Nov 7, 2009

Clean Your own mess , reverse the curses You have cast

Ok so many of us , practitioners , witches If You will, have cast a curse on someone . Even the nicest person in the world can be leaded to the anger which is so intent that results in some form of brutal violence ( mental , physical or even magickal ).

But no one is above karma or Three fold law , Or Lords Divine Justice , call it whatever You like it is still the same thing , that keeps humans from becoming chaotic destructive monsters which we tend to become ( primal human nature , Hommo hommini lupus est ) .

Trust me , I understand there are very justified situations when we can use curses to stop or restrain some evil , and If for example demon is bothering You and You curse him, don’t worry I doubt You’ll get more than warning not to curse too often , lol.
Also there are so many evil people in the world that deserve to burn in Hell for eternity , but so that we can watch and eat popcorns lmao
Anyway what I needed to say , cursing someone always have consequences less or more severe , so it should be evaded by any cast , but what If You have already done so ?
Do You suffer from Demonic oppression , or strike of bad luck ? Are You depressive , do You lose money easily , get sick again just after You recovered from some disease ?
Question Yourself , and If You remember You cursed someone , You might need to reverse it .

This picture show Voodoo Bussines man doll , and it is an art of Voodoo Mama
it is available here allong with a lot of interesting and useful nfo on making , using and even disposing of
Voodoo dolls

We are not always the best judges , we are only humans !
But , not to Worry Dr Milo ( my nickname lol ) has a mojo even for this
Here is what You should do :

Spell to reverse a curse You have cast

You shall need an offering of some sort , a cake , a fruit , pearl anything that appears respectful and good for making up for evil You have done .

If You have supplies or tools You used to cast a curse go to the crossroads and take them with You . Also take some salt . When reached the crossroad ask Your supreme Power ( In my case it is Lord , but You can Invoke Wicca Goddess or any Ruler of the Pantheon You incorporate in Your practice ) . When I get to the Crossroads I ask ( via means of small personal petition )pa Legba to help me ,and to remove any obstacles for me , Saint Anthony could also be invoked for this purposes , normally You do not really need to do this If not agreeable with Your path .

Then dig a small hole on the centre of crossroad or as near to it as possible and ass small layer of the salt at the bottom , place the items You used to cast a curse
( if it was a bottle spell , poue the content in the hole and
then add the bottle , If it was a seal or parchment written curse , or doll burn it and place the ashes in hole , or simply bury it est. be creative I don’t need to draw everything for Ya do I lol )
in the hole , sprinkle with salt then simply cover with Earth . If You disturbed the grass with the digging process make sure You leave some offering ( grass is still a plant , some honey or bread shell do ).
Now say in soothing voice :

What I’ve done must be undone
Reverse it with harm to none ,
Release all Spirits that helped my curse being done
And once again, let them hurt none
For what I did I now regret
Let my curse for blessings exchange
And this tribute may spirits take respectively
With harm to none once more , I ask humbly !

Leave and offering on a place You buried items .

NOTE > If You Have tricked ( jinxed , cursed ) a person via methods of more direct ( Not sympathetic magick ) write on a piece of paper what You done , describe it and If You remember write the words You used . Remember for this spell to work You will need respect and wish to make things better , to feel remorse.

After this kind of spell You should take a purifying bath .

Purification bath

- salt
- eggshells crushed
- hyssop
- some lavender oil
- white candle
- Psalm 51
- White candle

Anoint the candle with lavender oil . From a 3 spoons of salt , 3 spoons or three sprigs of hyssop and a spoon of powdered eggshell make a spiritual bath ( You can use milk in powder to color the bath white since it is considered the purification color ).
Fill the tub . lit the candle and recite The Psalm 51 , then pour the bath downwards You in three pours .
Let the bath dry on its own , do not wipe it off .

My Hoodoo recipe to remove a jinx You have cast

Ask Lord to forgive You for causing harm to someone . Anoint white candle with Jinx breaking oil , and on a piece of paper write the name or something to describe person You jinxed , and a brief description of curse , and drop few drops of oil too . Fold it for the 90 degrees angle, and write “I release You” . The fold two more times in the same manner . Burn the paper on the candle saying : I release You from my Curse , may You be free and blessed . Read the psalm 51 , then scatter the ashes on the crossroad or if windy , just release it into the wind .

May the Seven African Powers Bless You .

Disclamer : All info provided here was written by me , innspired by herbal and curios correspondences or common sence . So If You want ti use them elswhere , please do so but mention the poor lil me as author . Picture of the candle used above was in public domain .

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