Nov 21, 2009

Magickal Gambling

Geez so You are low on money this month , I know how You feel lol
But hey it can be fixed Of You play lottery or gamble, but You have to know to trick those crafty cassinos and Your opponents
Piece of cake with this lil conjure of mine

Lucky dices mojo
This is my suggestion for mojo bag to promote gambler’s luck

- tbs of lavender

- tbs of chamomile

- few laurel leafs

- Solomon seal herb

- Master of the woods root

- Dices

- Gold or silver coin

- Chicken bone painted black

- Black cat hair

- Small pieces of turquoise

- Money bill

- Pinch of Successes powder

- Calendula flower , whole

All in green flannel bag and anoint with some Crown of Success or Success oil , or best even Black cat oil . If You lack those essence of Van Van shall do .

You are uncertan how a gris gris is made or even what is it , then please go here

I know , I know some of You may think , aww this is so hard , ok then there is an easy way and check it out here

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