Jan 28, 2013

Aquamarine magick

This beautiful and soothing crystal has always been one of my personal favorites.  It helped my through many difficult times, and I’ve used aquamarines  in many spells and rituals. Stones come handy for a cancerian ( zodiac ) like myself , as we need a lot of calming, mind healing, focusing and sharpening, grounding , even protection. Aquamarine is no exception, furthermore, it’s  a proper friend and guide, rather than just some tool , or charm J  
Aquamarine, in matrix mineral, from Africa
( look footnotes )
 It’s a type of Beryl , along with other common varieties  that  include Morganite,   Emerald and Heliodore. It can occur in blue, deep blue and pale  or golden yellow color ( often called “aquamarine chrysolite “  despite the fact that it’s not type of chrysolite ) ,which depends on presence of Fe ions. Normally Fe2+ ions cause the typical marine  blue color of Aquamarine,  while  Fe3+  cause yellow or gold color. If both type of ions are present  the dark blue variety of Aquamarine will occur ( referred often as Maxixe ) , or this color can be attained by “bombarding” crystals with specific amounts of radiation. Same goes  for “pink” and “green” aquamarine.  The last two are useless  , maybe even slightly harmful in crystal therapy, and are not used in  crystal magick.  In this article we will focus on  the variety  used in spiritual ( crystal ) healing and magick, which is pale, marine blue stone.  

Following are magickal correspondences regarding Aquamarine based on crossrefrencing various literature / authors (  see footnotes )

      ·         Planetary ruler –   Moon
      ·         Elemental ruler – Water
      ·         Numerical correspondence – 1
      ·         Energy – receptive
      ·         Birthstone of  - Pisces, Aries, Gemini
      ·         Time of Year* –  Ostara, Summer in general
      ·         Angelic  ruler – Gabriel

So we see that, Aquamarine is correspondent to Moon , Water element and is a receptive stone. It resonates with numerical value  of the number 1 [1] and is associated with all sort  of deities that reside in the Sea/s and Ocean/s . I think it’s pretty clear that  it  corresponds to the  throat chakra
Ancient lore speaks of this stone as  popular fishermen’s  and sailor’s talisman against drowning and shipwrecks, and is even today widely used as safe trip charm  during  traveling by water transportation means.

An revered,  late author Sir Scott Cunningham speaks of  this,  talismanic use of this stone:

Aquamarine is worn or carried as a protective amulet while sailing or flying over water. When packing for a trip on water, whether a river cruise or a journey across the Pacific Ocean, tuck an aquamarine
in your suitcase to guard against storms. Fishermen and sailors have long made it their special amulet against danger. “ [2]

 Same author also suggests it as a purification  stone, and a well suited gift for conjugal happiness, if the mates are to  exchange these.

It was also  believed  to give courage,   and  fights the spirits of darkness, while attracting the spirits of light [3]
 It’s considered to be a lucky charm of those individuals that are born  in March or October.  It’s considered widely to be a birthstone o f the Pisces.


 In crystal therapy

 Various  sources suggest Aquamarine , as a very versatile and powerful healing stone**

 In crystal healing It’s used to treat inflammations, swollen glands, thyroid associated conditions , sometimes also conditions related to thymus, it’s used to treat the respiratory tract inflammations, pneumonia, it acts as tonic for   detoxification organs . It is also widely used, and reputed to be extremely efficient in treating infections of jaw, teeth, and eyes, as well as improving the eyesight and general  mouth cavity health.

 Mentally it calms the mind,  wipes out effects of stress, brings tranquility, aids meditation, and helps us finishing the things we started, get back on track,  removes confusion and sharpens the intellect.

 It can be placed on the thorat chakra, or where needed. Crystal essence is great mind tonic, and is also said to  strengthens psychic abilities.  Pair  can be placed on eyes, and it’s placed under pillow to  help prevent nightmares and  bring about tranquil, restful sleep.

 Now, here are some ideas on “practical” applications of  the  ston e in spell casting and rituals, this is a practical type of blog, ya’ know :P

 Overpower evil  Aquamarine charm

 Aquamarine is said to confer  to power to  conjure the De**l himself, and  to force  him to speak trutfully and resist his  deception and fascination, If only the stone was to be hid in the mouths and remain there. [4] 

 I can  see  how that could/would work, more so If the stone would be inscribed with a let’s say image of Scorpio,  SDPNQCN charm,  SATOR square,  David’s star with  Tetragramaton inscribed.

