Feb 27, 2014

The power of Mercury

The Fourth pentacle of  Mercury , from "The Great
key of King Solomon" reputed to :
"acquire the understanding and Knowledge
of all things created, and to seek
out and penetrate into hidden things;
 and to command those Spirits which
 are called Allatori to perform embassies." 

As I am writing this article Mercury is in retrograde.  I don’t mark the times when Mercury is in
 retrograde on my calendar, and this is a mistake. Because I am pretty certain it has nothing to do with autosuggestion, even though the actual “backwards walk” of the planet is illusory.  My mind gets all over the place, and feels like after some accident that leaves one   dazzled and hazy, and they can’t seem to pull themselves together and use properl y  their own mental faculties.  And don’t let me even get started on the “mishaps” of my technical goodies.  It was only a day ago that I started having Mercury continuously on my mind, so I decided it must be because I need to dedicate it a post on my blog. Looking up, I’ve found that for my troubles in communications, I can blame Mercury.  This is an example of how You really do not need to know about  Mercury being in retrograde to feel it’s obnoxious effects on Your life.
But this article is about working with planetary energies of Mercury in magick, rather than it’s “noxious” backwards walk.

The smallest of the eight planets that revolve around Sun ( nine if we count Moon, which is a satellite, not  actually a planet ) and the closest to it  at the same time is the Mercury.   It also revolves rather rapidly around it, hence perhaps the associations of the planet with spirit-messengers of pagan deities, like  the Roman Mercury or his Greek “version” Hermes.   A correspondent Egyptian deity, would be Thoth, Egyptian god of knowledge, writing and magick.

Mercurial operations and works

Mercury’s day is Wednesday, hence it’s most preferable time for any spiritual operations ( spells , rituals etc. ) that have to do with wisdom, communication, words, science, invention, logic, divination and magick. Mercury rules over various aspects, ideas, objects in/of reality, among other: Cleverness, Speech and Orator skills, dexterity,  Speed, Agility, Musical art, Perception, Intellectual energy, memory, speech, mental  health,  Education, Mastering school subjects, or other subjects of intense study, Travel, Transportation, Education, Judgment,  Math,  Astronomy, Divination, Revealing and concealing ( of spirits in particular ) , traveling,  transportation, competition, games  and alike. [1]

It’s always also advisable to perform “Mercurial” operations during hours of Mercury, which are calculated the standard way, as any other planetary hours. Consecration of various tools and items in Higher magick ( like Wand for example, books, some talismans too and so on   ) must  take place on Mercury’s day.  Here is what the Key ( Greater Key of King Solomon, Clavicula Solomonis ) says about what kind of magickal rituals and spells should be done in “Day and hours of Mercury”

“For  eloquence and intelligence; promptitude in business; science and divination; wonders; the visible appearance of spirits ( or mystical illusions* ) and answers regarding the future. Also for thefts; writings; deceit; and merchandise.  Good for undertaking experiments relating to games, raillery, jests, sports, and the like” [2]

Correspondences for the planet Mercury

Like  other planets, Mercury has it’s intelligence forces, sprits, Angel that rules over it,  correspondent numbers, plants, minerals and so on.  Here are some correspondences, which can be used in composing, and performing Mercurial spells and rituals:

·         Number(s): 8, 64, 260, 2080

·         Element : Air

·         Archangel: Raphael

·         Plants: Almond, Anise, Bergamot, Cedar and  Chamomile**, Clover , Dill, Eclampane, Horehound, Lemon Verbena,  Lemongrass***, Lavender, Lilly of the Valley, Five Finger’s grass, Lavender, Mace/Nutmeg,  Slippery Elm****, Mint, Parsley,

·         Crystals:  Angel wing Agate, Blood Agate, Fire Agate ( and most of other Agate variations, except Botswana  and Rose-Eye which is “co-ruled” by Venus ), Aventurine, Jasper ( Mottled ), Mica, Pumice, Sardonyx ( “co-ruled” by Mars ), Sphene  [3] Some sources also add Citrine

·         Kabalistic Three of Life sphere: Hod

·         Metal: Mercury ( toxic ) , safe replacement used in modern magick is Aluminium, sometimes also Zinc is mentioned

·         Olympic spirit ( ruler ) : Ophiel

·         “Intelligence” : Tiriel

·         Color(s): Purple and yellow, sometimes also orange

Importance in Alchemy

In Alchemy, Mercury or “Quicksilver” ( metal rather than planet itself ) was important and integral
"Mercury and Sulphur unite to form
Philosopher's stone"
part of every stage of creation of the “Philosopher’s stone” ( Ars Magna ) . It was also considered to be solvent, and  thus also an agent of purification, that could’ve been extracted  from any metal, enabling, or helping the transmutation of given metal into  silver or gold. Liquid, but fixed on the room temperature it represented duality of masculine and feminine, united, and was therefore, in alchemy often symbolized with a Hermaphrodite. It’s also seen as a symbol for “prima materia” along with Sulphur and Salt, making together “tria prima” building blocks of the world . [4]

Spells, rituals and charms

Spell to expose a liar

This is, sort of a very coercive truth spell. A bit nasty,  but sometimes things like that, simply must be done.

You will need an image candle of the right gender, Mercury kamea, a Hebrew  talismanic inscription ( from right to left, of course: Mem, Mem, Vav, Mem, Lamed, Nun ), some “Truth oil” or “Command and Compel” oil, a small razor or needle ( this is optional ) and a bit of powdered Deer’s tongue. 

