Apr 25, 2014

Carnelian magick

Carnelian is  an energy booster. It helps the insecure person to find the strength within them so they can come into their own.  It is said to increase the appetite

Carnelian  ( also spelt “cornelian” ) is a mineral, a variety of chalcedony, containing iron oxide, similar  to the Sard.  Carnelian is translucent, transparent or opaque.  Mohs’ scale hardness is 7, the streak is white and the formula is SiO2 , silica. [1]
It’s a beautiful red or orange stone, often used as semi-precious stone in jewelry, as cabochon, or otherwise cut and polished.

On the left is rough Carnelian, on the right tumbled stone. Notice the color spectrum
in which Carnelian occurs, from the pale pink-orange   to nearly black 

In it’s tumbled form, It’s  rather inexpensive and easy to come by. It’s found in India, Brazil, Siberia, South America and Germany.  [2]  It can appear as pale orange-pink, orange, red, or nearly black variety. If it appears banded then it’s also considered an Agate.

Following are some magickal correspondences  of the Carnelian based on cross referencing various book and online sources ( look credits/ footnotes ) :

·         Planetary ruler : Sun and/or Mars*

·         Elemental ruler: Fire

·         Numerical correspondence:  5

·         Energy: Projective

·         Birthstone of:  Virgo, Aries, Taurus [3] also Cancer** and sometimes Leo

·         Time of Year*** : Samhain [4] , July and August

·         Angelic ruler: Michael the Archangel

A beautiful, Carnelian skull
In magick, Onyx is used for various purposes. Akin to it’s use in crystal therapy, it is  used to regenerate, renew, rekindle the spark in someone, give them courage and bravery, motivate someone and uplift them.  It can be used to clean other stones.

In ancient Eastern cultures it was used in burial rituals and ceremonies, and was often buried alongside the deceased, as a protective talisman for them, like in Egypt and India.  Today, it’s often used to remove fear of dying. [5] In these cultures it was also a symbol of prestige, wealthy and noble people could afford  to get and wear Carnelian jewelry, and they were buried with it.
In Renaissance magic the carnelian was engraved with a sword, or an image of a warrior. Then, this magical amulet was placed in the home to guard it from lightning and storms, and carried as a protectant against enchantments.” [6] writes the late Sir  Scott Cunningham, in his book on crystals.

It’s used to magickally protect from insanity, skin diseases and nose bleed, and is used in spell to promote and entice love and passion.  In Ancient Egypt it was believed that merely holding a piece of Carnelian in hand, would quell anger, jealousy, hate and other negative feelings. In fact, it calms the temper and instills peace.

It’s believed to be a  powerful talisman against telepathic ( mind ) invasion.   Carnelian can be used in healing magick, often the Carnelian wands are used for the purpose, placed on neck or carried for eloquence, sometimes as a ring, or simply in a pocket.  

It’s also a powerful protective stone particularly against psychic attack, evil eye and hostile ghosts ( with Ruby and Chlorite ) , c ollapsing buildings and falling walls , storms and lighting [7]

In crystal therapy
Carnelian corresponds to the second chakra, and is hence sometimes used to cure infertility, and/or frigidity.  But primarly, it’s a stone of revitalization and regeneration that infuses one with energy, motivates, removes constrictive mental patterns, non-constructive  self – inhibition,  and inspires persistency.  It gives strength and bravery to timid and meek,  removes weakness. It also cleanses the perception and  sharpens analytic faculties and skills. 

It used to heal problems with lower backs and spine, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, depression, CFS, weak kidneys. Carnelian filters the blood, thickens it, especially when needed to stop hemorrhage. Romans were known to apply it to the outer of the nose, when they had a violent nosebleed, as it was said to stop  the nosebleed rapidly and  gently.  In crystal therapy it is also used to help absorption of vitamins and minerals , and to increase blood circulation/flow to deprived organs.

