Mar 4, 2011

Hoodoo Studious Success ( Pass test spells )

There are many formulas and products in Hoodoo magick designated
To be beneficial to one’s mind, intellect, mental domination, social skills or even psychic powers. In lack of better term, “mind products” are a rich family in Hoodoo. Some of the famous formulas include “King Solomon’s wisdom”, or “Master key”. However these may be considered formulas with profound effect, on mind in more than just cognitive process
And logics. The two examples mentioned foster spiritual and elevated wisdom.

In this post, however I will speak of a slightly different genre of the family. And this is, what I like to call “Pass test” products. These products differ slightly from general “wisdom family” because they focus on shorter terms effects, and other than mind empowering and boosting ingredients, contain also success curios. Simply put, they are meant to do just what the name says, help one be successful in school, and pass tests thanking to both mind power and luck and success powers.

The best day for this type of operations is obviously Wednesday and the most proficient time of the day are hours or Mercury. Patron saints in Catholic Christian fiath, that are commonly associated with students are Thomas Aquinas, St. Albertus Magnus, Catherine of Alexandria and among Orthodox people, one of the patron saints of studnets and schoolchildren is St. Basileus.

The candles we use in such magickal work, should be of yellow or gold color, orange or seven days candles. Spheral and image skull candles are a brilliant choice as well. Purple offertory candles are another great choice. The words such as “pass test” may be inscribed in continuous ascending spiral on the candle.

Herbs associated with wisdom and mind power ( in terms of Hoodoo herbalism ) include, but are not limited on, Mint, Sage, Solomon’s seal root, Smart weed, Sage, Verbena, Peach tree leafs, Camphor, Bay laurel, then Rosemary etc.

I feel silly for having to point this out, but You do actually have to study. Simple “studious success” spells exist in most of the traditions, even folk magick ( see examples later in the text ) , and without further ado, here are some examples

Pass test/exam oil

• Mint leaves
• Solomon seal root
• Peach tree leaves
• Verbena
• Bay Laurel essential oil
• Sage essential oil
• Some Sandalwood or Bergamot essential oil ( optional )

Simple folk spells for exam passing

These spells orriginate from Balkan pennisula folk magick lore, though the one with the book seems to be widespread in Europe

• There is a custom in Balkan peninsula, that when the school kid or a student goes to take an important exam, mother or other dear person is to pour ( spill ) water behind them, as they walk outside the house, minding not to pour water on to the student, but that the water comes close to their ( student’s ) backs, simply put follow, but do not catch 
• Hold a new fresh egg for a few moments, prior to leaving Your yard, and hit it against some large stone. This Balkan simple, traditional folk spell ensures that no ill or misfortune may interfere with You on the day You have important task. Balkan folk commonly say : “Break an egg to outsmart the Wicked”
• Place a book ( textbook, one from which You have been learning ) bellow Your pillow , while asleep. If the material ( book, textbook ) was read ( material/lessons ) learned , then placed bellow the pillow it will assure that all the information bits come together and will strengthen memory, focus and eloquence, preventing confuse or memory flaws. .

Spell to pass test

- Seven day or large yellow, offertory candle
- Pass test oil
- Mint and Verbena mixed powder
- Incense like, King Solomon’s wisdom, or alike incense
- Petitioner’s paper , with phrase such as “pass exam” written 7 times and crossed 7 times with Your name

Carve “pass test” in continuous ascending spiral, on Your candle, If You are using Offertory candle. If You are using Seven days candle You don’t need to carve anything. Either way, dress a candle with “Pass test/exam oil”, and dust the candle with Mint and Verbena mixed powder.

Inscribe the petitioners paper as suggested and, fold it three times towards Yourself. Then place it underneath the overturned saucer, and on the saucer place the candle.

Light the candle, and light the incense. Fumigate Yourself with the incense briefly, than place it near the candle.
Than Read Psalm 23rd and follow by Your personal petitions to pass the test.


Following Orthodox Christian prayers will bring You success, in specific task ( in this case, exam taking and studies ) . Now it is customary in Orthodox Christian practice to “give thanks” with a prayer, upon receiving spiritual help from Divine forces. Therfore many prayers, have two version, one to be prayed, when asking for help, and other giving thanks or expressing gratitude afterwards. The given prayer for successful task is no exception.

Prayers Before Any Task \

Lord Jesus Christ, my God, You have said, "Apart from me You can do nothing." In faith I embrace Your words, Lord, and I entreat Your goodness. Help me to carry out the work I am about to begin, and to bring it to completion. To You I give glory, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Almighty God, our Help and Refuge, who knows that we can do nothing right without Your guidance and help; direct me by Your wisdom and power, that I may accomplish this task and, whatever I do according to Your divine will, so that it may be beneficial to me and others and to the glory of Your holy Name. Amen.

