. Basically under this category would go : others combined and any other

So how can You recognize and differ are You being attacked or is it some mundane ( medical issue, or bad coincidences and so on )

Well here are the signs

1) Physical signs :*marks of tele-impression ( bruises or scratches that appear from “nowhere” especially in sleep time )
*hag ride –  pretty much a positive physical sign of an occult attack . A sensation of someone siting on Your chests . This must not be confused with sleeping asphyxiation , sleeping paralysis and other
*dirt under nails – even If You clean Your nails ( when not cut ) dirt seams to appear rapidly and mysteriously
*enchanted objects -  found near house, strange powders, items, dolls, pouches , You get the idea
*headache and fainting - IF You did not have those happen to You so often or hardly ever, but now all of a sudden they appear to be an every-day issue, that might indicate there's an occult attack ( well they usually do to be honest, but check Your health first )
*unnatural fatigue – You feel like You could sleep for hours maybe days and You are still tired . Sleep quality is ill or even worse than that. You may even feel the physical “center” of symptoms which can represent the place where a foreign entity is attached ( those can be solar plexus, third eye or crown chakra most commonly )

2) Mental signs
*constant, unnatural sensations of unease, insecurity and being followed
*hallucinations and tormented sleep, vivid nightmares often repetitive
* intrusive thoughts, often about non-mundane things ( compulsive desire to do things You normally would not, fear what You would not etc. )
* depression and melancholy and in harder cases suicidal thoughts ( You will generally be able to differ this kind of mental unease from those caused by medical conditions, especially when there was no reason for them at all, but to be on a safe side, exclude medical condition possibility first )

3) supernatural signs and omens
*may be as  mild as losing things, items falling from Your hands, food falling out form Your mouths ( bred in particular, in traditional witchcraft this is considered a very ominous sign ), strikes of bad luck that must be more than just coincidence, plants withering around You, dead animals may appear in Your yard, encountering cockroaches, large spiders, maybe even snake, or snake-comb bugs, toads
*or may be more explicit and dangerous as apparitions, shades, hag rides  ( can also be included here ) , unpleasant scents appearing and vanishing mysteriously, psychokinetic or other phenomena, incubated dreams and others

So If You have quite some amount of the symptoms mentioned,  You should consider supernatural attack as a source of them. We live in a cruel world, and even though many people just imagine they are under attack, or like to blame spiritual forces for their misfortune, or are even :magickal hypochondriacs, occult statistics says that more than quite large amount of people suffers magickal/supernatural attack.

If You practice magick You are even more likely to be a object of a spiritual attack, a target If You like

Now what to do about that ???

Well here are my advices:

Dion Fortune , Psychical self Defense
Henry Gamache Protection against evil
Protection and reversal magick by Jason M.

And here is my gift to You I left on Scribd, a Hoodoo guide on Crossing, Uncrossing and protection

Do rate it , Shadow
The picture is Oguns Power talisman, and is courtesy of Miss Denise Alvarado, autor of Voodoo Hoodoo spellbook which I warmly recomend that You get. The talisman shall give You power, strength and courage to overcome Your troubles. Print or draw on parchment, carry with You and place in mojo bags. And visit for even more talisman and information on Voodoo, Vodun, Conjure and even more!
Stay blessed!

Dec 1, 2009

Two Hoodoo trademarks ( protection spells )

Red Brick dust protection , Reddening
First thing in the morning , get up silently and prepare a wash of salt , saltpeter and Your first morning urine ,or alike wash ( protection, cleansing , but the one I mentioned is a great traditional recipe ) and wash the premises or room You wish to protect. Scrub , mop but clean it all.
Pay special attention to Your doorstep , scrub it hard !!!!
Now sprinkle red dust powder line over Your doorstep.
*I have had bad people that want me ill , or just mean and jealous being unable to cross the line !

Redening , red brick dust in front of the doors
Bones of protection

Get animal bones , Cook them to clean from meat ( cooking them in salt water with some sodium carbonate is a neat way to get clean white bones ).
Cross two clean wood sticks so they form an X shape or Cross shepe If You will and tie them together ( like when making a simple Cross ).

Tie strings or Yarn from points and centre and hung , or tie bones in it . Use Your imagination to form a pattern , use same number of bones on opposite strings , be creative.

Hung above the doors , or windows . It prevents evil spirits and evil persons from gaining entrance . It is said that instead of the bones wrongdoers will see something like an astral monster , an astral gargoyle If You will .
*Source of this spell is my good online friend from Louisiana , but we both agree that no animal should be sacrificed for this . You can get bones from chicken You eat or at butchery/meat shop

Kate Hudson passing by Bones for protection in film Skeleton key ( I do not own the pic all rights to the film authors , makers etc )

Hexes , Curses and other neat stuff

I know , I know , hexing is mean . And I myself try not to do it , but some people are just so cheeky that You can not evade it .

Others will try anything to hurt You and pass over Your protection , reversing spells and such , bareing pain and whatever takes to do so ( speaking from personal experience )

If You hex a supernaturall enemy is it really a curse ? If You cast a protective curse and people go around it , intentionally ignoring the warning who si to blame really ?

Curses and jinxes are never really justified nor good , but it is a fact that world is a cruel place with a lot of people who deserve it . And none is abbove the carma , but when someone relly deserves the curse , it might yust be worth , h
As a Christian , as long as I do not harm my enemy , sooner or later ( more sooner ) he will bring the Celestial wrath upon him/herself

If You are Wiccan , dont worry the Law of three ( which I also believe in ) will get him

If You are witch , occult parctitioner , karma or Law of attraction will get Your enemy

Now here is a nice lil Conjure style curse I have wrote ( once again , think twice and act nice , before You curse , with tools and verse lol )

1.Get a black human shaped candle
2.Dress it with Black Arts oil
3.Sprinkle with Valerian root , powdered or grinded and/or wormwood , you could use some graveyard dust too
4.Prepare a number of black head pins You see suitable
5.Heat one pin , and stab the candle with it through hart saying : If You do anything against me , may the thousand swords go through Your heart !
6.Heat another two and pin the candles hands saying : If Your hands work against me may they become stiff and useless as wood chops !
7.Now heat two more , pin the candles legs and say : If You walk to do ill , may You legs become disobedient until they stop obeying You and You befall !
8.If You have more pins , pin candle parts that You believe can do harm !
9.Now say : If You however decide not to harm me may this curse be but a mere passing headache to You !
10.Dispose of remaining in graveyard or crossroad .

How to make Black Arts oil , well I should leave it to people that read this to search for , it read books , but what the heck I woll help this time

Black Arts oil

There are many recipes for Black Arts Oil. Here's a quick one: half a dropper essential oil of patchouli

half a dropper essential oil of black pepper

a pinch of valerian root

a pinch of black poodle dog hair

a pinch of black mustard seeds

a pinch of spanish moss

a pinch of mullein

a pinch of powdered sulphur

nine whole black peppercorns

Blend into one half-ounce carrier oil such as almond.Colour dark brown.
by Miss
Catherine Yronwode ( Mojo Curio Co: Lucky W Amulet Archive: © 1999 catherine yronwode

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