Aug 14, 2010

Open the Roads for me ( Road Opening, Abre Camino Spells and Products )

Open the roadsfor me ( Abre camino products )

So many brilliant practitioners find themselves unable to practice effectively , blocked, restrained and so on, despite their vast experience and being prominent in spellcraft work, and that means they are blocked.
For people that are not into occult symptoms are intense and evident though of slightly different nature, their job, money, love life and success in general, on any field, seems inhibited and their life appears stagnant and unproductive. No matter how hard they try , they seem not to be getting optimal or even good results.
So why is that ?
Simple, hey are blocked or they have what Spiritual workers tend to call “Blocked condition”
What causes this kind of condition ?
Many things I’ll try to chose the most common ones and one of great importance :
- Practitioner has exhausted their magickal “tank” , even though mana ( magickal energy ) even that of practitioner is inexhaustible, when it gets to low, body refrains from channeling it as it might result in catastrophe, until of course the mana is recharged and replenished. That is what causes “writer’s block” ( lol ) at practitioners anyway
- One can be blocked in some magickal/spiritual manner by another, by means of curse, binding or energy theft
- One can be tormented by Energy vampires, those nasty leeches constantly drink nergy newer really getting tired, they don’t even need a pause, their hunger is appalling, and doing so they steal one’s precious productive energy making them ineffective
- Your own bad deeds may be the reason behind Your condition, in such case one needs a personal cleansing ( done In Hoodoo with Hyssop baths and reciting Psalm 51st most frequently ) alongside with Road opening
- One may be having strike of bad luck, be victim of Evil eye or Glance of Malice ( Malochio in Spanish ), or can be Spiritually oppressed ( similar to possession with difference of spirit/s acting from outside rather than from inside ) etc .

And how can one deal with such a hard and dangerous ( often very persistent too ) condition ?

If one has a strong will and is mentally strong, being more stubborn than the obstacles ( blockages ) would normally do then trick , but then again will power is what in 99% of such cases breaks first, and there is the constant lack of overall energy, which make the saidth look like mission impossible no ?
Meaning If You feel unable to break those blockages and clear away obstacles there are two main ways to deal with it magickaly

• Using products such as Abre Camino and/or Road openers ( Mind that Abre Camino originates form Santeria, and Espiritsismo of Spanish and Latino people where as Road opener is a Hoodoo product and though names mean the same , and products do the same, they have considerably different formulas ) and botanicals, spell etc of same genre
• Making a petition to “Road Opener” spirits such as PaPa Legba ( Voodoo Loa, New Orleans Voodoo Loa , Santerian Ellegua, Eshu Elegbara , refer to my Spirit publication from previous post, there is a link and there is Yemaya unblocking spell great for such condition in mentioned document )

So let’s go through products here and how to make them shall we 

Abre camino oil

The main and key ingredient ( and the only one needed ) is Abre camino herb ( Trichilia Havanensis ) used in Spain and Latin America mostly, or Palo Abre Camino ( Eupatorium villosum ) used by Santeria and Palo practitioners. Mind that the second is endangered specie in States, and can be found in somewhat greater amount in California, still considered endangered though.
Any other herb added is purely practitioners good will/choice/inclination . Check Hoodoo Road opening herbs for that.

Pa’ Legba oil

Oil dedicated to this Road opener Loa will honor the Loa and open roads for You blasting away the obstacles and leaving clear way for luck and success to come to You. Combine Legba herbs that have Purification, Clearing/Cleansing and Road opening properties. Here is a list of some of Legba associated herbs that You might use for this oil.

Hoodoo Road Opener Condition oil

Five fingers grass

And add up tow more ingredients , like Sage or Frankincense, or Vetivert oil , Patchouli oil, Sandalwood oil, anything that can supercharge, empower or break obstacles, and another very common ingredient in Hoodoo Road openers are mastery herbs such as High John or Mater of the Woods. Good addition are broom straws too , form a new broom.
MY OWN FORMULA, IF USING ELSWHERE GIVE CREDITS: Shadow of Shadows magick place or/and

Thank You !

Powder and incense

Try this incense :

Palo Abre camino

Has a very fresh and nice smell , easy to make and a true Abre camino type of incense, Burn on charcoal since not self combustible unless of course You add it to base of saltpeter.

