Nov 5, 2010

Cleo May Formula

On reader's request

A reader of this blog asked me about formula for Cleo May Condition oil. They've stated how they "cannot find the formula online", lol no wonder, hard to find this formula at all :D

To tell the truth, I was never really interested in this formula. I mean, I am male , it's only logical :D But I like a good challenge on the other hand.

I consulted my books , spoke to many fellow practitioners. Unfortunately the original formula seems to be a secret

Furthermore, the original formula was a perfume actually and was latter imported in Hoodoo practice , like Hoytt;s cologne or Jockey's club or alike

While I am unable to provide the original formula ( sorry dear reader :/ ) I gave it a thought , about the oil purpose ( original perfume had allegedly been used by prostitute workers to get "well situated" or simply put to attract and marry a rich man, to get married well , If You will ) and composed a formula for that

Here it is

Cleo may oil formula

- Licorice
- Cubeb berries
- Brown sugar
- Lodestone
- Orange essential oil or Orange blossom
- Patchouli essential oil
- Cinnamon
- Rose essential oil
- OPTIONAL : Jezbel root , a dear friend an amazing practitioner suggetsed I add it
Thank You Sharon

Here is a bonus Cleo may type folk spell

Simply obtain some hair of the desired man and bury it under Your kitchen doorstep or near it, preferably with a piece of Dragon's blood and perhaps a lodestone. This comes from old and belief that If You bury some hair near or under the kitchen doorstep, or keep it in kitchen,
of a stray - dog or cat that appear on Your doorstep, they would stay with You. I suggested adding Dragon blood since it is popular among cunning folk ( female ones ) to wrap the paper with names of those to be married around a piece of Dragon's blood as a simple marriage spell. Lodestone I suggested for it's attraction powers.

Hope this helps Ya , Many Blessings

Artwork is by Me
Oil recipe was by me, If You wish to use it elsewhere , please give credits Shadow of Shadow's magick place or , Enjoy :)

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