Feb 10, 2013

Folk and Hoodoo style Valentine's love superstitions and magick

The ( upcoming ) festival, Valentine’s day is  possibly one of the most exploited by high market.  What had once started as a fine idea of celebrating all that tacky romantic sensations, If You are into such :P and giving honor to romantic love had been swiftly  derogated  to  a day that celebrates spending and economical misbalances lol

The  nice thing about the holiday, was the original idea to  advocate and nourish the right of humans to chose their romantic partners on their own, as opposed to practices , such as arranged marriage, that were ,  believe it or not present in some of the most urban parts of the world up unti l only  200 years ago, and may still incidentally occur in certain parts of the world.

As usually,  some authors still  stubbornly insist in their reductive,  and  downright foolish claims that St.Valentine’s day originates from a Pagan festivity, that  had used to took place in ancient Rome, between 13th and 15th of February,  and was called Lupercallia.   Actually the very holiday’s “romantic” “tone” came later, around the Middle age(s), due to artistic influences.   It had all began as a  simple Christian liturgical celebration  of ( one or more, one or another ) Christian Saint, and/or martyr named Valentine. According to Bishop Demetri , of the Orthodox research institute:

"St. Valentine was a priest near Rome in about the year 270 A.D, a time when the church was enduring great persecution. His ministry was to help the Christians to escape this persecution, and to provide them the sacraments, such as marriage, which was outlawed by the Roman Empire at that time." [1]

So in essence, other than having to do with a holy sacrament of marriage, and a dubious lore about the letter which St Valentine had allegedly left to a  daughter of his incarcerator, with the words: “From Your Valentine” , it was really  just a Christian liturgical holiday with nothing to do with Lupercallia , fertility or love magick, customs and rituals.  As stated above, it was the influence of middle-age love poetry , many of which centering around St Valentine, that inspired association of the holiday with  romantic love.  The first written reference of Valentine as love holiday,  is found in Geoffrey Chaucer’s “Parliament of fowl s”  work [2]   , and this High Middle-age  work is most likely what inspired such thoughts, along with  tales of St Valentine’s life,  very loosely based on his actual hagiography. 

Not surprising  at all, for humans to decide to repeat the ideas of fiction, as If they were actual , real , naturally spawn   ideas and relations,  that were once or are stll real, evident things, until in the mind of those that conform with such propaganda, they indeed become  “factual” , if we can call them that.  Again,  ( alas the hope dies last ) romantic love was not something that was integral part of human society since the dawn of the time, as a socially accepted and encouraged behavior.

And when finally,  romantic love got it’s place in the world, and heck,  even a holiday,   the whole “get stupid” industry, with loudly played “codependence  and money anthems”  in background,  twisted it into something profane, and honestly  very lewd too.   The popular media, even works of fictions started preaching how the only natural thing is to have some kind of romantic partner on Valentines, to whom You shall give chocolates, cards, and flowers, and everything other was not only, not-normal ( often it's actually referred to as "abnormal" !! )  , but also a sign of failure and  criteria of lower value of  someone, as a human being. I personally refuse to succumb to such idiotic  stereotypes, fed by  green monster economists and their tacky phrases and campaigns.  It's also the day when the some people think it's great time to lock  their love using love padlock magick

But not all about the holiday is “filth and lies”,  far from it. The original spirit of the cherishing the “No love without freedom, No freedom without love” [3]  is still very much  alive in hearts of those who actually use their mind, to comprehend things ,with more(in)depth than what some cheep advertisement offers.  These people are often spiritual, emotionally intelligent, cheerful and playful , and do things not because “everyone else does”, but because they chose to do so, themselves.  And because of their thoughts, and feelings, “love  energies” are indeed high this day, and thus very proficient for all sort of love magickworking and conjurations

And for Your convenience I have compiled some folk beliefs,   from various parts of the globe, and  composed  few simple spells/rituals You can use in forthcoming days , or whenever You really feel You should J

Sorry for the rant up there , I get um…what was the word…emotional  , about these things called "trends" that are being followed blindly XP Now without any further  ado, here You go, to get Yourself busy :

Superstitions and folk beliefs about love:

·         Those that lack the good luck in games of chance, make up with luck in love  [ Eastern European folk proverb, saying ]

·         Butterfly flying multiple times  in front of Your face indicates  that your partner is being unfaithful [ Central European, and other, superstition ]

·         6651 “A white spot on Your little finger-nail  reveals that You  have a sweetheart” [ Folklore from Adam’s county Illinois, Hyatt ]

·         Bat wings in a jar with some of the blood or hair of Your loved/desired  one, carried with You will bring You their affection  [ Eastern European Cunning folk spiritual advice ]

