Feb 26, 2015

Magickal tips against procrastination and sloth

     Sometimes, with the spring, seasonal depression or CFS kick in… ironically, when everything around us is waking up, and becoming more active. It could be just that… sometimes we might feel as If we cannot keep up, or we get scared we will not be able. The result is often lack of willpower,
procrastination, and becoming overly introvert. Consequently, people put their lives on hold, and miss out on opportunities, and plainly waste their time. I had this happen to me, though more often just before summer. I don’t like summer that much, Mediterranean summer can get extremely harsh to the point of where You have to stay inside to stay healthy.

       Anyhow, the spiritual people, in their “unconventional” wisdom; at least from the perspective of science, always had their fixes for these type of conditions.  

     Additionally, doing any kind of spiritual work against laziness or procrastination, is de facto a proactive behavioral pattern, which additionally helps from a psychological side as well. 

Materia magica and timing

     Be it CFS, depression, laziness, procrastination, weakness, meekness and timidity, from a spiritual perspective, we can say that they all have the key element in common, lack of energy, or energy imbalance. 

     Various things can cause such state, from a spiritual perspective, from plain spiritual exhaustion to attack of energy parasites  . 
     Yet be it spiritual, or plain mundane cause behind it,  procrastination can be dealt away with same spiritual methods, that base on balancing, infusing with energy and sometimes spiritual guidance  ( if the condition is longstanding and particularly strong ) too. 

      So the best time to preform rituals and spells for energizing, and balancing are the days and hours of Sun and Mars, and best days for performing banishing rituals, to banish the bad habit of postponing, and succumbing to the idleness are Saturn, Moon, and Mars days, and hours. 

      Solar, Martian and Fire element correspondent herbs are particularly useful for states like this, as well as some Saturn herbs, and likewise is the case with crystals. Of particular use are the courage inspiring herbs such as Borage, Thyme, and the empowering Ginger rhizome and roots. The conquering root, High John the Conqueror root, will instill in wearer the power to conquer and rule the adverse influences behind the condition, or the ones perpetuating and feeding it.  And it will also bring luck along the way. Similarly Masterwort, or the Master root ( Imperatoria ostritium ) will provide mastery , bot over one’s own weakness, and  the adverse condition. Consider wearing them in a mojo bag. Roots in general, are good for grounding and empowering, so it makes sense for them to be the first choice among the botanicals, for this type of work. And also, some Mercurial plants, like Mint, or Celery (seeds in particular) will provide clear and sharp mind in times of fogginess and confusion.

     A Saint of particular interest   of mentioning here is the St. Expedite, who is patron Saint of all sort of things needed in hurry, but also the Saint to petition to help leave procrastination behind.  If one  reads legends about the Saint, they will realize why is this so 

     In the mineral kingdom, there are many good choices, but  following are several, who are good for empowerment and balancing both from perspectives of crystal therapy and magickal gemology, respectively: 

