Dec 6, 2010

Aunt Sally and Lucky Dreams

Root doctors are famed , fo r their gambling spells and lucky dream spells ( among other things of course ). Such "lucky" dreams, in Hoodoo, are alleged to guide one to
money , love , treasure or even lucky lottery numbers. There are variety of herbs and products used to help in  having  such dreams . Aunt Sally's dream powder, for example,  a typical New Orleans brand,  is  used to induce precognitive , prophetic and lucky dream numbers. So with this powder ( or alike formulas ) , one may even dream of the lottery numbers combination , or betting combinations , but these still more frequently appear symbolic than like literal numbers, letters etc . That is where "Dream/Number Books" kick in. They contain interpretations of dream symbols that are then "translated" to their numeric equivalents, and easy to follow.

One of the most popular books of the kind is"Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book" which consists of alphabetical charts , listing objects and situations one may encounter in their "lucky dreams", and how are they converted to numbers. Or simply , which lucky numbers correspond to which event or object that appeared in dream. Certain symbols, such as bullfrogs appearing
to the dreamer, are certain sign of gambling and lottery-related luck.

For example, should someone dream of glass of vine or opened grave, they should interpret the omen as number 7. Should You dream  how You washed Your clothes, make sure You add number 50 in Your bets and lottery numbers. Dreaming of Judge may also point out to number 50 or number 28 or 70, while the ladders "translate" to 31. These are just some examples. Many books that offer these types of "dream interpretation" may be found at occult suppliers, but Aunt Sally's is somehow, most familiar to "broad audience".
So an example of a dream, let's say You stole a vine glass in the dream, police chased You and You climbed the ladder, the numbers , following order of appearance  in the dream, would be something along the lines 4 , 7 , 31.
To dream lucky, rootworkers burn incenses that are used to induce lucky dreams, sprinkle bedsheets with "Dream lucky" or Aunt Sally's powder, dress themselves with oil for same purposes, take a "Lucky dreams" bath or simply place a mojo of same fashion ( Lucky Dream , Aunt Sally's ) under pillow. And how to make them ?
While I am not familiar with the original Aunt Sally's dream oil/powder formula, I can suggest some that will produce same effect. So they may not be titled "Aunt Sally's" per se,  but they will do the same thing. The reason behind this, is that Aunt Sally's products are indigenous to New Orleans type Hoodoo, so the actual traditional formula/s is/are little known, but they ought to contain lucky, sweet smelling herbs such as Cinnamon, or Citronella , Vertivert maybe Carnation petals ( common ingredient of "Algires" formulas ) , combined with herbs that inspire precognitive dreams and visions, such as anise sedds , or Yarrow flower heads or Flax etc.
So here are few of my own formulas for Your convenience:

- Star Anise seeds  or essential oil
- Poppy flower petals
- Calendula Flowers
- Bilberry or Huckleberry , also called Blueberry ( in Europe ) leafs , official taxonomic name is Vaccinium myrtilus
Place under pillow and record the dreams .

Above three ingredients could be added to Base oil with addition of some Jasmine essential oil, or Anise essential oil, to make up an oil of same purpose that could be dressed on blue candles burnt on night table , just next to Your "Night water" , or Incense of similar type. You could additionally place some Anise seeds under Your pillow, just an idea to boost the mojo's charm even further :)

Dream lucky powder #1

- Powdered Althaea leafs or root
- Calendula Flowers Powdered
- Cinnamon powder
- Unscented talk as a base
- Few drops of Jasmine essential oil
- Few drops of Lemongrass essential oil

Dream lucky powder #2

- Five Finger Grass leafs powdered
- Cinnamon
- Licorice
- Powdered poppy flower
- Unscented talk as a base
- Few drops of essential oil of Jasmine
- Few drops of essential oil of Anise

So there You go, dress Your forehead with Lucky Dream's oil, powder Your sheets, add oil to Your bath salts, burn incense before bedtime and dream lucky. For the Conjure doctors have a habit to say,  that a lucky dream
can lead to lifetime of happiness :)
Formulas for Mojo, suggestion of ingredients for oil, as well as powder recipes are my proprietary formulas. That being said You are allowed to post them elsweher online , however you have to give credits : Shadow of Shadows magick place or
Should You wish to use them in other medias ( books, magazine articles, and alike ) You have to ask for my permission first. Artwork is by me, the second picture is illustration of Cslendula, edited by me.Thank You for reading and have a blessed day !

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