Jan 18, 2010

Are You empathic

I should have posted this long time ago , but hey , nevere too late I guess lol

So many people wil nowadays claim to be emphatic , but empathy is one of the rarest gifts in are of ESP abilities !

So what's up with that ?

Well just mind that there are many rp-esrs out there and many frauds , fakes , false readers and psychics , then there are troubled people etc . So I decided to write about what is emathy all about and how to recognise it ?

Well here You go

Signs of empathy


- Ability to sense and feel another person emotional state, even without visual contact or even the presence of the person in question
- Ability to sense and feel another persons physical/physiological state and conditions , even without visual contact or even presence of the person in question
- Ability to perceive and define “emotional state” of surroundings and places , usually ones on which a strong emotional expressions take places or have took place in recent or distant past . This would include sensation of unnatural fatigue or cry urge , strong sorrow feeling on such a place . In short emath should be able to “read” places, If You know what I mean.
- Ability to easily empathies with others in general , and being struck by an overwhelming sensation or pain or sorrow even when just watching a disturbing or sad scene on TV
- Knowledge on other people being in danger , non obtained by mundane means, often includes “long distanced” empathy , being in foul emotional state or sick , or hurt
- Ability to track or find people , assuming of course we do not have help of mundane means
- Ability to on occasion guess what someone thinks exactly , to guess when someone is going to call You ( not sign of telepathy as commonly confused , it can also be sign of spiritual intuition ), and also empaths more-less ALWAYS can tell when someone is lying them and are amazingly successful in reading between the lines , even in terms of written documents, books etc.
- Ability to “diagnose” person in terms of psychology , and know someone hidden intents , even without any knowledge in the area
- Advanced empaths can heal emotionally and somewhat physically but may feel ill awhile afterwards
- Advanced empaths can manipulate other peoples emotional state ( popularized term used is empathic projection ), be immune to telepathy or any sort of mind intrusion

You want to be positive ? Here is type of “blind” test I came up with

1) You will need someone to assist You , and three persons willing to be subjects . Your assistant should lead each person in room to which You want be able to see or hear what I happening but will be close enough ( the ideal would be mirror rooms , like ones police uses to interrogate persons but hey , we must do with what we have ,
Separate rooms in house will do )

2) This are the suggestion of the person ( You should not see , or know of before the experiment !!! )

1 . person You know , with or without mental/physical condition 2. child 3. person that is emotionally troubled
1. person with physical condition 2. person with mental/emotional condition 3.
Peron You know
1. male 2. female 3. kid
1 person You know 2.person You know 3. unknown person

3) Now sit before each room or stay for awhile and try to sense: person’s emotional , physical state , gender , approximate age ( like child, teen , adult , mature , old , very old etc. ) and Your familiarity with it ( do You know him/her/it ) ,write those down and check Your results ! Give Yourself a point for each of the characters , and for each person should total 15 if You were completely successful .
All over 7-8 points indicate empathic talent
10 – 12 indicate empathy in “medium to strong stage”
12 – 15 are certain sign of very strong empathy

4) You are advised to do all of the person combinations and even more iF you are creative and cross reference the results to get the clearest and most accurate results.

And If You are an empath You will find Yourself very tormented ( emotionaly , mentaly ) from time to time . I know I do feel like killing myself on occasions . That is one of the reasons I came up with this Condition oil

Piece of mind oil


Oil to be used to dress Your third eye , sternum area , hand wrists to calm Your mind and fends off the confusion, end intranquility.
To 2 oz of base oil

Few drops of Wintergreen essential oil
Few drops of Lavender essential oil
Few drops of Rosemary oil
Add s spring of Mint
Add a spring of Lavender
Add White Rose / or White rose bud
Add few Grains of Frankincense to each bottle made

Let it sit at least a week , best for month . Recipe based on Hoodoo correspondences ,
By me M.V. aka Shadow

Explanation on ingredients :)

Mint gives mental strenght in times of need ( among other things a for which Mint is used in Hoodoo like , uncrossing ) , Lavander and Rosemary give serenity and purify all bad thoughts , White Rose is a symbol of Peace in Hoodoo , of blessing and well being , Wintergreen add's a touch of luck and strenght to this oil , while Frankincense brings vigor and light of the Sun to destroy depression and apathy .

For even more on Empathy download my Scribd publication from here

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