Sunstone – for overcoming fatigue and depression, and gaining energy and strength 
Carnelian – it helps weak and insecure find the strength to come into their own, and also gives warmth and energy. Also good for athletes, as it boosts endurance  
Kyanite – Mental booster, and spirits lifting stone, also mental and energy balance
Black onyx  - The  Elixir is a mental tonic, and the stone itself, when carried helps one through tribulations and times of difficulty, acting like an advisor, councilor and supporter. Hildegard fon Bingen ( in her work “Physica” ) suggested depressive people to hold an onyx for few moments in the mouths and then remove it to stop depressive crisis.  
Kunzite – cures depression, consequences of stress, and unhooks energy imprints, like those coming from energy vampires or just annoying or unpleasant, or severely ill people
Sugilite – Brings light to the soul, illuminating and giving power and hope to the wearer. It helps with understanding “the big” questions in life. Very uplifting stone. It’s helpful to the alienated and those feeling alone.
Fluorite -  Particularly Green fluorite or Rainbow Fluorite, will bring one wisdom needed to defeat procrastination, what more, how to turn it into something constructive. It will also boost mental power and concentration, which are rather scantly while feeling “low” , “lazy” or all-over-the-place mentally  
Pyrite – Can be used to create energy shield and stop energy drainage, or to boost greatly both physical and metal energy and vigor. Infusing with energy and balancing energy. 
Mahogany obsidian – is amazing for all sort of nervous conditions, but particularly laziness and procrastination, as well as depression.
Ruby -  A fiery gem correspondent to Fire, Sun and Leo ( zodiac ) will give courage, strength and physical power to face any adversities, and will also enrich blood with oxygen, which is below normal concentration in the blood of depressive and tired, which helps the condition to endure, physiologically. Also amazing for treating and curing anemia, which could be the reason behind someone feeling down, and fatigued. 
Garnet – Cures anemia, fatigue, CFS, blood conditions, illuminates, empowers and gives courage and fiery qualities.  * 

     Now, let’s proceed to few examples of practical work.

     Before it, just  one note of caution, even though it should be obvious to a sane and rational person. Fatigue, depression, procrastination… may be symptoms of some serious medical conditions. While the methods and tips discussed here, will help with these, in case that they are the symptoms, these methods will not necessarily also treat the root, or the condition causing them (!!!) . Hence, it goes without saying, that a doctor checkup, and medical therapy, even If it’s just to be sure You’re ok, should never be plainly substituted with these methods.  They are not replacement for a medical treatment, rather they will fill up the holes of medicine, and ensure that the homeostasis is restored completely. 

     Candle spell for personal power

     Dress a purple candle, with “Power oil”, or “Magnet oil”, and sprinkle it with some powdered Ginger. If you wish, you may place a few Sugilite or Charoite stones (Sunstone can also do in a pinch) around the candle. Bellow the candle, place some personal concern (a hair will do) or at least a name paper. 
     In the hour of the Sun, light the candle and read:

Psalm 10th
Psalm 11th 
Psalm 15th 
Psalm 50th and
Psalm 112th  ( which can be read more than once ) 
     Let the candle burn all the way down. Take a bath with Laundry bluing, or If You lack that infusion of Fenugreek, Basil and Thyme. If You used the stones, take and carry one of the with You often.

Courage and strength oil

     In the base of Olive and Almond oil mixed, combine: 
Black pepper

     A small chunk of Ginger rhizome may be added to the bottle of oil made, but that’s entirely optional.   
     Read over it Psalms 11th, 69th  112th , every now and then, while the herbs are infusing. Then after two weeks, or more, carry some of the oil with You and dress temples, forehead, and pulse spots when needing extra courage. You can also wear a small vial of the oil as a charm. Add a personal concern in it, and a red Aventurine stone chip, or Garnet stone chip. 

     Dress red candles, and burn atop Pentacle of Mars, in the hour of Mars to vanquish fears, insecurity, and empower oneself, as well as raise courage. 

Herbal Alchemist’s healing philtre

     Following philtre, described in “The Herbal alchemist’s handbook” is intended mainly for healing. But the herbs used are also empowering and thus very suitable for this kind of work. In fact the author says following about Solar herbs: “Solar herbs restore equilibrium to the entire physical system, often serving as tonics to the heart and promoting the free flow of vital energy”  [1]

One is instructed to mix Calendula (Marigold), Chamomile, St. John’s worth and Juniper berries, for following reasons (according to the author) : 

Calendula for the intake of vital force and energy;
Saint-John’s wort for confidence and mental/emotional equilibrium;
Chamomile for calmness and serenity;
Juniper for expelling any negativity or imbalance [2]

     So as we see, such philtre has tonic, uplifting, energizing and healing properties, which is exactly what an exhausted, fatigue, idle person, prone to procrastination needs. 

