Oct 30, 2013

All Hallows Eve when the veil is thin 4

I’ve written about  Samhain, or the All Hallows eve before, on here, and I shall try to do so in the future , If possible.  For me it’s one of the greatest times of Power throughout  the year, and mind You, I am a Christian J  The nature, around us on this day, simply resonates with such intensive and  hastily energies, that even the tad bit sensitive people can not fight the feeling  of “something out there, in the air” .

It’s a  great time of power, which is plainly foolishly neglected sometimes.  And it should not be. It’s  ideal time to create charms, make oils, potions, powders, bless candles and alike, for any spiritual work done on this day will be greatly empowered, and much stronger that it normally would.  It’s indeed the time of wonders, and miracles, the in-between time, when the veils  nearly completely dissipate , to allow this and the world(s) beyond to meet, and  interact.

The Celebration of All Hallows eve,  so celebration of Samhain ( Celtic-Gaelic festival , prior to Christianization  ) have deep roots in celebration of death, and the dead. Hence, this is an ideal day for spirit communication and necromantic rituals, as well as devotional rituals and ceremonies to our ancestors and beloved deceased people.  It’s also the  best possible time to appease ghosts, or any sprits, which You might have  aggravated, or offended. 

It’s also amazing day for spiritual growth, power raising as well as longevity , and rejuvenation magick and rituals. The  extraordinary energies of the day, make  such goals achievable, in a fragment of time which would otherwise be need  for them.

All those spirits walking feely among the living on Halloween, it would be an utter shame,  not  to conduct some guidance and divination work. And being that the veils between the worlds are the thinnest  on this day, throughout all the year,  “the lines are open”  for any intelligent influences from “beyond” which  affect our readings. Great insights have been gained on All Hallow’s eve, and  this is nothing  new , really, it’s simply often neglected, which is a pity. Seeing a good chance, wise shall seize it, You know.

Let not be Your decorations, just that, an empty vast fetishes without proper reasoning between them.  So instead of paper and plastic, tacky, pap, toys, have some place for herbs, vegetables and fruits, straw dolls,  Jack O lanterns  , crystals and stones that resonate with this time of the year, You can consult Samhain correspondences   , to help You with  Your choices.

Dark(er) side of Halloween
Be cautioned though, as this is time of wonders, make sure You are not faint of heart, If You decide to engage in necromancy, and darker aspects of the magickal art. On this day, the results may astonish  and even terrify You. So, be careful what You wish for.

Whatmore, as much as this is a great time of power for people and spirits of good nature, so much is for those vindictive, ill-spirited ( mind not the pun ) humans and non-corporeal entities as well.

So keep in mind that on this day all sort of spirits walk the Erath freely, without constrictions, and limitations they normally experience, seeking avenge, or simply taking enjoyment  in  works of mischief , and evil.  The masking festivities, originate from customs, which served for protection, for the mask is the powerful tool for protection from, and confusion  of ghosts, and low(er) level spirits.  The very latin term for mask “larvae” shares meanings of mask, and spirit.  Even the latter, Medieval Latin word for it “masca” while quite  different in terms of letters and pronunciation, preserved the meaning which could be translated to : mask, specter or nightmare   [1]

Jack of Lantern, is another powerful charm   ,  and the light which emanates from it glaring, fiery eyes, and mouths is believed to hold the power to vanquish  evil spirits, and demons likewise.  I spread some Basil, Blessed salt  and Angelica root  on the bottom of mine, and make sure the candles I light in them are blessed or pure was made.  I believe they confer extremely strong protection,  very much needed on  this day. I’m not trying to act all smart, or overly cautious , dull and old-fashioned,  this is the day when all sort of things happen , good and bad. It’s very stupid ( feel free to get insulted ) to take this day  and  the magick of it lightly, and simply go to reckless parting, and  give in to mindless  cravings . Of course, we can only warn those carrying for warnings.  What one does with it’s personal safety is just that, personal thing, but don’t  You expect help from people when You fall into hole, If everyone yelled You will, and You mocked them for it ;) Arrange Jack o Lanterns strategically around Your house. Swift herbal charms, like branches of Rowan, Hawthorn, Basil springs tied and hung together with red yarn, St John’s wart, Dev*l’s shoestrings on a lace, Dev*l’s bit  roots and others, will provide protection when hung in home, or carried on person.

Finally take great care of Your personal possessions, as well as any personal concerns ( nails, hair, clothes with Your sweat and DNA ) for If You have enemies, and they get a hold of such, they can work strongest of crossings on You, on All Hollow’s eve.  Which is why You should take all the laundry hanging to dry inside after sunset, and make sure not to do any nail clipping or hair cutting etc.  If You come to suspect someone could have stolen  something Yours, sprinkle Yourself and Your clothes very lightly with powder made of  Motherwort, Mint and either Red brick dust or Graveyard dirt, to kill the  link between You and stolen personal concern/ item.

