Apr 30, 2014

All purpose Hoodoo oil, and other "simple" oils

What we call Hoodoo or Condition oils nowadays, sometimes also “Formula oils”, are famed for their secret formulae, and plentitude of  ( often exotic  ) ingredients.

Since Hoodoo is, inevitably, a fluid magick system, the formulas  evolved, particularly with
the introduction of Native American herbalism, to the original, African healing heritage, along with the European, “gimoiric” influence and herbalism. The French  perfumery, was  another strong influence, largely in the  colonial Louisiana , and of course the old pharmacy industry had it's input as well.

Hoodoo oil apothecary basics

Hoodoo and spiritual oils, have been a staple part of Hoodoo tradition, as far as the written records go, according to authorities in the field [1] 
However, they have not always contained, what they do today.  And If You think a bit, about the life of African-American slaves,  and their life, in times when they were brought over the Atlantic ocean,  this does not come as surprise, does it ?  The “Le Code Noir had prevented Negro’s from living a free life and obtaining many things we found readily available nowadays. Considering this,  If one tries to tell me that Ambergris, or Frankincense essential oils  ( for example ) were commodity, frequently and indiscriminately found in old Negros’ conjure/Hoodoo formulas  at  the time, I will raise my brow, and say : “I don’t know…maybe” :S and that'd just be me being polite, to evade facing someone with the fact that I’ve seen through their lack of logic , ignorance or attempt to mislead. Whichever.  

The condition oils were not always overly sweet smelling, dyed, mineral oil-based  tacky perfumes,  such as those which are now easily obtainable from the mass suppliers.  They did contain, and  ( in proper practice, when made by actual, knowledgeable practitioners )  still do contain,  visible, herbal or mineral material, such as roots or other, in the bottles of prepared oils.  They can also contain minerals, essential oils and even animal curios.  Sometimes they smelt rather unpleasantly, actually, and  did not  necessarily contain  an exaggerated  abundance  of ingredients. Let’s just take an example of “the French Love” powder, that  Miss Talia Felix kindly shared on her blog, but is also available in her “Conjurin’ Ole time”    book, along with all sort of other amazing informations and tips

·         3 ounces powdered lodestone

·         1 ounce "certain parts of fish"

·         2 ounces stinging nettle

·         10 grains otto of rose [2]

As You see, no Musk, Ambergris, Orris and what-not else.  Admittedly,  these can make good ingredients for a lust oil, for they are now far more readily available, and have magickal correspondences  and energies that support the aim, but to say one cannot make “French love” without any of those, let alone combination of all, is plainly a blunt, vast lie. 

Likewise is the situation with the Hoodoo condition oils. St John The Conqueror root oil, as if not self-explanatory, does not require a single ingredient other that the root  itself, soaked  in a base oil.

There is a great diversity of formulas called  “All purpose Hoodoo oil” ,  but the plain truth is tha t  two, or one ingredients ( including the base oil ) are all  what is  really needed to “concoct” this potion.  Attraction oil” can indeed be made with those “sweet smelling”  herbs, such as Orange, Lovage, and Cinnamon, but we must bear in mind that such formula, while still traditional, is of the newer date, more so when, and If, it contains more than 5 ingredients* and includes things such as Musk, Orris or some other exotic ingredients.  What more, old formulas required but a type of mineral and special base  oil  ( keep reading, recipe latter in the text) to cover it.

Healing oils vary in terms of ingredients, depending on whether they are intended to heal broad specter of illnesses, and conditions, a specific condition,  or the  unnatural diseases and conditions” ( caused by magick, not patho-physiological cause ), but in Hoodoo these  can be simply oils, over which Psalms and prayers have been read, more so if/when used as anointing oils.

French perfumery, influential in New Orleans culture, and consequently  also the  Hoodoo traditions there, is undoubtedly one of the major influences, along with European grimoires, Zodiac  and Neo-Pagan formula books  and oils, that helped the conversion  of some simple formulas to  intricately and unnecessarily complex mixtures. Quite seldom was that also an improvement in terms of the oil's efficiency, if ever it was.

So in essence,  when You hear people telling You that You can not use Hoodoo oils, If they do not contain lengthy lists of ingredients, specific color, and odor, or only in combination with other Hoodoo oils, because such practice is “fake”, I advise and encourage You to reply them with: “Your mind is fake” J or not react at all. Some people are just shallow like that, and it’s sad really.

And for Your convenience, here  are just a few simple formulas to illustrate how “simple” can Hoodoo oils be, and how can they be used. In case You did not know  about  these already J

All purpose Hoodoo oil

While I personally love to use “Special oil #20” as an ( nearly ) all purpose Hoodoo formula, it’s not really as versatile as the “All purpose oil”

All You need for it is:

·         Olive oil

·         Grain of sea salt, or a pinch of sea salt

Over this “mixture” Psalm 23rd has to be read. Having that done, this oil is ready to give power to all petitions and spells.  It’s a widely known formula.

Drawing / Attraction oil

This formula calls for:

·         Holy oil from the Christian Church

·         Lodestone or lodestone grits

Read Psalm 23rd over the formula. When I make this one, I also add a pinch of Brown sugar, although obviously that is entirely optional.

Reconciliation and understanding oil

To soothe issues in troubled marriage. Over a vessel with Olive oil recite Psalms 45th and 46th, and use to anoint oneself or spouse.  [3]

Headache and backache healing oil

Read Psalm 3rd over some Olive oil. Use It to anoint Your head, and backs and massage them. [4]

So as You see, it can be as simple as that, though no one stops You from adding botanicals, minerals or animal curious, even into these formulas. It’s just not necessary J  Another trend is apparent here, where the ingredients are not abundant, the “ritual” of consecration, be it as simple as reading words of power over the oil is needed. This simply goes to confirm, that any potion in magick, be it a Hoodoo condition oil, needs either enchantment, prayer  or ingredients to direct, and channel it’s energy properly.

Hope this post was informative and interesting to read.

Many Blessings, Shadow J

NOTES: This article was created and written by myself, so If You wish to use any part of it elsewhere online, feel free , but add credits: Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail or a direct link to this post.


*When I say “5 ingredients”, I refer to “basic” ingredients. It’s perfectly fine to add essential oils of the same herbs You’ve already added to oil, If You want to make it more of a “anointing” or even “perfume”  oil, to boost the scent, and make oil more “palatable” to people who are not practitioners.
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IMAGE CREDITS: Photo taken  and edited by myself

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