Feb 10, 2010


I know , You must think , we have plenty of snow/rain/hail now as it is. If You are on northern hemisphere that is. Well that reminded me of weather witchery so I wanted just to quickly share two methods of conjuring the rain.

They are rooted in Traditional European Folk Craft system , though one of the methods incorporates runes.

But before I "come down to business" , why would You even cast/use weather spells ? Is it not selfish and dangerous to change the weather ? Most certainly yes , but also there are situations where these are justified !

Spell to conjure rain

On a small, round, pale flat stone ( palm/worry stone or smaller, river stones work amazingly ) draw LAGUZ rune in red ink. Place the stone on the ground, and slowly pour water ( preferably from chalice ) through a sieve onto the stone while chanting :

Open skies and rain be free
On this Earth may poured be
Water Nymphs strike the clouds
May rain fall freely on the ground !

It is done. After the rain You may toss the stone into the river .

Rain summoning incense

This is traditional mixture that works wonders !!!
Equall amounts of :

Hellebore and

Burning these water plants will invoke the rains and water to extinguish their beloved plants .
Word of warning Hellebore smoke can be regarded as poisonous to humans so this incense should not be burned inside.
The first pic is from Deviant art com . The second was available in public domain. No copywrite harm intended.

There You go , enjoy Your weather witchery ;)