Mar 29, 2016

Conjuring the strength

     Sometimes we find ourselves drained, tired and unable to proceed.
Physically and/or mentally. Maybe even from a spiritual perspective, we start feeling hopeless,
Atlas  holding  up the world

unbefitting or discouraged to tackle some kind of problem or an issue. In short we lack strength, and persistence to get something done. We may even attempt to achieve something, or pursue a goal, and then start feeling overwhelmed or scared and eventually give up. Or we may feel as if the burden of the whole world is on our shoulders. Life gets hectic . 

There are many reasons why we may start to feel like that, and a more succinct and in-depth analysis of such is beyond the scope of a blog post, for it can, and has filled pages of books and books, but let’s mention just some common causes, to better understand the issue:

·         Physical/physiological causes: improper nourishment, poor sleep quality, stress and various medical conditions, can all respectively drain one of energy and strength to do things. In such cases, naturally, an orthodox, allopathic medical help is sought, which can of course be complemented by healing and/or empowering spiritual work, or alternative medicine methods.

·         Mental causes: stress, exogenous depression, peer pressure, anxiety, time schedules and deadlines, atychiphobia, neurasthenia… these are just a handful of many possible causes in the area or mental health and wellbeing that can deplete human of their strength and energy, and leave them unable to carry on or give up. Even just the general way of life can affect it in a clandestine, foxy way. Let’s say you have a cluttered work desk… it’s a reflection of mental clutter and simultaneously a tool to perpetuate and increase it, in a sort of vicious circle process. Such can leave you feeling exerted, lost, tired and incapable to get the work done.

·         Spiritual causes: poor spiritual hygiene can result in spiritual debris preventing normal energy flow, and cause lack of strength which cannot be accounted nor diagnosed by anything related to mental and/or physiological sphere. A parasitic spirit or thoughtform can deplete one of energy, or even one’s fear of failure, and hopelessness can turn into a thoughtform and make one less strong and apt to tackle something than they normally are. All sort of crossed conditions, binding spells and blocked conditions in particular can also greatly deplete one of it’s personal power.

     So as we see, there are 3 main dimensions, in all their varieties of lockage in strength to do something. Hence, for humans, and spiritual people in particular, strength is not simply ability to perform work or use certain amount of force, per specific amount of time or even area. It’s a combination of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and potential to cause changes in our surrounding.

     As noted, If we happen to know the underlying cause to our inability or lack of strength to do something (let’s say, as simple thing as mundane spring cleaning and painting or as complex as successfully performing a human-flag exercise) we can treat the cause respectfully and in time, restore the strength or ability to do it. To illustrate;

·         Vitamin B group deficiency, which can cause conditions such as asthenia among others, can be treated with a Vitamin B supplement, in acute case as a vitamin complex shot, or in a chronic or less severe case with taking a vitamin B group supplement.

·         A cluttered room can cause mental exhaustion, and eat up inspiration, focus and determination to do things. Cleaning up and organizing the room will restore the positive mind outset and hope, and help one realize that the root of their power deficit was in lack or organization, and focus.

·         If someone finds themselves a victim of a blocked condition, caused by themselves or others, either way, a Blockbusting type of spiritual work, common in Hoodoo magick, will remove these obstacles which were lowering one’s efficiency to accomplish something.

     Yet, what if the cause is not clear, and we need to act fast? We may not have the time to introspect, or perform divination for example. We need something done right now, time is of the essence, and we are lacking strength to do it. Or what if we generally lack strength to do something at given point? We are simply not yet developed enough to do something but we really need to. Or what if we need just a little push… a touch of something, like some people may need caffeine in the morning, to help get them through the day. It’s perfectly normal to help oneself now and then in such way.  Well in that case, we can use magick to conjure up some strength, increase our personal power, and so on. It may be as simple as “charging” and carrying a stone, or more complex as a combination of spiritual bath and a candle burning ritual. In either case, magick can cover all three aspects mentioned, in which the underlying cause, or causes, can be found. Hence, in this article I will present some advices, spells or works, I’ve either came up with myself, or found elsewhere and decided to share.

     Materia magica

     Any and all herbal, animal, or mineral agents used in magick to empower one mentally,
The Prihtvi Vardak mudra, for strength,
Vigor and endurance, and in Christianity;
a gesture of blessing Byzantine art   detail
physically, spiritually or combined, will help. For example, Sampson snake root will empower one physically and spiritually, Mint will do so mentally  bringing sharp mind and clarity as well, particularly in times of need, while Mugwort, plucked ritually and placed in a shoe will ensure physical strength and endurance. Master of the Woods will do the same, and also empower one spiritually. Ginger rhizome and John The Conqueror root are well known for empowering people, each in their own respective way. Rosemary will give mental and physical vigor and excellence. Thyme and Borage, as incenses or infusions can give us bravery we lack to get up and tackle something. Cocoa or coffee baths are said to replenish lost physical strength in meek people. And so on.

     Colors traditionally used for strength, are purple ( mastery and occult power, mental power ), blue ( healing, and replenishing strength ), red ( for increasing physical power, vigor and endurance, as well as bravery ), or orange ( for conjuring the energy, magnetism, and power in general ). White can of course be used instead of any of these, or along with them, as can natural beeswax brown candles.

