Jan 10, 2010


Well I am going to share few handy recipes with You today . Hoodoo by origin

First lets take a look at these recipes for well known "magickal perfumes" as presented on http://www.luckymojo.com/ ( courtesy of Miss Catherine Yarnwood )

Canaga ododrata ( picture )

FLORIDA WATER - used for purification , cleansing , spiritual work and blessings
May be added in small amounts to uncrossing and cleansing baths
Pretty much same uses has KANAGA WATER , except it uses Ilang Ilang as main ingredient.
Another very popular Hoodoo perfume is HOYT's WATER used in gambling , luck matters and for dressing mojo hands /gris grises


oil of bergamot 3 fluid ounces
oil of lavender 1 fluid ounce
oil of lemon 1 fluid ounce
oil of cloves 1 1/4 fluid drachms
oil of cinnamon 2 1/2 fluid drachms
oil of neroli 1/2 fluid drachms
essence of jasmine 6 fluid ounces
essence of musk 2 fluid ounces
alcohol 8 pints
rose water 1 pint

Mix and, if cloudy, filter through
magnesium carbonate.
-- From "Fortunes in Formulas For Home, Farm, and Workshop" edited by Garner D. Hiscox, M.E. and Prof. T. O'Conner Sloane, A.B., A.M., Em., Ph.D. (The Norman B. Henley Publishing Company, 1937)


oil of bergamot 3 fluid ounces
oil of lemon 1 fluid ounce
oil of ylang ylang 1 fluid ounce
oil of lavender 1/2 fluid ounce
oil of cinnamon 20 drops
oil of cloves 12 drops
oil of neroli 10 drops
alcohol 1 gallon
rose water 1 pint
(or distilled water plus light rose scent)
-- From my own personal notes, circa 1973, source not attributed but apparently adapted from an old formulary to use what i had on hand at the time.


oil of ylang ylang 10 minims
oil of neroli 5 minims
oil of rose 5 minims
oil of bergamot 3 minims
alcohol 10 oz.

One grain of musk may be added

Dilute with distilled water to make a toilet water.
-- From "Manual of Formulas, Recipes, Methods, and Secret Processes" edited by Raymond B. Wailes, B.S. (Popular Science Publishing Co., New York, 1932)

Now here are two recipes of mine, that could come handy to You , particularly now that we are all low on money and we have many situations in which we need a touch of luck and success

Gambler’s lucky hands potion

Half fill small jar with Hoyt’c Cologne and half with Consecrated water
Add one High John’s root, Teaspoon of Chamomile ,Teaspoon of Calendula
Few Laurel leaves ,Few Frankincense grain ,Some pyrite chips or a lode stone
Close tight and shake few times . Recite each day 23rd Psalm over the Jar shaking it lightly . On the night of the Full Moon strain and anoint Your hands prior to gamble or lottery tickets .

Crown of Success oil

Bergamot oil 7 drops
Three Bay leafs
Cinquefoil plant with 5 leaves
7 frankincense grains
some Sandalwood chips
Solomon seal root ( optional but gives a great boost )
High John TC root in each bottle
pyrite chips in each bottle
You may add few Sandalwood essential oil drops

Combine all in 2oz's of base oil , in ideal situation You would use Jojoba and Sunflower equal blend but You can use Sunflower oil or even almond.

Blessed be !

Picture shows the label of www.luckymojo.com Crown of success oil


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Anonymous said...

Any decent recipes for Hoyt's water/cologne? I've already made both Florida Water & Kananga water from scratch as i've got a huge amount of oils, absolutes, CO2s and alcohol at my disposal but the one I really want is Hoyt's. Any suggestions? Please?