Aug 14, 2010

Coloring potions and oils with herbs

Today I will be giving few practiacl advices on how to color Your oils or brews ( potions ) Downright practical list of herbal dyes I composed,

so If You are going to used it elswhere, feel free but add the credits

Shadow of Shadows Magick place and/or

You can always purchase comercial dyes or, food dyes which are easy to obtain, inexpeniseve and non-tocxic, However If You are traditionalist or You just preffer natural dyes try these:

Red Color

*Onion peel will give good red or orange collor ( depending on quantity ) and is a good addition to banishment , hot foot or allike oils
Image shows halved red onion
*Flakes of Alkanet give red tint to Fast luck and are great for any money oil. I use them in Fast luck and Money Uncrossing oil
*Cayenne peppers dried and pulverized will give tint to such oils as Run D run or Fiery wall of Protection ( I saw people using Red Sandalwood as a dying agent in Red Sandalwood, yet that just seems not in place to me as Red Sandalwood is a love herb )
*St John's wart gives brilliant red dye

Blue Color

*Indigo powder or Woad will give beautiful blue tint
*Red Cabbage leafs


*Fresh and squeezed alder flowers will dye Your oils ( and Your hands lol ) green


*Shafroon will dye Your oils yellow to gold, a small pinch is enough for two oz's pf oil , chamommile or Yarrow will gave pale yellow tint

Shaffron Crocus dalmaticus, native where I live


*Combine powdered Indigo and Woad with some Onnion peel powdered and Cayenne chips all three equaly dosed

The best base oils that can be colored this way are Olive, Almond and Jojoba, but with more herb material and time even Castor oil could be colored :D

Hope You find this articele usefull and have a great day

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