     Laundry bluing , used in baths, alone or combined with other ingredients, is a brilliant way to deal with the mental fatigue, as well as physical fatigue. Crystals and gems will be discussed in a separate paragraph.

     Magickal timing

     These type of spiritual work is ideally done on a night of the Full Moon, or during the Sunrise hour. Otherwise, time it during the days or hours of

-          Mars – for physical empowerment, strength boost, bravery and endurance

-          Mercury – for mental excellence, studies, and mental endurance and focus

-          Sun – healing conditions related to the lack of strength and infusing one with strengths

-          Saturn – Spiritual strength and breaking boundaries to progress, strength use or increase

     Obviously if you need let’s say; both mental and physical strength you can combine the timing, that is perform the ritual/spell during the Mercury day and hour of Mars, and so on. It’s also worth mentioning here that the Sunrise time coincides with the beginning of the planetary hour of Sun ( one of them ) for a given day.

     Spring Equinox   ( roughly around the 21st of March ) is the most auspicious time of the year for rebalancing and empowerment, and taking charge of your life, as well as acquiring that extra strength needed to tackle even the long standing problems, and make changes in life.

     Crystals and minerals

     Following are some crystals, that are on a mental or emotional plane, as well as physical and spiritual used to empower someone, or give them endurance and also inspire them. The list is by no means complete, and is merely what I’d suggest, and what the people working with crystals generally agree upon; along with a brief explanation why and in which case

·         Fluorite – will be ideal to provide mental strength and aptness for anything study related

·         Clear Calcite   – Will provide clarity and soothe the connective tissues and muscles if they are sore [1]

·         Carnelian  – will raise the levels and give strength for one to “come on their own” [2] as well as increase physical strength, vigor and endurance. It’s extremely useful if a prolonged effort in something is required

·         Unakite – draws off negative energy from the heart chakra, and lifts the spirits when one feels down, helping them see the beauty in life [3]

·         Garnet – for physical strength, endurance, vigor and courage. It’s also a very energizing stone

·         Clear quartz – energizing, promoting mental focus and clarity and balancing the energy bodies and meridians, helping undisturbed energy flow

·         Sunstone – For a sunny disposition, optimism and re-energizing, as well as treating depression and melancholia. It also helps heal variety of physical conditions which cause, among other weakness and lack of strength

·         Onyx  – a mental tonic crystal

·         Shungite – Said to eliminate and absorb anything that is a hazard to human health [4] and the essence ( infused water ) is a general body tonic, that also helps heal all sort of conditions particularly inflammations and infections. It battles the effects of stress ( oxidation for example ), and helps rejuvenate the tissues and body

·         Sugilite – “It imparts the ability to face unpleasant conditions, encourages positive thoughts, and releases emotional turmoil” , it’s a pain reliever, and when placed on the third eye will deal away with despair [5]

·         Charoite – deeply physically and emotionally healing, it’s also empowering and helps overcome fears and obsessive compulsive thinking

     A spell of strength

     During the hour of Sun combine, and using a mortar and pestle pulverize;

·         Sampson snake root or herb

·         Mint

·         Ginger rhizome

     On a piece of paper write your name 7 times and encircle it with word: “Power” or “Strength” written in a continuous line so that it forms an undisrupted circumference around your name. Place some of the powder on it, and fold the paper in such was that it forms a triangle, and that the powder is securely closed within. Try to keep it small.

     During the Sunrise, or the hour of Mars, light an Orange or White candle, and in front of it place a fireproof container or dish ( like a cauldron ), and place inside some lit charcoal disc, one or more depending on the size.

     Say aloud the following words as you set the paper you prepared earlier alight, on the candle’s flame:

     Timid spirit and body weak,
      Surge of power now they seek,
      As sun rises with this spell,
      They’re empowered, strong and well!”

     Release the paper in the dish on the charcoal disc, and repeat the words once again. When it’s almost completely burnt to ashes, add some more of that powder, say the words one more time and inhale the incense fumes.

     Let the candle burn all the way down, and extinguish on itself. You can dispose of the ashes under some large, strong, imposing tree, like an Oak for example.

Elements empowerment spell

     Go somewhere where the water meets the land. Seashore/ocean would be ideal. Have a red candle with you, and a lodestone.

     When you reach there, pace the candle facing south, light it, and holding the lodestone in your hands chant:

      To give me strength, and power I need
        Sprits of elements I invoke and plead,
        Earth, Air, Water and Fire,
        Lift my spirit, it is my desire!”

     Chant as many times as you like, or until you feel the Lodestone in your hands tingling with power. Then you can spend some more time in quiet meditation if you so please. It is done.

      The following charm, unlike the previous two, is not (written, composed) by myself, but it find it just that splendid and well done that I had to share it here

     Charm for energy and motivation

     “Need some extra energy? Motivation? Creativity? This charm bag is intended to do all that and help you get stuff done. You will need:

Motivation: Purple Statice or Lemon,

Creativity: Ginger, Nutmeg, or Vervain,

Energy: Chamomile or Carnation, Quartz Crystal of your choice” [6]

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NOTES: This article was written and composed by  myself, so If you wish to use any part of it elsewhere online, feel free, but add credits; Shadow of the Shadows magick place, or a direct link to this post


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IMAGE CREDITS:  Atlas holding up the world
Prihtvi vardak Mudra

Both used for illustrative and explanatory purposes without ill will