Jan 31, 2010

Do You have love problems ?

Well I can not say I had love problems and I hope I never will , to be honest .

However so many people mail me asking me about how to heal a broken heart, return a lover and such . Some ask me how to cut all ties with someone completely.
I wont say I am against love magick , as I would cast it for someone , yet I hardly think I would ever use it myself . For those that wish to return a lover here is a nifty spell :

Twenty Seven Day Paper Voodoo Doll Spell

1. Cut out a paper Voodoo doll.

2. Write your lover's name on the paper Voodoo doll nine times.

3. Cross over each name with your own.

4. Place the paper Voodoo doll in a saucer or plate and cover it with sugar.

5. Stick a blue birthday candle in the center of the sugar, make a wish and burn the candle, but don't blow it out. Keep the dish with the sugar, paper Voodoo doll, and any wax drippings.

6. Add a fresh birthday candle the next day. Repeat for a total of nine days - nine blue birthday candles in total.

7. If your lover is not back by the ninth day, burn the sugar and the paper.

8. Start again the next day, repeating the entire 9 day ritual with fresh materials. If your lover is not back, burn the materials again.

9. Try it again for another nine days.
Three times is the charm. If you lover is not back after repeating this ritual three times, he or she won't be and it is best to move on

This spell can be found in Book "How to Voodoo with Voodoo dolls" by Miss Denise Alvarado , Voodoo Mama of http://www.mysticvoodoo.com/ fame . If You like rituals and spell employing dolls, doll babies and poppets hers books are the very best choice.

Now here are two of my own recipes one being potion to heal the broken heart and other being Cut and clear oil , as I prepare it, and it is used fir more than just cut all ties with a former/bad lover or spouse

Potion to heal a broken heart

Violet leafs , whole 7 to 9 of them
Few Balms of Gillead
Mint 3 branches
Few pine needles
Whole Rose flower , preferably white
A tablespoon of honey or brown sugar
Two cups of spring water

In two cups of spring water poured into cauldron add ingredients listed , all but honey ( or sugar )

Then stir visualizing occasionally potion glowing with healing colored light ( blue , white , gold yellow what You consider healing color shall do )
When it is about to boil chant three times while stirin

Violet to heal heart broken
Balm of Gilead to soothe is added
Mint to strengthen mind troubled
Pine to cleanse body and soul
Rose to inspire spiritual love for all
Honey to sweeten the bitter heart
This potion to bid ill love apart .

Divide in three portions and drink one in morning , one at midday and one at night , when the Moon is Full.

NOTE : This potion is written by me , meaning it is my proprietary formula based on traditional herbal use and correspondences , so If You wish ti use it elsewhere . feel free , however give credits !!! You can put this: By Shadow of Shadow-333@hotmail.com . Thank You !

Cut and clear oil

*Lemon leaves ( 9 of them )

*Lemongrass ( if oil nine drops , nine pinches if herb, or nine chips )

*Lemon verbena ( teaspoon )

*Lemon mint ( teaspoon )

*Some pine needles ( approximately dozen )

*Eucalyptus essential oil ( just a few drops )

*Lemograss essential oil ( optional , few drops )

You can add few mint leaves in each bottle made to give You mental straight , or thyme to give You courage. If You have small scissors charm ( small metal scissors representation ) put in each bottle made . Razor blade may substitute but watch Your fingers !

Top all with oil . Leave Lemon leaves in each bottle .

The same NOTE I added for potion goes for this too .

Cut and clear oil is Hoodoo condition oil used to cut all ties with someone , to forget someone , to cut ties to a resolved ( mended ) bad habbit, so it never comes back , it can even be used to cut energy cords and tentacles attached by spiritual leeches. Just anoint a kunzite or amethyst or quartz point with this oil and draw celtic cross to where the cord.tentacle is attached , and say farewell to it :D

If You find this oil hard to make order one with same name and uses from http://www.luckymojo.com/

For even more love and other potions there is an amazing book called Magick Potions by Gerrina Dunwitch

The First image is from Photobucket and can be found here http://media.photobucket.com/image/Sword%20in%20the%20heart/xSaint1988/SwordThroughHeart.png
Second Image is The Love Potion is a 1903 painting by Evelyn de Morgan depicting a witch with a black cat familiar at her feet.
According to
Elise Lawton Smith,[1] the painting "exhibits a Pre-Raphaelite fascination with medieval subjects and decorative detailing."

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