Feb 27, 2014

Mimosa use in herbal magick

Mimosa is any of the plants of genus Mimosa ( around 400 species ) , varying in ecological form from herbaceous, over shrubs  to trees, the last form though being most frequent one.
Acacia delbata, blossoming branch

It had often ( likely due to it’s leaves and leaflets from ) been confused with other genus such as Acacia, and Albizia.  

Mimosas have  leaves divided in pinnate or bipinnate leaflets, much like in the case of fern. The flowers range in color, though  they are most often , pink or pale violet or combined. Flowers are arranged into globular clusters, which are often mistaken for the whole , single flower, much like people do when it comes to common Daisy, or Dandelions, from Asteraceae family, or with Clovers from Fabaceae family etc. Mimosas have 10 or less  stamens, which is important, because it can be used  as taxonomic marker to differentiate  them from similar Acacias and Albizia plants.  Some Mimosas are widely known as plants which are capable of making fast, nastic movements, such as the popular example of Mimosa pudica, which reacts to mechanical or heat stimulus , by folding it’s leafs, as If retreating or shaming. Hence why in Hoodoo, Mimosa pudica is often referred to as “Shame brier” and is used in ritual to make someone feel the shame.  Mimosa nuttalii , is sometimes referred to as “Shame boy”, and is a herbaceous or vine plant, with small purple flowers, with 5 very small petals, and 8-10 stamens, with a prickly pod fruit. It’s been used interchangeably in Hoodoo with Mimosa pudica, due to same  ability of  rapid nastic movements.

Mimosas are part of Fabaceae family now, and are often placed in Mimosideae subfamily. Most contain  some amount of hepatonic acid , which is not toxic, more so in minute amounts that Mimosa plants contain ( it’s a chemical that can be obtained from it’s precursor, ricinoleic acid, from castor bean oil, and is used in esterification of various substances used as  fragrances or additives ), but some like Mimosa tenuiflora, contain psychedelic dimethyltriptamine ( the “notorious” DMT, also known as “spirit molecule” ) and is hence used in some shamanic brews, like Ayahuasca. [1]

Use in magick

In magick Mimosa is a plant correspondent to the planet Saturn and Element of water. It’s considered a “feminine” plant [2]

People use both the actual Mimosas, which are more often herbaceous plants than trees, and what they refer to as “Yellow Mimosa” sometimes, which is actually Acacia delbata. In cases where the ability of rapid movements in magick is not required, these species seem to be used interchangeably.

It’s used in purification spells and rituals, mostly when sprinkled around the area, powdered or chopped even. The infusion can be used in similar manner, like a floorwash, but is most often used in form of bath, to annul hexes and curses, while also  providing protection from them.

It is said to confer prophetic dreams when placed bellow pillow, also protecting from nightmares and helping pleasant dreams come true, If one desires it.

Mimosa is added to all sort of love mixtures, as a touch of subtitle dominance, particularly by women. It’s has some influence and domination properties, and is thus  sometimes used in influence and control  and commanding formulas. [3] In fact  due to it’s Saturn-ian nature and power to confront, fight and deny power to evil, it can be used in formulas to protect from demons, help controlling them and decrease the powers they may use against one.

Connecting with the Mimosa tree energies, according to Cass Eason’s can help in: “Removes a sense of isolation, especially for older people; calms anxiety; relieves depression, gastric problems, cuts, and wounds, also nightmares” [4] Find out more, what are the ways of connecting and healing with tree energies more in her article “Healing trees. Cass Eason gives binomial name “Acacia delbata”, hence she’s referring  to the tree, with fragrant yellow flowers.  Givenchy, has a perfume “Amarige – Mimosa harvest 2009” which uses the flowers as one of the dominant scents.

In Hoodoo Mimosa, or rather the  Shame brier species ( interchangeably few other Mimosas with
Mimosa nutalii, so called "Shame boy"
the ability of rapid nastic movement, such as   Mimosa nutalii and few others  )  is used to "(a)shame someone"  and  prevent them from harming You in future , get hired and have  success at job interviews, or get a lawsuit against You  dropped or to win it. Regardless of the aim, Mimosa has to be collected ritually, and “activated” by passing hand over it’s leaves ( often specific amount of times ) so that it will roll back it’s leaflets, and saying: “Be ashamed” .  Then it’s ready to be used ritually.

