Sep 10, 2010

Hoodoo herbology Peony Root

September is best time to get Peony roots as Peonies ( Paeonia officinalis ) are propagated via means of root division in September.

Peonies are herbaceous perennial shrubs, or small trees from Paeoniaceae family, growing up to 3m high. They are native to Asia, Southern Europe and some parts of USA, but are often grown as ornamental and decorative.

As for magick , European and general occult herbalism prescribes them as exorcism and protection agents, using roots and seeds, often hung on threads or carried in bags. They are said to protect from mischievous spirits, illness and malicious craft and sorcery . Peony is normally simply described described as protection or exprcism agent and seeds are said to glow with an earie glow on the nights of the Full Moon.

In Hoodoo it is agent of Exorcism, Spiritual protection, stops misfortune , Uncrosses and healing, and a success herb.

I use the roots as ingredients in oil i prepare and call "Luminous protection" and here is the simpler version of it

- Paeony roots , few pieces
- White mustard seeds, half a teaspoon
- Frankincense tears , some

All in 2Oz's of base oil

This oil can be used for protection, and Healing Root is often dipped in oil and sold as "Peony root oil" by occult suppliers , and used for uncrossing, protection and malicious spirits repellent.

In Hoodoo it can be used in Healing Mojo . especially those intended to ward off unnatural and persitant disseases, so You can combine them with small Crucifix , personal concerns of person in subject, and Boneset, Wood bettony or Sampson snake root

Paeony root is thought ti be the source of "Aglaophotis" the legendary exorcism agent and demonifuge that has amazing power and when ingested can expel spirits from the possessed person even. For this purpose the root was allegedly powdered, mixed with petals and sometimes seeds too, pulverized and then mixed with Holly water.

Here is one of Scot Cunningham's suggestions on using Peony roots ( it is a charm bag, or a sachet, a hex bag If You will , not to be confused with mojo bags, even though they do have similarities )

Anti-Sorcery Sachet

1 part Dillseed
1 part Flax seed
1 part Peony root

Tie up in white cloth, wear or carry, suspend over doors and windows.

NOTE : Oil recipe was by Me Shadow of Shadows Magick place or Feel free to use elsewhere but do give credits. First image is from, while other is a scribble of mine :)

Hope You find this a usefully read and interesting and many Blessing to all that read these lines

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