Oct 20, 2010

Hoodoo Herbology Solomon's seal root

Solomon's seal root

When You speak of magick and hear of Solomon seal, what will usually cross someone’s mind are Planetary pentacles of Solomon or that miraculous seal King Solomon had used to captivate demons and spirits in Jar and control them.
If You would speak with a rootworker, they would probably mean the root of Solomon.

Solomon's seal plant is a flowering plant of Ruscace family ( formerly Lilaceae ).The Slender, arching steams, have alternate , green or green with white top, lance like leafs. They like shaded place ( they are sciophytes ) and are often found in Gardens in Shade. However, they are most beautiful in woodland, where they grow greener and bigger than in most garden. Flowers are tubular, white and arranged equally on the steam in one or two rows. Mostly one with the exception of Polygonatum biflorum that has two rows of flowers and this one is called True Solomon seal.True Solomon seal is used interchangeably with
Polygonatum odoratum ( and it’s many varieties, for example P. odoratum var, comutatum ) and Large Solomon seal ( Polygonatum officinale ) in magick.
Part that we use in magick is root , which is used in incenses, oils and washes ( infusions ).

Some people place root chips alongside windowsills to protect dwellings from evil. Other make infusions with Solomon seal and Black pepper or Verbena and use as strong Exorcism agent.
It has use in Success formulas , Controlling formulas , Mastery formulas , Wisdom and Pass test products, and Clarity, Protection and sometimes Healing.
Some use it as ingredients of Master key, and it’s main Ingredient in King Solomon Wisdom products.

Here are some ways You could use Solomon seal

Deliverance bath
To end evil that has suddenly beffalen upon one

- Solomon's seal roots
- Mint
- Balm of Gilead
- Five finger's grass
- Salt

Clarity mojo

Combine Bay Laurel leafs with Solomon's seal roots and Sage. Dress with Clarity , Solomon's wisdom, Pass test , Spirit Guide Or Blessing oil .
Carry with You , place under pillow , touch forehead and eyes occasionally.

Clarity incense

- Bay Laurel leafs
- Solomon's seal root
- Frankincense

You may add Sage and / or Althaea root If You feel so inclined

Mojo and incense recipes are by me Shadow of Shadows magick place or Shadow-333@hotmail.com :)

Many Blessings


luis said...

hello shadow..please information hoodoo oil formulary and powders.thanks

Jules Mac said...

Hi shadow

I am looking to make an oil for using on a mojo for studying I would like to make my own Solomon wisdom oil or clarity, its for my daughter at uni.
Do you have any ideas.
I love your blog pages so in sightful.