Oct 9, 2010

Nightmares and sleep disorders healing

Ever woke up in sweat ? Screaming ? Clinging to Your bed-sheets, looking around You, convincing Yourself how You are safe and it was just a bad dream ?
Ever had a sensation of disorientation after You wake up, like You are not where You should be and, the feeling would simply not go away for half a minute or so ? Do You wake up even more tired than You were when You lain to sleep ?
To people that had never experienced this, all may seem exaggerated, abstract and maybe even attention drawing.
However us that have had such experiences or perhaps keep having them it is an agony that can result in fable health, low creativity and social disorders.
Sleep deprivation is indeed a very nasty thing that can have devastating consequences on one. Sometimes all we need is a Valerian root tea, or Lemon balm tea and a pillow stuffed with Hops.
But what If nightmares simply will not go away ? The sleep quality is ill, and there is no physiological reason for this. Neurologist will direct You to psychiatrist, Psychiatrist will direct You to therapist ( psychologist ) and this one will just shrug, telling You how You simply think too much, or eat too many sweets before bedtime.

If You have the following symptoms:

- Chronic insomnia
- Poor sleep quality
- ackes and pains all over the body
- hypersomnia
- inability to rest
- weird dreams and constant nigtmares, often twice or more times a night
- bruises and marks that appear mysteriously
- suddenly awakenings followed by strange sightings or smells
- lack of air and chocking sensation
- sensation of someone/something "riding" You or sitting upon Your chest

It is time to get some spiritual help. Your dreams might just be incubated, manipulated.
They can be symptoms of occult attack or simply spiritual shrapnel sent by someone.

Painting; The Nightmare by John Fuseli Henry

Luckily Hoodoo, Folk Magick and even Wicca and Traditional Witchery have many good cures for this condition. And since this is a “practical” blog I am ought to write about some , right ? Well here it goes , for my dear readers :

Hoodoo Night water
Night water is a term used by Christian ( Traditional ) Hoodoo and New Orleans Hoodoo practitioners, for blessed spring water kept in clean glass, near one’s bedpost overnighter, usually on altar or night table/coffee table
The water is blessed by prayers of personal choice, though a very good suggestion is Psalm 125th that is said to protect one while sleeps from Nightly attacks of spirits and dreams.
Water is discarded in the morning ( first thing, though If You need to go , in bathroom that is, don’t wet your pants hehe ) . Each night new is used. It is said to absorb the bad dreams.

Folk and Hoodoo Nightmare cures, spells and beliefs

• In Hoodoo You can place a Mullein leaf under the pillow to prevent nightmares and spirit attack at night
• Hoodooists use Ginger rhizome pieces for same purpose, and also to ward of hag riding, by placing whole pieces or pieces under pillow. If the root has some neat shape even better
• Broom straws protect from Hag riding and are used to sprinkle Holy Water from Church in Your room and on Your sheets while saying :
“In the Name of The Father, Son and Holy Ghost” ( sometimes Rosemary is used instead or even combined ) . If one suffers from Hag riding nine broom straws are
are laid/placed before Your bed ( leg side) to prevent Hags from tormenting sleepers ( Hoodoo )
• Fill a white mojo with frankincense grains and touch Your forehead prior to falling asleep. Place beneath the pillow where You will sleep. You will have a deep and restful sleep. ( Hoodoo )
• Fumigate the room and smudge Yourself with Thyme incense ( Hoodoo , this is often used among children )
• .Place open scissors under the pillow , sharp points in head direction ( be careful with this ) European folk
• Place the open Holy Book beneath Your pillow. ( Hoodoo )
• Place Your shoes at the bottom fo the bed, fingers side facing outwards ( European , Hoodoo )
• Walk backwards to Your bedpost ( Worldwide spread belief )
• Always stand up on right leg and sleep on side facing doors ( Worldwide spread belief )
• Hang a dreamcatcher over Your bed ( Indian, African, New Age )
• Place an Amethyst or Quartz bellow Your bed ( European folk magick )

What are night terrors , “sustos” , Night Mares and Alps

Night terror and similar “susto” ( Spanish for frightened, or fear ) are spiritual conditions defined by strong irrational fear, bad dreams and sometimes delusions, without medical or psychological explanations.
These can reduce life quality significantly , or further more lead to harming others or oneself.

