Mar 7, 2010

How to make Chinese wash and Four thieves vinegar

Chinese wash ( homemade ) recipe

Chinese wash is considered to be the best choice for purifications as it removes curses , hexes and tricks that might have been laid before You , Crossings and alike. It also attracts good fortune and customers according to many Rootworkers. It is a commercial formula, that is made with essential oil of certain Grasses of same Family ( Lemongrass , Citronella , Gingergrass ) and as such original recipe is kept secret . Yet all ingredients are well known , just not the dosage. Here is how You could make a Household version that is equally effective :

Homemade Chinese wash :

A cup of pine scented commercial wash for floors or sanitary A cup of household Ammonia
A teaspoon of Van Van oil
Pine needles approximately dozen
Broom straw approximately dozen Bucket of water ,
best use spring water yet tap water can do fine If the previous lacks
Some salt ( approximately a tablespoon )

Four thieves vinegar

Traditionally Four thieves vinegar is made by adding following plants in any type of vinegar and toping them ( covering with vinegar completely )

- rosemary
- sage
- thyme
- lavender

Here is what Rootworkers use today usually

1.Cheep red wine that stood open for few days
Crushed and peeled few garlic cloves inside

2. In apple cider or red wine vinegar soak :

-garlic (crushed or whole),
-red pepper (crushed),
-black peppercorns (whole), and
-black mustard seed (whole).

Let's see the correspondences here ( in conjure style ) shall we

-garlic - banishment , exorcism , demon repelling all manners of evil , protection

-Red pepper - used to make poeple move away , remove crossed conditions and sent them back , protect from and banish evil , to cause confusion and misfortune to another, used also in discord and divorce , argument spells
-Black pepercorns , whole to get rid of evils or to cast it on someone , also to make someone move away
-Black mustard seeds , to disrupt actions of adversary, to cause an ''inflammatory'' confusion

So now we are on the spot . The use of this formula ( either of the two ) would be protection , banishment , hexing or moving someone away Here is Marie Levaeu spell to prove this

On a piece of parchment write the person's name on it. Place this in a bottle and cover with Four Thieves Vinegar. Seal the bottle and throw it into a moving body of water. Marie Laveau asserts that as the bottle is carried away by the water, so shall this person be removed from your location.
I saw formulas that include lemongrass , tarragon , mint , basil , onion and but those are obviously recent formulations and most certainly not Four thieves vinegar , or Infusion of the Grave robbers as also referred sometimes .

Yet the first formula is the most traditional and believed to originate from French in 15th century when plague had taken so many lives . However that formulas does not correspond magickal use of the Four thieves vinegar , actually not Even by European folk witchery as the uses of herbs are way to diverse in the recipe even in European folk tradition.

The other recipe is hardly to be used at that point in French as French people ( though curiously keen on garlic ) , just adore the four herbs mentioned and were always native in French and Europe . However it is perfect fit to the magickal use of Four thieves vinegar .

Which one shall You use :)
First picture shows pine needles used In Homemade Chinese Wash , while other depicts Black Pepper used in Conjure variation of Four thieves