Powders should contain either Abre Camino , or Abre Camino palo with salt while others are added much like in oils or incense. Best if three or nine ingredients.

Road openers spirit list

Some of them are

• Papa Legba
• Maximon
• Pomba Gira
• Hekate
• Ogun

If You do not know or are unsure how to properly ask and offer these spirits read my Scribd publication on Seven African powers mentioned before. That should give You some idea.

Road Opening Spells

In Traditional Hoodoo we burn Orange or Purple candles dressed with Road Opener and/or Van Van oil, praying that obastacles are removed, best if done for nine consecutive nights.

We pray to Lord for deliverance, Guidance and to cleanse our way , remove obstacles and lead us to right path. Pray in Your own words , along with praying Psalm 23rd or these suggested below

Here are some Psalms associated with road opening:
Psalms 16:11: Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.
Psalms 23:3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Psalms 25:4: Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths. 25:10: All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.
Psalms 119:35: Make me to go in the path of thy commandments; for therein do I delight. 119:105: Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
Source of Psalm suggestions is Luckymojo site , as well as it’s source for the following prayer :


God before me
God behind me
I on Thy path, O God
Thou, O God, in my steps.
In the twistings of the road.
In the currents of the river.
Be with me by day.
Be with me by night.
Be with me by day and by night.

Now a simple ritual as I would suggest someone who would ask me

1. Take a bath in the morning with Road opener bath or bath crystals. Let It air dry, dress new clean clothes ( best If You buy new white clothes for this occasions, they need not to be expensive and elegant, but they should be new and white if possible ) . The remaining water is poured over a Crossroads, towards East
2. Inscribe a Orange or Purple candle with Your name and dress with Road opener and If You have it Van Van oil too
3. Say Prayers and Psalms as suggested above
4. Repeat steps 2nd and 3rd for nine consecutive days, burning a partition of candle each day , best if using pillar of nine day fixed novena candle in which case You need not to dress the candle , unless You wish to
5. After nine days dispose of any wax remaining by securing them together with thread and buring in Your backyard

Creole Legba opening spell

Carry three bags each having candies and pennies in them, and three new pennies and some candies with You, and go to Crossroad.
Rub the bag all over Your body and leave it at one side of the Crossroad.As You rub ask for Your blockages to be removed and roads to good thing s opened. Do so on the next two sides of the crossroad, alternatively You could do it silently asking only without speaking but by thoughts . On the last side ( preferably East ) lay three pennies and some candies asking Papa Legba to open Your roads, and remove obstacles.
Go home without looking back, some say via circuitous route.

Coloring potions and oils with herbs

Today I will be giving few practiacl advices on how to color Your oils or brews ( potions ) Downright practical list of herbal dyes I composed,

so If You are going to used it elswhere, feel free but add the credits

Shadow of Shadows Magick place and/or

You can always purchase comercial dyes or, food dyes which are easy to obtain, inexpeniseve and non-tocxic, However If You are traditionalist or You just preffer natural dyes try these:

Red Color

*Onion peel will give good red or orange collor ( depending on quantity ) and is a good addition to banishment , hot foot or allike oils
Image shows halved red onion
*Flakes of Alkanet give red tint to Fast luck and are great for any money oil. I use them in Fast luck and Money Uncrossing oil
*Cayenne peppers dried and pulverized will give tint to such oils as Run D run or Fiery wall of Protection ( I saw people using Red Sandalwood as a dying agent in Red Sandalwood, yet that just seems not in place to me as Red Sandalwood is a love herb )
*St John's wart gives brilliant red dye

Blue Color

*Indigo powder or Woad will give beautiful blue tint
*Red Cabbage leafs


*Fresh and squeezed alder flowers will dye Your oils ( and Your hands lol ) green


*Shafroon will dye Your oils yellow to gold, a small pinch is enough for two oz's pf oil , chamommile or Yarrow will gave pale yellow tint

Shaffron Crocus dalmaticus, native where I live


*Combine powdered Indigo and Woad with some Onnion peel powdered and Cayenne chips all three equaly dosed

The best base oils that can be colored this way are Olive, Almond and Jojoba, but with more herb material and time even Castor oil could be colored :D

Hope You find this articele usefull and have a great day