Nov 6, 2009

Dang , how to start . Well I am making this blog in hope that I will be able to provide and share some useful info on occult and supernatural.
I will tend to post in two languages when possible , English and Serbian . It will be the same stuff just translated so that both of language speaking groups could use information easily.

I will tend to post daily , and will answer any questions I am able , If there is such a feature here
( first time using lol )

I am an eclectic occult practitioner , with an experience of some 12 years . Being said that I am an eclectic practitioner means that I use many magiclkal systems and/or traditions, so that does not mean I am a wiccan nor pagan , even though I respect both and learn from them . Religion is Christianity , my age is 22 , and I am in college atm .

I hope that You that will read this ( respectfully ) have learned basics on magick and occult so I will not post about history of magickal systems , tools , Moon phases etc. I shall assume You are familiar with it by now or that You can easily obtain info on the same . If You however have any questions on such a topic I will glady reply , as fair as I can .

I will instead try to provide various articles and spells and will try to do that weekly.

Blessings in abundance to all that read these lines !


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog recently. I was reading "about this blog," and I knew that you are a Christian. I am wondering how one can be a occult practitioner while he is a Christian? If you are performing a ritual which involved another God's participation from different religion, how do you see the God from other religion? Christian only believe in one God only, right?
(I have no mean by the question, just wondering. Hope it won't bother you.)

I have the other question not related with occult. In your post, You mentioned that you would tend to post things in two languages, which are English and Serbian. I knew that you are from Montenegro from your info, so do people speak Serbian in Montenegro? Or there is not much difference between Serbian and Montenegrin? I only know BCS....

Екип said...

Hi, verry interesting blog, im from Bulgaria and also have interest in hoodoo and traditional balkan spells. Would like to chat and exchange experience if you would like.