Dec 1, 2009

Hexes , Curses and other neat stuff

I know , I know , hexing is mean . And I myself try not to do it , but some people are just so cheeky that You can not evade it .

Others will try anything to hurt You and pass over Your protection , reversing spells and such , bareing pain and whatever takes to do so ( speaking from personal experience )

If You hex a supernaturall enemy is it really a curse ? If You cast a protective curse and people go around it , intentionally ignoring the warning who si to blame really ?

Curses and jinxes are never really justified nor good , but it is a fact that world is a cruel place with a lot of people who deserve it . And none is abbove the carma , but when someone relly deserves the curse , it might yust be worth , h
As a Christian , as long as I do not harm my enemy , sooner or later ( more sooner ) he will bring the Celestial wrath upon him/herself

If You are Wiccan , dont worry the Law of three ( which I also believe in ) will get him

If You are witch , occult parctitioner , karma or Law of attraction will get Your enemy

Now here is a nice lil Conjure style curse I have wrote ( once again , think twice and act nice , before You curse , with tools and verse lol )

1.Get a black human shaped candle
2.Dress it with Black Arts oil
3.Sprinkle with Valerian root , powdered or grinded and/or wormwood , you could use some graveyard dust too
4.Prepare a number of black head pins You see suitable
5.Heat one pin , and stab the candle with it through hart saying : If You do anything against me , may the thousand swords go through Your heart !
6.Heat another two and pin the candles hands saying : If Your hands work against me may they become stiff and useless as wood chops !
7.Now heat two more , pin the candles legs and say : If You walk to do ill , may You legs become disobedient until they stop obeying You and You befall !
8.If You have more pins , pin candle parts that You believe can do harm !
9.Now say : If You however decide not to harm me may this curse be but a mere passing headache to You !
10.Dispose of remaining in graveyard or crossroad .

How to make Black Arts oil , well I should leave it to people that read this to search for , it read books , but what the heck I woll help this time

Black Arts oil

There are many recipes for Black Arts Oil. Here's a quick one: half a dropper essential oil of patchouli

half a dropper essential oil of black pepper

a pinch of valerian root

a pinch of black poodle dog hair

a pinch of black mustard seeds

a pinch of spanish moss

a pinch of mullein

a pinch of powdered sulphur

nine whole black peppercorns

Blend into one half-ounce carrier oil such as almond.Colour dark brown.
by Miss
Catherine Yronwode ( Mojo Curio Co: Lucky W Amulet Archive: © 1999 catherine yronwode

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