Dec 1, 2009

Two Hoodoo trademarks ( protection spells )

Red Brick dust protection , Reddening
First thing in the morning , get up silently and prepare a wash of salt , saltpeter and Your first morning urine ,or alike wash ( protection, cleansing , but the one I mentioned is a great traditional recipe ) and wash the premises or room You wish to protect. Scrub , mop but clean it all.
Pay special attention to Your doorstep , scrub it hard !!!!
Now sprinkle red dust powder line over Your doorstep.
*I have had bad people that want me ill , or just mean and jealous being unable to cross the line !

Redening , red brick dust in front of the doors
Bones of protection

Get animal bones , Cook them to clean from meat ( cooking them in salt water with some sodium carbonate is a neat way to get clean white bones ).
Cross two clean wood sticks so they form an X shape or Cross shepe If You will and tie them together ( like when making a simple Cross ).

Tie strings or Yarn from points and centre and hung , or tie bones in it . Use Your imagination to form a pattern , use same number of bones on opposite strings , be creative.

Hung above the doors , or windows . It prevents evil spirits and evil persons from gaining entrance . It is said that instead of the bones wrongdoers will see something like an astral monster , an astral gargoyle If You will .
*Source of this spell is my good online friend from Louisiana , but we both agree that no animal should be sacrificed for this . You can get bones from chicken You eat or at butchery/meat shop

Kate Hudson passing by Bones for protection in film Skeleton key ( I do not own the pic all rights to the film authors , makers etc )

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