My Lord and Savior, You became man and labored with Your hands until the time of Your ministry. Bless me as I begin this work. Help me to bring it to completion. Lord, enlighten my mind and strengthen my body, that I may accomplish my task according to Your will. Guide me to bring about works of goodness to Your service and glory. Amen.

Prayer After Any Task
Thank You, Lord, for Your strength and guidance in my work. You are the fulfillment of all good things. Fill also my soul with joy and gladness, that I may praise You always. Amen.

The following prayers should be read or spoken before and after the actual study process, and like previous, have second, “thanksgiving” part

Prayer of a Student

Christ my Lord, the Giver of light and wisdom, who opened the eyes of the blind man and transformed the fishermen into wise heralds and teachers of the gospel through the coming of the Holy Spirit, shine also in my mind the light of the grace of the Holy Spirit. Grant me discernment, understanding and wisdom in learning. Enable me to complete my assignments and to abound in every good work, for to You I give honor and glory. Amen.

Prayers Before Study

Most blessed Lord, send the grace of Your Holy Spirit on me to strengthen me that I may learn well the subject I am about to study and by it become a better person for Your glory, the comfort of my family and the benefit of Your Church and our Nation. Amen

Christ, the true light, who enlightens and sanctifies every person coming into the world, let the light of Your countenance shine upon me (us) that I (we) may see Your unapproachable light; and guide my (our) steps in the way of Your commandments, through the intercessions of Your all-holy Mother and of all the Saints. Amen.

Prayer After Study

I thank You, Lord our God, that again on this occasion You have opened my eyes to the light of Your wisdom. You have gladdened my heart with the knowledge of truth. I entreat You, Lord, help me always to do Your will. Bless my soul and body, my words and deeds. Enable me to grow in grace, virtue and good habits, that Your name may be glorified, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.

NOTES: The recipe for oil, and spell to past test were written by myself. The folk spells, are as said in text, part of traditional Balkan witchraft, the picture is edited by myself ( Originally trading card of Yu gi oh game, "Brain contol" property Konami ), prayers are from posted here for educational purposes

Many Blessings !


Lexi F said...

What do I do with the petition paper after the spell? Throw it in the garbage?

Shadow said...

Hello, and thank You for reading the post :)

You should dispose of it, and the wax remaining from the candle, by burying them either in your own yard, or somewhere on the school or college/university's grounds. This is the traditional way to dispose of it.

Some people keep would simply keep the paper, somewhere on their altar, or some other place where it will not be disturbed, until the spell has worked ( in this case, until they've passed the test ), when they will burn it, or bury in the ground. If You chose to keep it around, until You get the effect, You could place it under a piece of Fluorite for example, as it is believed to be a "wisdom" stone, and also "Student's stone"

Happy holidays, and best of luck to You


Lexi F said...

I have since purchased the Fluorite crystal. I can't wait to try it out once school starts again. Thanks for your help ! Awesome blog btw :]

Shadow said...

Well good luck to You, and may You be successful. And thanks for the kind words :)


Lexi F said...

Hi, it's me again. This spell has been so helpful to me for this school year. I've been thinking about making a mojo bag. Do you think that I should include the Fluorite crystal into the mojo bag?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I really like you site and thanks for the information you placed. For pass test/ exam oil, I need the peach tree leaves, I could not find one anywhere. Is there a substitute? or do you know where I can can one? Thanks

Shadow said...

@Lexi F ... sure, it's a brilliant stone to add to a mojo bag ! I've done it myself quite a few times. Even though crystals are not that popular as roots and charms to go inside the mojo bags, they are traditional ingredients of such.

@Anonymous Well the peach tree leaves are really one of the most essential ingredients here. In case there are no peach trees in Your proximity You could purchase some, perhaps? I know the Lucky Mojo Co online shop carries peach tree leaves, for example.

Janet said...

I came across your blog and it's quite interesting. I have been busting my butt for couple of years now with my studies and I finally passed my dream career which is nursing (took long because I was a single mom). The only problem is that I cannot pass the State Board. Anxiety kicks in as well which does not help. I have tried many prayers. I want to close this chapter and pass this exam, so I may begin my career. Do I follow what you wrote in this blog? Do you suggest anything else?

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Anonymous said...

I'm preparing for a big exam so I can start working. What can I do to pass this exam, I need help, I hear about a mojo bag and a fluorite crystal, but charms are better. Would like to know which one and how to prepare and where to get it

Thank you,