Apr 20, 2012

Magick for overwhelming times, guidance and mind empowerment

Many people, and spiritual workers and magickal practitioners in particular will face times that are challenging, stressful and confusing. In such times, we need guidance and mental empowerment , wisdom and discernment. We need those things, just as much as our bodies need air or daily bread. And often schooled councilors are simply not equipped to deal with specific problems ailing us, particularly those that dwell in spiritual as much as in physical.

  Some are even more prone to be taunted by our own mental flaws, and not just lack of wisdom , but such inhibiting feelings as fear, or sensations of instability and insecurity. Lunar kind, such as Cancers are particularly of feeble , and unstable mental nature, tormented by strong perceptiveness, and lunatic nature. Of course, such nature is not limited for Cancers only, nor it has to be permanent or even constant.

  Sometimes, life simply gets overwhelming, more so when people face major “rites of passage” in their lives, when facing difficult choices, clouded by bivalence or ambivalence, or simply get tired of fighting. In such cases person starts felling fear , and eventually gives in to inhibitive and down-putting feelings, which may result in depression or even desperation. In such cases we seek guidance, wisdom and mental empowerment from our Higher source and Spirits of all kind. New Agers suggest connecting to one’s “Higher self”. I am personally very dubious of such techniques , for to me, higher self is “superego”, which is by no means, completely infallible, aspect of personality . New Agers idealize and present epically and fantastically concept of one’s personal Higher self , making it seem all knowing and powerful. Such homocentric theories , are by definition bias and exaggerated .

Sometimes we can refer to wiser , or more experience human, those that are usually represented by “The Hermit” tarot card, seen in archetypical mythical/historical figures such as Lord Christ while on Earth in his physical form , Plato, Merlin etc. However , it is often more practical to address spiritual force. Be them Ancestral spirits, deities, Celestial Spirits or G’d itself. In this post I will present some examples of such spiritual methods . Now before I proceed on these particular method, I’d probably be better to note that, many spells fall under this “cathegory” wisdom , prophetic and vision spells, etc. hence the particular methods discussed here might be a variation, or combination of such.

Guidance magick correspondences

Angels, Aerial spirits and entities, Mercurial Spirits are called upon for insight, guidcance and wisdom. Colors associated witch such spells are Purple, Yellow/Gold and Blue. Also some Solar and Jupiterian aspects may come handy indeed. Symbols may include all sort of different universal archetypes such as Allseeing eye and Eye of Horus, that represent ability of insight and clarity through confusion, owl representing knowledge and wisdom. Elven star for Spiritual guidance and spiritual knowledge, certain bindrunes and runic charms, Mercury pentacles, Jupiter, Solar pentacles and so on. Best days for such operations are Wedensday and Sunday , and of course Monday If we are to seek answers through dreams.

Words of Power

Can be any You find inspirational, empowering and , of course, agreeable with You. Being a Hoodoo practitioner and student, and Christian by religion, it is only natural that I like prayers and Psalms for such, however that does not mean I never use rhyming incantations, or other form of words of power. Furthermore, in one of the spells I’ve written while composing this article I used rhyming charm. Pagans may invoke aid of, or petition Minerva, Hekate, or Thoth etc, with proprietary pagan prayers and invocations. I like to use 23rd Psalm for Guidance, as well as some others ( for example : ) as well as heart-kindred prayers. Some of the following seem brilliant for such work:

Prayer for Guidance

Lord, guide us in your gentle mercy, for left to ourselves we cannot do your will. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. AMEN

That could be followed by this one, for example

Prayer For God's Inspiration

Father, may everything we do begin with your inspiration, and continue with your saving help. Let our work always find its origin in you, and through you reach completion. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. AMEN [1]