On the day, and in the hour of Mercury, place the candle atop the kamea ( planetary square of Mercury ), and carve into  the candle Hebrew talismanic inscription as given bellow, If possible, multiple times. Now dress the candle with the oil, which You can do swirling it or twisting it between both of Your palms, and then roll it in ( or sprinkle with )  some Deer’s tongue powder. Finally light the candle and read the Psalm 36th, and You may also want to  read the Psalms 41st and 43rd If Your own personal reputation has been destroyed due to lies or schemes of person in question. 

Then, You stick the razor piece ( You can also use aluminium tiles pieces,  or sharp piece of tin ) or a needle where the image-candle’s mouths should be as You say:

“May Your true nature be revealed, may Your lies be exposed, may You be ashamed, and Your true nature revealed. And may You be unable to resist this charm, until You’ve spill all the venom and lies out, and until all or Your masks have fallen. In the Name of El Emet, in the Name of El Tsaddik, in The Name of El De’ot, in the Name of Him who knows, and sees everything, may You have no peace, neither when awake nor while asleep, until You reveal all  Your lies and deceptions in regards of N.N/Me. So mote it be. Amen !”

( this  last step , including symbolically “cutting open” the mouths of the person through  the sympathetic act of cutting the candle’s mouth region ,is optional, and If You chose to skip it, You do not need  to speak  suggested words of power either )

Let the candle burn all the way down, and If You can place the remaining either in the  yard where the person lives and will walk over it ( You can bury the remaining of the wax, paper etc. ) , or in a room where they will be, it will greatly haste  and strengthen the effect of the ritual.

Spell against Mercury the Retrograde

When the noxious Mercury retrograde is pestering us, what we can do, Is focus and draw it’s positive aspects and energies, to harmonize, balance, heal and protect from, his chaotic influence, and consequences of it.

A dear friend once suggested this to me, seeing how great tool would Mercury take on my mental wellbeing during it’s “backward-walks” few stones I could use and from this I’ve developed this spell for Your convenience

And it’s rather simple, really.

1)      Place a purple candle on our altar, dress it with Mercury oil ( You can also use King Solomon, "Conquering mind oil",  or any type of wisdom oil )

2)      Surround it with following crystals ( one of each is all that it takes ) ; Hematite,  Carnelian, Moonstone, Amethyst, and Green aventurine

3)      Light the candle and say:  “Mentis meum arx est, vice versa Mercurius, nec fraudes, nec noxas dabit. Lux and Lapides, mihi salvabunt.” ( translation: My mind is a fortress, backwards Mercury, shall cause no deceit, nor damage. The light and stones shall save me )

4)      When the candle has burned all the way down, and extinguished itself, take the stones, place them in a mojo bag, and carry with You as long as Mercury stays in retrograde.

Charm to do well with particular school subject

On a day and in hour Make a square sachet , which will have Mercury camea at it’s front side. On the back side inscribe the following Bible  verse:

Ezekiel 3:3 ( NIV ) : "Then he said to me, “Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you and fill your stomach with it.” So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth."  [5]

And the following Hebrew inscription ( again, Hebrew always from right to left ): Zayin, Bet, Lamed, Ayin, Alef , Yod [6]

Fill up the sachet with  any   of these, or some or all combined, finely crushed or powdered dry herbs: Peach tree leaf, Verbena, Mint, Sage.   Add a piece of Your hair, or nail clipping, or any kind of personal concern.

Dress the four corners and the center with “Wisdom oil”, “Solomon’s seal root oil”, “King Solomon’s wisdom oil”, “Pass test/exam oil  or “Mercury oil”

Read Psalms 23rd and 111th over it. Carry and hold when  learning the subject or taking exams.
NOTES:  This article was  written and composed by  myself,  so If You wish to use any part of it elsewhere online, feel free, but add credits Shadow of Shadow's magick place,   Shadow-333@hotmail.com  or a direct link to this post
*Original word used in “The Greater Key of Solomon” was “apparitions”, in quotation above ( for source see under [2] ) Aaron Leitch, used  the given
**Cedar and Chamomile are often seen as being ruled by two planets, Sun and Mercury
*** Most people list Lemongrass under  “Mercury plants” ( for example Gerina Dunwich ), however, a great deal of serious practitioners lists it as being under the influence of both Moon and Mercury
****Most often, Slippery elm is said to be ruled by both Mercury and Saturn
[1] According to H.C. Agrippa’s  “Three Books of Occult philosophy”, Book first, Chapter 29, here paraphrased and expanded a bit
[2] Quoted from: “Secrets of the magickal grimoires: the classical texts of magick deciphered” , By Aaron Leitch, Llewellyn publications, 2011th,   page 165th, the given quotation is author’s own “re-formation” of the text given it the “Clavicula Solomonis”
[3] According to “Dunwich’s guide to gemstone sorcery” by Gerina Dunwich, The Career Press, 2003rd , “Cunninghams’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic” also enlists:  Agate, Aventurine, Jasper Molted, Mica and Pumice under Mercury as their planetary ruler
[4] According to Rosemary Ellen Guiley, as stated in her book: “The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy” , page 193rd
[6] The given Hebrew talismanic inscription  provides an “aid in study” and is made transliterating the first letters in each word of the Psalm 119 verse 49, and is suggested as such in :  MakingTalismans: Living Entities of Power   By Nick Farell,   Llewellyn publications, 2001st  , 58th  page. The Hebrew talismanic inscription used in the Ritual to expose a liar, in this post, also came from the given book

IMAGE CREDITS: First image is retrieved from "Clavicula Solomonis" edited digitally for posting here by myself.
Second image is from http://karenswhimsy.com/alchemy-symbols.shtm  it's used here for illustrative and explanatory purposes without ill will. The image is in public domain.
The Hebrew inscription illustration was made by myself

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