So here is how I would do it :

Inscribe a  flat  or thumbed Aquamarine  with an Hexagram  ( David’s Star , Hebrew Star   ) , that holds Tetrgramaton in it’s Centre.

Read the Psalm 91st  , the 125th and 10th over the  crystal, and then the following words ( You can do it as many times as You see fit )

 “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.” [5]

  If You have , You may  add few drops of “Victory over evil” oil on the stone, upon finishing with the praying or even before. Otherwise,  placing it in small amount of Holy water overnight, somewhere  where the light of the Full Moon may reach it,  is equally   good alternative.

 Consecrated in this manner, Aquamarine will make a charm  against evil spirits “par excellence” ,  and  if such stone would be placed in the mouths while dealing with demons, it would   indeed be a fine protection from their deception   or misbehavior.  Hence would make an amazing  charm for  practitioners of Higher magick.  If You can not carve the stone ,   You could alternatively draw the symbol on a small parchment paper,  tie it to, or wrap around the  stone.

Aquamarine psychic charm and ritual

 As we have seen Aquamarine is  widely  reputed to be a stone that strengthens psychic powers.
You can make a crystal charm bag:

·         Aquamarine stone
·         Hawk’s eye stone
·         Cherry Opal stone

 And carry with You, place under pillow and on forehead  to strengthen  the ESP abilities,  such as; precognition,  intuition, psychometry, clairvoyance and other.

 To dream of the Future, or anything You want to know, to have prophetic dreams, try   and make a smaller amount of “Lunar slime” with Aquamarine placed in water , making thus also an  Aquamarine essence. Then, the next day make the same amount of Mugwort infusion. Combine the two together, and drink , prior to the sleep , and place the Aquamarine under Your pillow. You make say the question aloud,   or in Your head,  during prior to  falling asleep.

 Aquamarine  honesty  spell   

 This spell is intended to  give someone courage, and inspire them to be open and trutful to You.  When I wrote it I was not aiming for coercive , compelling  truth spell effect   , like commonly sought by people . With that being said this spell will help someone be honest to You, but will not cause someone to tell You the truth even If  they  would never normally do so, this spell will inspire people to confide to You or be honest, as much as possible in their situation .  

 Like most of “crystal-centered” spells it’s fairly simple;

·         Obtain a photo of the person , and write their name ( and birth date if known ) on the back of it. Fumigate it with Vanilla incense stick ( the photo ) or Deer’s tongue  incense ( or both )
·         Then place on the photo Aquamarine crystal, If the throat of the person shows on the photo, place it on their throat
·         Say the following words :

 Open thy mind, open thy heart
                Release the words, locked inside
                Courageously and honestly,
                Speak clearly and  truthfully!

·         Repeat for Seven days,   unless You think once will do ( let’s say person in question is just mildly dubious about  whether   they should confide to You or not, for example )

Many Blessings, Shadow :)

NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself, hence If You'd like to use any part of it elswhere online, feel  free , but add credits: Shadow of Shadows magick plac e , Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post
  [1] According to correspondences  related to gemstones given : ( by )   Dunwich, Gerina,  ( in  her work )  “Dunwich’s guide to gemstone   sorcery”

[2]  Retrieved from: “Encyclopedia of Crystal , Gem and Metal magick”   74th-75th , by Cunningham, Scott
[3] Judy Hall, Encyclopedia of Crystals
[4] According to the  same source listed under  [1], page 170th
[5] Retrieved from: http://bible.cc/luke/10-19.htm   , used here for educational purposes, without ny ill will
* While  it’s only natural that certain gemstones take  special place in certain   magickal times, certain periods of the year, be it even a single day , it should be obvious that  this does not imply that these stones can be used only  in/on these  given  times.   Crystals themselves  are pretty much equally powerful all year long, If properly maintained ( cleaned and charged ), of course
** Such as  Judy Hall’s writings, as well as information on the beautiful site www.crystal-cure.com  , both of which were consulted while compounding the   healing uses and suggestions  in this article
IMAGE CREDITS: The Aquamarine mineral image is from http://www.africangems.com/change/uploads/images/products/54.jpg and is used here for illustrative and explanatory purposes , withouth any ill will

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