·         6654” It indicates that You have a lover If a lighted match  lai d down by You burns down entirely.” [ Folklore from Adam’s county Illinois, Hyatt ]

·         If Oat florets  and Thistle flower-heads stick to You when thrown at You , You have, or will in near future have many admirers [ Popular European, and Eastern  children, and adult, romantic divination ]  [4]

Love divinations

Following are some Love divinations found in “Folklore in Adam’s county Illinois” ( comments in italics are by myself  )

·         6662 To  ascertain when You will see Your sweetheart, remove the skin from an apple in one  continuous peeling and throw this over Your left shoulder, If the peeling breaks , You will not see him, If it remains whole You will see him before the end of the week  - Note that many similar rituals are done with apples and their peelings on Halloween’s eve, for example blowing in an apple whil thinking about who will be one’s biggest love, then peeling the apple and throwing the peels in water, where they shall form auspicious shapes, or letters

·         6672 Pick up the pin  found pointing toward You and You will  see Your beau  that day

·         6720 Place chesnuts in a fireplace or on a grate and name them.   The nut that jumps first signifies which one loves  You most.

·         6732  Name Holly leaves and throw them into fire. The leafs named for the one who loves You best will pop out first – Obviously just an variation  of the previous. And considering there is a vast number of these ( variations ) in FIACI , we can assume that  it’s a mere divination based on chance,  rather than being focused on material used. Holly leaves, chesnuts, matches, many things go really J

·         6739 Think of boy while striking a match. If it burns from end to end without breaking, or going out he loves You.

·         7001 Place a key  in The Bible, letting  the end of   the key protrude beyond the edge of the page. Rest the top of the finger upon  the key and say: “ And Ruth said,  Intreat me not to leave thee…” (  Ruth 1:16 ) Then continue by repeating the alphabet and  the letter upon which the key turns will be the initial of Your future husband – This is a proper example, of fine, traditional Hoodoo style divination. With alternative  words this very same divination can be used for more than just romance – esque  questions. 

·         6698 If You want to find out If you will get Your beau, take two lemons and wear one in each pocket of Your apron all day, then peel them  and rub four  corners of Your bed with the  lemon, If You are to get him he will appear in Your sleep and make  You a present of two lemons, If he don’t appear in Your dreams and give You the lemons, You will not get him - With some minor variations, and tweaking this method seems quite popular for both divining one’s  future “sweetheart” as well as indicating wither someone loves You or not. Sometimes the apron part is omitted, and is suggested to suffice to merely cut two lemons in halves, “dress the bed” and sleep on lemons. Similarly sleeping on Your  apron, or three of them folded, under Your pillow produces similar results

·         7002 Enter a deserted house at midnight light a candle and stick a pin into it, and when the pin falls out Your appointed mate will appear – this seems to be a somewhat simplified version of European candle and needle love spells, where  usually two of the needles or pins were used, and had to be stuck as near the wick as possible, or in the very wick , crossed,  which was followed by incantation. The aim was either to induce some kind of “apparition” of loved one to appear or to draw someone, to come and see You

Simple folk and Hoodoo love spells and charms

Simple herbal love charms, pretty  much anyone can make , honestly. All You need are 7-9 ( as a Hoodoist, I'd warmly suggest 9 )  Venus correspondent plants and place them in a sachet or charm bag, preferably done on the night of a full moon, according to writings of respected  author[5] and then carried close to the skin . Following excerpt will illustrate :
I warmly suggest  book from which the above presented quote came from, "Natural Magick" by Doreen Valiente, for it's a priceless gem in any occult library, and quite inexpenssive too
You can include any variety of love associated plants, If You chose those correspondent to the Venus planet You can not go wrong, here’s my suggestion ( note that not all of the bellow listed are Venus correpondent  plants, but are  reputed  to being  used prominently in love magick )
·         Red Rose ( petals can  be used )
·         Lavender flowers
·         Red clover flowers
·         Love-in-a-mist plant ( Nigella damascena )
·         Hibiscus flowers
·         Magnolia flowers
·         Coriander seeds
·         Vervain
·         Mistletoe ( You can substitute with Lilac of Hyacinth )

Spell to gain ( conjure ) a new lover

This should be done on a night of a Full Moon in Venus hour, or   on  Valentine’s day
Mark or draw drawing ( invoking ) pentacle on the altar or floor. You can use small amount of fine brown sugar for this .  In  the  centre,  place a red candle and a censer.
Light a  red candle, dressed with Attraction oil, or Lodestone oil. On a piece of paper write the attributes of lover You wish to draw, and then cross those words with Your name written nine times. Fold the paper thrice  folding toward/s  Yourself. 

