Mar 20, 2011

Spring Solar magick ( Energy flow, reenergizing and renewal )

Warm air, moody weather, with interlace of sun and timely , soothing rains, dominant green in nature, scent of blossoms and spring flowers are some of the things we readily associate with, so long awaited spring. The dark part of the year is definitely gone, so is the introspection and anabiosis that normally come with it on spiritual plane. This long period of darkness, and self-battling has more than likely caused mental and physical fatigue in many people, be them spiritually aware or not. Some of the causes are mundane, some spiritual, some both, yet the result is same, weakness when we need the strength. Fear not, this is entirely normal for this time of year, even physiologically. The crafty and cunning folk, as well as those of “ higher “ magickal perspectives, had know that for ages now, they’ve worked up some rather nifty methods of dealing with energy lack.

Wether it’s wearing stones, taking potion or doing some energy channeling/meditation, it’s important to renew oneself after the long winter, so we are ready for the rest of the year and so that we do not miss a thing important, due to meekness of body and our mind.
Christians have a brilliant saying : “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak!” . Sometimes, going outside, enjoying still kind, solar energy and merely smelling the spring can do wonders, itself. But there are folks that are simply not as perceptive, sensitive or are simply too worn out, depressed or otherwise held back as a result of aforementioned self struggle and winter darkness. Such people, or people that happen to be in scuh situation could use some magickal knowledge, and recipes of the wise

Solar magick and correspondences are most proficient for this kind of work as well as power of the Crescent Moon. Mind that the magick I had here in mind is similar, but not the same to Power magick, Spiritual/Occult power magick and even Road opening, yet with significant differences.Therefore in this post we will discuss way of magickal reenergizing, renewal or simply put methods of making the chi flow strong and undisturbed again 
So here are some examples

Heaven and Earth meditation

Drawing energies from both Heaven ( symbolic of spiritual, ascendance, uplifting ) and Earth ( symbolic of grounding, strengthening ) , will not only work as charging from double source, but will bring the so needed balance as well. Perfect timing for such meditation can be midday, eclipse or midnight.
Sit on the ground in comfortable position ( it’s preferable to do this outside, should that be impossible at the moment, next best choice is in a nice room near an open window ).
Raise Your hands above Your head with palms opened, and envision gold rays if light coming down, and being absorbed through Your palms, circulating downwards Your body. Then, envision roots growing from Your feet, deep into Earth, and absorbing the Earth energy in from of green pulsating, powerful light, ascending up the roots and into Your body. See the Energies of Earth and Celestial energies softly intertwine becoming strong white light pulsating through all Your body. Keep that image for few minutes in Your head and You should feel energized and empowered.
This visualization can also come handy as a part of shielding.

Energy potion ( ingestible )

• Warm infusion of small peeled, cubed Ginger rhizome ( ½-1 teaspoon to 2 dl ) in spring water with a pinch of cinnamon
• Juice of one Orange
• Some fresh Mint finely chopped or few drops of Mint juice
• Honey that stood exposed to Sun some for at least and hour after Midday ( noontime ) , as much as You see fitting
• OPTIONAL: Powdered mace in a smallest finest, pinch

Combine all together, stir thoughtfully, bless and strain if needed be, and drink in three portions during the day, or all at once, should You be in serious energy deficiency state.
Another version for those that dislike ginger can be made with simple Echinacea infusion with Cinnamon and Honey, like above.

Spells of renewal and empowerment

Very simple, and very effective. Take Sowilo runic body posture, holding between Your palms, a cleansed, and charged Sun stone or Carnelian or Citrine. Place some Honey on Your tongue ( small amount , best to use Solar charged or Lunar charged honey as described in potion recipe above ) and say some words of power

Light of Heaven , Divine fire

Give me strength

Give me power

This is my desire


Hoodoo strength/power drawing spell ,

On a piece of petitioner paper write Your name and cross it seven times with the word power. Fold three times towards Yourself. Place the paper in a small jar, cover it with brown sugar, add some Echinacea root or Master of the Woods powdered if You have, and then place also a fed lodestone in the bottle. Place a with candle on the lid, and light it praying for strength and empowerment.

Strenght and endurance powder

Combine Echinacea root powder with Master of the Woods and High John root powder and lay small amount in Your shoes. Such powder shall prevent tiredness.

NOTE: This article and recipes are written by myself, so If You wish to use any of it elswhere, credeits must be given, Shadow of Shadows magick place or . First image is Albert Durer's illustration "The Sun, The Moon and the Basilisk", which is a fragment of an old manuscript kept in British musem, and is used here for illustrative purposes only ( image source ). The second image shows Sowilo runic body posture and is from I believe ( I recieved this image as a part of personal e-mail correspondence ) and is used here for explanatory purposes only.
The powder recipe, was inspired by entries from "Hoodoo herb and root magick" by Catherine Yronwode

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