     Additionally, author states that one can add a soothing gemstone such as Sunstone, Golden Topaz or Diamond. I myself, would rather skip the Diamond, because it’s energy cutter, and could potentially shred the energy of the mixture itself. Instead I’d go with the Sunstone ( as suggested ), or even Ruby, Garnet or Carnelian
     So about a teaspoon of each herb mentioned is added, and covered with no less than 5dl ( approximately )  of water, and left to infuse, on Sun, for 24 hours. Strain and then it can be drunk, or used externally, or in baths…, in fact one can keep it in fridge for 3-4 days and use each day a bit, which would be ideal here. 

Spell to banish procrastination

     The following spell is adapted from the original written and posted by Samantha Mars (see footnotes)

     Best time to perform this spell is when the Moon is waning. 

     Using mortar and pestle, grind: Rosemary, Pepper, and Clove. One might, optionally add some Juniper berries, or even Camphor or Eucalyptus ,  but it’s certainly not necessary. Alternatively You can just crush a bit, the herbs with your warm hands until they become fragrant, or You can use essential oil.
      Get a black candle.    
     If using oils, you will dress the candle, spreading the oil on it from top to bottom, or rom centers to the end. If using raw herbs, arrange them around the candle, let’s say on a coffee cup plate, or in a small bowl. 

     Now having done all that, light the candle and say 9 times: 

Release procrastination from mind, 
my slow state I leave behind. 
Empty now all negativity 
and leave only peace and clarity. 
I work with speed. This is my will so shall it be, 
harm to none, nor return on me” 

     The author of the spell then suggests   that we blow the candle out. I myself would rather suggest letting it burn all the way down and then disposing of it, in running water or crossroads, at Sunrise. 

     Also, one could affix the candle to the bottom of a bowl,  and then add the herbs and pour a tad bit of water in the bowl, just enough to cover half an inch of the candle, and then leave the candle burning after ritual until it extinguished in the water, to symbolize quenching the power of procrastination, and releasing thus the bad habit that it is. [3] 

     Roots of power mojo
     In a purple mojo bag combine:

St John The Conqueror root, or  the Master root ( chose one )
Sampson snake ( Echinacea ) root
Master of the woods herb  ( Galium odorata )
Ginger rhizome piece
Personal concern 

     Read over it Psalm 69th and say personal, heartfelt prayers. Feed the mojo with “Crucible of Courage oil”, or “Power oil” and carry on oneself and feed regularly as You would do with any other mojo. You can also use the Courage and strentgh oil formula given earlier in this article. 

     This mojo is extremely good also for physical endurance, and even male virility, the latter more so If You opt for High John the Conqueror’s root, instead of Master root.

     High John the Conqueror is also used to draw luck and money, love encounters ( especially by men ), gain mastery,  and strengthen male virility, but it needs to be whole, undamaged piece  [4] among other things.

Hope You find this helpful and/or  an interesting read.


NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself, If You wish to use any part of it elsewhere online, feel free, but do add credits: Shadow of the Shadows magick place  , Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post 

* The crystal suggestion is composed by myself, cross-referencing sources I deem trustworthy in regards or Crystal healing and magick, for this occasion, namely: Judy Hall ( “Crystal Bible”, “Crystal prescriptions” and few other books ) , Gerina Dunwich ( “Gemstone sorcery” ), and various information from this site:  http://crystal-cure.com/ , but also Melody , and Cunningham Scott

[1] “The Herbal Alchemist’s handbook”  page 4th ( chapter I ), Karen Harrison , 2011th , Weiser Books publishing
[2] as under [1] 
[4] According to “Hoodoo Herb and Root magic; a materia magica of African American Conjure”  by Yronwode, Catherine 

IMAGE CREDITS: The image, depicting Tarot card strength is from : http://astrologyanswers.com/site-assets/blog-images/JAN8StrengthCardTarot.jpg
 used here for illustrative purposes without any ill will

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