In European magick to cure such conditions, one must throw up in bowl and bury the content under maple tree , reciting a simple incantation that speaks of sending fears away down the “rabbit roads/tracks” to “never land” or deep hole , where they are to “become dust forevermore, never troubling anyone else, especially N.N”

In Eastern Europe and Balkan witches melt lead in a spoon over the flame , then take it as near the face of victim as they can stand , commanding the lead to overtake the fear and destroy it. The lead is then tossed into bowl with water that contains addition of Holy water and sometimes a bit of Basil too. The lead will form into shape ( in contact with water ) that will reflect the fear, and then the patient washes face thrice with the remaining water and will do that for next three days.

Spanish Curadoras, cover patient with sheets waiving with broom over them while they read “Creed” and they often prescribe Marijuana and/or Orange Blossom teas afterwards too.

It is believed that susto can be a result of Evil spirits interference, bewitchment or simply
intense mental traumas
( falling from a horse for example, stepping over snakes etc )

Night Mares are female demons of European ( Anglo Saxon, Nordic and Eastern European ) that are believed to torment sleeper in night, causing nightmares and “riding them” )
Alps are similar ( common in Germanic people folklore ) , and they are said to be able to enter through a smallest whole , that is why it is good to stuff keyhole with paper or other over the night. They can turn into animals such as Cats, rodents and even insects. Both can be fenced off by methods described above.
Alps alos attack their victims leaving them unable to speak , and they are said to be able to “crush” animals to death, mostly domestic ones.
About Lilith and Incubi and Sucubi that can also torment sleeper You can read in my “Practical Kabala” Scribd publication and even learn how to fence them off here


Charms and incantations against Night Mares
Here is a nifty folk incantation recited by people before bedtime to make sure nightmares will not disturb their rest

I lay me here to sleep;
No night-mare shall plague me,
Until they swim all the waters
That flow upon the earth,
And count all the stars
That appear in the firmament!
Thus help me God Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen!

You can see here how Nightmares are “employed” to do impossible task so that the dawn will catch them unprepared.
Another one , said to “bind the Mare”

A Shetland Charm
Shetland Islands

Arthur Knight
He rade a' night,
Wi' open swird
An' candle light.
He sought da mare;
He fan' da mare;
He bund da mare
Wi' her ain hair.
And made da mare
Ta swear:
'At she should never
Bide a' night
Whar ever she heard
O' Arthur Knight.

Source : County Folk-Lore, vol. 3: Examples of Printed Folk-Lore Concerning the Orkney & Shetland Islands , London Folk Lore society 1903.

Baku , the dream eater spirit

In Japan, among superstitious people, evil dreams are believed to be the result of evil spirits, and the supernatural creature called Baku is known as Eater of Dreams.
It has the face of a lion, the body of a horse, the tail of a cow, the forelock of a rhinoceros, and the feet of a tiger.
Several evil dreams are mentioned in an old Japanese book, such as two snakes twined together, a fox with the voice of a man, blood-stained garments, a talking rice-pot, and so on.
When a Japanese peasant awakens from an evil nightmare, he cries: "Devour, O Baku! devour my evil dream." At one time pictures of the Baku were hung up in Japanese houses and its name written upon pillows. It was believed that if the Baku could be induced to eat a horrible dream, the creature had the power to change it into good fortune )

Image : Baku by Katushika Hosukai ( source Wikipedia ) Source : F. Hadland Davis, Myths and Legends of Japan

There ya’ go, hope this was informative and useful
Article written and excerpts and quotes collected and presented ( sources are provided ) by me Shadow-333@hotmail.com or Shadow of ShadowsMagickPlace blog
So You know already , feel free to use elsewhere but give credits

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