 Madness of Halloween

Be it due to plain suggestion,  or some kind of  spiritual influence, cosmic radiation or other, All Hallow’s eve is the day when people go plain nuts.  I see it as plainly coming in touch with the darker aspects of both personality and soul/spirit, and inability to cope with them or channel them properly.  The plain collective “hysteria” the holiday entices is equally to blame though. Regardless, all sort of crazy things happen on Halloween.

And I do not mean “conspiracy theory/Satanism/New World’s order ritual/evil occult/etc”  junk. That’s just product of delusuional minds and self-righteous Christians, who really only focus on persecute- homosexuals-and-witches false doctrines, which, it’s wise to note here, are trending in parts of Christian community for centuries, but they were never and are not part of Christian teachings and doctrines.

I was more referring to strong psychic energies, which cause people minds to haywire  in a way lol. Here are just few examples to illustrate it:

·         In Tennessee, law bans certain sex offenders from dressing up and taking part in public celebrations of Halloween . In New York "Operation Halloween: Zero Tolerance", prohibits sex offenders from wearing  costumes and even answering doors on Halloween, to trick-or-treaters . In Orange County, California, offenders not only can not answer the doors, but must also post a sing outside that there is not trick or treating at their residence. Some people admittedly, perceive these measures as silly and without foundation, but some statistic researches do support the theories that criminals get  “more active” on  Halloween, but this does not really include sex offenders [2]

·         In Russia,  on 2005th , on Halloween eve,  happened an outstanding outburst or “epidemic” of alcohol intoxicated people in  Voronezh ( South Russia ), in  such number that hospitals were full. Bottles of Vodka  were latter shown to have contained  antifreeze ( like proplyene glycol )

·         All around the Europe, as well as in America, certain individuals  and groups, with either delusional disorders, or radical cultic viewpoints and agendas, hunt dogs and cats , sacrifice them, mutilate and torture in extremely heinous ways.  The L.A. Times, had in more occasion than one, wrote about animal sacrifice on Halloween and precautions needed to be taken to prevent such [3]  Please keep in mind , that these are mostly acts of vandals, hooligans and sick people,  they are not work of cults and people into occults, least it happens incidentally, and even then it’s probably unrelated to Halloween

·         People like to get rid of old candies, and the Halloween is ideal chance for that. Kids , and their parents however, in vast majority seem to be oblivious of this fact.   Some on the other hand go as far, as perpetuating the Urban myth that some companies, or groups of people, or individuals intentionally temper with the candies, adding hazardous or lethal substances to them, or drugs. [4] If You ask me the real danger lies in date-expired and not properly stored  candies, which people seem to completely ignore , as well as possible overeating and quite rarely hyperglicemia ( You’d be amazed how much sugar can some people ingest before they throw up lol )

Do those prove something peculiar , and supernatural occurring on All Hallows eve ? Maybe not, but they are certainly suggestive and utmost interesting  findings . It’s not impossible that such human behaiour is  caused be excess of  psychic energy, which   unprepared mind simply can not process and channel properly.

Halloween lore and superstitions

Here are some common Halloween lore and superstitions according to  amazing  “Witches Halloween” by Gerina Dunwich

·          Also an  tradition associated also with Michaelmas , catching the naturally  falling lea on Samhain is done   for health , and wishes coming true

·         Casting a headless shadow on Halloween some see as death omen

·         Child born on Halloween is seen as able to see and converse with ghosts and spirits and immune to their attacks

·          Observing our own Shadows on Moonlight on Halloween may bring us bad luck

·          If the Samhain fire goes  out, it has to be rekindled by  or with a lighted sod from the home of a priest. 

·         It is believed that if a person light a new Orange color candle on the Halloween , on the Midnight, and lest it burn ‘till the sun rise, he or she will have a lot of luck

·         On the other hand baking bread and journeying after Sunset is not only bad luck but also dangerous

·             A very old spell that hails from Ireland calls for the fresh blood of a Young rooster to be sprinkled a t the corners of a house to keep it safe from the haunting of ghosts and the spells and curses of sorcerers.   “ [5] 

Now, having those  covered J let’s proceed with some spells and rituals ideas:

Pet Protection spell

Pet protection spells   are traditionally ( as of  more recent days, anyway  ) , done on Halloween .  The methods vary, but here is an swift and powerful example.

Take few hair of the pet You wish to protect.  Write it’s name , or draw it on a piece of red paper, and wrap the hairs in it, along with some  salt,  dry basil leaves,  dry mint or  dry sage.  Light a green candle then,  set the paper with hair alight on the candle’s flam e and say :

I seek protection for this animal, my beloved friend,
Bring it longevity, health and put all of its ill to an end.”