Acacia delbata flowers, are used in Hoodoo formulas such as “Master key” and “African Ju Ju”.  It’s commonly the fragrant yellow flowers  that are being used

Festival of Mimosa

In a country from which I am coming from , there is a festival dedicated to Mimosa ( Acacia delbata ), lasting a whole month, or rather the  whole February. The “Mimosa Festival” has been appropriated every year,  ever since 1969th , and is a  type of carnival-like celebrations, including old traditional songs and music,  traditional Mediterranean cuisine, costume balls, parades , musical and other kind of artistic performances and so on. All of which, heavily referencing the Mimosa flowers theme,  and most often Mimosa flowers are actually, physically present during these activities, as a part of décor, of to be given away to visitors and participants. About the symbolism, and origins of this festivity, which is quite reminiscent of those, now mostly extinguished, local cults of plant worship, once very common throughout the Europe, locals can’t say much. In fact, Mimosa seems to spawn all sorts of subjective, personal  associations, which may differ from person to person. But one thing people here commonly agree  on, when it comes to symbolism of Mimosa, is  that it  symbolizes strength and power, to endure and succeed in something  , even when the terms of environment are unfriendly , opposing or harsh. In such manner that Mimosa blooms when most of the Europe is still covered in snow. In fact,    the seaside towns  that celebrate this festival, have pretty much pleasant microclimate during February, but just a few ( 2-4h ) hours of driving to the northern parts of the country, and You’ll meet the typical winter sceneries, with white, snow covered areas, smoking chimneys, people dressed up like they live on Alaska J,  ski-centers, winter spa centers, pine forests etc.  While all that is nice, in its own way, it’s at the same time monochromatic and quite absent of  vegetation, if we exclude  the aforementioned, enduring, frost and snow tolerant pines. Yet on the south, there is an explosion of yellow, fragrant flowers everywhere You go. Another thing people will often associate with Mimosa flowers here is happiness. I’ll tell You, ever since I was a little kid, I would wait the end of January with extreme anticipation, because then, I’d get the chance to enjoy these  amazing flowers, which were always there in February, much like the Festival. Regardless of who was the president, was the country doing well economically and politically, was the country threatened in some way, the Mimosa festival , and Mimosa flowers called the  people to unite, find the hope and celebrate the end of Winter.  You can read a bit about it  on here

 Spells and ritual suggestions

Triple Saturn charm and incense

In a small, purple or indigo charm bag, combine:

·         Solomon seal root
      ·         Mimosa flowers and
      ·         Mullein leaves

Use to protect from evil magick, and negate it’s power, as well as to ensure that You will not be fascinated or influenced by demons. It’s very good to fight and resist demonic oppression, and chase away the demons. It will also help You influence and dominate people.

Incense is used likewise, it can be also used to control demons and force them to do Your biddings, or command them to behave accordingly with Your desires. It makes a good “Higher magick” incense.

Shielded prophetic dreams mojo

In  a  blue or indigo mojo  bag, place some Mimosa flowers, Calendula flowers, and one seed of Star Anise.  Dress with “Power oil” if You wish ( optional ) and place under pillow, for prophetic dreams, and protection during sleep.  If You wish to make a mojo bag which You can use repeatedly, whenever needing prophetic dreams, and to carry on Your person for this purpose, hence a more of an actual, traditional mojo bag, You may add Bay Laurel leaf, and the Fifth pentacle of Jupiter drawn on parchment paper, from the Greater key of Solomon.  Likewise,  dress ( and thus “feed” ) occasionally with “Power oil”, or “Psychic vision oil”.  When I made this one for myself I used to dress it with “Spirit guide oil” for it can be used to protect and guide, while also having most of ingredients that go to the “Psychic vision oil” as well. 

Simple  bath to undo and stop the evil ( “black” ) magick

As Scott Cunningham suggested in his “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of magical herbs”, plain, one ingredient infusion of Mimosa flowers, used as a bath, which can be poured over , or even sponged onto the body will serve to remove hexes and curses and protect from  them in future.

Simply add a handful of flowers ( or a bundle of branches with flowers ) to the  ½ liter ( about 16.5 fl oz ) of  boiling water, let it cook for 3 minutes while  stirring gently,  remove, cover and let it sit for about ½ - 1 h, pray Psalms 10th and 89th over the infusion, strain and use.

Scent of respect , for women

Make a strong infusion of the Mimosa flowers with the spring water, or distilled water, and strain well, using philter paper.  Strain twice.

In a half of the teaspoon of Castor oil, add 15 drops of Vanilla absolute essential oil, and 10 drops of Rosemary essential oil. Add this to 20ml of apothecary alcohol or vodka and shake well. Add about 7 – 10 ml of the infusion of Mimosa, You’ve previously made, shake well once again, and place in a glass, clean  bottle to which You have added a small piece of Angelica root. Place this in refrigerator for couple of months If possible prior to use, so the aroma would become very fixed and stable. Use as perfume, when You need others to respect You, when You wish to influence  them, and make them agree with You.

NOTES: This article was composed and written by myself, so If You wish to use any parts of it elsewhere online, feel free, but add credits  Shadow of Shadow's magick place, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a direct link to this post
[2] Cunningham Scott, “ Cunningham’s Encylopedia of magical herbs”  2009th,  page 173rd , Llewellyn publications
[3] According to: http://www.pookapages.com/Gruenwold/Magical%20Herbs.htm  , makes perfect sense, considering the planetary ruler of the plan
Images used in this post are from ( in order of appearance ):  http://www.fragrantica.com/news/Acacia-Yellow-Mimosa--2044.html ,   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SensitivePlantFlowers.jpg  and http://kontaktradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/mimoza-hn.jpg used here for  illustrative and explanatory purposes without any ill will

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