For example one could light three White candles in front of Image of Holy Trinity or Crucifix, and Place a vessel with some Holy or Consecrated spring water between them, then read the prayers given above, followed by a heart-full petition/ prayer or our own . You can then sprinkle tad bit of water on Your head and use some to trace a symbol of Cross on Your forehead d . Various Saints can be called upon when having mental troubles, battling confusion and in need of guidance. Some examples being Virgin Mary, Saint Dymphna, particulary when we are stressed or on the border of nervous breakdown, or St Cyprian for guidance , particularly regarding occult mastery, and to fight off occult attacks on our mind. People having difficulties with their studies pray for Inspiration to Holy Spirit, students of Law petition Abraham , and students of Medical sciences petition folk Saint St Jose Gregorio Hernandez. Orthodox Christian students would often pray to [2] Three Hierarchs, or St Justin the Philosopher for help ( among other, depending on the part of the world there are regional differences) , when their studies become hard and overwhelming. Medicine students of Christian Orthodox faith pray to St. Cosmas and Damian , as well as to St Panteleimon. When Orthodox Christian are facing a difficult situation there is a host of Saint’s they can adrees to, among others St Cosmas and Damian , St David the Prophet, Holy Archangel Raphael and other. For spiritual help , consolation, and compunction Orthodox Christian shall pray to Alexios , Man od God, or St Seraphim or Sarov among other On St Cosmas and Damian and suggested methods of petitioning them I have written before , here

Not an excessive list, but few suggestion of symbols used in guidance, clarity, wisdom type sprirtual wor k may include: All-seeing eye, Key, Elven Star, Mercury Pentacles, Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter, Awen druid symbol, Vegvisir , Hugrunes

Crystals and Gemstones for guidance

Other than handful of traditionally used mind empowering and guidance stone, the rest draw from modern inspiration of crystal users. The so called “New age” stones very popular nowadays, are supposed to elevate mind spiritually and connect user to Angelic or other ( Higher Intelligence ) beings and therefore enable their guidance. Stones that were traditionally used for guidance, are supposed to empower the mind of user, direct it and provide clarity. Sometimes the very crystal “being “ is advisor by nature such as Onyx. Here are a few suggestions:
• Fluorite – provides wisdom and mental clarity, helps cognitive process by spiritual insight, where and how much needed , balances and empowers mind
• Blue Tourmaline – Said to give answers, and show directions, particularly when using natural wands – according  to Judy Hall
• Onyx – a great comforter and advisor in times of need, teaches us how to raise when fall and make things better and triumph over failure, becoming victorious. Fights disorders caused by misbalance of serotonin, such as depressive disorders. Hold in palm to receive advices, or place in mouth for few minutes to remove melancholic feelings ( placing Onyx In mouth was suggested by Hildegard fon Biggen ) , though after such use I’d advise good cleansing. Can be used to repel mind crossings.
  • Amethyst – Sobers and strengthen the mind providing spiritual insight, guiding and intuition and peaceful sleep, which is so often lacking in cases of mental troubles, distress etc. Also it is a brilliant stone for ( in such cases ) so needed Aura cleansing
• Prehnite – Inspires spiritual wisdom and contact with Celestial beings
• Selenite – calms, sharpens and focuses min d, helping and promoting spiritual contact\s
• Seraphinite – helps people find their Higher purposes, get in touch with their “Higher self”, greatly broadens spiritual awareness
• Lapis Lazouli – deflects negative energy directed towards one’s mind, empowers mind, provides wisdom and strengthens spiritual gifts, acts as “blockbuster” stone
• Sodalite – opens spiritual perceptions, opens and strengthens the Third eye
• Orange Calcite – heals mental disorders , removes fear and depression, balances emotions, removes obstacles standing in Your way to achieve Your best potential Galena is said to “Brings strength, courage and ability to face difficult times” and “Helps one to recover personal power” according to Crystals cure website [3] .
Blue Opal helps overcoming self imposed “hazardous” or “limiting” programs and strengthens personal courage. Petrified wood is so very powerful in removing obstacles and helping us reaching goals that we are having troubles with, and smoothing our path, and removing obstacles that may linger on it. Those are just few of my own suggestions based on cross-referencing Judy Hall’s and other gemology authorities writings and personal experience. Other stones You may want to learn more of and use, are Angel Aura Quartz, Angelite , Moldavite, Petalite, Staurolite, Merlinite, Danburite, Blue lace Agate, Herkimer Diamond, Larimar, Mangano Calcite Without further ado, let’s proceed to formulas I’ve written and/or collected for this occasion :)