Scatter the ashes   in Your yard,  or sprinkle them into  the river.   This spell is often done either outdoors , or in a bathtub, due to fire hazard, and nasty odor  produced when the Keratin  from the hair ( or feather if it’s bird )  combusts.  If You are doing it in the tub, which would be very practical, just flush the remaining ashes down the  drain .

Mirror wishing spell

NOTE: The following  three spells come from the same source, used for compiling superstitions associated with Halloween  in this  article,  from the brilliant and concise “Witch’s Halloween”

The first one is a wishing spell, as wishing spells are frequently done on Halloween. It’s well written, and simplicity enough, hence why I decided  to post it here for Your convenience.  Mirrors are, spiritually considered , to have, among others, power to double things, which is the idea with this spell :

     This simple et potent spell dates back to antiquity and is a Halloween tradition, among many witche s. To perform this spell You will need three things: an ordinary mirror, a candle that has never been lit before, and a sincere wish.

     Begin after sunset on Halloween night by lighting a candle with a match. If You desire You may anoint Your candle with three drops of Your favorite ritual oil, prior to working this spell. Turn off the lights in the room and stand before the mirror,  holding the lit candle in Your hand ( the hand You normally use for writing ) . Gaze into reflection of Your own eyes and clear Your mind of all thoughts, except for those pertaining to Your wish. Visualize Your wish coming true as You whisper the following incantation:

“Looking glass and  Witch’s flame,
Let they powers interweave,
Grant the wish that I proclaim,
On this most enchanted eve
My secret wish is  … ( state Your wish )
So mote it be !”

Gently place Your lips upon the mirror to seal the spell with a kiss.  The secret wish mirror spell  is now complete, but take care not to reveal Your secret to anybody or  it will not manifest. “ [6]

Spell to vanquish weakness

NOTE: Samhain, as I’ve mentioned already is ideal time for dealing away with something nonproductive,  hazardous, bad, obstructive, something that keeps pulling us back, and needs  not to be so. The following spells, from the same source listed for the previous, employs banishing powers  of the fire element. Dragon blood, among others, possesses banishing and strengthening qualities, and black candles are used to  remove something negative.

    One modern Halloween spell to destroy weakness calls for the following items:  parchment paper, Dragons blood ink, and a Samhain bonfire.  If an outdoor fire is not possible, do not despair.  A black candle and any fireproof container such  as an ashtray or, a iron cast cauldron, can be used to take it’s place.

    Using the Dragon’s blood ink, write on the piece of parchment whatever weakness of weaknesses You wish to be rid of. Crumple up the paper as You concentrate upon  Your intent, and then either toss it into   the bonfire,  or set it  ablaze by holding it above the flame of the black candle and then placing it it into the fireproof container. As the parchment burns to ashes, so, too, will Your weaknesses be destroyed  by flames of magick.  [7]

NOTE: If You  are to work indoors and hence use the “cauldron version” , I suggest collecting at least some of the ashes, if not all, and burying them in the ground, on sprinkling them in graveyard, to further supercharge the spell. They can also be flushed down the toilet , scattered on the wind  ,  released into body of water,  so anything that would ritually mimic either spreading of  human ashes, or burial.

Rowan Tree protection spell

NOTE: From the same source, as previous two. Rowan is always held  to be  an extremely strong protective  botanical, much due to it’s association with Fae. Hence it was believed that branch of it, is a symbol of Faeries protecting the one who wears it or the house that bears it, on their front entrance. But for this it must be gathered politely,  offering some small token to Fae after, You’ve asked for permission to cut, and plead the Fae not to be angry , but to   confer You protection. Alternatively You can collect broken or fallen twig. Neglecting  to do so, more so on Samhain, could potentially make ghosts, and bewitchment the least of Your worries. I assume that Gerina Dunwich  simply assumed this is a well known fact and did not stress in the following spells, for she mentions that in some of her other works, like “Herbal magick, a witch’s guide to herbal enchantments, folklore and divinations”

To keep Yourself safe on Halloween  from  bewitchment, ill wishes, or evil doings of supernatural beings, cut a branch of the Rowan tree that is covered with red berries. With a red thread attach it to Your clothing or hair as You thrice recite the following magickal verse:

Rowan tree and red thread
Gar the witches dance their dead.

The Rowan three has long been regarded as the most magickal of all trees, and it’s protective powers are legendary. “ [8]

A little bit of lagniappe

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 There You go , have a Happy Halloween, and Carpe diem !

NOTES: This article was   written and composed by myself, hence If You wish to use it  elsewhere online feel free , but add credits:  Shadow of Shadows magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com
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[1] acc. To/ see more on : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mask
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First one is taken by myself
Third one is from http://solacetemple.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/candles.jpg  both used here for illustrative purposed, without  an y ill will

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