Nov 9, 2009

Diseases and germs and magickal protection

Ok so the main topic these days in medias seems to be the bloody influenza , juts another sign of G’d or If You are Wiccan Mother Earth telling us , hey people wake up and stop messing with climate , weather and what else not !

It is shameless how human are ready to bomb the Moon or cut down a a rainforest , forgetting that we get plenty of benefits from both and being nothing but animals in the process . picture shows Anemone Hortensis

Anyway What I want today is simply to give You few ideas to protect Yourself from diseases including swine flu h1n1 .

Mind that many say this might be merely another hoax of pharmaceutics , and that h1n1 is nothing but slightly modified common influenza .

Also do not let Yourself to be fooled , so called tamifly is certainly not a cure , since even I as a biology student may assure You that none have yet discovered antivirotic ( merely some virostatics ) and obviously antibiotics work only against bacteria and fungi . So the tamifly works on a different mechanism , not killing virruses but inhibiting thir multiplication , also giving somewhat boost to immune system.

But here is something that does work :

Amulet that wards off diseases

On a piece of a neat new white paper write the following
Z + OA + BIZ + SAB + ZHGF + BFRS +
Adding the crosses too .
Put the paper underneath the mat and as ancient knowledge says Your home shall be safe from any epidemics.

This amulet is prepared on the Your altar in the day and hour of the sun and incense used is nutmeg !

Health protection mojo

Blue o red flannel gris gris bag
Handful of anemone flowers
Sprig of Rosemary
Three pinches of salt

Make a gris gris , and anoint with some healing or health oil or tincture ( perhaps Cunningham’s healthy mind and body tincture )

Four thieves vinegar

More than just magickal protection J If You do not already know the recipe here is a legitimate one ( !!!! )

There are a number of recipes available for four thieves vinegar, but the original was probably something like this:Use equal parts thyme, rosemary, sage, and lavender. Place herbs in a jar and cover with (apple cider) vinegar. Seal and place in a cool, dark place for six weeks. Strain into a spray bottle or clean jar and use as a disinfectant.The original herbal ingredients are all strong antibacterial agents, as is the vinegar.Variations on the recipe add sweet smelling herbs like mint and lemon balm to the mixture. Garlic was also added, and although it was probably an excellent addition from an antibacterial standpoint, it was not one of the original herbs used.

Psalm 91

is used to protect against diseases especially the line 6th

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