In a censer, or otherwise a fireproof dish , set alight some coals ( charcoal incense blocks will work here finely as well ) and toss some Wood aloes on them.  Fumigate the paper in the smokes,  visualizing desired lover. Then set  the paper alight on candle’s flame, and toss in  censer with Wood Aloes.  Preserve the ashes, and sprinkle them in Your yard.

So mote it be.

Men’s Hoodoo  “swag” charm

Following are some advices for men, who are stereotyped into  always aiming for the most basic passions, and acting upon libido. I am certain this is just an ugly generalization, a  shallow mind product, yet such trend  affected  even Hoodoo  ( commercial part )  sadly. This resulted in abundance of Hoodoo formula and work that  aim to make men “lucky in romantic affairs” . I’m shall not explain what is meant by that, as I am nice and this blog is even for those under 18 lol , but You get the picture. Also I have written on love magick various times before, including  love related problems ,  yet the formulas were mostly either universal or those used by women, such as Men magnet cologne I’ve posted some   time ago, so will now post some  stuff “pour homme” . Anyhow , here are couple of such charms ;

During the hour of Mars, place a Buckeye nut in a small glass cup or even on a small plate. Pour some Hoytt cologne over it,  or some  Hoodoo oil associated with drawing or lust, let’s say “All night long” or “Voodoo nights oil” . Let it air dry, and carry in a red mojo bag , dressed occasionally with the same liquid the root was  initially dressed with . Lacking Hoytt cologne or Condition oil, You can use whiskey ( You can add some Cinnamon and ginger juice to the Whiskey ) instead. Gin would make a good dressing for this type of charm.

If You would like to make a simple , Hoodoo style mojo, 

Toss into a red mojo bag :
·         Buckeye nut
·         High John The Conqueror root*
·         Ginger rhizome pieces

I suggested addition of High John TC root   ,

for it’s famed,   when carried whole on person, be it simply in  pocket or in form of Conjure hand,   “to draw money, bring luck in games of chance,  or enhance personal sexual  power”  [6]

A Joe Pye weed(‘s)  ( or Gravel root , used in Steady work formulas  , sometimes  ) simple infusion, with addition of some Ginger juice and sugar, dressed on male private parts discreetly,  is a nice trick to increase sexual magnetism, as well as virility. [7]

Instead of the Ginger juice ( or along with it ), in above suggested infusion one can add Juniper berries or some Gin. If adding Juniper berries add them with Joe Pye weed and make the infusion of the two mixed, rather than brewing these separately.

Lad’s scent

Now this is a formula that came to my  mind, while researching the correlation between  plant’s common ( folk , and archaic  ) names , and their use.   To be used by men for fresh and alluring smell,  in mundane, and magickal sense. It’s also a  fine cologne to increase personal power, both for men and women, if the latter don’t mind smelling like the earlier 
·         Lad’s love tincture ( Tincturae Artemisiae arbotani ) 15  ml
·         Master of the Woods tincture ( Tinctuare  Asperulae odoratae ) 20 ml
·         Few drops of Patchouli essential oil (  Pogostemon Aetheroleum )
·         One or two  drops of Cinnamon  essential oil ( Aetheroleum Cinnamonni )
·         Nine drops of Lemon essential oil ( Aetheroleum  Citrii limonium )
·         Ten drops of Bergamot essential oil ( A. Bergamot )
·         Distilled water  ( spring water will substitute in  a pinch  ) 10 ml

Combine all and keep in the fridge for  at least 1 month ( best 3-6 months ) before use. Apply  in form of aerosol .  You can place High John Tc root in it,  but  mind  tha t   with time, it will affect  

The overall scent of the cologne adding some more “earthly” tones. 

There You go, I hope   You found this informative and useful, Happy Valentine’s day, be You “in love” or not at all J
NOTES: This article/text has been written and composed by myself, therfore If You wish to use any part of it elswhere online, feel free, but add credits ; Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com , or a direct link to this post.
[3] Reference to lyrics of Dido’s upcoming single /  song “No Freedom”  form her album “ Girl who  got away”
[4] Some of these beliefs/superstitions  are from : Folklore from Adam’s county Illinois,  by H.M.Hyatt , notes about it appear after each   entry. Rest are part or folk tradition, most of which is spread orally throughout Europe
[5] “Natural magick” pages 40th / 41st by Doreen Valiente, Robert Hale publishing (1999. )
[6] According to Mrs. Catherine Yronwode , here : http://www.luckymojo.com/johntheconqueror.html
[7] According to Gerina Dunwich , in her book “ Herbal magic” ,  on 103rd page, Joe Pye weed infusion is used to treat male’s impotence, 
IMAGES CREDITS: First image is taken by myself, second one  , the artwork with the quotted  text is created by myself


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