Conquering mind oil

I composed this formula aiming for conquering confusion, mental problems, and mind crossings, while providing mental strength, excellence, guidance and spiritual insight. Could also be somewhat a good general “Wisdom” type of condition oil, as well as a form of mild domination oil, to overcome or dominate someone mentally. Combine

• Solomon seal’s root
•Master root
• Bay Laurel leaf
• Sage
• High John TC root
• Flax seed

Use essential oils or dried botanicals with exception of Solomon s seal root, Master root and High John TC root. All in base oil, preferably Olive oil, or mixture of Olive and Flax oil. Add a Vit. E capsule or tincture of Benzoin.

  Give me a sign spell

This spell should provide guidance in form of signs, and omens, be it in dreams, visions or real word around You. Set an altar with images of Guiding Spirits ( I use Angels ), some fresh Mint branches, Altaea roots, a glass of water and a white, haint blue or purple candle ( I like to use so called Angelic influence candles ), and a piece of virgin paper or parchment, a fireproof dish or censer, and a Blue tourmaline or fasceted quartz crystal. If You have some soothing oil on hand, dress the candle though, that is optional. You can inscribe the candle with Elven star.

   Place the fireproof dish between candle, glass of water and Mint and Althaea roots, placing them so they form a Triangle around the Censer/dish . On the paper, write Your question as concise and clear as possible ! Light the candle, then set the paper parchment on fire , and holding the crystal in one, and paper/parchment in other hand and as it burns say:

I beseech signs from above,
I seek solution
So into through these flames
I send my petition
Guiding spirits, hear my plea
Send signs and omens now to me
End my confusion , bring tranquility
Bless me with Wisdom and with Clarity.

  Save the ashes, and then release them in the wind outside. Carry the crystal with You, and be perceptive.

Divine inspiration charm

In a purple fabric or pouch ( mojo ) bag combine

• Pentacle of Jupiter
• Onyx stone of Blue Tourmaline, Purple Fluorite, Prehnite or Seraphinite shall do as well
• Piece of Solomon’s seal root
• Some Sage
• All seeing eye charm or small Crucifix
  • Mint leaves
• Flax seeds or Anise seeds

  On the outer surface of the charm, one may attach a small (skeleton ) key charm

Stray not direction spell

Draw a “Vegvisir” rune on a piece of parchment paper. Place a Blue tourmaline wand/stick on it, and swirl it asking for directions of something, or someone. The wand’s point shall indicate the, right direction. I suggest wrapping the Crystal in parchment and when put away, or carried alongside on trips to prevent getting’ loss.

To See in a Vision Anything from the Past or Future The following dream incubation/prophercy spell comes from classical grimoire, and can, with tad bit of imagination be finely used for guidance through dreams: "The two N N which you see in the second small circle mark the place where you put your name [see To Make a Girl Come to You . . .].
To know what you will, write the names in the circle on virgin parchment, before sleeping, and put it under your right ear on retiring, saying the following orison: Orison O Glorious Name of Great God the ever-living, to whom all things are present, I am Thy servant N. . . . Father Eternal, I beg You to send me Thy Holy Angels, who are written in the Circle and that they shall show me what I want to know, by Jesus Christ our Lord. So be it Having completed the orison, lie down on your right side, and you will see in a dream that which you desire to know. " [4]

The symbol mentioned in spell ( To make  a girl  come to you )  can be found in one of my previous posts on love conjurations

NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself, therefore, should You wish to use any part of it elswhere online, add credits: Shadow of Shadows magick place or Shadow-333@hotmail.com  or a direct link to this pots.
[1] http://cathedralofsaintmatthew.net/LifeResources/Prayers/PrayersForGuidanceAndWisdom.htm
[2] as suggested here http://orthodoxwiki.org/Patron_saint
[3] http://crystal-cure.com/galena.html
[4] quoted from “Grimoirum Verrum”, for explanatory purposes, without any ill will
IMAGE CREDITS: The Image showing "Guardian Angel guiding kids" is from and old German postcard. The Vegvisir image is from www.wikipedia.com, page on Vegvisir


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