It is placed where needed or on second chakra, but should always touch the skin, for the best therapeutic effect.  Pink-orange Carnelian also helps to renew and heal the parent-child relation, particularly after arguments, molestation and manipulation.
Renewal and regeneration spell

To restore strength, willpower, and virility, to gain more energy  and power

Take eight candles, white, red, or 4 white and 4 red, and set them so they mark the edge of a circle, large enough for You to comfortably sit in. 
Take a piece of cleansed and charged Carnelian, and sit in the circle. Light the candles clockwise, and when lighting each one say:

“For renewal and power!”

Then holding the crystal in hands, sitting comfortably,  say:

“Renova, repara,
Virtutem et potentiam
Nervum et manum,
Cor sanum , obstinata mente,
 et  puram, fortem animam
dona mihi1 Domine
cum Luce  iste,
et cum lapide iste ,
sana, reintegra, et confirma me2
Te rogo Domine !


If done for other human beings change the marked words in verse to : 1 hoc homini, 2 hoc hominem , instead of “mihi” and “me

Sit for awhile more, meditating on empowerment, holding the stone in Your hands. If You can sit until the candles burn all the way down,  it would be brilliant, so You can use very small candles.  If You’re doing spell for someone who is very ill or exhausted, place them in circle, give them the Carnelian or place it on their sacral chakra,  and leave them inside the circle until the candles burn all the way down. Obviously, the circle can be made around the bed of the person.

Afterwards, carry the crystal with You, making sure to properly maintain it ( cleanse and charge, at least every 15 days ) , to empower You.
Crystal charm bag for healing, and empowerment

In a nice pouch bag combine

·         Carnelian
      ·         Citrine
      ·         Kyanite

Carry to energize Yourself, empower, harmonize nervous system,  help You see and attain opportunities, and remove blockages. It’s also good for eloquence, and to be placed bellow pillow to remove nightmares and ensure restful sleep.

"Home Protection"

This spell comes from the wonderful book by Gerina Dunwich, "Dunwich's Guide to Gemstone Sorcery"  
To protect your home (whether it be a house or an apartment) against lightning strikes and destructive storms, keep a piece of carnelian (preferably one engraved with the image of a man holding a sword) on one of your windowsills as an amulet of magickal protection. Anoint the stone once a week with a drop of protection oil and thrice repeat the following incantation over it while visualizing your intent:

Stone of Fire, ruled by Sun,
Let no harm by storm be done.
Ward this home from Nature’s furies,
Keep those in it free from worries.
As it is willed, so mote it be! [8]

It is done.
NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself. If You wish to use any part of it, elsewhere online, feel free, but add credits: Shadow of the Shadows magick place,  Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post

 *According to Cunningham, Scott , as stated in his “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Gem and Metal magic”, Carnelian corresponds to the Sun . Most of the works published after, or online sources, simply  repeated information provided by Sir Cunningham. However If we consider the use of Carnelian, color, as well as presence of Iron oxide, it’s more logical to consider it a Mars stone.
** Dunwhich Gerrina, in her book “Dunwich’s guide to gemstone sorcery” lists Carnelian as birthstone of:  Cancer, Leo and Taurus. I’ve purchased tow Astrological crystal sets of stones for Cancer, from different suppliers. They both contained Carnelian. Judy Hall  enlists Carneol ( “Crystal Bible” ) among Caner’s birthstones, and even among the  Aries’ and Leo’s  birthstones, but not under Virgo or Taurus.

*** While  it’s only natural that certain gemstones take  special place in certain   magickal times, certain periods of the year, be it even a single day , it should be obvious that  this does not imply that these stones can be used only  in/on these  given  times.   Crystals themselves  are pretty much equally powerful all year long, If properly maintained ( cleaned and charged ), of course
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The image showing rough and tumbled carnelians , side by side, is made by combining and editing images from following sources:
http://www.rocktumblinghobby.com/Rock-Samples/Carnelian-James/0-carnelian-aj1.jpg and is used here for illustrative and explanatory purposes without any ill will
Carnelian skull image is from : http://www.skullis.com/ProductImage/4100496/Carnelian-Crystal-Skull-01.jpg ,  I had to share it, for illustrative purpose , and because I find it adorable, and  charming,  without any Ill will

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