Nov 10, 2009

I wish, I wish .....

Ok You do not need red shoes to make a wish , although they would come handy I admit lol
But I am writing this blog today to give You few neat magickal ways of obtaining thing You need .

Another thing to remember , You can use a wish spell whenever You have request that does not fall under other common categories .

Wishbone Hoodoo powder

- Sandalwood
- Orris
- Allspice
- Deerstongue
- Musk

Bay Leaf Full Moon spell

On the night of the full Moon , Take a white offertory candle and large bay leaf ( If You are doing spell outside small fire is used instead of candle ).
With Dragons blood write the wish on bay leaf as short and concise as possible . Now place the leaf on Your palm and show it silently to quarters and after them to the Moon ( they know Your needs and intentions but If You wish You may add words of power ) .Now burn the leaf on candle flame and scatter the ashes . If outside just throw it into fire. It is done , Blessed be !

Wish charm by me

Items you will need
- Lavender flowers
- Mojo ( drawstring bag )
- red ink pen
- parchment or a piece of new paper
- quartz or small turquoise

On a waxing moon night write Your wish in red ink ( preferably dragons blood but a nice pen shall work just fine ) on a parchment or new piece of paper . Fold it three times and place it inside Mojo bag with lavender flowers, and a small quartz or turquoise crystal.
Go to a lavender bush and carry Your bag , then whisper :

Not out of greed or any ill will
But I need my wish to fulfill Angels and benevolent spirits hear my plea
Make my wish come true so mote it be
Whit harm to none
Let this charm be done !

Hide the beg inside the lavender bush . After Your wish comes true , take back the bag , bur the paper and scatter it with the lavender flowers from the bag.
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Why should we not tell anyone about our wishes and spells ?
Two reasons :

1. Many person when told that someone cast the spell shall react : "Oh that is so silly , that wont work , blah , blah , blah " so You might feel less confident about Your spell thus robbing great amount of power from Your spell. Remember You Will sucsee , You do not need others to tell You will it happen

2. After spell is cast it should not be mentioned anymore to anyone , without a fine reason to do so . You should not even think about will it work . It is a form of disrespect ( though a mild one ) to the forces that helped You in spell casting , and also to Your own skills .

Mind these two when casting any spell . Stay safe and blessed be !

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