Nov 18, 2011

Thirthenth Conjuration , Hoodoo and power of No. 13

I am certain that most of You are familiar, with what I must call urban, popularized superstition ( in worst sense of the word ) regarding number 13. Popularized by Hollywood, and consequently repeated, reposted online over and over, spread in other methods , number 13 has become epitome of bad luck. Truth be told 13 as any number has it’s proprietary good and evil/bad aspect and qualities. Yes, number 13 had been occurring mystically throughout the history, tied to some catastrophes, battle encounters, and all sort of noxious events , but number 13 was also related to many good events and symbols.

There were 12 apostles, plus Lord Jesus Christ as their Teacher and Guide. Allegedly the round table had 12 knights and King Arthur presiding ( once again sums to thirteen ) over them. There are 13 steps in pyramid entrance, 13 Lunar cycles in one Solar year, there are 13 major joints in human body etc.

The very number does seem to possess extremely strong energy, which like  fire,  if unattended and neglected can harm and destroy, and whe n  employed knowledgably and respectively can act as counter-measure to such “unlucky” qualities, much like homeopathic principle. And similar conception is spawned and nourished by Hoodoo magick, where number 13 is employed to either cross, owerpower or turn bad luck to good one, or uncross. Seems like the Indigenous Hoodoo people, originally slaves of African American ( and prior to them according to some anthropological sources, also Native American slaves ) being resistant and determined to keep their heritage alive, despite the persecution and maltreatment, have used their will power to overcome and conquer those or that oppressing them. Simillar could had been with the unlucky power of number 13. Cunning Voodoo-Hoodoo folk were not having that, instead they might have employed the cruel and aggressive power of the number against itself and many other evils. Hence, the 13 herb Uncrossing bath and 13 Lucky oil formulas emerged, victoriously showing prevalence of knowledge and faith, over something innately and superficially seen as bad.

Thirteen herb uncrossing bath

This bath could be seen as one of the trademarks of Hoodoo  spiritual bathing magick , alongside popular formulas such as 7 herb and 9 herb bath. It’s usually  composed only of dry herbal material , and contains always exactly 13 ingredients. Which means 13 botanicals reputed to uncross , put end to crossed conditions, cleanse, exorcise or otherwise remove evil influence are combined into herbal blend and used to make bath, poured over afflicted or added to tab water and immersed body.
Sometimes it’s poured over the head 13 times, or the body is immersed 13 times , while speaking soothing words of power ( such as Psalms , Prayers ) , and in case of strong, long lasting conditions this practice is repeated for 13 days of descent/ wanning Moon. This  of course does not imply that 13 herb bath must always be taken for 13 consecutive days.
So any 13 apotropaic herbs go, and here is an example of formula

• Hyssop
• Wood betony
• Blessed Thistle
• Angelica root
• Rosemary
• Bay Laurel
• Rue
• Blessed Thistle
• Sage
• White Clover
• Blackberry leaves
• Basil
• Lemon slices

You could of course use whatever Herbs You have on hand, as long as they remove negative influences. Meaning You can also use: Wahoo bark, Coffee husks, Boldo leaves, Frankincense tears, Mimosa flowers , Cayenne pepper, Black pepper , Hydragenea bark, Mugwort, St John’s wart , Nettles , Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Pine etc.

Lucky thirteen ( 13 ) oil

Thi s is a condition oil containing 13 ;lucky ingredients, which are not necessarily only herbal ingredients/agents, soaked or emulated ( in case of essential oils ) into base oil. Now, most of commercially sold vials of this oil may appear skimmed of ingredients, showing few pieces of solid material ( or not at all ) in vials. This is due to fact many suppliers will simply combine 13 lucky oils, though that could also mean you can get tricked to believe so, and could be purchasing but a bottle of scented olive or almond oil. This “brand” is extremely popular among hazard game players, lottery players and other so called “crap games” but it can be used whenever luck is needed. Furthermore, it serves to bring luck and success, and to turn misfortune into fortune, unlucky conditions into the lucky ones. Like with 13 herb bath, any thirteen lucky ingredients will do, but here is an example

• Dragon’s blood resin chunk, small one
• Vanilla essential oil or bean husk
• Nutmeg
• Cinnamon
• Patchouli leaves or essential oil
• Five fingers grass leaf
• High John TC root
• Black cat hair
• Four leaf clover ( can substitute with Fool’s gold or Lodestone )
• Irish moss
• Citronella essential oil
• Vertiver essential oil
• Bergamot essential oil

Now that is a powerful formula, based on traditional New Orleans luck formulas, lucky curios and doctrine of signatures of lucky botanicals. Again, other lucky items could be used to substitute some of the above.

Both formulas are mine own proprietary, and I shared them for Your personal use and convenience, so please do not repost online, or in any other media, without previous approval from my minority. Otherwise, enjoy and let the “roots works for You, while You work them” as I have a habbit of saying ;) Many blessings !

Blessings, Shadow

NOTES: This article was written and composed by myself. Should You desire to use it elswhere, feel free but give credits Shadow of Shadows magick place, or or direct link to this post.
IMAGE : Pic was from Microsoft Office clip art collection and is edited by me. Used only to illustrate , without an y ill will

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