Feb 8, 2015

Magick potions for Valentine's day

"I'm Living for love
Not gonna stop
Love's gonna lift me up"

Madonna "Living for Love"

     Do you have Your Valentine already, or are you about to find one? For If You do not, keep in mind that the love is a far more complex concept than having someone on that one particular day, s which is a commercial holiday, anyway. And it’s neither bad luck, nor lame to not have a romantic partner on Valentine. Insipid people will say, that anyone supporting such viewpoint, does it only because they themselves have no Valentine. Absolute nonsense. Not only that It’s logical fallacy (correlation and causation), but it’s plainly incorrect, as many happy couples do not celebrate Valentine day, but rather chose to show love to each as often as possible.

     I have written about the dubious history behind the “chocolates and roses holiday” on this blog before (and let me tell you it’s murky and vague loll).  I have also written about many “love conjurations”   that can be used, should you be so desperate to feel that you absolutely need someone else, on Valentines, to justify your own existence.

     But there are some nice things about the holiday as well, such as Valentine’s folklore andlove divination. And the fact that If You truly see it as holiday   celebrating love, try to expand Your concept, and broaden your understanding of love, further from romantic love,  to philanthropic love, caring and humanism. Heavens know we lack those, badly, these days.

     In any case, following are some love potions, or “philtre” formulas, which I composed for posting here, as a small tribute to my readers, as well as to illustrate at least three aspects through which romantic love can be seen. The lust philtre illustrates, that "down to earth", not to say profane, “love”, the potion to heal the broken heart, illustrates misguided, and hurtful, non-productive infatuation, and gives a solution to it, while the third potion illustrates, gentle romantic love, or even philanthropic love and is a formula used to draw it.
     Hope these will be of use to you. Happy Valentine, and lots of LUV to You. J

Lust “philtre”

     Take some Coriander seeds, and beat them in mortar and pestle, or in a bowl with the knife’s handle, while calling the name of the one you desire to feel lust towards you. Heat some red wine and pour it over the seeds. Let it sit for about an hour then strain.
     Next, put the water to the stove, and as you wait for it to boil, mix some Hibiscus tea, Damiana seeds, and few Juniper berries. Beat them up, like you did with Coriander seeds, and call the name of the one you wish to feel lust towards you as You do it. You can envision them being stricken with lust and infatuated with you, while doing it. When the water has started to boil, add the herbs to the water, remove from heat, cover and let sit for about 20 minutes, than strain.
     Mix the wine and the herb infusion, and add to it; a single teaspoon of Carrot juice. If you want to “disguise” the potion as a glass of wine, add much more vine than tea infusion, and vice versa. You may sweeten it with honey. Traditionally, one would finish this by adding a drop of their own blood, from their ear. Also a pinch of Cinnamon can only benefit a potion like this, but is certainly entirely optional. 
     Then, give the potion a few final stirs, as You chant something along these lines:

Magick essence of carnal desire,
Ignite in those that drink you lustful fire!”

     Prepare some Friday, during the Mars hour, or if You are in a hunrry prepare any day in the Venus hour.
      I do hope it’s redundant for me to say, that inducing lust in someone is a form of confusing and controlling them, and is thus hardly ethical. Also, this will probably not work on chaste people.

Potion to heal broken heart and love pains

     During the waning Moon phase, and day and hour of the Sun, combine the following:

·         * Water from the spring, preferably taken either prior to the Sunrise, or during it ( about 500ml )
·         * Rose hips, white and Red rose will work fine, about two teaspoons
·         * Violet leaves, a few
·         * Lemon balm ( Mellissa )  herb, a teaspoon
·        *  Heartsease herb, a teaspoon
·         * Horehound
·         * OPTIONALY: pinch of Marjoram
·         * Some honey to sweeten it up

     If it is warm enough, place the herbs in a transparent glass container, pour the water over them, and let them sit for 6-12 hours, If possible in direct sunlight, stirring occasionally. If You are using this method, You can also add any of the following crystals to the water: Rosequartz, Watermelon tourmaline, or Green Aventurine.
If not, pour the boiling water over the plants, cover, and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then stir a few times.
As you stir, you can chant something along the lines of this:

Injured heart that aches in pain
Love has hurt, and left without gain
Cleanse it from the love that should not be
Restore it, heal it, and from pain set it free

     Strain, sweeten with honey and drink, in three partitions, on each 9 hours ( refrigerate if You wish ).

Potion to draw positive love
Mix the following:

·        *  Rosewater, preferably one You made Yourself
·        *  Lemon balm tincture
·       *   Lovage tincture or, a few drops of essential oil
·       *  A tablespoon of Rose Quartz essence

     Mix the ingredients, just mind that If you are to bottle and use it for longer period of time, or keep it, the alcoholic content ( tinctures mixture, or tincture with few drops of essential oil ) should make up for at least 70% of the potion, whereas Rosewater and Quartz essence should make up for 30% ( or less ) of the potion.
     Pour in a clean spray bottle, and shake a few times as You chant: 

Beneficientia, sympathia, at amor  leni
Mihi  cursim veni.

( “Kindness, sympathy and gentle love,
To me swiftly flow” )

     Spray on Yourself, like You would do with a perfume. You could also pour it in a nice glass bottle with a cap, or dropper and use it as cologne, applying a bit on Your neck, or hair, or even hands. 

So don't forget, don't  go trhough life seeking justification and confirmation through another, don't live for a or the partner, rather start Living for love ;) Happy Valentine, LUV ya all :) 

NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself, so should You wish to use any parts of it elsewhere online feel free, but do add credits; Shadow of the Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com  , or a direct link to this post

IMAGE CREDITS: Images used are photos taken and edited by myself

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